Sunday, October 27, 2013

10 Project Check

You are starting week 3 on your  Fall Tech Project area.  This is about a third or almost halfway to the end.  How are you doing?

1.  Pick the statement that best describes how well it's going.  Discuss your struggles and successes.

A.  I'm ahead of schedule.  I've finished week three, completed/almost completed all the work and updated my website.
B.  I'm starting Week 3 work, completed/almost completed all the work, begun loading info on my site.
C.  I'm falling behind but I think I could catch up this week
D.  I'm way behind

2.  How can you better manage your time or stay on task?  What are distractions from finishing your project?

3.  What do you have to gain by finishing your project?  (Think big here) The keyword here is You.


  1. 1. C. I am falling behind but I think i could catch up this week. I am watching the videos, but i just can't seem to get good grades on the quizzes.

    2. I would stay on task if I didn't have so many distractions. Friends and other things to do on the computer or homework are major distractions. I have 3 essays due this week so that is going to be a problem. Also, I think the guy in the video is kind of boring.

    3.By finishing my project, I hope to learn more about music creation and understanding how to make certain sounds sound the way i want them to. I want to be able to use many different tools to my advantage. It should teach me how to manage sounds and be able to create much more than I'm currently able to.

  2. 1. C, my issue is that i'm lazy I've always been like that. Also emotions, sorrow and hatred...madness and insanity...all interfering.

    2. I should work on this at home or just focus on the courses. My distraction is that the videos bore me to death. I'd rather learn how to do and make music on my own rather than watch a guy talk about it. Only way i'd do that is if i'm stuck and need help making and editing music. Plus I enjoy classy music, problem is, where the classy music comes from that I listen to makes me sad and throw my emotions out of whack, hatred and insanity can easily turn into sadness and sorrow. "Welcome to my world that's painted with sadness, there's no light of sun there you can hear no sound at all." - Puppet, Mary's Theme

    3. Experience. Experience in music production and understanding on how to make music that paints the world in sadness.

  3. 1. B,I am slightly late but not off schedule.

    2. I now realize that I should do more of the work from home if I want to succeed. I am not as efficient in class, and that really hinders my progress.

    3. I gain the knowledge of how to make games and how others may make them.

  4. 1. I would say that I am at a B right now. I have gotten quite a bit done, but I still need to upload a few more worksheets to my website.
    2. The distracting things that are preventing/delaying my game include: the quizzes, worksheets, the website, and the blog.
    3. From this project, I obtained technological information, experience, skills, techniques, and other advantages that is hard to learn in other ways. With this, I know how to make basic games with Game maker. I know how the engine works, and how variables such as sprites or scripts are involved. I would have the advantage if I were to apply to a game making job because I know how to use game maker and what makes up efficient, successful games.

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  6. 1.) C, I've been off and behind a bit but I believe I can ounce back real easy. I m just starting the unit 2 quizzes, ill do them soon enough.
    2.) Not do the quizzes, but that's not an option, I'm not sure what else i can do, I can better organize myself if that helps at all. The quizzes and the blogs are the biggest problem with getting on task with this. I understand why we have to do them, but i honestly think its a waste of time.
    3.) Skills and experience with the project and game maker.

  7. 1. I pick statement A. The only struggles I've had with the Coursera website and course is the due dates. I'm usually not aware of the due dates and think it should be sent to us in an email. Though I've had much success with the lessons quizzes and assignments even though I didn't know the due dates for them. Also I'm greatly ahead of schedule on my website.

    2. Probably by focusing on what I'm doing instead at looking at all the noises of others messing around near me. That is really the only problem with how I work sometimes though I can easily fix it by putting ear buds in.

    3. I will definitely give me experience with sound and music essentials. Also it teaches me something I will probably never learn about.

  8. 1) The statement that best fits my situation would be B. I have completed all the assigned worksheets listed on the website by week two putting me ahead of schedule, however am still working on my first game of three. Having all the worksheets done I am able to focus all my energy on the game.
    2) I need to spend less time attempting to perfect a sprite or get everything to look it's best. Instead, I could make everything run well and look average, and if there is time left over at the end I could go back to give it more of a visual appeal.
    3) By finishing this project, it will expose me to a small portion of coding as well as exactly how much work goes into creating a game.

  9. 1. I am way ahead of schedule and completed week three and am messing around in fl studio making music and what not. The most difficult part of being in Music Creation + Production is having to update my website with quizzes and stuff I learn.

    2. I get my all my work before I mess around. There are no real distractions when doing my work that I've noticed.

    3. I would learn how to make music by using DAW/fl Studio.

  10. 1.A.Little struggle with collision and getting moving spikes getting stuck in walls. The force fields were a great success.
    2.To better stay on time would actually be staying off my game more and working more on the worksheets.I keep on getting Ideas for my game and I have been helping the person next to me.
    3.When I finish my project It would greatly increase my knowledge in making games and it does take a lot of time to make them. Also I would have a game I get to have fun on and also be proud of.

  11. 1. Statement A; Everything is running smoothly!
    2. I tend to experiment too much and try new things instead of sticking to one goal; improving with staying on task will help me complete.
    3. I have been working with GameMaker for years, and I'm glad to finally get back in to making games again; the program has changed quite a bit since I last used it, and I'm learning a lot more than ever before thanks to more advanced tutorials I found online.

  12. 1. A. I'm ahead of schedule. I've finished week three, completed/almost completed all the work and updated my website.

    2. The one thing I need to work on to stay on task, is to not go around the room and interact with others. Instead, what I need to do is stay in my seat and continue my work. There are no distractions that are prohibiting me from finishing my Fall Project.

    3. From finishing this Fall Project, I gain not only the dramatic grade increase from finishing the project, but also the invaluable knowledge about music that I had no clue about before. So far, it's been a great experience and I've learned so much! I would definitely like to take this course again, fully, in the future.

  13. 1.) Statement B, I am on schedule with what I am doing. I am having success in my sprites and stuff like that. I am having a whole lot of trouble coding the movements of the objects.

    2.) I need to stop talking to the people that sit near me. I just need to tune them out by listening to music or having a chunk of class time for everyone to be quiet. My distractions are the people in the class room talking really loud and talking to me when trying to do my work.

    3.) By doing this project I will gain knowledge in not just how to play a video game but how it works and what goes in to creating one. It will also help me learn more about computers and computer programming.

  14. 1. I've fallen behind but I think I can catch up this week. The main reason is because I can't work on my project at home because my computers down and I don't have anything to copy my files onto.
    2. I could better manage my time by coming in at lunch and working on it and also staying on task with my work instead of looking at other people's games.
    3. What I have to gain from this project is the knowledge of gamemaker and the satisfaction that I tried my best.

  15. 1.) I'm ahead of schedule. I've finished week three, completed/almost completed all the work and updated my website. I chose this one because i have finished my first game and am working on my other 2.

    2.) I guess i could try to focus soulfully on my project and i am getting distracted by the other people in the room . (the noise of keyboards and talking distracts me)

    3.) I believe by finishing this project i can give myself a big step in my overall direction of making games and starting my video game company. I also believe that by the end of this i will have too learn a substantially less than i would have had too learn had it not been for this course.

  16. 1. A: I'm ahead of schedule. I've finished week three, completed/almost completed all the work and updated my website. But it is a lot of work.

    2. I have not been working my hardest and can work harder, I have few distractions one of them being that I really do not enjoy my lectures and the other being the quizzes and the website are distracting while I focus on the lectures.

    3.In complete honesty I have not learned much I am more going through the motions rather than learning. Although music interest me I really am more of a hands on type of person.

  17. 1. B. I'm starting Week 3 work, completed/almost completed all the work, begun loading info on my site. The two column format is very useful and easy to find the game progress and quiz progress.

    2. I am always finishing class with more work to do, so I could use a jump drive to bring my game home with me to work on. (I have currently done this)

    3. I am hoping that this project and with the help of Game Maker Studios I can begin my dream career of designing video games! :)

  18. 1. C. My first game was more of a test and you can really notice that so I will probably have to make 4 games. My second game is alright, but it still needs work, but now I should be working on my 3rd game without a USB (yet) to take the other 2 games home to work on them.

    2. The only distraction I have that is making me not able to work on my game, is the website. The website is taking a lot of time away from this blog and the game.

    3. I will gain experience in making games using gamemaker, become more adept in GML coding, and possibly even start working on a long term project at home of making a game to sell and maybe make a career out of it.

  19. 1. B, I've started to get an actual multi-roomed game together that is more complex than anything i've done before

    2. I could avoid talking to my classmates during class to avoid time wasting on mine and my classmates' parts.

    3. I have the knowledge of how to use a program that can actually open a lot of doors for me in the fields of gaming and even possibly the fields of programming.

  20. 1) C, i am on schedule and am keeping my website updated (except my quizzes) but those will be put on promptly.

    2) in order to catch up and stay ahead i need to stay focused on the lessons and keep up on the quizzes, and of course keep on top of my website. my biggest distraction would be my phone, i usually am playing a game while i listen to a video lecture and it doesnt help me at all.

    3) by finishing this project i will be able to take my knowledge and love for music and expand that into a career of producing my own music and/or helping produce others music

  21. 1. I was D but now I'm C

    2. Well there really wasn't anything I could do about it because I missed more than a week of school. That was the reason why I fell behind so far.

    3. Well I would have gained some experience in creating a video game. Only a little but I also learn how to manage my time better in other projects.

  22. 1. C is probably the closest scenario i'm in. I was having trouble on my first main game, so I had to scrap the idea and start anew.

    2. To better manage my time, I need to spend more time focusing directly on one area of the game a day or until it's finished. At first I randomly jumped around trying new things out, but now that I have everything figured out about game maker, I feel prepared and ready to finish these games stored in my head.

    3. I almost feel like I have more respect towards the game developers tat I've discovered or heard of. It's hard work to make a game! Every little thing requires so much effort! Even a speck of dust.

  23. 1.) I was at a c stage during week three but now I'm at b
    2.)I can stay on track by putting my headphones on and listening to music or my Photoshop videos and as soon as class starts get to work no horsing around
    3.)I have to gain an experience in blended learning and how to manage my time also how to do Photoshop blended learning is important and im glad that im learning it because i actually find that in gen yes there are a lot of things i learn that i can use in my teaching career

  24. 1. B. I'm starting Week 3 work, completed/almost completed all the work, begun loading info on my site.

    2. Not doing anything else but the coursera work and not socializing unless required.


  25. 1.) You could say I'm at C but this weekend I'll be working hard so I'm be right on top of everything.
    2.) Recently I have forgotten my headphones. Honestly, I work well when I don't hear outside noise, like people talking over their game or people trying to talk to me. It gets me in the zone. Gotta find those headphones...
    3.) It's been more work that I originally thought it was going to be. Photoshop takes a long time if you're passionate enough and willing to puss through the annoying bits.

  26. 1 As of week 3, I was behind expectations. I was still working on my first game and was making little to no progress. I was not looking hopeful.

    2. I've been trying to stay on track by taking the project home, watching tutorials, and getting help from the people around me. The people I work with our definitely my biggest help with learning, collaborating, and catching up.

    3. by finishing this project, I will have gained the confidence and knowledge to call my self an beginner game maker. I think when this is over I might continue to make even more games. I think though, the thing I would like to do most is work with some friends to create a great game.

  27. 1: A, I am working successfully through what I have been doing within the gamemaker project, and have been uploading regularly onto the website for which my project is being posted onto.

    2: I could better manage my time and manage to not fall behind by making sure not to become so distracted by what those around me are doing. While I have been helping them with their projects a relatively good amount, this has also caused me to have less time to work upon my own, and I feel that I would be much farther ahead if I had simply been focusing upon my own.

    3: By finishing this project I would gain a large amount of knowledge that I would not have had previously. This knowledge would open up various doors in my career and my future, which will help me both in the short and the long run. This is why we are partaking in these projects, for they are something that truly has the ability to help us within our lives.

  28. 1. C. I'm falling behind but I think I could catch up this week
    I, being a cocky idiot decided to use previous work I had done in Photoshop and projects I had done outside of school rather than doing what was actually asked of me in the course. However; since I know what I am doing I will be able to sit down and complete what was asked of me if I stay on task.

    2. Staying on task is definitely my biggest fallback especially when using a program I enjoy playing with. I often mess around creating weird images rather than the images I'm asked to create. I plan to sit down and remain focused to finish this project.

    3. Through completing the project not only will I obtain a good grade but I will also obtain knowledge to further advance my skills in graphic design.

  29. Introduction to Music Production
    1. B, during week three, I was on schedule, not behind and not ahead. The course is hard and requires motivation, work, and endurance. The lessons are compacted, so you have to really stay focused and do what you are supposed to do. Since each lesson is dense with information, skipping a simple two minute video can leave you stranded in quizzes and assessments.

    2. Just working on a computer is a distraction. The world is at your fingertips, so staying on topic can be difficult especially when the class is at its boring times. To manage that, I tell myself to stay focused and get more involved in the lecture, and if I have to do something else then I explore the web on the topic we are currently working on.

    3. If I complete this project with a passing grade, I will receive a certificate for Music Production. I will also have the knowledge to help run and lead a sound board and equipment in my life.

  30. 1. I am falling a bit behind. Everyone else is pretty much ahead of schedule, and I'm falling behind. I was having trouble grasping the concept of the program. The dynamic processes confuse me, and I didn't quite understand the differences between wet and dry sounds. I also don't understand where to find the tools I need to change all of these in my DAW. Do I need a specific one? I don't really know.

    2. I think I would do better if I was around people who knew what they were doing. I mean, the person I'm next to now sort of causes distractions, and doesn't really know what he's doing. I think it would be better for both him and me if we were moved to knew a new spot.

    3. I guess something I could gain here is the knowledge of what goes on during the music production stages. I don't think I will use this in a future carrier or anything. I just find making music interesting.

  31. 1. A, I have a lot of pictures on week 3 and i'm not to far ahead. I am passing my goal for the amount of pictures needed on my website and I will have more pictures than I need. Courses are great and not to complicated, some are very simple at times. I get more into detail with every lesson video I watch and it is helping a lot.

    2. My distractions are the blog, my project is a lot and I forget to do the blog because i'm to worried about getting my project done. The lessons on my course can be a little distraction, going back and forth to see how i'm doing takes up time. Lessons can be hard which may take me two days to get done which is a lot of time wasted.

    3. Completing my project lets me gain knowledge with photoshop and illustrator. I get more into detail with the tools in photoshop which makes me gain experience in photoshop and experience will help me out in the future. It makes me gain courage to help people when they need help with graphics or photoshop itself and before I would never help anyone because I didn't know how to.

  32. 1. C. I was falling behind in everything that we were doing with the project and I just wasn't trying as hard as I could of. But I've been working hard to try and get my grades up to passing so I can stay in this wonderful class. I've been redoing all my blogs and completing all the new ones on schedule. And I really think I can pull ahead and bring my grades up before the end of the semester.

    2. Be spending as little time as possible goofing off or procrastinating. Those were my biggest distractions and I need to focus in order to be able to bring my grades up before the end of this semester. I really need to focus on the blogs and other things I have missed over this quarter.

    3. since the projects over I can only focus on the missing things I have to make up and get finished before winter break. I thick the biggest advantage to finishing all the stuff i missed will be that fact I can stay in Genyes.

  33. 1. C. I was falling behind but I think I could catch up this weekend. I am falling behind because I didn't understand how to do the project so I'm just going to try as best as I can to finish the project.

    2. Staying on task would be a huge distraction for me if I'm not given the right directions and the assignment isn't explained well. If I could stay on task and actually understand the assignment then I could actually get my work done.

    3. By finishing my project I will be able to get my grades up and pass the class.

  34. 1.) B. I'm starting Week 3 work, completed/almost completed all the work, begun loading info on my site.

    2.) I was doing fine with time management at this time but I should have really been more productive because I felt like I started slowly falling behind. I just started spending to much time on editing pictures.

    3.) I would feel accomplished if I finished the coarse. I would really like to get a good grade on it. One of the thing I would like to do in the future is becoming a graphics designer, so knowing i did good would be important to me.


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