Monday, December 12, 2011

GenYES Recap

Thinking about the mission of SMHS GenYES, it is comprised of basically six areas:

1. Tech Support / Helping staff with computers, devices
2. Tech Integration / Class programs / Apps / Tech in classroom
3. Hardware Setup/ Labs maintenance / Repairs
4. Technology Expertise / Innovation / Being on the "Cutting Edge"
5. Leadership Skills / Mentoring others / Presentations
6. Collaboration / Learning from each other

PART 1 - Homework/Class Assignment complete by Friday
  • Open your pvLearners and create a new shared document.
  • Title it: GenYES Recap
  • Assume you are the teacher (fat chance, just pretend!) for GenYES next year.
  • Provide three solid paragraphs on how you would teach, improve or change GenYES. Refer to the items 1-6 listed above in your comments.
PART 2 - Blog entry. Put this answer in the comments below like you always do.
  • Pick one of the items above (1-6) that you feel you excel in the most. I am curious to know what area of GenYES is most popular.

Thanks for a truly great year!
.. Ms K :)