Wednesday, August 25, 2010

File name formats

A filename extension is the data to the right of a file name.  This extension tells you properties of the file and often what application it will work with.  Some file extensions only work with certain operating systems.  Read about file name extensions:

Explore File Names Examples:

You will be providing 3 comments.  Please number each one.

1.  Name a file extension that only works with Windows/Microsoft products. What would be an analogous file for mac? (10 pts)

2.  Name 2 graphics or image files.  Which ones are the most compatible in most operating systems? What are the reasons you would pick this image file or not pick it? (20 pts)

3.  Explore the example sites above.   Discover an interesting extension that you've never heard of but think you might use it in the future.  Why does this file interest you and how do you think you will use that app?  (30 pts)