Sunday, September 5, 2010

The "Physical Web"

It's the future of the web. It's happening now. You might be using it.  What is it?

Read this story:
Physical Web: How Apps Can Move Atoms and Bend Time

Download and watch this short PowerPoint:
Physical Web by Shasta Ventures

Ubercab, Nike+iPod, Webkinz, Gowalla  are four examples of Physical Web applications.

Your blog entry this week is to pick a physical web application.
NOTE: You may pick one of the examples above, but no one can duplicate an entry.  So you will have to read the blog entries before you!

1. Describe a physical web application and how it works relative to this equation:

2.  Describe how you or someone you know would use it specifically.

3.  What is your apps potential to grow, expand services over time?  How do you think it will happen?

As always, please number your comments.