Sunday, September 22, 2013

7. Macbook Pro

This week Shadow Mountain teachers received a new Macbook Pro.   It will be important for you as service techs to know all you can about the operation, applications and management of data for these devices.

Read through the sites until you learn something new!

GenYES Period 6 Tutorial Site
GenYES Period 7 Tutorial Site 
Macbook Pro Support Site
Macbook Specs

1.  List an informative tip, trick or cool thing about the Macbook Pro.   Please DO NOT REPEAT any tip before yours.  While you're reading all the tips,  you will be learning all kinds of cool stuff.

2.  OK so imagine you are at the GenYES bar.  Describe in detail how you are an amazing leader, tech support agent and professional...

3.  Sign up to man the GenYES Bar: Here.  Pick your time slots. Your choice: 1 or 2 slots.  This is time you will be available to serve teachers with their new macbooks when needed.  Write: Done for this blog answer after you sign up for your slots!

Easy blog this week huh?