Sunday, February 1, 2015

(S4) Advancements in Biomedical Technologies

Technology. Robotics. Medicine. 

In the past the loss of an arm or leg would be the end of a person’s life or cripple them for life. Well over 1500 men and women in the military have lost limbs due to IEDs in wars and combat.

Do you know what biomedical engineering is? It is actually a very great thing that is being researched to help those who lost limbs or are incredibly sick. The research has already found a way to recreate cells.

Five movies. About 30 minutes for all. Watch them. Get all the perspectives.

1.  Comment on the possibilities of bioengineering technologies, what's going on now and what's in store for the future?

2.  Has your emotional response to seeing amputees changed in the past weeks?  Comment on seeing the WW football game, if you went, and what you emotionally felt through the movies above.  

3.  Technology.  Robotics.  Medicine.  Changing lives.   What did you learn about the technology of all this?  Would you consider a career in this medical tech field?