Sunday, January 11, 2015

(S1) Innovation, Gadgets and New Technologies 2015

New Year!  New Tech!

Have fun exploring new technologies!

As a GenYES Tech Leader, it's important to be ahead of the curve.

1.   In your opinion, what are some of the coolest new technologies that you discovered on the links below?  Which would you want to buy for yourself?  Pick three (3) of your favorites and describe them.  (Try not to have the same exact three as anyone else)

2.  What new technology might have the biggest impact on society as a whole?  Something that may  change the way a lot of people work or play or live?  

3.  What companies are the biggest players in the tech arena?  Who wasn't at CES?  Do you think a "new, start up" company could have a chance to break into the tech arena today and make an impact Write a general observation from you, about what you read in the links below, and you feel the direction new technology might be going.