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S1 New Technologies 2016

Consumer Electronic Show (CES)  is an internationally recognized convention in Las Vegas centered around all things tech.  From car manufacturers to the latest robot invention, CES houses thousands of innovative ideas under one roof.

Several students submitted blog articles about new technologies found at CES.  

QUESTION 1  Of the first three student items listed below, which one do you like best?  TECH A, B, C?  Why?  Would you buy it and use it?

<TECH A. Check out a drone that seats one…..Hey! Did you know these kind of drones even exist? This drone is a brand new piece of tech that will revolutionize Personal Transportation 

This drone has abilities a helicopter wish it had, such as it flies itself to your destination that you choose by google maps.  

It has a comfortable cockpit that Seats One Passenger

<TECH B. LG IS BUILDING a huge lead in the OLED TV market, and with good reason: They’re the only company making them at the moment.  
Look and be amazed: LG OLED TV   What's an OLED TV  

TECH C.> Polaroid came out with a camera known as the SX-70 a while back that instantly printed out photos, now Polaroid has came out with the Polaroid Snap which has the same concept but it’s more advanced. The Polaroid Snap is a digital camera which can print out 1080p photosOpinion    Information

QUESTION 2  Check out: CES Wrap Up.   What technology surprises you?  What do you think of 2016's new technologies overall?  Anything you want to own for yourself?

QUESTION 3 What tech item do you think is stagnant? How would you like to see it improve or advance?


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  2. 1) I pick A why because it will have a interesting vehicle to drive somewhere and would their be a new license for this drone. Why would I buy this drone because You have one simple way to use the drone by using one app that would be google maps you could pick a place to go or to pick you up and have fun or be lazy but one thing what is the fuel source of this drone and how much would it be .

    2)It would be Daqri Smart Helmet surprises me. I think of 2016's new technologies overall is real real great and how strong they are all of this year.I would own Daqri Smart Helmet why because it would be interesting how to use the helmet and work with it.

    3) I would pick the google glasses why I would update to have a button to stop recording and let you pick when you want to record.

  3. 1) Tech A was the most interesting to me because it feels like a first step towards the flying cars that are stuck in science-fiction as of now. Using this technology we could expand this idea to where we have 4-7 seat flying drones completely replacing our modern cars today and speed up travel in busy cities. However there is the problem of people flying into restricted airspace and disrupting the course of airplanes. I would buy this if it were to become the norm and produced for the general public along with working out the bugs. It seems like a great opportunity to finally get into the future dreamed about for more than a century.

    2) A technology that surprised me was the 8k television. I find it interesting that 8k is already here when 4k televisions and cameras were popularized and made cheaper just last year. The new quality of image that can be found in the living room nowadays will completely change the way we receive information and enjoy entertainment completely. So far 2016 seems very promising in terms of technology and it gets far more advanced everyday. I would like an 8k television but first I think we better work on applying 4k to everything first, which is already amazing.

    1. 3) Honestly I do not know why their is a new camera that prints. I know that there is a higher resolution, but this seems like a dated technology to me so I would like to see that advance.

    2. *there just a friendly correction

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  5. 1. I picked A because it is very cool that there is a helicopter that flies itself. This technology can change the way that people travel. It does pull up some dangers like the danger of crashing.

    2. The Polaroid camera surprises me because the fact that there was this technology a while ago means that this is kind of overdue.

    3. They are all very cool but I would have to say that the TV is the most stagnant because it is a TV and it really does not do much. I get that it is 8k, but better quality is not always better.

  6. Tech A = Most cooler than any other, as its drone first of all and you can sit in it. It can provide new mean of transportation although it can carry a person for just 20 minutes. so if u have an emergency, it can be very useful.

    Polaroid’s New Cameras Are Tiny, Cheap, and Cool, no doubts printing cameras are in market for years, but the small and affordable will be the first one. Well I also saw a 8K television, I think its useless as we already have 4K in the market. It would be useful if 8k would come out in market few years later.

    As mentioned above 8K television are useless right now we already have 4K in market and they are relatively new. so it would be good if 8K would came in market few years later.

  7. 1.) I think I would probably like the Polaroid Camera, which was Tech C, because it seems like it would be pretty handy to have if one likes to take pictures, and since I am in Photography, I could probably see a lot more use out of it than the other two. Out of the other two techs listed, I would most likely buy it more than the others, and would really use it a lot if I actually did.
    2.) The new technologies this year seem to be something to really look forward to, as a lot of them seem quite amazing in the fields they were developed in, and seems to bring back some older technologies, such as the player that actually plays old records. Of the techs shown though, I would probably love to get the Segway APR, as I’ve quite always wanted a segway because they seem fun, and having the features of that robot on it makes it have an even bigger plus.
    3.) The new T.V. being developed seems a bit overboard to the point of probably being stagnant, as one of the videos said that our eyes aren’t ready for that yet, so it seems like it should probably have changes made so it’s not too extreme for people.


  8. 1. Obviously I'm taking the drone, Tech A. Why? because I could fly home everyday rather than ride on the bus. Also waiting for the bus in the morning is cold, But with my pocket-copter I don't have to wait.

    2. Smart Fridges!? Seriously? I can check to see how many sodas I have left in my fridge without getting out of my chair, all I have to do is check my phone. That in itself makes me so happy to be alive in this age. Over all there is some really cool stuff, we are technologically evolving. I cant waint until I'm driving a hovercraft in the likeness of a Mercedes Benz. But I certainly want a Smart Fridge, or the one-seater drone powered by google maps.

    3. I didn't even bat an eye when I saw the 8K television, its not new or interesting. It's like a sequel to the Matrix. On paper that sounds great, but it isn't anything new it just what comes afterwards. 8K television doesn't make you ask yourself, "Ooh What's that?" An 8K television is exactly what it sounds like, good resolution. That is not cutting edge or innovative.

  9. 1) The best technology by far is the personal transportation drone. Having a drone that you could fly is simply better than a TV or camera. However, the fact that it is autonomous and equipped with Wi-Fi and AC power make it even more desireable. Also, safety shouldn’t be an issue since it is equipped with many backup failsafes. I would absolutely buy it if I had the money since it would allow me to travel without having to drive it. I could just plug in the location and be done.

    2) The revamped camera was actually quite surprising as it doesn’t seem to be new and inventive as much as rehashing the old. However, the overall technology looks amazing, especially the copter and the 8K TV. That picture looks amazing.

    3) The Polaroid camera seems kinda stuck in the past. Many cameras have been able to do this so if it could print a bigger picture and still have an LCD screen, it might be a little better but overall, it just seems like old technology.

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  11. 1. Tech C seems to be the most interesting to me personally. It's the first time since the original Polaroid has been made to advanced. Yeah, B is really awesome, but we were bound to gain TVs with thinner and thinner monitors as technology advances. Tech A, while it is cool, I've heard of it before and it's just not my thing.
    2. The Comper is really surprising. I didn't expect something like listening and recording your baby's heartbeat to every be something you could do in your home. I'd like to say that everything else is surprising, but it's to be expected. considering where technology is going.
    3. The TV is clearly the most stagnant because what else are you going to do to a TV, make it hover? I don't see anything else you could possibly do it enhance its use.

  12. 1. In my opinion Tech A is the best of them all. Tech A because it is a really awesome idea. The idea of a drone that can fly one person is really interesting only if its for short to medium distances. It is also a step to having flying vehicles like in Back To the Future Part II. If I had the money to buy it I would buy it and if I had it I would use it everyday.

    2. I was honestly surprised by most of the technology, but one of the most interesting ones where the Daqri Smart Helmet and the 8k television. I honestly think that 2016's technology are going to be amazing and awesome. If I had the money I would buy a lot of the technology seen at CES.

    3. One technology that is becoming stagnant is the "Hoverboard". At the beginning of last year Hoverboard were extremely popular by teens and even youtubers. Now we don't hear about them from anyone. All we hear about them is that they are catching on fire. In my opinion the best way to improve them is a better battery so they don't catch on fire and to talk to cities and airports to get them unbanned. An example would be to get them unbanned in New York where you cannot use them at all.

  13. 1) I personally liked all of them but since I have to choose only 1 I would go with tech A. I like it the most because it is unique like the other two are cool but this is the first ever 1 man drone. you can use a tablet to fly it and it flies for a solid 30 minutes it lifts off on its own and it lands on its own that is really cool in my opinion. Yeah I would buy it if I had 200,000 dollars to spare it truly is an all around awesome machine.

    2) honestly all of them looked amazing and a lot of them are unique like the one maned drone. They were so cool I honestly wish I could all of them. But that would be so cool.

    3) One thing that was stagnant was the camera because there are phones now and people want to use a phone more than a camera. If they could put it in phones then they would have huge amounts of people wanting it.

  14. 1) ok so personal me I would choose tech C the Polaroid camera SX-70 that is so cool I love the old school polaroid cameras and the old resolution... "shake it like a polaroid picture" I would so buy this is awesome and so convent on like trips so you don't have to buy a disposable camera and go to the store to get he pictures made

    2) the Polaroid stood out the most it didn't really surprise me I knew they were making this but it is kind of surprising they would make something like this because its old the 2016 tech is cool I don't like the drones I think there kind of dumb because people are using them to stalk people... I think that the only l drone is bb-8 because he is adorable again I would want the polaroid camera.

    3) I guess the tv would be cool to see improve Im not really sure on what to say

  15. 1. Tech C, it's better because pretty cool to have print it out right then and there rather than to save it on a phone which could be deleted on accident, and because i have over 2,000 photos on my phone and it would be great if i could just print it out the ones that my would be used for a project. Also because for the transportation one, it's not a fun ride without another person.
    2. Kodak Super 8, is pretty surprising and interesting. Overall I think technology I great for entertainment and these new 2016 tech make it even better.
    3. I think technology has evolved enough that I don’t think there would be any “real” fixes to any technology.

  16. 1) Tech C because it is very awesome that you can print it out at the moment so you don't have to pay to get it printed.
    2) I think that the 8k tv is insane, imagine how great that would look
    3)Best buy is selling stagnant tech.

  17. 1.) I would choose tech B because i really like a tv that has an amazing picture so i can really get into what im watching, and even though i rarely watch TV it would be a great feature to the house to have a sleek modern designed TV planted on my wall.

    2.)The new technology that really interested me the most is the smart fridge because it takes pictures of your food and also has a foot sensor in case your hands may be full.I would really like to own that fridge because i think it'll be a great addition to my house because i always like to open my fridge a thousand ties even though i know whats in there, its really a force of habit because im just bored.
    3.) I really like all of the tech ive seen so far its really impressive

  18. 1. I pick B because with a OLED TV watch and play video game in 3D and you get to see a different way to watch by side watch it in poop quality and this tv makes you feel like you're really in the show and the this tv can bring out the color of the picture and change the contrast off or to the perfect black

    2.the robot butler is what surprises me because you can ride on the robot. All the new technology is super cool like how they have made a drone that can if a person in it then there's a camera that can tell the difference between people and animals for your home security then there’s the carl zeiss smart glasses are less clunky and if you what to carry your computer around then LG new tv that is now 8K barely shows any pixels. the ones that I want for myself are the smart glasses and audeze sine headphones

    3. the watering plant that can be improve that it can water itself for 6 months

  19. 1.) I think that Tech C is my favorite. My reasoning for liking this one is more personal rather than solely based on the technology. Obviously the drone is incredible technology but I wouldn’t use it. I love photography and often have a camera with me wherever I go, whether that’s my actual camera or simply the one on my phone. Having the ability to print your photos as you take them is such a large advantage. I’ve noticed that over the years, people have begun to store their pictures online rather than getting them printed out. I find this to be unfortunate. We can take more photos now but each photo is less significant. You rarely ever hold the photo in your hand. Printed photos are infinitely more valuable than digital copies. However, this is just my opinion and I understand that people may disagree with my view. From a pure evaluation of the camera’s technology. I appreciate the fact that the pictures are high quality as well as the ability to add additional storage through an SD card. It’s also important that you can continue to take photos while it is printing out others, so that it does not lose the ability to function as a normal digital camera.

    2.) I was really quite surprised that they have made a drone that is still relatively compact but can carry a singular rider. I suppose I should have been expecting this to be built at any time but it’s still incredible to me. I was also surprised to see Carl Zeiss Smart Glass. After the general rejection that Google Glass received, it is interesting to see someone attempting to enter the market. It looks like he addressed some of the main design faults that plagued Google Glass. It will be interesting to see how people respond to these in the tech community as well as in the general public. I also thought that the Daqri Smart Helmet was an interesting piece. It’s a cool way to combine technology and safety in the workplace. Overall, I think that 2016 looks like a cool year for both practical technologies as well as technologies solely for their “cool” factor. As I stated in the previous question, I would want to own a Polaroid Snap camera.

    3.) Personally, I have never seen the value of smart refrigerators. It has always seemed to provide the features that a traditional whiteboard or list could. Samsung is making it like a tablet connected to the refrigerator. All the features are very cool but I simply don’t see the value. Why would I spend thousands on a refrigerator when I could use a pencil and paper to tell me what I need at the store. However, I believe that LG has the right idea moving forward by designing the fridge to be more catered to the needs of the kitchen (foot activated sensor, smart window so that you can see inside without wasting energy by letting the cold air out of the fridge, etc.). Either way, it will be a long time before I would consider purchasing a smart refrigerator. I hope they continue to follow the path that LG has set by identifying specific problems rather than just trying to make a smart fridge for the sake of making one.

  20. 1. I think I like Tech A the best, The convenience of being able to fly to where I need to go, without needing to fly so you don't need to learn to fly it, since it flies itself. Its price on the other hand is probably a bit less approachable. I love the idea that the science fiction flying car is becoming a reality. The biggest problem would be weather, traveling would have completely stop in bad weather.

    2. I would say the technology that surprises me the most is the flying drone copter, I would like that to be a thing more than anything else

    3. I would love to see more from VR, I have not seen anything new in VR lately, like oculus rift, it's a bit disappointing. It would be great to get an update on current developments in VR technology.

  21. 1. My favorite tech of the three has gotta be Tech A, the personal manned drone. I think flying through the air is one of the coolest things you can do. And to be by yourself, surrounded by windows, flying over the grand canyon or some other cool site would be fantastic. I have never been inside of a helicopter, but it sounds flippin sweet, and to have the freedom to control your own would be so cool.

    2. The coolest thing from the CES wrap up was the Daqri Smart Helmet. It is the closest thing to Tony Stark’s helmet display in his suit we have come up with yet. Construction workers can use it as a hard hat as well as a device to survey surrounding construction zones to make sure it is safe. The only downside is that it does not look all that cool in my opinion.

    3. While it is is still pretty cool, I think the most stagnant, not too impressive item on the list is the polaroid camera. We have had cameras that can print for a while now, what is so cool about this one? I understand that it is nice, sleek, and simple, but technology wise, there is no real super cool factor about it.

  22. 1.) Tech C is definitely the thing I look forward to the most. It has been done before, but it'll be cool to see it in a modern sense. The other two technologies seem kind of "out there" but this one I feel like will be used more. Anybody that is into photography or scrap-booking will love this Polaroid camera.

    2.) Comper really surprised me. Out of all of the things that are being made, that is one that I expected the least. It seems like a really interesting device, but not something I can see being sold a whole lot.

    3.) The Smart Helmet seems really stupid. I mean, you already look like a huge dork with Google Glass, don't think a full on helmet is a bright idea. It has to be severally improved before I would even think of getting one of these.

  23. 1.) I would use tech B because its a high quality tv and uses different technology

    2.) Daqri Smart Helmet its cool and really surprises me because it reads the environment and is a augmented reality playground that you can use

    3.) I would like to see Polaroid’s camera get bigger

  24. 1- Out of the 3 cool tech i like the idea of the Drone / tech A, it seems ill have a blast messing with it and my dogs, it would be fun with driving it to places, but This would need to have a licence for it
    now if i were to buy it it would take all the cash I've spent on myself/ and others so about 30,000+dollars.
    2- i like the helmet, first off it looks hella bad ass like i want to wear it everywhere it would be awesome to have that sort of tech around.
    3- i do not understand the first part of the question, but i do like the idea of working on robots and giving advancements, like not too high tech, but high tech

  25. 1. I find the drone to be the most interesting out of the 3 listed. It is an interesting form of transport, but I would like to see how it would be implemented in the coming years
    2. The smart fridges are interesting, though Samsung's fridge is superior from what is shown due to its practical design and features.
    3. Though the polaroid looks like it would be fun to use, people today are just not interested in physical photos anymore

  26. 1. In my opinion, Tech A is the coolest technology. The whole concept of drones is not that interesting to me, but the idea of having a drone that can be used as a vehicle would be awesome. It is like having a car that drives itself, except that it can fly. I feel like I would probably be too afraid at first to try it, but eventually I would get over it. it just seems like it would be much more useful to me than the other two technologies.
    2. I feel like all of the newer technologies are starting to become less surprising. There has been this whole idea of virtual reality and drones going on for a year or so that is trending, and a lot of the technology just has to do with that. Some items, such as the smart helmet, seem cool, but also like they will not become mainstream in today's world anytime soon. The LG TV seems alright, but definitely not surprising at all.
    3. The smart fridge seems to be stagnant. There is no need to have a fridge with more capabilities than just keeping food cold. That is what all other technology is for. Why complicate a fridge when it is such a simple item? I feel like it should not become any more advanced than it is.

  27. 1. I instantly looked at that drone and was more interested in it than I was with the other two. So I definitely like the drone the best. I think I'm more interested in this because it is a different kind of vehicle and it would revolutionize transportation. Though this is almost the equivalent of a personal helicopter that you can use to go wherever you want, unless it is some kind of restricted area. I think if I could I would definitely use one of these, it would be amazing that I could fly in that. Its even easy to use (supposedly).

    2. I gotta say that Daqri Smart Helmet for construction workers is very surprising since it is almost like VR for construction workers. It can even read the environment around it though I'm not sure if it will show certain things for objects like lengths of the objects. That has to make construction a little easier. I think the technology I've seen this year so far is amazing it definitely is blowing last year away. Though if I were to own one thing out of all of the new technology I would have to go back and say that personal transport drone. The EHang 184 just looks amazing, also it has me thinking I can fly in it without even doing much.

    3. Well to me I think new kinds of TVs are pretty stagnant just because they seem so old with all these new devices we have like Ipads and new computers. I think if they started making small/personal TVs that would probably be a larger advance for the industry in this day and age.

  28. 1.) I would like the Polaroid Camera, it seems like it would be pretty cool to have if someone likes to take photos, I think wewould see a lot more use out of it than you would think. Out of the other two items, I would buy it more than the others, and would really use it a lot if I actually had it.
    2. I think the technology that surprised me the most is the drone, I think that it would be useful for everyone.
    3.) The helmet seemed dumb, don't think a full on helmet is a good idea. It has to be severally sized down before I would even use it.

  29. 1. liked the Polaroid camera the most, because it was interesting to see old technology revisited after years of development, and with the ability to print in 1080p, printers will have more competition and either be eased off the market or adapt to survive.
    2. I was interested by the drone, because they are so popular but still relatively unknown or thought of as only a military technology. Having a drone could help many people, but could also potentially be hacked or used for ill purposes, so I would call it interesting, but still potentially dangerous.
    3. TVs have grown to the point where any extra level of detail goes unnoticed by the eyes, because the TVs show more details than the eye can detect. Any more TVs I believe will not become popular, for it is a more expensive product for unnoticeable features.

  30. 1. I picked the Polaroid camera because it is really useful because i could use it for projects to have photos printed out as soon as you take a photo it would be easier for projects, I would purchase it.

    2. I think there were a lot of cool technologies i liked the loud speaker with storage, Samsung laptop and the self watering pot the one i want the most is the Polaroid camera i just think its really cool.

    3. The speakers are not that advanced they are just really loud and have a big storage unit it doesn't really bring anything new to the table they need to add something that really makes it special. It should be able to identify songs and it should be voice command.

  31. 1. I choose the TECH A because I really like to have my own flying drone for the future.I like to save money for the product to purchase this and I feel like its the new future for flying instead of inventing flying cars plus its really cool and if you have my own it would be useful to use. its better then transportation.

    2. I was interested in the smart Fridge because it would be useful to use and cause your able to command it yourself your able to tell it what to do and if you have a smart home its even better cause you can command your whole house with just one device all to hook up with it and easy.

    3. I feel like technology is going to grow even better then before with all the new stuff is coming out at this point in the future everything is going to be touch less with devices.

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  33. 1. The tech I’m most interested in is the OLED TVs because I think they are the future of TVs. No other TVs can create pure blacks, or get as thin and as light at OLED TVs. Not to mention they’re easier to rescale the resolution to 4k, which is important because 4k TVs are also a new invention that’s becoming more and more common. Other TVs have to be backlit, but because the OLED TVs don’t need to be backlit, they can turn off specific pixels and make pure black, which LCD and other TVs can’t do.

    2. The technology that surprised me the most was the Kodak Super 8 camera. I thought everything was going digital about cameras, but with the Kodak and Polaroid cameras, they are actually trying to make film and instant printing become more commonplace.

    3. The technology I think is stagnant is the Polaroid camera. Instant printing cameras are a novelty in my eyes. Not to mention it’s not going to take any amazing photos. It might be good for a snapshot with friends, but with everything going digital, especially sharing photos, I don’t think it’s going to come back.

  34. 1. I found Tech B to be something that caught my eye. I personally, always look at how much our technology has advanced in the past 10 years and it has done it dramatically. So coming from an old box TV to a OLED that uses RGB colors. (Which is pretty much using the spectrum of colors. and that’s 16 MILLION color’s. That’s a big fat WOW!)

    2. I found the 8K TV to be the most interesting out of all of them. Overall, I think all the brand new technology that came to us was more of the same then it was different. I don’t want to own anything that was at CES 2016. Everything was really awesome to see but it’s all the same.

    3. I belive that the 3D printer by Robocraft was Stagnant. Going through a walkthrough of CES, everything was he same on every corner and in the aisles.

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  36. 1. I like the LG OLED the best because it is the only thing i would really use. Drones are cool and all but i dont really think id be too good at flying them and the camera is useless to me because i have no reason to print pictures instantly or even at all. The TV i could actually use because i game.

    2. The Daqri smart helmet surprised me the most because i find it crazy how it has the perfect display to make things seem like they are embedded into your environment. Overall i am really excited to see what comes for 2016 and i like the direction things are going in already. I would really wan the smart helmet to mess around with and i think it is pretty cool.

    3. I really think that cooking is pretty stagnant, I would like to see some things that are not just like gadgets to help you, but maybe something where you insert the ingrediants and something will cook whatever meal you want and prepare it for you. I think that would be cool.

  37. 1. I think A (like most people) is the coolest. You think autonomous cars are cool; well this is like that on steroids! Plus flying a quadcopter sounds hard were as driving is only fun if you're in control. Ehang is doing things I have never seen which is why it is exciting. The video on the first link is beautiful, and sums up the product perfectly. I think this company is going to go far and has great goals to follow.

    2. I can't pick in between the Kodak Super 8 Camera, or the Smart fridge. They are both interesting for different reasons, the Kodak camera sounds like a interesting way to use a n old technology in a new way (even if it is inconvenient to use). Were as the smart fridge is a look into the (what seemed weird) concepts of the 90s with the "Internet Fridge" released by VSync in 1998.

    3. I think the LG OLED tv is very stagnant because OLED has been around for a very long time and 'Yes' I am happy that there are finally OLED tvs that we can buy. It is just not very exciting anymore. Now maybe if it was a HD OLED TV that could play 8bit games with no motion blur, and could cook my pizza at the same time! It could be a different story, I mean come on a CRT tv could cook a pizza, right guys? jk.
    I just don't think the OLED tv is very exciting anymore.


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