Sunday, January 24, 2016

S2 Digital Money


The Future of Money 

Apple Pay, and Android Pay are the new digital wallets. they are becoming more popular than paper money.

1. How is the flow of money changing? What are the new options for buying things? Provide facts on what you read. What affect will the growth of digital money this have on the world? Your life?

2. What are the benefits and dangers of digital money?

3. Do you use digital money now? How? What if any types of digital, would you consider using?


  1. 1.)The flow of money is really changing because we went from cash to credit cards, now its credit cards to paying with your smartphone. And in a way its a useful tool to have for the people that are very known for losing their wallet or having to have to find it, but now with this digital paying feature there is no more worry of having to look for anything, as long as you have some type of updated smartphone with a paying app pre installed
    2.)Well the benefit of digitally paying is like i said previously, you wont have to look for your wallet or worry about losing your card because it'll be with you on your phone. But this comes with a big danger, that being, if you lose your phone, someone has access to use your credit card and your other information.
    3.) Honestly i would strongly consider using digital pay because i am one of those people who have a problem losing some things, and also i would not like to carry around a wallet everywhere i go with my personal things in it i'd rather have it all stored in my phone ready to go, on the go.

  2. 1. Money has been digital for about twenty years now, Maybe more, but now our phones are a wallet so if we lose our phones or wallet some one has access to our account.
    So now there's apple pay and android pay so what makes these so cool, well with a wave of your phone you can give money and / or a wave of the wrist if you have the apple watch.
    People will be more focused on stealing your phone more than stealing your wallet, but for women it's still a purse stealing. Money through phone will only get advanced and advanced.
    2. so a main issue with it to me is, humans lose their phone as often as wallet, and if a virus goes on your phone you may end up losing all of your money. This idea helps in the idea way of that everything is simpler, and were getting more lazier.
    3.No i do not use digital money/ or more of i try to avoid it, but things like gift cards or steam require digital money. Steam and Microsoft/PSN and amazon are few of the only ones ill use but even then i like paying up front

  3. 1) The flow of money is changing rapidly. With the introduction of the credit card, most of today's money is digital with only 8% being actual, physical cash and the rest being digital. Some new options for buying things includes software like Paypal that link your bank accounts and credit cards to a single account, or the similar in style ApplePay or AndroidPay that links all of your credit card and allows you to purchase with your phone. The growth of digital money will affect inflation as the creation of digital currency will not result in inflation and keep the value of currency steady. My life will be affected in a way that physical credit cards, cash, coins, or transactions will be completely obsolete.

    2) The benefits of digital money include the benefit of less space being taken up through physical cash and it being condensed onto computer storage. A con would be the free circulation as a result of a glitch that would lead to inflation as told in the Android Bitcoin app section, but if the creation and circulation of money is regulated, then such drastic inflation would not happen.

    3)I use digital money in the form of my bank account, Paypal, and multiple gift cards in my possession. I would consider using a system like ApplePay or AndroidPay if it becomes mainstream and used practically anywhere rather than the limitations today.

  4. 1. I believe the flow of money is becoming much better with technology. Wallets can easily be dropped, stolen, and a hassle to carry around in your pocket especially if you have a lot of money. I think that the money is becoming much easier to use at stores and other places by using technology such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal. Some of the new options of buying things are Apple Pay and Android Pay, which have been recently released, compared to Google Wallet was released 3 years ago and PayPal around 15 years ago. The one that most interested me was Apple Pay, it has a 3 step verification process that secures your information when using it at stores, and the thing that really interests me is that you have to use your finger print to buy things. I believe digital money such as this is going to have a big impact on money, making it a lot safer to buy things. I definitely think I will be using Apple Pay or an advanced company if created when I can.

    2. The first benefit I consider when using digital money is the fact you can carry an unlimited amount with you at any time without anyone realizing it and without you having to carry it around. Another benefit of digital money is that it seems really secure at the moment, from the information in the article it explains that its extremely secure, considering you can have a large amount available of use.
    One of the dangers I can think of is people starting to steal phones way more, even if theres a bunch of verification processes, I feel as if it could be a bad idea to bring your phone into public because of people stealing phones. Imagine someone stealing your phone and forcing you to tell them there passwords and such, then getting your finger print (which wouldn't be hard to do if they were using force). Another danger of digital money is of course hackers, I imagine it wouldn't be that hard to hack someones phone, it should be easy to do considering the programs and people that dedicate time to programming and getting inside things.

    3. The only digital money I use, and I use quite often is PayPal. I use PayPal for online purchases such as games. Any other digital money I would consider using is Apple Pay, although I don't think I will have a use for it for years.

  5. 1. I'm sure everyone has seen those commercials like Chase where you can pay with your credit card details on the actual phone. It's like swipe- and you're done. With my phone, the Galaxy s6, you can use Samsung Pay. It's basically like Smartpay, just for your android. You just open the app, click on the card you want to use and then scan your phone.

    2. First of all, digital money is useful in the sense that you can use the app to pay if you lose your card, and can even lock your account with the touch of a button. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to install app locks because anyone can get a hold of your phone and use it.

    3. The only time I honestly use digital money is on GooglePlay. Yeah, I buy goods on games on my phone. That's how lame I am. Other than that, I don't have any interest to have a credit or debit card both in a tangible version and on my phone.

  6. 1. The flow is changing very fast just a year ago we couldn't pay with our phones that is huge. I personally think wallets are inconvenient because there is the possibility of it being dropped, misplaced, and stolen. I personally like just how many stores and devices can pay with a credit or debit card. I have wanted this to happen for many years and it finally has happened. It will have a huge affect on the world so you don't have to swipe your card.

    2. The benefits are that you don't have to swipe a card or if you are done eating at a restaurant you don't have to way 30 minutes for your sever do all the credit or debit card stuff you can just pay and go. The bad things about it are that you could get your phone hacked and now someone can use your credit or debit card with ease then there is the possibility that your payment won't go through.

    3. I don't use apps like Paypal or other ways to pay like that because I don't want to worry about my money. But I could understand people using PayPal to get games and other things.

  7. 1) The flow of money is changing as people are beginning to see the benefit of using mobile pay methods. However, companies are still pushing back causing an awkward movement as people are trying to go mobile while companies are pushing back. With all the news ways for mobile pay like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Venmo, Bitcoin, Paypal and even more, our ability to pay digitally is growing. However, companies continue to push back as only 220,000 merchants use Apple Pay with even less acceptance of others. While it seems like a large amount of businesses, it is miniscule in the scope of all businesses worldwide. However, I think that part of what is holding back digital pay methods is the generation that preceded technology. Since they do not understand it and the benefits, they can’t adapt it safely. Once the digital generation begins to run businesses and corporations, mobile pay will begin to flow smoothly.

    2) The benefits of mobile pay are numerous with the added securities put in with fingerprint scanners and tokenization. Also, the quick motions of a PIN or touch of a finger allows for quick payment without digging through your wallet. However, due to the small amount of vendors accepting this pay, it adds the danger that many places will deny your online currency. Also, for the vendors, it causes them to replace their terminals which can be as many as 25 to 30 in bigger brand name stores.

    3) Due to my current financial state, I am unable to use these forms of digital payment. However, once I have a checking account and means of income, I look forward to using this form of digital payment as it would allow me to be more secure about my information as well as preventing possible fraud.

  8. 1 When i was reading about apple pay that you may tratic where is your credit card and have your own fingerprint to allow you to buy what you need and no one can use your credit card but your selfe. What are the new options for buying things? You can may find what you need on the web and not in stores and see what cane be good for you and don’t get stuff what you don’t need.What affect will the growth of digital money this have on the world? One big item everyone will be lazy and have no fitness and just be at home siting down and doing nothing and people would have a hard time how to count the money at all time . I would tell some people what was money and coins and show them.

    2. The benefits that you have instant pay for items and could help to tell you how much you have left .the dangers are hack account , stealing the money and more.

    3 Do you use digital money now? No i don’t if i did i would find food online and buy some and sit and sleepy that would be it .What if any types of digital, would you consider using? Apple pay why because i use most of my time on a apple phone and i would pay with it and i would see what credit card i want to use.

  9. 1. The flow of money has changed a lot in the past 60 years. The first credit card came out in 1949 and that was a huge change from cash. People have gotten used to credit cards and now there is a new way to pay. Now there is Apple pay, Google wallet, Paypal, and Android pay, there has been a dramatic change in the way people pay for things. I believe that physical money will not be a thing in the next 100 years or so. At the rate that digital wallets are growing there isn't a chance for paper money.
    2. The best part of digital money is that it is more convenient and easier to use than cash. The big downside of it is that any hacker can hack into your digital wallet and use your money without anyone ever knowing.
    3. Yes everyday after school i go onto amazon to look for things that i might need in the foreseeable future. If i could afford an apple watch or any digital wallet i would use it everywhere i go.

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  11. 1. I believe the flow of money is most likely changing for the better as it is getting faster and easier to make transactions. Thus this makes the flow of money much better for everyone, except only kind of. On the article "Can a Phone replace your Wallet?" many of the problems with paying with something like your phone is only a small amount of businesses actual allow that form of payment. There are many new options now for paying instead of physical money, one that I am familiar with is paypal and a few new ones I learned from the “Ways to Pay with your Phone” article were dwolla and bitcoin. I think the growth of digital money will eventually get to a point where we don’t have to use paper money and it will allow us to preserve our environment better by cutting our paper production. Personally I think it will make me have an easier time paying for something and I would not be tempted to use my money if it wasn’t in front of my face.

    2. There are a few benefits to digital money that are pretty simple. Digital money will definitely speed up transactions and make it easier for people to spend money if it were to grow. Digital money would take the place of actual paper dollars which would mean you wouldn’t have to carry actual money that you could potentially lose or have stolen from you. Though a couple dangers of digital money would be that if there is not enough security your money could be stolen from your account. Also someone could steal what you use for paying while you are in the process and have access to all of your money. One more is if you lost your phone you can’t pay for anything unless you have actual dollars (same with credit cards).

    3. I do use digital money since I have a debit card, but I don’t use it very often. I usually only use it for online transactions, but every once in awhile I use it to buy food from a store or a product somewhere. I think I would definitely try using paypal since it seems really easy to use and it would be good for online transactions.

  12. 1. Cash money is hardly ever used anymore. It is only really used for buying small things from a little shop, or giving money to your friends. Most of the money used now is all digital. We use a card that links to our bank accounts to pay for almost everything now: including groceries, clothes, or anything you buy online. Now, a few companies are creating ways to even get rid of the card, all you need is you phone. These companies include apple with apple pay, paypal with their new app, and google with google wallet. This could make buying things much quicker, because there will be no more fumbling with your wallet trying to find the correct card. It will all be safely organized on your phone.
    2. The main benefit of digital money is, like I said before, the quickness and efficiency with which you can pay. Also, people will not be able to steal your card, making it harder to steal your money. The dangers of digital payments are that some people may be able to hack into your phone and steal information. Apple Pay is able to counter this by not even storing the information on your phone, it is stored elsewhere.
    3. I use digital money in way whenever I use my debit card. While I am using a physical object to pay, it connects digitally to my bank account to take the digital money out of that. I will definitely be up for using digital payment once that becomes mainstream. The problem with it now is that not all companies will use or accept this digital money yet. Companies need time to update and get with the times.

  13. 1. The flow of money is changing by having people carry less around. At first, credit cards and debit cards were introduced, which allowed people to start leaving money in the bank and still having access to it. Now, the cards can be put onto phones. Therefore, people do not even need a card with them. As time goes on, money will be left in the bank more often because it is safer there and still accessible using a phone. This will affect me because I will not have to carry around my debit card, or at least not have to get it out every time I pay for something.

    2. The benefits of digital money are that people can access their money using a phone. People always have their phones on them, so they will always have their money with them as well. Also, it is very safe since the card's information will not be revealed to the person at the register or other people around who could be snooping. Some negatives are that if somebody just carries their phone as a payment service, they may not be able to pay for something if the seller does not accept the payment through their phone. Also, with Google Pay, the information is stored in the cloud, which can get hacked into.

    3. I do not use any digital money now. This is mainly because I do not have the necessary technology to use the more streamlined ones, such as Apple Pay. I would either have to get an Android, iPhone 6, or an Apple Watch. If I were to choose a payment method to use, I would definitely use Apple Pay. This is because I feel like using a watch would be the most convenient form of payment. I would not have to do anything other than hold y wrist up to the reader and it would be good. It cannot be more convenient in my opinion.

  14. 1. Some new options for paying are Apple Pay,Google Wallet or the new Android Pay, and PayPal. They are starting to replace the paper dollar because of their convenience and safety. Digital money will have a positive reaction on the world cutting restore cost by the halted production of the physical dollar. Once it’s more mainstreamed, and when i'm older, I would love to get it.

    2. The benefits of digital money includes, an increase of convenience and security. Having your phone and your wallet combined is a nice convenience, not having to worry or care about your wallet or physical money. The security of digital payment is a lot better than credit cards. When you register a card, you get a 16 digit code and a token representing it. When you pay, instead of giving the code, the token is sent.

    3. I do not use digital pay, for one thing I dont have the money of creditable income to merit it, I also don't have a credit card to replace with digital pay. Once I get more money and the medium gets more popular, yes i'll get it

  15. 1. Technology is changing everything as we speak. It come’s from recieveing a Paycheck by a human. Now were automatically depositing the check into the worker’s account. Now we have wristband that can pretty much hold hundred’s and hundred’s of dollars and having the availibility to buy absolutly anything that our mind could ever imagine. With the new app Applepay and everyone having smartphone’s. There is a possibility that we wont even have to use our Credit cards. With Applepay, You use your fingerprint to access your card and with what seems like the new Microchip reader. That might even be extinct itself. We will always have Amazon and Ebay, but what about Craigslist? What’s going to happen to that? Will Craigslist be forced to shut down? We use everything to pay by money but it’s not going to be long till we will be using our phone’s, Watches, Wristbands, Smartbands, and human fingers to use everything we use on a daily bases.

    2. Benefits: We can use our phone’s to pay, instead of paper money and coin’s.
    Benefits: We are able to use our technology to pay.
    Dangers: If someone steals our tech, They have a very large possibility of identity theft.

    3. I personally don’t use Digital money. I want personal communication with someone. I wouldn’t use any digital cause I would like to have a human in front of me instead of a Robot.

  16. 1. Money is changing, soon it may be rare to see a paper dollar or a coin, it will be replaced with your phone\watch or some other device that may surface in the future, I believe that digital money would slow down inflation of the paper dollar, but it would also have its dangers.
    2. Pros: We don't have to worry about losing your wallet and than losing all of your money along with it, since the digital money is bound to be secured with something be it a fingerprint reader eye scanner, or whatever will appear in the future.
    Cons: If there is some large scale hack that targets the place where their money is kept, poof, there goes everyone's digital money.
    3. i guess you could say that i use digital money, just in my steam wallet, but that's really it otherwise I use cold, hard cash, but i am excited to have access to digital money in my life.

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  18. 1. Money has been handled by technology for at least a decade now. Apple and Android have their own ways of payment. For Apple, it is Apple Pay. For Android, it is Android Pay. It will affect the money spending in this world because stores will have to invest in buying the technology for their hardware to support Apple and Android Pay.

    2. The benefits of using digital money is that people don’t need to carry around wallets and dig through them for receipts or cash. The dangers are that if it is digital, it is hackable. Someone could easily hack your account and get your money and buy things with your money. But, there is security in these methods.

    3. I really don’t use digital money of my own. You could say that I use steam wallet as digital money, but most of the time, I just ask my parents if I can buy it and then I pay them back for the item I bought. Other than that, I just use cash or gift cards. It is safer because you can tell exactly how much you are spending and if someone tries to steal money from you, you have a better chance of catching the thief then if someone were to hack an account.

  19. 1) The flow of money has been significantly changing as their are new ways coming market to pay your bills, like apple pay from apple, Android Pay from Android, and Paypal well paypal is been in market for long time now. The way it will effect me is dont have to carry wallet and world will be effected as if there are no wallets there will be no pick-pocketing.

    2) Benefits : you dont have to carry wallets with you when going to shopping, and if all the countries go on online money there will be no inflation
    Danger: its all online, so there is danger of hackers and what if you lose our phone and can use your money

    3)I dont use any digital money for right now, but the digital money steps hard in market then I will consider using Android Pay.

  20. 1. The flow of money has been significantly been changing the past years and even today's present back in the older years. We have to pay with credit and debit cards in order to get things and sometimes it is not safe to use them because they can get hack by other people that could used them to purchase it and well in today's present day we don't have to use credit or debit cards with apple created a new app that you can pay with the I Phone with Apple Pay and also Android has a app to that is Android Pay they used this to pay with their phone without have any problems with it.

    2. The benefits with this is that you don't have to carry any wallets anymore or have to go though and dig out your purist or wallet with the Apple Pay or Android Pay all you do is pull out your phone and scan it on the paying machine and you have purchase it and it's safe to use unless you lost your phone which could be a problem cause people can access your phone with it.

    3. No I don't used any digital money right. But I used my debit card right now in till I get a new phone. I would recommended getting it for myself but since my phone doesn't support it. But in future I will use it.

  21. 1. Money has changed dramatically in the past years. At first we used paper money and now we use credit cards and now we are even able to pay with our mobile devices. Even though this doesn't affect everybody especially since you need a certain phone and not every store will accept this. This probably wont affect me very much, at least not now anyway but possibly in the future if it becomes popular. I'm not really one to pay with things using credit cards but a large majority of the population does so if this thing ends up taking off then it could be big.

    2. Digital money has some pretty obvious dangers but some nice benefits as well. The main problem is that people could possibly hack your account and steal your money. The other obvious problem is that people are worried that the company could possibly hand out your info to other people or they may even steal your money. Luckily however, Apple pay has a three layer security program that is very effective. The benefits of using digital money is that if you are ever robbed then they wont have your entire bank account which is nice, even if they got your phone. Also if the mass majority of people start paying with this then it will be much easier and faster than with actual cash.

    3. I currently do not using any form of digital payments but if I did it would probably be with a debit card.

  22. 1. The flow of money has changed with the introduction of new forms of currency(Bitcoin) and several new methods of payment in the last several years. The introduction of Paypal a decade ago was revolutionary in that people could store their money online. If systems like TabbedOut were fully implemented around the world, physical money could become entirely obsolete with your phone being your source of currency.

    2. The benefits of digital currency is that you longer need to carry physical money which you can easily lose, and can easily be stolen. It is also allows you to purchase online without ever having to drive somewhere to buy something you need. It can be dangerous though, as it could be potentially compromised by hackers who could steal your entire life savings in an instant.

    3. I use my debit card for almost everything and rarely keep cash on me

  23. 1. The flow of money is changing because of digital money. The way it is changing is that we can buy items with money that is online and not in cash form. A example would be instead of paying with cash and sending to the company you owe money you can just pay online. Also now we have Androidpay and Applepay we can literally pay with your phone connected to digital money at stores. The internet has been able to pay with digital money for a long time since paypal has came out. I think the effect of digital money on the world is that we will be seeing less people use cash at stores and start paying with their food. On my life I see myself mostly using digital money to pay for things.

    2. The benefits of digital money is that you no longer need to carry a wallet. With no longer carrying a wallet you no longer need to worry about losing your wallet. Another benefit of digital money is that you can buy things from online websites like amazon. Some dangers is that if you lose your wallet you lose your money and information. Another danger is that if your phone is hacked you could lose all of your money.

    3. I do use digital money now. I use paypal a lot. I use paypal to get the money I get from Youtube and I use it to buy items online. Other then paypal I would consider using Androidpay since I have a Android device.

  24. 1. The flow of digital money is becoming easier and safer, as the apple pay article points out; saying that it is the best it has ever been when it comes to stores and apps. That is one of the many new ways to buy things, like with digital gift cards, debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, etc. This can be both good and bad however, as it spreads throughout the world it will make purchasing easier, more efficient, and better for the environment, and you’ll no longer have to worry about money being lost.
    2. Digital money is great because it is very easy for banks, when credit cards are stolen you can just deactivate them and get new ones, as well as it makes things much easier. However, like the last article points out some forms of digital payment are restricted to certain countries, require certain hardware, or have the risk of being hacked, and like the first article mentions retailers are not interested in replacing wallets with phones.
    3. I do use digital money now, mostly in the form of cards for certain things, but I don’t use debit cards yet. What I would consider doing, and what I think is really cool, is when my friend needs money for something important, his mom has access to his debit card from her phone and can give him money that way, and they don’t have to worry about money getting lost or stolen. Also, he gets it almost instantly, and he can get it even when his mom is not with him.

  25. 1. Rather than using paper money or cards to buy everything, now many people are switching to online places where they can send money over the internet. These places include PayPal, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Google Wallet. Before, multiple of these applications were for just sending money over the internet, but now they are being seen more and more in brick and mortar stores which allow payment from devices. This will start to affect my life more and more when we transition away from paper money and cards to non-physical money in the cloud.

    2. The benefits of using digital money are that you almost always have your phone with you, and you could pay without having to carry physical money or cards that take up space. The dangers of digital money, however, are that some services may not be as secure as credit cards, in that they could be hacked into, and unless there was some type of insurance, you could lose your money.

    3. I already use digital money often. Mostly I use PayPal to send money over the internet to buy things with services such as Steam, Amazon, and other stores on the internet. I already use PayPal, and I will definitely continue to use it, but I would probably not want to use Apple Pay or any of these other services for brick and mortar stores if I did not have to. It is a bit of a hassle, and it always takes longer to use a phone than to just swipe a credit card or pay with cash.

  26. 1. The flow of money is now going from paper money, credit card, digit cards to the phone. The options is apple pay, paypal, android pay, dwolla, venmo, zamzz, tabbedout, and etc. Digit money will have a huge impact on the world because everyone use their phones all the time and we will have are digit money with us at all time. The fact of digital money is that it is changing the way pay for are food, clothes, and etc.

    2. The benefit of digit money are you don’t have to go through your purse or wallet to find the credit card and all you have to do is grab your phone and go to the app that holds all your credit cards in one place. The dangers of it are that if someone hack your phone they can steal your money and information

    3. No I have not use digit money I would use apple pay

  27. 1. The flow of money, like most things, is turning toward the digital world. Money can flow more easily than ever before because now you do not even have to carry something extra to use it such as cash, a credit card, a debit card. The sole purpose of those items were to represent money. Now a great majority of people have a smartphone and can now use it (something they were already carrying) to represent money. There are three main options for the new style of payment: Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Paypal. In my opinion, I don’t believe that this new payment method will have as great of an impact as some people are suggesting. It will likely make transactions more convenient as it takes only seconds to complete. That being said, we have used credit/debit cards for years now and they essentially do the same thing. Plus it still may take some time before it can even begin to make an impact on the financial world because too few stores accept it at this point. It needs to make some traction before we can truly assess the impact it could have. However, products like Square are truly revolutionizing the money market. For example, my family owns a small bookstore and whenever we would go to a convention (anywhere outside of our store), we were limited to cash transactions. We didn’t have a portable way to accept credit cards. This cut us off from a large portion of potential clientele. Square enables us to now make paperless transactions and allows us to compete at conventions with larger companies that we previously could not.

    2. Benefits - It provides more centralized banking as you can check transactions and statements through the mobile app. Overall it eases the flow of money. Multiple layers of encryption and locks help to make transactions more secure.
    Dangers - It could be unreliable as both Google Wallet and PayPal require cellular service to make a payment. Not accepted nationwide. Certain types that use the cloud are vulnerable to cyberattacks. If you lose your phone in the middle of nowhere, you also lose the money you had with you unless you are also carrying cash.

    3. I currently use PayPal for most online purchases on sites such as Etsy or Ebay. I also mentioned above that my family uses Square. I really would not consider using Google Wallet or Apple Pay for purchases in person. I don’t even like using a debit card for this. By physically having to count out the bills, it serves as a sort of double check whether or not I truly want to buy the item or not. Technology like this would simply make it too easy.

  28. 1. At first, there was only cash (and the physical gold that backed it up) to use as currency in America, but technology has ushered in a new wave of ways to buy things, from credit cards to electronic scanners to watches that can be waved by a purchasing counter and buy for you. Anyone who knows how to make an app can invent a new currency now.
    2. Most of the purchasing now is automatic, so most of the pressure is taken off of the buyer and seller, and criminals stealing money from banks is no longer a big problem, what with the added security being electronic provides. Stolen credit cards can be frozen, and encryption provides a digital brick wall. However, not every country or service accepts every currency, and wit everyone gravitating towards different monetary systems, businesses will have to try and catch up.
    3. I use digital money with my iPad and 3DS, but I usually stick to paper money.

  29. 1.) Money has always been changing. We use to use cut up pieces of metal as currency, like gold or sliver. We still use metal as currency, but it's much smaller and lighter and not worth as much as gold or silver. We use paper and small pieces of metal as our currency, but we also use credit cards or plastic cards that hold value. Those are pretty popular almost everyone has one, maybe not a credit card but like a debit card or prepaid cards. And now people are using there cell phones to pay for things. You can't do it everywhere but at some places like circle K.

    2.) The benefits of digital money is safety. If you get mugged somehow and they take your whole wallet you can cancel the card that holds your money and the company can track the person who is trying to use your card and the police can arrest them and hopefully get back your wallet. The bad thing about digital money is that people can hack into your account and the banks will give back what ever is stolen but only to a certain extent and hackers can get other information besides your credit card number, like they can steal your social security and other personal information like that

    3.) I use to use my debit when I had a job and money... but now I don't cause you know no money. But I did like to use my debit because it takes me forever to get cash back into my wallet and all I had to do is swipe with my card. I don't really care about paying with my phone and I don't really trust my phone since it crashes for no reason sometimes.

  30. 1. The flow of money is changing in the way that there are different ways to pay at the front of the store you can use Apple pay, Samsung pay, and Google wallet. Apple pay is more secure its harder to steal your information. Google pay is good its in the cloud but a lot of store don't support it yet. Pay pal is not very common but they have years of experience.

    2.The dangers of digital money is that some people could hack the cloud service and use your account mostly in the google wallet side.

    3.No I don't use digital pay but if I had to I would use google wallet because I have an android.

  31. 1.) The flow of money seems to be changing in that more people are using digital ways to pay as the days go by. The new options for buying things seems to be things like Apple Pay and the Android counterpart to that, though it seems like they didn’t really make any huge entrances based on one of the articles listed.
    2.) The benefits would probably just include the significantly better security that digital pay holds, and there is also the fact that one doesn’t have to carry their wallets around everywhere they go with that form of payment. One detriment would be that it might be a little complex for people to get in general, as there wasn’t much advertisement for it and employees aren’t currently being trained to do that sort of things based on one of the articles.
    3.) I don’t actually use any real digital payment as of right now, and I kind of feel like I really wouldn’t find myself to use it in any immediate time frame.

  32. 1.) Money is changing, fast. We have gone from cash to credit, and soon we will be on a full digital currency. This growing digital payment option has made it so you can use cash, credit, and even your smartphone to pay for anything at the store. This digital payment from Apple seems surprisingly safe, but the Google payment option seems like it could be vulnerable, as everything is stored in the cloud.

    2.) The benefits are obviously making it easier to pay at the touch of the button, but could provide issues over security. PayPal and Apple Pay seem like they are secure for the most part, but the fact that GooglePay holds stuff over the cloud, I feel like that could easily be tapped into.

    3.) I ain't got anything, so I only pay with cash. If I had the option to, I don't think I would use digital payment because of the security risks. PayPal would be fine, but I'm skeptical with the other options.


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