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Happy New Year - Infographics

Happy New Year!

Infographics are visual representations about data and statistics.  

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(See my posted example below)

1.  Choose an infographic on a topic that interests you.  Click the "View Image button" to enlarge it.  Copy the link (shortening it is cooler) and share your infographic topic choice and link.

2.  Describe why you chose the topic of your infographic and provide more information about it.  Click the "Visit Page" button to see how the infographic was used in context.  What specific information was the author trying to convey?  Provide a short link to your infographic article.  

(See my example below)


  1. 1. The infographic chose was "Why Infographics Work" Here is the image of my infographic:

    2. I chose this one because this graphic shows a lot of cool ideas about why infographics are rising in popularity. In 2016, we are bombarded with reading and information. If a picture = 1000 words then infographics are a cool and efficient way to get information out. I think it would be cool to create an infographic about new technologies in class. Here is the page where I found more information about my infographic:

  2. Yikes! I only had 98 words in my post! I would get marked off points for this homework. (Hint hint to some of you) So here is more content for this homework post:

    The article that my infographic was found was actually all about creating infographics. They gave twenty different sites or apps to use. The fact that there are so many tools also conveys that this is an important process in sharing information. In fact, the article stated that people are 43% more likely to read your info if it is visually displayed. So there you have it. We are going to do this. And this was a really good synapsis of infographics. I should get an A on this! :)

  3. 1.) I chose the infographic Successful-Unsuccessful People. The link to the infographic is here:
    2.) I don’t entirely know why this infographic really caught my eye out of all the other ones, but it basically explains the primary properties that differ a successful person from an unsuccessful person, though in some cases there may be some inaccuracies, and wouldn’t be a perfect guide. The link where I got more information about the infographic I chose is here: In that link, it basically explained more in depth of what it listed on the graphic, along with a little other information about the topic in general that wasn’t on the graphic.

  4. 1) The infographic topic that I chose was the Largest Bankruptcies infographic Check it out here:

    2) I chose this specific infographic because it really put into perspective how even big companies can fail miserably. I also found it quite ironic that most of the companies shown in this infographic are in the finance industry. This certain infographic was used by the author along with many others to display how and why infographics are so popular in modern times. Basically, the article was a more in depth commentary about why infographics are popular, much like this blog.
    You can see this article here:

  5. so out of all of the info-graphs there was i chose the one about TBI aka traumatic Brain injury's

    This is A very important one abpout TBI it shows how any people die to this what killed them and how, now before you yell at me saying that a brain isnt technology, It is the most advanced technology to humans it makes almost everything on the earth live and function so like 85-90% have a brain.

  6. 1.) I did the one on poop. It displays what's in your poop, and what makes the color of your poop. Very informative for the poop enthusiasts out there.

    2.) Everybody poops, so everyone should know more about the poop that they are pooping day in and day out. Poop isn't an important thing to learn about, but it helps to know what kinds of poops there are. You can also use this to tell if your poop is healthy or not, and if it isn't you can bring up your poop troubles with your doctor, and they will help you get your poop back to normal. Even though it doesn't explicitly state it, it gives insight into why we poop. Poop is mostly made up of indigestible parts that are useless to our bodies.


  7. Site:

    I chose the "What Our 7 Billion World Population Does". I learned that people spend only 1/3 of their lives sleeping, 6 years doing chores or other work, 9 years entertaining themselves, half the world does not have a job, every fifth human is still farming, and half a billion are entrepreneurs. I chose this one because it looked interesting to me to find out what the world does with their lives. What I found particuraly interesting is that people only have on average 9 years of entertainment. (To be continued)

  8. 1) I chose "World Octopus Day" as my infographic topic :

    2) It looked more appealing to me as you can see a Octopus man as a center of this image and its image by itself is educational as I learned female Octopus can lay maximum of 100000 eggs, but the average litter size is only 80. octopus are 90% muscle, and there are 300 types of octopus. While the website : tells how the Octopus day really started and how octopuses are plural of octopus not "Octopi"

    1. (continued)while octopus they have 3 hearts. It also talks about how octopus can change their color and texture quicly. So the website gives more details about the facts that image gives us.

  9. 1) The infograph I chose was “Americans and TV:How They’re Watching” and the link is here:

    2) I chose this infographics as I generally watch much TV, most of it online. This infographic supplied me with the information of where people watch TV, separated by items like what kind of cable if any, what age range watches online, and what websites people use to watch TV. It even broke down what kind of shows people watch online! The article this was pulled from a website that described the ease that different internet service offer for the sole purpose of watching TV. The article it linked to is right here:

  10. 1. I chose the infographic "Words waiting to be added to the Oxford English Dictionary".

    2. I chose this topic because I liked how it shows popular words and how long that they have been around. I feel like I really wanted to pick this one because it seemed physically appealing. I also think it's cool how it tells you what the word is. For instance it could be a name, a slang term, or a word from science and technology. The author wanted to demonstrate how long some words can be around no matter how popular they are before they have a chance at becoming an official word. It takes roughly about 64 years until a word can actually be known as a word.

  11. 1. I chose info graphic Successful people -Unsuccessful people here the web link--->

    2. Why chose the topic of Successful people -Unsuccessful people because
    how the picture show that are more ways to be successful and unsuccessful I have an interest to show how successful and to change what need to change what need to change or how you can you work with goal and have a gide to try to not be unsuccessful and here is website what I found and what I learn by the interesting info graphic and I went depth of what it listed on the graphic
    link ---->

  12. 1) The infogrpahic topic I choose was "Video Games Can Be Positive it is up to you"

    2) This infogrpahic interested me manly because I am a huge gamer myself. Gaming is a industry that is huge and grows everyday. As gaming gets bigger more people think it is a bad infulence on people and mostly on our children. From looking at the infographic I learned a lot like how gaming increases perceptual ability, but also how 98% of pediatricians believe violent games have a negative effect on children. On the article that is with the infogrpahic the author is trying to explain that gaming has a lot of positive attributes, but also has some negatives. The author tries to explain to the reader that gaming is fine with balence.

  13. 1. I love eels.
    2. Eels are the greatest sea creature. They are so cool that they can actually swim backwards as easily as they swim forwards. There is no footage of eels reproducing either, which is very interesting. A reason why may be because they are nocturnal. Because they are nocturnal, they don’t really need good eyesight. Instead, they have a very good sense of smell and a mucus like covering on their bodies that protects them from disease.

  14. 1) I chose the minecraft to be my infographic Topic:

    2)I chose this because I am a huge fan of it plus I wanted to know more about it and who created it. But I didn't know that minecraft became a huge game which made a download of 3 million people.

  15. 1.) I chose "The price of being a superhero then and now"

    2.)This info graphic shows how much Bat man's supplies would cost, from when his comics started all the way to 2013, which includes inflation (money is worth less, or things cost more) and the addition of his arsenal/tools I think it is crazy how there is a difference of $134,724,865 between the 1939 batman and the 2013 batman, including the newer additions to his arsenal/garage for example his bat-plane and bat-cycle. His suit alone went from $10 all the way to $303,000. (site link

  16. 1.) The infographic I chose was "YouTube - The 2nd Largest Search Engine." Here is a link to the webpage it is found on:
    (The infographic was only available to download and did not have its own separate "View Image" page.)

    2.) I spend a large portion of my days on YouTube watching my favorite Let's Players, listening to music, or watching tutorials of how to do things. Needless to say, I end up being one of the statistics added into this infographic. The information provided includes facts on why it is one of the most popular search engines. I was thinking about how in class we were discussing the idea that people are becoming more inclined toward visual stimulation. The fact that YouTube is second only to Google as a search engine, is proof of this. Nearly 1 in 2 internet users are also YouTube users. That's impressive.
    As far as how this infographic is used, that is quite interesting as well. This infographic has replaced the entire article that could have been used in its place ( The only written portion is found in a small statement above the graph explaining information that can be found in the infographic. The visual stimulation strikes again.

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    Why did I choose this picture? Well, mostly because it looked cool and because I thought it was interesting that something you like can describe the kind of person you are emotionally. For example If you like Nintendo then you are an exciting, youthful, bold person. It’s also interesting how companies use these colors to advertise their products to their target audience. So if you like something in the yellow category, as shown in the picture, you are optimistic person. If you like orange you’re a friendly person, red is exciting, purple is creative, blue is trustworthy, green is peaceful, and gray means you are a balance of all these emotions. This is why I found this infographic so interesting and I hope you found it quite interesting as well.

  19. 1.
    2. With all of the research, I would look at how many people are gamers that play in a very competitive state of playing. I can look at the drone malfunctions that we have on a daily basis. I'm really looking forward to researching modern technology and combine all of it to make a Military only training simulator. The shooting simulator's, Flying simulators, The feeling of being shot, and keep going to make our soldiers better.

  20. 1. The infographic I chose was “Human Storage: Impressive Feats and Records”. Here is the image of the infographic:

    2. The reason I chose this infographic is because I think it is very interesting in the way that it is designed. It is shaped like a human, which is very clever considering the information it is giving is about human feats. The information is also really cool. There are so many random facts that I probably never would have known or really cared to know that I have now learned. Here is the page where my infographic is from, and where you can find more information about it:

  21. 1. I chose to do an info graphic on polar bears, here is the link:

    2. I chose to do it on Polar Bears because Polar Bears are flippin sweet. Their majestic white fur is glorious. Their fierceness is unrivaled. Polar Bears are actually the largest terrestrial predators, making them the top of the food chain. Also, Polar Bears are really just black bears that have evolved to live in the winter wasteland. The fact that they were able to survive and evolve is a magnificent feet. They are just fantastic.

  22. 1. I chose an infographic on mental health, specifically the stigma of it.

    2. I chose to do it because I have an interest with mental health, because a dar friend of mine has Asbergers and another one has schizophrenia. Many people stigmatize or spread misunderstandings about mental heath without realizing it, and treat it as a much more unsavory topic compared to physical health, when that is doing nothing but hurting people with the illness. Hopefully, the spread of accurate information can lessen the impact of hurtful stigma.

  23. 1)I chose my infographic on my favorite TV show called Dr.Who

    2)I picked this topic because this show is awesome and there's a lot of good info about the villains like when en they appeared on the show.It is also helpful for the newer fans of the modern Dr Who's of the series. The newer fans might not be sure which villains are newer and which ones are from the Doctor’s past. like For instance, most fans know the Cybermen and Daleks are classic enemies, they might not realize the other villains like the Ice Warriors and The Great Intelligence.

  24. 1. I chose an infographic on geek and nerd traits, here is the link

    2. I pick these topic because most people think that geeks and nerds are the same but their is a huge difference between the geeks and nerds like for the geeks are collection oriented, gathering facts and mementos related to their subject of interest. They are obsessed with the newest, coolest, trendiest things that their subject has to offer. The nerds are “achievement” oriented, and focus their efforts on acquiring knowledge and skill over trivia and memorabilia. the geeks and nerds have some of the same stereotype that a nerds is a geek is a nerd is a geek.

  25. 1. The infographic that I chose is “Infographic of Infographics” this is the image:

    2. I chose this infographic because i thought it was ironic and humerus, it’s an infographic about infographics, it's quite funny. It provides information on Infographics in general, what cooler and what type of graph they use. It was made to show an example of an infograph. This is where I got my infograph

  26. 1. The infographic that I decided on was "Asia according to Americans" this is the image: and the article it comes from is called "Are Infographics Changing the way we Think?"

    2. I saw this infographic and at first it seemed really funny because it made fun of other countries in Asia based off of stereotypes. It was saying that most Americans think of Asia's countries by the names that it had for each. I realized that it could definitely make people think differently when they think about those countries after they see it. Every time they think of Asia now they will think of this infographic/ the stereotypes we've created for these countries. The article for this explains that we now use lots of devices and media to send pictures like this and this can change how someone thinks about something else. Small infographics like this can do much more than just make you laugh. Article:

  27. 1) I chose the infographic on "Obesity"

    2) I chose this infographic because it was interesting and obesity is a real problem. The author was trying to convey how big of a problem obesity really was. It’s very interesting seeing all the facts and knowing how truly unhealthy our society is. It’s surprising to see that nearly no children meet healthy diet and activity recommendations. It’s also interesting seeing all the conditions that obesity can cause. Obesity increases the risk of more than 20 conditions that can be prevented, and is linked to more conditions than smoking, poverty, and drinking, which I find very interesting.

  28. 1. I chose an infographic on Traveling.

    2. I chose an infographic on traveling and how much people travel with certain vehicles (Planes, Cars, Bikes, etc) throughout every country. I found it interesting on how certain countries bike more then cars, and some countries use boats more then planes. The author of my infographic wasn't directing anything towards this image, he was talking about infographics in general. Link:

  29. 1.I chose the topic of Llama and Alpaca.

    2. I choose it Llamas and Alpacas because no one really can tell the difference between the two. The information provided is the simplicity of the difference between the two, simple facial features, shape, size and they both like to spit.

  30. 1. The infographic I chose was Violent Crime Rates in the US ( )
    2.I found this infographic interesting due to the drastically higher crime rate per capita here in the US as compared to other nations 1st world nations.

  31. An infographic about successful vs unsuccessful people.

    I chose this infographic because it is relevant to a tech class that is focused on leadership. Knowing what will help/hinder your success is useful because it will guide you more clearly towards being as productive as possible. Almost every super successful people that you can name fits most or all of those things listed. following this for business is a really good idea. It promotes being kind to people and keeping balance. This is good advise in any situation.

  32. Here is the infographic I chose about turkeys and Thanks Giving:

    I chose this infographic because the concept of how much Americans eat interests me. What the author was trying to tell us on this page here: is the history of thanksgiving and how much certain types of food from thanksgiving americans eat. It is kind of sad how much people eat on thanksgiving looking at this infographic, but it seems worth having the good time on thanksgiving.


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