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(S2) Anonymous Browsers

             Tor Overview

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Tor keeps users anonymous online, so that nothing can track you through the actual network. With Tor, you can access anything, even if it is banned for the country you live in, and not be tracked.

1.  Check out the links above.  Investigate some links on each site.  In your own words, what is Tor?  Who uses it and why?  

2.  List a few Pros and Cons of this environment.

3.  Would you ever find yourself using it?  Why / Why not?


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  1. 1. From what I gathered from reading the main website, Tor is a way to scramble the route to a server by travelling through "relays", or checkpoints with the express purpose of running Tor and keeping the user anonymous. But beyond that, large amounts of people, from lawyers to activists, from business owners to the military, utilize Tor to conduct their highly sensitive and important business in relative anonymity.

    2. I can only think of one pro, which is the fact that you can send and receive data in relative anonymity; however, the service is not entirely anonymous, and if you are trying to access something, the bouncing from node to node might slow connection quite substantially.

    3. I might if I ever go into any sort of business that requires any sort of research on competition, I'll almost inevitably need to use this service; what it does, it does very well, which is bounce information between multiple nodes and erase its path, to keep downloading and uploading extremely anonymous.

  2. 1. Tor is essentially a piece of software that one can download, in order to let them browse the internet, anonymously. By doing this, people will not have their data given to any corporation or agency for that matter. Tor is a necessity for anyone wishing to conceal their data and identity for privacy reasons.

    2. A pro for this software would be of course, being able to go online without having companies track your data and identity, as well as your family members. Everything comes with issues, and Tor could have the possibility of slowing down your internet, while using it.

    3. I personally don’t believe I would install it, unless necessary for a job I might take in the future. I usually limit to what I put on the internet, so having privacy isn't a huge factor for me, when I use the World Wide Web.

  3. 1. Tor is basically software that anyone can download in order to browse a website anonymously. This program allows people to do their more sensitive work without the website owner knowing about it. Tor is the perfect program for anyone who wishes to keep their identity secret.

    2. Tor improves your security and your privacy through a network of virtual tunnels. It’s completely free; Encrypts all traffic (incoming and outgoing) between his nodes; It is virtually virtually unbeatable (if properly configured). The cons are: The configuration is not trivial; The performance is unpredictable as it depends on routes between the Tor network nodes; Not suitable for p2p applications such as Torrent; It only protects applications that are configured to work through Tor. No automatic configuration. As written on Tor’s Downloading page: “While Tor blocks attackers on your local network from discovering or influencing your destination, it opens new risks: malicious or misconfigured Tor exit nodes can send you the wrong page, or even send you embedded Java applets disguised as domains you trust.”

    3. I would not use this program because of all the negatives and I don't really plan on going to a place where I would need to hide my identity, even if I would need to hide my id I would find another way to get the job done because Tor seems a bit too complicated for me to use just so someone won't find out who I am.

  4. 1. Tor is a software that people can download and use to browse the internet anonymously and without being tracked by the govorment, agencies, and/or corporations.

    2. Pros:Tor uses onion routing, where there are application layers of encryption, nested like layers of an onion. This would be a great program for keeping your work private and for communicating with people online without being tracked.
    -to be continued

    1. 2. Cons:Too many nodes that information could be lost in, who knows maybe the people working at Tor could be looking through your personal information and they just say that it's anonymous so others will trust it.

      3. I would probably not use Tor, i don't feel like hiding my information from the world, who cares if someone sees it they know something about someone they've probably never met. Now i understand that there are people who do care about their personal info and maybe they should use Tor, but remember that there are people who have been hired to hack into other peoples accounts and they can see everything with or without a private browser.

  5. 1. Tor, a network of many nodes used as gates to improve someones internet security from things or people tracking them on the internet. Basically a software that increases your internet protection. People who need to browse the web anonymously, like a paranoid person, would use this. But the link mentions military and police use Tor as well.

    2. A big strength of Tor would be that it protects you, and its probably the best web protector out their, since the government use it. A weakness would be passing through all those nodes would be not as quick as straight out your modem. Also that Tor isn't invisible, threats have been made that half of Tor's nodes are already being hacked.

    3. I do not think I would ever use Tor, I am not very concerned with my security since I don't go to websites I am not 100% sure are safe and don't even mouse over ads or what might be dangerous links. Still a cool thing though.

  6. 1. Tor is a freely software for enabling online anonymity. Its design to make it possible for users to surf the internet anonymously. So they don't want their activities and locations cannot be discovered by government agencies and corporations. Tor is used everyday for a wide variety of purpose by the military, journalists. law enforcement officers activists, and many other.
    2. Some pros about tor is that they can protect your location and your activities, let you surf the internet anonymously .
    3. I would not use Tor I am not much of a concerned of my security. I do not use the internet alot.

  7. 1. Tor is a network that allows people to publish,chat, and explore around the internet but in private or secure. People i would see most likely using this are people on help chat sites, chat sites, people who need to speak with a professional, or even for the overly concerned

    2. Pros: Get around censorship, not being tracked,
    Cons: Relays can be shut down, getting blocked is increased,insecure protocols, cloaking gets right threw,

    3. I wouldn't use it because i don't really see a need in what i do on the internet to be secured or privatized and it seems like more of a risk than i would myself enjoy or feel safe with. This is a great thing for some people but just not for me.

  8. 1.) Tor is software that makes it so you can use the internet safely and anonymously without being able to be tracked or spied on by the government (or maybe hackers).

    Pros: No back tracking back to you, remain anonymous.
    Cons: Too many areas for info to be lost.

    3.) I would probably not use Tor, as I have no use for it currently. Unless it was required for a job/project, I feel Tor is not something I would ever use.

  9. 1. Basically Tor is a software that allows you to search the internet without your identity being discovered. This is so the government or other corporations won't know who you are so you can search whatever you want even if it is banned in your country.

    2. The pros would be that you can search whatever you want and you wont get it trouble. The cons would be that it can be shut down and that it shuts down.

    3. I probably wouldn't use it because I have no reason to search the internet secretly. I can see why it is a good program but i wouldn't use it.

  10. 1. Tor is a free software that allows online anonymity. Which means you can go on any website with any internet connection. It uses “Onion routing.” using layers of encryption to keep you anonymous and free to go online. Students could use this to go one any website that the school blocks. But with that it could possibly used for bad intention.

    2. People could use Tor to go on websites that places block for good uses such as research or work. Or people that are paranoid about the government spying on them during their activities to feel free and safe. Yet this can be used for very bad intentions. Hackers can do their work without detection or people could look up bad things with the freedom of unblocked sites.

    3. I really don’t see use of it for me. I really don’t go on blocked sites.

  11. 1.) From what I gathered, Tor is used for anonymous web browsing. I would see NSA, FBI, CSA, or other security agency using this for protection purposes, or to locate a target.

    2.)Pros: Positive hacking, finding someone for a good purpose, low latency

    Cons: Negative hacking, using anonymous browsing for hurtful purposes

    3.) I would find myself using this because it seems like it is a faster web browser because it is not used by a large amount of people. I could also use this for the anonymity, feeling a little more secure.

  12. 1) Tor is a free software that keep you anonymous while browsing online. Hackers, people who value privacy, and computer software/security agencies may use this.
    2) Pros: Beneficial hacking, keep privacy. Cons: People will be suspicious of you, agencies may be more aware of you.
    3) Yes I want to safe browse, knowing I am secure. For safe searches from prying eyes and so I wont be hacked.

  13. 1. Tor (The Onion Router) is free software for enabling online anonymity and resisting censorship. SO basically it would be used for the FBI or ever CSA to look for someone.

    2. Pro: You can find a lost one, like a puppy or a baby. Good uses for hacking.
    Con: Hackers can get info about you and uses your information against you, and it can be use for uses that wont be for good.

    3. No, not really because i would find it not useful in a way because what happens if my personal info gets on the internet, then i be done for. I would only use it for when I would want to find a missing person.

  14. 1. Tor is a place on the web where you can access anything on the web, regardless of your country bans or polices. It lets a user reach any realm or the inner webs. People from country such as North Korea and or China could use it to see the new stuff in the world. Stuff that is normally banned on the internet is open to people who have been banned from it. A new sense of freedom and liberty to people.
    2. Pros:
    1. Gives people freedom to see things outside there governments/country borders.
    2. Open ups people possibilities, finding more out, being less resurrected.
    3. Helping people understand the world and the people and news around them.
    1. Could be used for the cause of danger, or create danger.
    2. Open up people to the dark side of the internet. Things and stuff people really shouldn't see.
    3. Ultimately breaks country polices and procedures on the internet.
    3. I don't really think I ever would. I tend to follow the world in the privileged place I live. Where I have freedom. I might use it if I was in a country that banded such sites. In America I don't believe I ever would. The internet is not a right it is a privilege.

  15. 1.Tor is a way for users to browse the internet anonymously.It also lets the user acess thew deep web, which is where 95% of the internet is.
    2.Pros would be your safety.You are just about untraceable by normal software which prevents companies from tracking your search history. Cons would have to be that on the deep web, you are never to far from a hacker so you NEED to exercise caution.
    3.I very actively go on tor and look at stuff on the deep web.It is incredible how many interesting things you can find on there and the people that use the deep-web

  16. 1. Check out the links above. Investigate some links on each site. In your own words, what is Tor? Who uses it and why?
    it is a way to search the web anonymously. NSA Because they need to know more. :)
    2. List a few Pros and Cons of this environment.
    one pro could be to not be seen while searching for something one con could be that you might get in trouble with certain people may be security of the web sites your on
    3. Would you ever find yourself using it? Why / Why not?
    maybe like if I ever need to look at some stuff that you cant normally access

  17. 1.Tor is, from what I see, a computer program that allows convert, anonymous browsing of the internet. It is used for protection from internet surveillance and secret browsing of websites that you don't what the owner to see, thus stopping the tracking of said user’s relatives and friends the. It is used by many kinds of people such as business workers and owners, activists and military workers.

    2. some pros are, having the ability to browse websites and communicate anonymously. Some cons are, with all the nodes information could be lost and will probably slow your internet dramatically.

    3. I dont think I would ever use this, for one i'm in no need for anonymous browsing and communication, and two my internet sucks, it would not be able to run this program.

  18. 1. tor is a software that allows you to surf the web without being detected by people almost like going incognito its great for journalist and the military and its great for them because they can not see your location or things like that.
    2.pros are you can protect almost all of your activity and location from almost anyone.
    3.cons are that it really doesnt need to be used by everyone and is hard to use for people who dont know
    computers like the elderly

  19. 1.) Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that was originally designed for use by the U.S. Navy, however it has now been expanded to allow people to do many different kinds of things, such as post websites without the location revealed, and also allows people to share information without compromising privacy. People use Tor to put up websites and have them not reveal the location of where it was made, and also by chat rooms that talk about socially sensitive things.
    2.) Some of the pros of Tor is that it allows people to remain anonymous from certain things, and it allows their privacy to remain intact. Some of the cons of it would seem to be that it gets attack quite a bit, however it is in a way that Tor actually welcomes it, and there is a possible way to trace the things put up, taking away the anonymity.
    3.) I’m not really sure if I would actually use Tor much because I don’t really do anything that would involve personal things, so I wouldn’t really need to have something to keep myself not noticeable in the internet world.

  20. 1. Tor is an application used to bypass internet proxies and become anonymous. It hides your ip address and allows access to sites that you wouldn't find anywhere else on the internet. People mostly use it to gain access to the deep web or to buy drugs. Mostly to buy drugs.

    2. One of the pros of Tor, is that it allows completely anonymous browsing of the internet. One of the cons however is that Tor does not have any sort of antivirus, so if you are browsing some fishy sites, you're done kiddo.

    3. I currently use Tor when I feel like being a rebel at school and go on 4chan during class.

    1. What!!? During class?? noo way!!

  21. 1. Tor is a free software that allows its users to remain anonymous while surfing the internet. It allows you to access sites that without showing your ip address. It also allows you to access the deep web and sites that you couldn't find anywhere else.
    2.Pro: You can send and receive data anonymously and your privacy remains intact.
    Cons: So many nodes that information can be lost and your internet will slow down dramatically.
    3. I would probably not use Tor because I see no need for me to use it right now.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. 1. Tor allows you to not only surf the web anonymously, but it allows you to submege yourself in the deep web. You are unable to do this through Chrome or other main-stream web browsers. Yes, there is "incognito mode" although this only hides the serch history from you. It can still be traced back to your device.

      2. If you are big on privacy, this is your best friend. But just like any other friend, you need to get to understand how it works. If configured correctly, this will get you where you need to go pretty smooth. Here's where things can go down hill. If it ISN'T configured correctly there's a chance it won't get you to a webpage at all. Or if you're on a really "hush-hush" kind of website, people can easily take advantage of "nothing being blocked" aspect of Tor.

      3. I use Tor every now and then, but I take extreme precaution when going into the deep web.

  23. 1. Tor allows the ability to anonymously search the web without leaving a detectable trace to your location, or past data. The effect is achieved by randomizing the distribution of data before it reaches the source, and repeating the process for each action. Tor was originally used by the military to transport information, but has come into contact with the everyday population. Tor can also be used to bypass limitations set in the users country, accessing potentially blocked sites and data.

    2. Tor excels in maintaining privacy, and can even allow the viewing of hidden data. While many users may find it satisfactory, there are potential risks and flaws. Many site owners rely on tracking their users for ad revenue and statistics, and have found ways to potentially disable functionality of the site to users who use protections such as Tor. Another major flaw is that some programs can leak the users IP address to the receiving end, giving out all of the security that Tor offers. Although it is unlikely, some people are more alert when dealing with Tor users, and can attract even more attention than just browsing normally.

    3. Tor seems great for most of the population, but there really isn't a need for the average user. It can potentially stop people from tracking your location and history, but if you don't want it seen, then don't do it in the first place. Even if you feel insecure using the internet, its never truly necessary to hide behind anonymity programs. You may be seen using the internet normally, but so is the rest of the population. Just don't do anything regrettable. The internet is the same as standing in a large crowd when it comes to being viewed by others. You may be seen doing something odd occasionally, but the majority of the attention is focused on the entire group acting the same way, not necessarily the individuals behind it.

  24. 1. The Tor project is a non-profit organisation that conducts research and development into online privacy and anonymity. It is designed to stop people – including government agencies and corporations – learning your location or tracking your browsing habits. The Tor project team say its users fall into four main groups: normal people who want to keep their internet activities private from websites and advertisers; those concerned about cyberspying; and users evading censorship in certain parts of the world.

    2. Pros

    It’s completely free;
    Encrypts all traffic (incoming and outgoing) between his nodes;
    It is virtually virtually unbeatable (if properly configured)


    The configuration is not trivial;
    The perfomance is unpredictable as it depends on routes between the Tor network nodes;
    Not suitable for p2p applications such as Torrent;
    It only protects applications that are configured to work through Tor. No automatic configuration.

    3. i dont think i would use it. im fine with the way im already browsing.

  25. 1.Tor is a internet browser that does let a website monitor traffic to your computer. Keeps you secure. You can also access anything banned in the country without being tracked.
    2. Pros ; a. Can used Banned cites on a wireless network.
    b. Can get to other countries websites that are banned in your country.
    c. Can not be traced back.
    Cons ;a. Could get hack and not be able to track back to the source.
    3. I might use it because of the capability of not being found. This allows me maybe some more security from hackers.

  26. 1. Tor is a safe secure internet browser which allows you not to worry about getting your information
    2.Pro being able to safely browse the internet without your information being obtained from someone else. Con is allowing hackers to be untraceable.
    3. No I rarely use the computer

  27. 1) Tor is a private web browser that masks your ip and allows you to browse the web without being tracked. This can be used by political activists who do not want to be found and arrested, average people who fear being tracked, and women who have been threatened with abuse by stalkers.

    2) A pro for tor is that it allows you to visit blocked or banned websites without the fear of being tracked. Another pro is that its a way for people in censored countries to reach out to the enviroment. A flaw with tor is that criminals can use this to do illegal internet things without being tracked. Companies can not trace backs for a source.

    3) I do not find myself using tor as I usually only use the internet to watch youtube and do not have a fear of being tracked.

  28. 1. Tor is a private web browser that more or less hides your ip and allows you to avoid possible tracking from websites and the like. This has many uses to adults and students alike. However, this does allow people who could be in trouble to escape from any tracing.

    2. Some of the pros for Tor are allowing you to reach other countries that would otherwise be banned. Also it's a good use for school too if your favorite website is blocked by the firewall. A con though is that it's possible for any evildoers to use it for their illegal jobs.

    3. I would only use it to browse 4chan at school more or less, however if it were like a code red I'm in trouble kind of thing, I'd most likely use it to escape any possible problems.

  29. Tor replaces VPN's by making your browsing data more private. It keeps your info safe from people who may want to track you and who want to know what you were doing on your computer. This is useful for people who want to remain secret, individuals or corporations and organizations.

    Some pros are that Tor allows you to access websites that the network you are using blocks. So websites blocked in your country and websites blocked at school or work can be viewed. Cons would be that it would be easy for people with malicious intent to use this for evil reasons.

    I would use this system to use apps that are blocked at school because its annoying that they feel the need to block harmless sites and apps. That is about all I ever see myself needing Tor for.

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  31. 1.I've been hearing a lot about Tor. Tor is short for The Onion Router (thus the logo) and was initially a worldwide network of servers developed with the U.S. Navy that enabled people to browse the internet anonymously. Now, it's a non-profit organization whose main purpose is the research and development of online privacy tools.The Tor network disguises your identity by moving your traffic across different Tor servers, and encrypting that traffic so it isn't traced back to you. Anyone who tries would see traffic coming from random nodes on the Tor network, rather than your computer.

    2.Toe is good if you really want to be almost completely anonymous, use Tor. Any alternative is going to present more drawbacks, whether it's a paid subscription or unwanted ads, and it's hard to argue with Tor's convenience. Plus, there's a good reason why Tor's become so popular: It usually works great. While that record might be challenged soon and it's not 100 percent flawless.

    3.There are many reasons one could use this but i wouldn't feel the need to use this unless i am in a job that might need this

  32. 1.Tor is an aplication on your computer that can keep invisible to the internet For privacy.
    2.tor is one of the safest incognito browsers of course there is always a risk.Most othe alternitives though can contain ton of viruses and back doors and no one wants those.Tor may be one of the safest but people can still track you if they are good enough.
    3.I dont find myself ever needing to use tor i simply have no reason to.

  33. 1. Tor is a webpage that is like Google Chromes incognito on steriods, it doesnt allow cookies, browsing history, or anything of the sort. Not only does it not save data of what youve done, but hides those details by routing you through servers all over the world.

    2. Pros: Privacy, Animocity, Prevention from tracking, and a way to hide your real IP.
    Cons: Negative use, Illegal Use, Could be collecting own data.

    3. I use it all the time for things like checking on forums or for browsing the internet when I dont want to be tracked down (facebook stocking... Just Kiding)

  34. 1: tor is like an average browser, except it's super anonymous and non-traceable. It is used for things like visiting banned sites, searching things you could get in trouble for, piracy, and things like that.

    2: There are more cons than pros. But the few pros include the government not being able to invade privacy, you won't be hacked while using Tor, and things like that. But the cons are much more. I would imagine it is used for piracy and things like that.

    4: I don't think I would use Tor for much if at all, but if I end up with some paranoia for the government reading all my internet stuff (including this) then I might end up using it.

  35. 1.) Tor is a web browser that does not allow cookies, Banned websites,Searches that could lead to piracy. It aims to keep the user safe while browsing the internet in order to keep private information safe that could potentially harm your computer and you.

    2.) It does have a lot of pros but cons to push it back too. Pros like the government cant view what your doing and websites blocked by country or schools can be viewed. But cons do play a part in its life it is illegal, It could be some nice little Trojan horse working in your favor for the time being and its sloppy most of the time.

    3.) I don't think ill ever use it because im not doing anything that requires me to use it.

  36. 1)Tor is a browser that does not let anyone/anything check where you are on the internet at any given time. This can be used to go illegal sites and find illegal things on the internet.

    2)The pros of this browser is that you have extreme freedom, but the cons to it is that people can post really bad things or watch really bad things by just having Tor.

    3)I would use Tor, because I love freedom to whatever even if that means that I am going deep into the internet and do not find very wholesome thing, but at the same time finding very interesting things.

  37. 1. Tor is an Internet browser that keeps any websites from tracking an individual user, good for doing illegal stuff and keeping information safe from potentially threatening people and websites.

    2. One hand, the privacy is good for protecting information, especially for well known people during the rising threat of "swatting" and the military to keep any and all information stored on their devices secure. However, on the other hand, illegal stuff.

    3. Only if I become famous.

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