Sunday, January 11, 2015

(S1) Innovation, Gadgets and New Technologies 2015

New Year!  New Tech!

Have fun exploring new technologies!

As a GenYES Tech Leader, it's important to be ahead of the curve.

1.   In your opinion, what are some of the coolest new technologies that you discovered on the links below?  Which would you want to buy for yourself?  Pick three (3) of your favorites and describe them.  (Try not to have the same exact three as anyone else)

2.  What new technology might have the biggest impact on society as a whole?  Something that may  change the way a lot of people work or play or live?  

3.  What companies are the biggest players in the tech arena?  Who wasn't at CES?  Do you think a "new, start up" company could have a chance to break into the tech arena today and make an impact Write a general observation from you, about what you read in the links below, and you feel the direction new technology might be going.


  1. 1. During CES 2015 I watched so many videos I can hardly even remember any of them all. The best three pieces of tech I saw were the Parrot Bebop Drone, the LG G Flex 2, and the Razer Forge TV. The Bebop is a small personal drone for flying and recording video, and the G Flex is a curved smartphone with self-healing technology. The Razer Forge TV is a miniature version of a console for your television that runs the new Android TV. I’d personally love to have all of these pieces of tech, too bad they add up to more than 1000$.

    2. Both Mercedes and BMW showed off self-driving cars this year, and I believe it will lead to the biggest impact on society. It amazes me that a car, on its own would drive itself to your destination without crashing into other vehicles.

    3. BMW was probably the biggest player at CES, with both there i3 and i8 demos showing off crash prevention, and self-driving technology. Of course, like every year, Apple was not at CES. I definitely believe a small company could make a big impact if they possess a piece of technology that has never been seen before.

  2. 1. All of this stuff looks SO FREAKIN' COOL, but, with the little bit of research I've done outside of and before this, my list is as follows:

    1: The Renovo Coupe - I have a number of reasons for choosing this. One, it's an all-electric supercar. Two, it's powered by Nvidia's new Tegra X1 chip. Three, this thing has the ability to PARK ITSELF IN A PARKING LOT and PICK YOU UP IN FRONT OF WHEREVER YOU ARE.
    2: Razer OSVR - This is a very interesting development in the world of virtual reality, as it's currently less expensive than the Oculus Rift, it's said to have better quality, and it encourages the user to mess around with it.
    3: Parrot RNB 6 - If I wasn't able to get a Renovo Coupe, this would be the next best thing. It can work with both iOS and Android devices, and has both front and rear cameras that you can attach to your car which can allow you to see in front of and behind you.

    2. I feel like the Nvidia Tegra X1 will probably have a massive impact on society moving forward. Not only will it give phones and laptops more power, but it will also have car self-driving capabilities, as well as self-PARKING.

    3. Where I'm concerned (which is in computers and graphics specifically), the biggest players have always been Nvidia, AMD, and Intel. The recent addition of Oculus to that list shows just how much pull virtual reality has at the moment, and how much pull it may have in the future. A good example of this question is the company Jaunt; I'd never heard of them before this project, but after hearing that they're working on making full 360 degree filming for VR, I was certainly interested.

  3. 1.) The first coolest of the new technologies is the Alienware 15. This is Alienware's newest gaming laptop that is extremely powerful. It only weighs 7 pounds, and has an aluminum chassis with carbon fiber materials, without adding any weight. The second coolest new technology would be the Melomind. You put this on your head, and the device detects brain waves. Based on you brain waves, it picks one of it's custom soundtracks to help you relax. The third coolest new technology would be the Sling TV. Dish is doing something similar to video streaming, like Netflix. It's 20 dollars a month, but it's TV, and movies.


  4. 1. While searching these links, I found three gadgets that I really enjoyed: the Petcube (a pet monitor that has a speaker for you to interact with your parents while you're away from home), the MyFox security system (a security monitor that includes door, window, and vibration monitors, and an alarm for forceful entries), and the Poloroid Zip (A hand-held printer, which prints small prints). All of these devices make life away from home much more convinient.

    2. Some new technology that could impact society is the Pacif-i (a baby pacifier that tracks medical information such as temperature, and sends that information to a smartphone) and the Melomind (A headset that measures brain waves, and plays relaxing music to calm you down). The Pacif-i helps to establish peace of mind for worried parents, and can detect health problems. The Melomind could especially be helpful for military veterans who suffer from PTSD (Post- Traumatic- Stress- Disorder), calming the veterans' minds and treating the disorder.

    3. Some of the biggest players in the tech arena are Microsoft and Apple. Apple never goes to CES (which is rather disappointing, for I'm an Apple fan). It seems that new technology companies would have a hard time getting started... unless they invent a new piece of technology (just like how Tesla, PayPal, and GoPro was started). Judging from these links, technology is headed towards touch screen computers, smart watches, and mobile technology gadgets.

  5. 1. The laser projection bluetooth virtual keyboard, it's a keyboard projected onto your desk that you can use!
    Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System, it's like a PSP that plays NES and SNES games that can also hook up to your TV.
    SuperNova Light Cube LED Bluetooth Speaker, syncs up with your music to make custom light shows.

    2. The technology that might impact gaming the most this year is virtual gaming accessories like the keyboard projection which is super cool.

    1. 3. If a new tech company were to start up today, I believe that they would be able to succeed given all of the advantages they have. Technology is moving toward efficiency and upgrading. We are developing easier ways for to live and be people.

  6. 1. I found the 3D Printing & Scanning feat. HP Sprout at Intel Booth - CES 2015 on YouTube I would by this just because this tech amazes me and could really change the world as it is. The ZBoard is an electric skateboard. The World's Smallest PC Motherboard & Broad well NUC vs 2008 Skulltrail - CES 2015 this motherboard weights in at only 14ozs.

    2. This new motherboard can change the market because it is small and light weight which is what many in today's market want more than anything they want easy and cheap. This could change the workplace because it will make it easier to bring a laptop to work unlike those 20 pound giants.

    3. Intel was a big player at CES with the stuff that they brought the 3D image of yourself. I do think that a new company could make it if they had good enough stuff. I think that tech is leading to the lack of effort by us humans because we want to get everything for nothing.

  7. 1) the Netatmo is a small camera for home security with facial recognition, and the GCW-ZERO - Open Source Gaming Console is hand held for a better gaming experience, and the bionic bird with a built in speaker with I would most likely buy for myself.
    2)the Netatmo would make the most impact since home security is a big issue, more wealthy people will most likely buy this, and in the near future some houses may come with built in cameras.

    1. 3) Apple, Dell, Intel, Samsung, LG, Sony. Microsofthad a lack of official participation in CES. "CES2015 featured a record number of startup exhibiting companies." There was a great number of hype about the new technology, and there was great representation from major and minor companies around the world, and the items show were phenomenal. The tech world will be greatly expanding and exploring new innovative ideas.

  8. 1. My favorite tech inventions from ces are the 3D printed food. The new 3D Tv that doesn't need glasses

    2. Now that 3D printing has the world enamored, it’s natural that the technology would be used to make food and to make making food easier, or at least weirder. It’s still a very new field, but food 3D printing is super exciting stuff and could, if Star Trek is an accurate depiction of how things will be 2,000 years from now, be the technology used to prepare all of our personally tailored meals.

  9. 1.Astro A50 Halo Edition,this head set has a NUMBER of feature most i wont list due to length but some of its features include compatibility with with PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.My next favourite would have to be the 4K tv.The human eye can detect up to 7K so the fact that we are this close is incredible.incredible are believed to be mainstream tvs by 2017.8K tvs are only now being created but not yet for sale.
    2. Due to innovations with display on tvs , the world of gaming is in for something big. Video games are about interface, and the way you see them.With this technology who knows whats in store in the future, hopefully something better than Kinect.
    3.Although i don't like them, Apple is currently the biggest next to the other hotshots like Google and Microsoft.You would be crazy to think that any company could start as long as there is a monopoly in that industry, whether it be tech, cars, oil ect.

  10. 1. Samsung is now going to make all of there devices compatible with all other devices. They are also making a smartphone home automation which allowes the phone to charge, take pictures, and automatically sends messages to for example, the fire station if your house is on fire. I also like the self driving cars. These are cars by apple and android that can drive and park themselves where ever you want them to.

    2. I do think that self driving cars would make a big impact, well at least if they are affordable. If people didn't have to drive and they can still get anywhere, that would be amazing.

    3. I think that apple and android are the biggest companies in the tech world right now because there products are all over the world and almost everyone has a device made by them. I do think it is possible for a new company to be very successful and very popular but they would need to make a new really good and popular product that everyone likes and uses or at least will use.

  11. 1) One of the technology that i think is cool is that Nissan and NASA teamed up to build a self driving car for earth and space. It is cool that they are making a car that would go to space.
    2) I think the biggest impact would be the netatmo because right now home security is a big issue. More people wold want to buy Netatmo.

    1. 3) Apple didn't not show up to the 2015 CES. I think the biggest companies in the tech world is Apple and Microsoft because all of the products are all over the world right now. Some people in the world have some of their devices. .

  12. 1.
    1. Schlage Sense: This device Bluetooth lock in which you can change the code and view when it was accessed and or used. It can be integrated with the Apple Homekit or Siri
    2. Wocket: The Wocket is a device that combines all of you cards into one supercard or smartcard. All your data stays encrypted and secure. You can program the device by tapping the screen and choosing the desired card.
    3.Big A** Fans Haiku: Packed with sensorsit detects when you're in need of some specific breezes. It pairs with your "Nest" to cool your house or room.
    2.I feel as if the Mercedes Benz F 015 and cars like it will change our lives. These cars are self-driving and will help fight against unsafe driving,roadrage, and drunk driving since you will not be the one driving.
    3.Whenever Google is announced its always a big deal that why when they released or showed off the Chromecast at CES i thought it was a big deal. With this product its puts Google in the audio business with other big brand names such as Sony.


  13. 1. Optimus Popularis Keyboard 77 programmable keys, plus a function key for switching and a display bar
    Automatically switch between different layouts depending on the current OS language or active application the cost of this device is $1424.99.

    NVIDIA SHIELD Gaming Portable-fast graphics of the NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor and has allows to wirelessly connect from your computer to the gaming tablet. $199.99

    USB Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer
    Small one-can cooler/warmer for your desk
    USB power keeps your drink at the perfect temperature
    Garner the jealousy of all your coworkers

    2. One new impacting technology is the autonomous vehicles being made. The self-drivable cars that do not require a driver. Small appliances are getting upgraded with new designs and are soon getting chips on them to increase capabilities

    3. Technology is going places and fast whether it be the large companies such as BMW, apple, Microsoft and so on, even the smaller innovative tech creators are bringing many new ideas to the table. Everyone is working towards upgrading every day things and others are going towards a more obscure goal which could reap the rewards in a breakthrough. Technology is going to very high places.

  14. 1. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 over-ear, its now wireless and has noise-cancelling tech inside. these devices are $270.
    The OVSR Hacker Dev Kit from Razer, a virtual reality gaming headset. Will be released in June and cost $200.
    The Samsung ATIV One 7 curved, is an all in one is a PC with a concave screen. Priced at $1,300.

  15. 1.
    a. The New 3Ds XL, It has all the functions of the 3Ds, except now with face tracking. Allowing the player to see 3D from any angle as to the previous 3Ds you would have to stare right into the center of the 3Ds to even get 3D instead of a blur.
    b. Dart, “The smallest laptop charger.” I found this quite interesting how people want smaller, slicker technology. But the best thing about Dart, is that you can change the connections so it can fit your Phone, Tablet, etc.
    c. L.Y.N.X. 9 Mobile Hybrid Controller, a gamepad that quite looks like a futuristic XBox controller, it can connect and adapt to consoles and computers. Not only that, but you can plug in your phone and play game with the controller. Even tablets. It can support up to 7 inch tablets.

    2. 3D printing. There is just so much to 3D printing with more and more growing out of it. 3D printing has the capability of replace jobs for manufacturing parts. Potentially removing some jobs off the market.

    3. There are many big players in the tech business. Such as Microsoft and Apple. But if a new tech company could compete with the big dogs, they'd have to invent something absolutely mind blowing and revolutionize something with their invention.

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  17. 1.) Optimus Popularis Keyboard 77 programmable keys, Self Driving car, and the 3D Printer. I would buy the Keyboard because I don't like my old 1,000,000 year old keyboard.

    2.) Probably with the right materials the 3D printer would do the job because we would start to 3D print random things and get creation from 3D printers an actual contribution to society.

    3.) Apple wasn't at CES. I think that the Razer company will get to be pretty big if given the time. Microsoft is the biggest in the tech arena right now.

  18. 1)The light keyboard, the Jellyfish 2 Lamp and the magnetic charging cable. The light keyboard would be cool and is the future.
    2)3D printing will have the biggest impact on the new society that is forming. 3d printing will be the gateway to the future where whatever you want is 3d printed for you by your parents.
    3)A new tech company would definitely have a chance in the middle of these new bigger companies, because all you need to do is have innovation and perseverance to keep on making the newest tech.

  19. 1. In your opinion, what are some of the coolest new technologies that you discovered on the links below? Which would you want to buy for yourself? Pick three (3) of your favorites and describe them. (Try not to have the same exact three as anyone else)
    1)Headband headphones-- a headband with speakers built right in. Simply pair with your favorite music-playing device and crank up the volume. The speakers inside are adjustable to fit your personal ear location and removable so you can machine-wash the headband. Great for outdoor-type activities where earbuds and headphones just won't do.
    2)Leef Bridge USB 3.0 Mobile Adapter Drive--It's a drive ready-made to transfer files between your PCs, Macs, and Android devices. It has both a micro USB 3.0 connector and a full-size USB 3.0 connector built-in. Not 2.0. 3.0. That makes a big difference when the subway train arrives in 5 minutes, and it's a 4 minute walk. It holds those nasty work files, plus it's great for carrying around videos and music, allowing for video and music playback directly from the USB drive. So get that file and queue up "Everybody's Working for the Weekend" or a few episodes of your current TV obsession to take your mind off that commute.
    3)6-in-1 Tire Pressure Gauge Multi-Tool--We're adding the 6-in-1 Tire Pressure Gauge Multi-Tool to our list. This tiny tool (only 0.2 lbs!) has a tire pressure gauge, tread depth gauge, LED flashlight, bottle opener, flat screwdriver, and key ring with quick release. It can be clipped to your keys or just tossed in your glove box for a rainy day and it makes a perfect "boring, yet useful" gift for the newly-licensed teenager in your life.
    2. What new technology might have the biggest impact on society as a whole? Something that may change the way a lot of people work or play or live?
    Brunton Hydrogen Reactor Portable Fuel Cell System--charges usb devices with water
    3. What companies are the biggest players in the tech arena? Who wasn't at CES? Do you think a "new, start up" company could have a chance to break into the tech arena today and make an impact Write a general observation from you, about what you read in the links below, and you feel the direction new technology might be going.

  20. 1.) A. Avenger Reflex Controller Adapter is an external adapter. It snaps on over a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller.
    B. Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe for iPhone & Android. The TARDIS Smart Safe works with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android smartphone. To unlock your TARDIS, slide your smartphone into the slot up top until it activates the pressure switch inside. Launch the app and enter your secret code.
    C. Gunnar Computer Glasses. They reduce eyestrain so you can play longer before your eyes hurt :)
    2.) 3D printing, because you can create things and it would take less time to make things usually.
    3.) Microsoft is one of the if not the biggest player in tech. I think they will lead use in discover new technology. I think a new company could come up with new technology but will be uncommon.

  21. 1. I really like the smart watch,the small flying video recorder, and the cannon camera.

    2. i think flying cars would really change they way we live and how we see the world as a whole i also think the ability to fly with some sort of suit would change the way we live and play because if someone was playing catch or something they can throw it high and they can jump up and catch it no problem also it con be useful to were you don't even have to take elevators

    3. i think the company's Microsoft,Apple, and Google are the biggest tech company's out there.

  22. 1. Some of the devices I would want to buy are found on the ThinkGeek website. I’ve been following that website and buying neat gadgets and trinkets ever since 2009. One new product they provide is a fine-point style stylus. This would be great for someone like myself who really wants to do graphic design on a tablet, but has no good use of actually drawing the art. Sometimes it can be so difficult to draw on a tablet, even with a stylus. Most stylus’ have a soft tip while the pen on ThinkGeek has a hard tip to draw fine lines. One other product I would like is the DIY Mini Arcade Machine. It’s a VERY tiny version of a much larger arcade cabinet that is built all by you. It’s a total of 149 dollars, but it really seems worth it to be able to build your own arcade cabinet with all the parts and play a working version of one of the great classics. And the last item I would have to get is the Headband Headphones. The headband has small headphones wrapped inside of the cushioning, so using these headphones allows you to comfortably lay on your side and listen to some quiet music, or maybe even go on a small jog with music!

    2. Something coming around lately is the new Smart Watches. They’re usually hooked up to an iPhone or Android via Bluetooth. Using these smart watches, you can check new texts, emails, or even listen to music. This may become a new trend of creating wearable technology that’s fashionable, affordable, and useful.

    3. At CES 2015, it was really all up in the air who would be the most successful who would come out triumphant. Some of the largest companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft didn't even show up on the floor. It might have been a bad idea to not even announce anything new, as nobody will be looking into those companies and what they may have to offer this year in 2015, unless they announce anything new later this year, which is most likely.

  23. 1. Although most new technologies are out of my price range, if I had unlimited funds, these would be my favorite new technologies of choice:
    1) Mercedes-Benz F 015, because it has seats that swivel 180 degrees, and has a sleek chrome design that makes it stand out among other self-driving cars. Oh yeah, and it's also a SELF-DRIVING CAR!!!
    2) LG 77-inch 4K Flexible OLED, because it is a high definition TV that is capable of switching between curved and flat
    3) The Belfie Stick, because the absurdity of having a tool that helps you take selfies of your butt is enough for me

    2. While there are many self-driving car prototypes out there, the Mercedes Benz model looks much prettier than the rest, and I feel like it may mark a transition away from rough draft prototypes of self-driving cars.

    3. While it'd be too hard to list off all the important players at CES, it is probably important to note that, to my knowledge, neither Apple nor Microsoft had a major appearance.

  24. 1: the reflex controller that is on ThinkGeek (one of my favorite websites by the way) would be an awesome thing to have. That would help a lot with quick-reflex type games.

    2: I think that the fields of robotics and AI's is the biggest thing right now. This can help with everything from prosthetic limbs to directions and planning for getting places.

    3: Right now, Apple and Google are the biggest companies right now.... Google might just be taking over the world right now. Same with Amazon, now that I think about it. A new startup company has a lot of work ahead of them if they wanna get anywhere.

  25. 1. The coolest thing at CES was the sharp bezeless displays. These displays had no borders and looked AMAZING Sharp created a phone with no bezels that was an inovation and now they have see through displays, which, let me tell you, are a mind trip.

    2. The one with the biggest impact on society would probably be the new Tesla Model X, because of the increased size and overall greater functionality from the Model S.

    3. In my opinion Sony was probably the biggest player and had the biggest show at CES 2015. I think that companies like apple were absent because CES doesn't really cater to the mobile or desktop community. But Sony which makes TV's and cameras had a great showing and made quite the impact on the presentation. 4K cameras being one of their coolest new technologies.

  26. 1. The smart watches really intreats me. It almost an new accessories to go with all our other easy smart devices. I also am very interested in the GoPros. I think they are amazing camera that are bringing amazing opportunities to capture our life's. I would want to buy the GoPro someday. I love taking photos and videos. Anything involving Leep technology. I think that that is so cool that censers could pick up or movement and do amazing things like at CES.
    2. Im sure plenty of my fellow students have brought up the self driving cars. I think that is just crazy. People wouldn't have to drive them self anymore. That would change transportation and the way we get around. I also think the workplace well be changing with a lot of the technology at CES. All of the tech is absolutely amazing and going to change the world in some way.
    3. I personally think technology well possibly some people demise. At the rate it going we wont have to do anything. Drive ourself, have robots do surgery on us and or have robots do everything for us. have technology do everything for us and then ultimately control us. Tech is very handy and has advanced the human race in amazing ways. I am so thankful for all the technology around me. I just hope it wont destroy our way of human nature.

  27. The innovative technologies recently announced are astonishing. An interesting form of transportation is the IO Hawk. It acts as a motorized platform that is controlled purely based on where you designate your pressure. The device gives a gliding movement that requires little experience from the user, and allows a faster way to move along smooth surfaces. An oven recently was developed allowing electronic automation of basic steps, and a user interface that can also display recipes. The appliance may be expensive, but it makes up by being future proof. As time progresses, developers can create apps that add more capabilities to the device. Its great for a non-conventional style of cooking. Another invention that could have an impact is the NAO Robot. It can detect the emotion of the users and acts as a device that can help with whatever the issue is. The recognition software is phenomenal, and equipped in a small robot it makes for the perfect, modern robot.

    2. A major technology being introduced in modern products is the use of communication with other devices. It can't be singled down to one device, as many developers have already jumped on the wagon. The communication allowed enables the ability to automate basic tasks around the house, like coffee makers, televisions, and other appliances. It isn't held to the house, but also goes with automotive, allowing you to connect with your car using your phone.

    3. Many of the big developers include Apple, Microsoft, and many computer based companies such as Lenovo. Many of the technologies that received the most attention were from independent inventors looking to lead this generations technology. While the larger companies had their usual reiterations of the same device, all the smaller developers ideas were original. The originality is what will win their success in the upcoming years.

  28. 1.a. The Ponoplayer, because I love listening to music, and it has a longer battery life and better sound.
    b. The new 3Ds Excel because it now has face tracking.
    c. The Sony Symphonic Lamp because it would be cool to be able to change brightness and the music from my IPhone.
    If I had the money, I would definitely buy these technologies.
    2. 3D printing is a new technology that has and will continue to affect the future of technology. With the ability to print just about anything you can think up, this is going to affect society for years to come. Someone was able to 3D print a heart to save a young girl's life, and people have even started printing working guns.
    3. A few of the largest companies like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. A new tech company could definitely have a chance at in the middle of a lot of theses larger companies because to make a new tech, all you need is to persevere and be innovative.

  29. 1. the first thing I liked about the many things that were listed was 'Be my eyes' app, it lets the visually impaired to be assisted by others. to be continued...

  30. 1.) One of the pieces of technology that I think seems quite cool is the Meccanoid G15 KS robot, which is a buildable robot that can be programmed with many different acts, and can play with children and such. Another thing that seems useful is the HereO Watch, and it allows a child’s location to be tracked by the parent and also lets a child shake their wrist 5 times if they feel in danger and it notifies the parent’s cell phones of it. Another thing that seems pretty cool is something called a Jetwing because it is pretty much a jet pack.
    2.) 3D Printing seems to be the most popular choice, as a seemingly unlimited number of things can be created from it if given the time and materials to do so.
    3.) Some of the more popular companies like Apple, Microsoft, Sony, etc. seem to be some of the biggest players in the technological world, however Apple was absent in the CES 2015 conference for whatever reasons. I think it might be possible for a start up company to get a place in the technological world’s ranks, however it would take a lot of work and luck in order to make themselves be seen in the world.

  31. 1.a)The first thing i find the coolest and would like to buy is the skullcandy SLYR w/chat adapter because they have memory foam ear muffs they don't pick up backround noise, also they are desighened with the unsc infinity decal.
    b)I would also like the power cube because I am constantly running out of power sockets to use and this would really help.
    c)The final product i would like is the death star bluetooth speaker because i love starwars
    2.further development in cyber security will greatly aid many peoples buisnesses and bank acoounts from cyber thieves.
    3.The big technology buisnesses are Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and more.Its possible for a new company to enter the tech world if they start with a great item that will intrest people.

  32. 1.The three gadgets that I chose were:

    a.Fitbit Flex: because it’s a really cool health tracker that can also silently wake you up by vibrating. It connects via BlueTooth and also has it’s own app on IOS to make things simpler. It can monitor your sleep, steps taken, mark your goals, and can also tell the amount of calories burnt. Its pretty much a mini device in a rubber wristband.

    b. Amazon Fire TV stick: It’s a little tiny stick that connects to your TV via HDMI port and is connected using wifi. It’s a streaming media device that has over 200,000 tv episodes and movies, millions of songs, and hundreds of games. It can play a wide range of streaming services and music services. With the remote you can use voice control that really works. It’s very fluid and has very little buffering.

    c. 4K TV’s: 4K seems amazing because it’s one of the highest qualities of resolution you can get on a TV. Boom.

    2. I think that wearable technology will have a huge impact on society because most people always have some sort of tech with them, so why not wear it? It would always be there when you need it and probably connects to your other tech (techception) which is always a good thing. Someday the tech might wear you…

    3. Apple is one of the biggest tech companies out there, and I think the reason why they didn’t show up to CES is because they don’t really need to since pretty much everybody knows who they are and they don’t need any more recognition since they’re products are so popular. Technology is heading towards the smaller and more powerful products (which has always been the case).

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