Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year 2015

Happy New Year!  As we embark on this new semester it's pretty cool to think that as of this moment, you have an A in every class!  Now the real challenge is to maintain the merit.  It's really about what learning you'll achieve in the next few months.

Of course in GenYES, we have a lot of awesome projects planned.

To help you be successful in technology and leadership and more significantly, setting the right goals for yourself, I've gathered up some readings and activities to help you achieve your best.

Since GenYES is a group of tech leaders it's important that we learn ever changing new technologies, mentor to others and effectively collaborate with each other as a tech company. We are as good as the sum of our parts.

1. What do you plan on bringing to GenYES this new year?  Check out this site.   Look around.  Click on the ruler and take a few checkups.  What did you discover about yourself?  Were there any areas you might need to work on?  Did you get the "high road" arrow up on any of the 7 areas?  These might be some of the talents to you bring to GenYES.  What greatness do you bring to GenYES?

2. Check out these links. Comment how one or more points on the sites that might affect you or others around you.

3. What do you want GenYES to explore this year?


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    1. 1. This new year i would like to keep my good grades so i can keep playing soccer. Also to continue doing the Police program at school.
      2. The first site number 6 synergise, work together to achieve more you cant complete alot of things by yourself and complete alot more when you work together with people.
      3. I would like to find out more about coding.

  2. 1)In this new year I plan on staying on track class-wise getting some A's and to be a better wrestler.
    2)On the first site the habit of #5 Seek first to understand, then to be understood, if you listen to others around you, you will become a better person. On the second site it tells the reader to #4 Set goals, if you don't have goals you will not achieve anything.
    3)I want to discover more about coding and versace.

  3. 1:That the websites can really hurt you. but can also make you feel good about yourself.i got the high road once on addiction.
    2:one thing I could do is to point out my end goals so i would work harder! :)
    3:I would really like doing 3d printing and making cool things out of it

  4. 1. I am bringing me, my clothes, and all my bull. I got the "high road" on a few things. Rather not say the bad ones. To be continued

    1. 2. I think reflecting is good (from the 5 keys to develop a plan). Reflecting on what you've done, both poor and well, helps you understand what to do better and how to do that better. It will also help you remember what you've done for longer.
      3. I want to do more game creation, animation, and coding.

    2. 3. In my freshman year, we did gamemaker and that was fun to get a grasp at what I want to do with my life, or at least in my free time. I'd like to make more games like that and maybe try different programs like the Unity engine.

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    1. 1. The new year offers possibilities to improve upon past actions in and out of the classroom. In GenYES, technology is a leading factor of the class, but is only a small part of the equation. Leadership, teamwork, and responsibility are the overall goal. Past experiences have lead to poor social skills, hindering the ability to work in a group and excel. Although working alone allows a quieter environment to work, a single individual can only go so far. In the new semester, a final goal is to be able to take advantage of the information and skills possessed by other individuals, allowing better work overall, and better communication in and out of the classroom. The tests provided by the site eluded to poor social skills. Other than the lack of communication, schoolwork and communication with close friends and family excelled. The information shown gives light to the obvious changes needed, and the new year offers opportunities to further develop the absent skills.

      2. Synergy is an important factor of every environment, adding to the overall success of those in the area. The work environment can only be successful if those involved can work together without faults, bringing together minds dedicated to specific subjects to solve the overall goal. Without teamwork and synergy between groups, the outcome of their work will be filled with error and will only lead to failure. Work together to succeed, the outcome will be better than a single individuals work.

      3. This semester is already off to a grand start, but could still be improved. The Arduinos will only be able to fill part of the time needed, leading to the advance of different projects. A significant experience that could be introduced is the use of the three dimensional printer, with each student learning the basic skills required to use the modeling software behind it. Three dimensional printers are becoming a major part of modern technology, and basic knowledge of the device could raise the chances for successful future in the industry. Another topic that could be introduced is the use of programming. A basic language could be used to learn the minimum skills necessary towards coding in it, and give each student a chance to make a basic program.

  6. 1. What I'm bringing to GenYES is my ability to get along with everyone, my knowledge, and my leadership abilities. From the survey, I can conclude that I am a sexually frustrated teen who doesn't have any real friends, a self-conscious loser, and basically a momma's boy. To my dismay, this wasn't very far off.... not far off at all.

    1. 2. "Renew yourself regularly" That piece of advice is something I really want to follow. TO be able to move on from the past and reinvent myself into something new and successful is something I really want to do. If I were to do this, I believe I would become a better and more productive person altogether.

      3. Personally, I want GenYES to explore more hands on experimenting. TO be able to find something new, buy it, play with it, break it, see how it works, and rebuild it. If we could do more of that kind of learning in GenYES, I would love this program even more.

  7. 1.what i bring to the table is fairly simple.I can work my way out of a bind.Any difficult situation and i can usually work a way out,key word:USUALLY.I can very easily socialize with others but I have much trouble working in a group although I like to say that I can.
    2.My favorite link is the 5 Keys to Develop a Plan for Success.One of my "rules" in life is that you should always have a plan.My two personal favorite points have got to be get a realistic idea and then set you're goals accordingly.In order for any strategy whether it be life or just a game, planning is the key to victory.
    3.To finish the arduinos would be one start but after that coding and making things using it seems to be challenging,fun and rewarding.

  8. 1. I am gonna come back into the classroom as I always have, with my brain and clothes on. I wan to be in GenYES to have fun and be involved with technology and other people alike. Some of the questions I wasn't sure how to answer but I didn't find out much about myself.
    2. On 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens' Number 5 was listening to each other sincerely. My friends could listen to each other and let everyone talk so our conversations don't get chaotic.
    3. I want to go back to Game design, It was a lot of fun last year and I think the class enjoyed the hour of Code.

  9. 1. My life is in check and ready for 2015 and school. I'm looking forward to all my classes and spending time with my friends and other students in my classes. I'm balancing everything just fine. I wake up after enough hours of sleep, come to school, learn in my classes, I finish my homework in class, and when I get home I eat, go to work, and come home at 10PM to get ready for the next day. I'm happy in my family and I have a beautiful new girlfriend, so everything seems to be going great. One thing I want to do this year in GenYES is learn more about coding. Hopefully soon I can buy my own laptop and start to learn coding on my own free time when I'm not working and have all my schoolwork finished.

    2. Keeping a journal was something I used to do a lot that really helped me when I was younger. During elementary school, I was picked on sometimes, so I would take out my feelings by writing them down in a journal of mine. Now, I use my phone to write them down and delete them to release some feelings. However, sometimes I like to go on a hike and just walk alone in the silence and just walk until I feel better.

    3. This year in GenYES, I want to explore more in the world of coding as I said above. Some programs that I wanted to look into were C++, Ruby, and Python. From what I researched on the internet and from what friends have told me. Coding is something I’ve always been interested in coding but have never been able to work with it because I never had a computer of my own to use. Thankfully I have a job right now and plan on saving up for a laptop to do this, and I will be able to expand my knowledge in the digital world. GenYES opened the doors to the world of the internet for me, so now I want to go out and research it on my own.

  10. 1. This year i plan on becoming a better worker than i was last year. I would like to keep my grades up and finish any homework assigned.

    2. One of the comments were to synergise. This could help out any group of people because communication is key.

    3. I would like to find out more about computers and all the parts they have to offer. That was the main reason why i joined GenYes and it is still something i would enjoy to learn.

  11. 1. i am actually try my best in all my classes especially genyes last year was the year where i started to learn how this class operates and now this year is the year where i do the best i can on every class and im dedicating to do all my assignments at the best i can especially my blog because i have learned if you dont do your blogs they can really kill your grade and i really am gonna try my best on them as should everyone in genyes

    1. 2.i think that if you dont take responsibility for the things you need to accomplish in this new year then you cant be succesful and if you do take responsibilty you need to always think win win win because if you think it you can make it and those are the things hat can make you proactive and other people proactive to

  12. i actually would like for genyes to explore more in coding because i really enjoyed the experience that i had on that assighnment we did with it i would also like to explore the arduinos more i still have yet to experience that

  13. 1. This year in school I want to get good grades and be fit by football season so I can play. I we need to learn to balance things well before football starts so I can balance football, school, and time with my friends and siblings.

    2. Prioritizing is one of the most important things in life. Right now I am not very good about that but I plan on changing that. Getting priorities strait effects everything you do and the people around you. It will effect plans, family, and friends so getting priorities strait is a big thing.

    3. This year in GenYES I want to build a computer and make a game. I built computers before and I enjoy it so I would like to do it in this class too. I want to make a game because the hour of code was very fun and Iwould love to do more.

  14. 1.This school year i am going to bring my full attention and i can bring my hard work and quick thinking to the class of Genyes and its business. I need to work on school, dating and sex, and friends according to the website.

    2. The comment that jumped out at my was the one that said that i had to have an everyone can win attitude. It jumped out because when things get competitive i turn into a different person where i turn almost mean

    3. I would like Genyes to go back to game creation or something where we can create something that is fun and people can explore and look inside to see how you did certain things or new things.

  15. 1. Most of my areas are medium to low. The only area that was high was the Dating one. Because I judge on the beauty of the person they are and save the “fun.” stuff until married. That goes for people in general as well. I’d say I judge on the person they are. My greatness to GenYes, is the professionalism of my fancy clothing.

    2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Habit 3- Put first thing first. I think this goes for everyone. Everyone no matter who needs to do their best to prioritize what’s “important.”

    3. How about the 3D Printed food? I really don’t mind what we explore, but I think that would be fun to have for the next Lan Party.

  16. 1. During this new year, I'm planning on focusing more and would like to another three project course like we did last year with photoshop. game design, and the music creator. I am going to bring my full attention to things that I'm interested in, and learn many new things while doing these new ideas.

    2. I think plan number 3 on ways to develop a plan for success can help everyone just because reflecting on the things you set can help open up other options for the future. It can help you think about the right path to take as you follow your plan to success, making it very useful to anyone who is planning for a better future.

    3. I want GenYes to explore more into game design and coding with games because that is the main thing I want to do in the future. I think it would interest people who never thought about doing that, like the new 9th graders, or even some of the older kids in GenYes as well.

  17. 1. I got the "high road" in sharpen the saw, friends, dating and sex, addictions, and self worth. I already know all of this about myself. I need to improve at my school efforts. For instance, doing all of my homework and studying and concentrating a bit more.

    2. One comment I found really interesting is that you should make goals. Goals help you realize and remember what to strive for. Goals help you remember what you are aiming towards and they are also nice because you can keep tract of them so you always know how close you are to those goals.

    3. I would really enjoy doing a bit more on coding. I think coding is really good and helps challenge the brain. Coding helps you grow intelligent and it makes you smarter. It can make you think in ways that you normally would n't.

  18. 1. During this second semester of GenYES I hope to continue learning all new sorts of things as we progress through the end of the year. I wish to continue helping other students in the classroom that I am able to help. Aside from GenYES, I also hope that I will continue my same GPA –or higher- throughout high school.

    2. On the first site it talks about prioritizing, and I could do better at this. I tend to procrastinate a lot more than I should, if I was able to stop this, I could get higher grades on my tests.

    3. This year in GenYES I hope to explore VR, if possible, and learn all about its functions and possibilities. It would also be interesting to continue our lesson on coding to further advance our knowledge on the subject.

  19. 1. Of all of the reviews I did (that is, all seven), I got "High Road" on everything. One of the main things I need to work on is trying new things, my lowest stat, at a 2. My well-rounded-ness is one of the things I can bring, along with a highly collaborative attitude.

    2. The idea that society has fallen into a sort of mental trap with the advent of auto-complete, relying on technology to (for the most part) think for them. I'm very glad that I don't have auto-complete enabled on my phone; I'm not using it as a crutch, unlike other people.

    3. If there's one thing that GenYES should explore, it would probably be something that would specifically be able to affect the construction and prosperity of the business; I can't think of any examples off-hand, but this is something that could probably be brought before the other students.

  20. 1. I plan on bringing a desire to explore the various genYES activities. I want to learn to build, program, monitor, and assist in technology. Just wait until the end of the year and we'll all see what I can do!

    2. A major point on these links is to know yourself better. Knowing yourself allows you to be able to understand your interests and disinterests more clearly. Another major point of these links is to make goals for yourself. Nobody's perfect (I know I'm certainly not), but everyone's capable of improving. Being able to work on goals builds good life skills, and overall makes you a better person.

    3. I would really like to explore drones in-depth. I got a drone for Christmas, and not only do I want to use it a lot, but I would like to learn about the use of drones.

  21. 1) I plan on bringing to GenYes new advancements and breakthroughs in military tech.

    2) My social awkwardness, and difficulties does have an effect on people around me. I should try to change that as the sites suggested and also with that work on my future to shape it for the better.

    3) I look forward to increasing my knowledge of the language of code. I'm quite interested in learning how I can create small minigames until I can expand to other more challenging computer languages.

  22. 1. This semester of GENYES i want to learn how to adapt to your teaching style and benefit the best i can to it.

    2. The site i spent the most time was about if technology makes you smarter. i found it very interesting that the majority of electronic devices were proven that they did not improve test scores. One of theses devices were phones of course. The scientists found that kids who sent three or more text messages a day had significantly lower scores on literacy tests than children who sent none. But those children who, when asked to write a text message, showed greater use of text abbreviations (like “c u l8r” for “see you later”) tended to score higher on a measure of verbal reasoning ability—likely because the condensed language of texting requires an awareness of how sounds relate to written English.

    3. I dont really mind what we do this semester

  23. 1. I am on the high ground in most areas but I am straddling the high and low roads in the rest. I could work on socializing with my family. I feel like a bring somewhat voice of logic to my friends in Genyes.
    2. Synergise, I think if everyone in the class would work together more we could get much much more accomplished. We might have excelled enormously with the arduinos.
    3. I would like more teamwork on hands on projects in Genyes so learn more about technology and more social skills.

  24. 1.) I got "High Road" on all of these because I read this book two years ago. The thing I'm trying to change is how much awesome I am exhausting and start using every single piece of awesome.

    2.) When I checked out those links, I noticed on SHOHET that I haven't seen before in the book. I realized that I am already learning all of these habits in school already. Drama focuses on giving goals and missions in life, listening skills, and responsibility.

    3.) I plan to explore better skills in coding. My progress is exactly halfway. Also I plan to try to get my Arduino working as well.

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  26. 1. a. I discover in every subject I am high up there just not.. in the parents section. b. The section i need to work on the most is parents. I do listen to them I just keep delaying more and more, intil they start yelling and I just do it. When we fight I usually don't make it up with them for a few hours, but we are all good in the hood. c. All of them expect parents I got high road on them. d. what greatness I bring to genyes is giving it all to assignments, and projects and creating ideas that we can use in the near future.

    2. on the first site that was shown [ The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens ] it shows really good points about some things that could change you or affect the people around you. One them is Think win- win because if you think lose-lose and not have a happy attitude around the people around you then it would affect the work area. So always have a everyone-can-win-attitude. Second point is Seek first to understand , then to be understood. People should really listen to people well because if you don't then how would you go about your life?

    3. This year in GenYes I want us, as work tech leaders to work on animations, and then basic's of an animation. Because I think it would pretty neat how to make one on our own, and maybe we can work in teams to make an animation of topic or maybe a random song too.

    Word Count: 264

  27. 1.) I discovered that I am not doing anything wrong, at least on a sheet of paper, as I got the "high road" on all sections.. Everyone needs to improve in one way or another, and with some of the questions presented to us via the survey. The greatness that I bring to GenYES could be that I try to get things done before I start goofing around.

    2.) On the second site, it is mentioned how we can use technology to actually help make us smarter, like a calculator called QAMA. Instead of giving the answer immediately, you have to type in your estimated answer. If you are close, then the calculator will give you the exact answer. If you are way off, then you will have to restart. Also, on the first and third website, it talks about setting goals and finishing them, listening to people and then be heard, and refresh yourself regularly, such as writing in a journal.

    3.) I would like to learn more about 3D printers. The very fact that someone can use their imagination, and then it can become reality really fascinates me.

  28. 1. I plan on bringing all I can to GenYES. I will use my skills and try to apply myself better to problems when they are presented. I will have a can-do attitude so any obstacle can be avoided, or destroyed.

    2. I believe all of these points are great for teens so they can have the right attitude towards conflict. Having the mindset of these habits will make for more productive and acceptable behavior. I think the 7 Habits of Highly Effect Teens was the best article, as it gave 7 quick sentences that are easy for teens to read (short attention span), and easy to remember. These quotes made me feel different on how I approach life.

    3. Id love to get into some Graphic Design and coding this semester, which would just be awesome. I would also like to learn to build a computer, but you guys did that last year. So maybe next year, or the next.

    Or the next...

  29. 1. I plan on bringing my A game this year and working my hardest on all the assighnments.

    2.I don't believe that technology can speed up the learning process I highly believe in lectures and notes

    3.I would like to learn some gaming material.

  30. 1. When I did the ruler test I got the high road on most of the sections, but I do need to work on my effort on things that I do even if I don't like what it is I need to put my all into everything not just at home but everywhere. The greatness I bring to this class is that I have a willingness to learn and try at least slightly with basically anything.

    2. When I was in elementary school in 2009 ( first year I was here ) I was bullied by a kid and kept it secret which in the end lead to a bad encounter and I just kept it secret until one day I just wrote in a journal because I figured that what harm can it do I and I wrote for like 2 hours and I felt like a new kid so it is very good to do that.

    3. I don't mind what we do as long as I can learn something useful unlike the Office projects which were just boring.

  31. 1. I scored in-between 40 and 50 on most of the check ups. I am an average person who is average in handling situations. I could work on my positive attitude. I want to work on being more open to my family and friends. To be more positive in my home life and school life. Bring the sprit up everywhere. I try this now but I really want to enjoy my family more. I haven't been in the best of terms with most of my family. The end of 2014 really wasn't the best. I strive to be better with my attitude. I bring understanding and problem solving to GenYES. I am one of the 3 girls in GenYES. I feel that in some cases I see different aspects in problem solving, or I overthink certain things. I bring of course girl power, as well as a positive fun side to GenYES.
    2. In the first link it says "Begin with the end in mind". I really like this because its beneficial to think of the big picture or the goal of doing things. It gives you determination and adds purpose to your goals or attempts. Also thinking about choices with the end in mind could help destructive decisions happen. Looking at the end result, good or bad. This could help my fellow students with projects or doing certain things with friends. If the result is bad or could cause you trouble don't do it. Or help people be more determined in school. Ending with graduation to get a a job in the future you should really enjoy. I also like from that link "Sharpen the Saw". Take care of yourself. So make sure to put you time first. This is beneficial to people heath and having better attitudes. Taking care of yourself can really improve your attitude and your work life. This could help almost everyone around me, a little bit more sleep, or eating a little more. It could improve people.
    3. I am excited to explore more problem solving in GenYES. To grow in my knowledge of technology. GenYES is exciting because you never know whats next. So just having an adventure in GenYES learning and growing. Especially growing.

  32. 1. This year, I plan on working on improving my work ethic and being motivated to do work, as I am somewhat lacking in both of those areas.

    2. I agree with many of the points brought up by the "5 Keys to Develop a Plan for Success" article. I do find that success mostly comes from being ambitious and working towards your ambitions. I often find that I do my best when I care deeply about what I'm doing and take the time to work towards the end goal I have in mind.

    3. I would like to learn more about coding, and would think it to be cool to possibly learn a certain coding language such as Java.

  33. 1 ) One of the areas I need to work is my tech skills. I am not the best when it comes to doing projects with technology.
    2 ) The link about the 7 habits makes a very good point. Even though it does not say much it shows some of the most useful traits a teenager can have in their life. The other link about how to develop a plan for success shows the reader the best way to create a plan.
    3 ) This year I would like to explore more different types of technology than the ordinary computer.

  34. 1: I got high road on several of the subjects, and middle ground on the rest. What do I bring to the GenYES program? I have the motivation to learn, and i can work well with people. I greatly enjoy computers and finishing tech stuff that I set out to accomplish.

    2: The links were informative but I have already seen/heard literally everything they said. I can definitly work on the points listed, though. I procrastinate so much that over break I put off procrastinating because I didnt feel like spending time on doing nothing so I didnt do it

    3: BLENDER BLENDER BLENDER..... I wanna do blender. its useful and awesome and i wanna learn it bad. I also want to do a bit of java or HTML but I guess I can do that on my own if we dont do it in class. That'll be all.... Blender and maybe a bit of code.

  35. 1.) Oddly enough I got the high road on quite a few of them, despite certain things that have been going on lately, and about the middle area on some of the other subject. I’m not entirely what exact talents I am bringing to the class, although I feel like I slightly help get certain things organized in a type of sense.
    2.) I think that some of the 5 Keys to Develop a Plan for Success would help out quite a bit, specifically the first and fourth ones, which is developing the actual plan and to set goals, respectively.
    3.) I’m not really sure on what else I would want GenYES to explore for this year, although a lot of people have mentioned coding and I would agree in saying it sounds like it would be a fun thing to do, and would be interested in seeing some of that

  36. 1. On the quiz, I feel like I didn’t really discover much new about myself...because truthfully, I am pretty honest to myself. I attempt to take the high road as much as possible, but I do feel like my motivation is lacking. This year in GenYes, I would really like to bring a better sense of leadership. Although I try to be as best of a leader as possible, I believe that I could improve.
    2. An important point that a site brought up was prioritizing. I believe that when I do not prioritize, I procrastinate and bring stress into my life and others life due to working on the wrong assignment or doing something unimportant when there are much more important matters to be done. If I could prioritize better, I believe that I could improve my school work and live a better life altogether.
    3. This year, I would love to explore technology more in depth. To me, it’s not exactly the topic covered, but the depth we go into when we explore it as a class. As a whole, technology fascinates me- whether its tinkering with electronics, programming a function, or editing a picture digitally, so as long as our projects dive deep into the subject, I am fine with exploring whatever might be coming in this semester.

  37. 1. I hope to bring experience this year to help out other students and leadership skills to help other teachers with tech problems. On the quiz I did well because all of them were high road arrows. I hope to be a influence in good ways to the rest of the class.
    2.On the first site I think the biggest thing we need in the class is to prioritize and I think some people are prioritizing wrong even me that should change a lot of what other people are doing. Also what might change what people do is to think of the end to mind.
    3.I hope we get into a gaming project again and hope to do the drone that Ms. K talked about also It would be nice to maybe to 3D modeling or Photoshop.

  38. 1) Having better grades is my main priority right now and improving in basketball. Hopefully making the the school basketball team next year.
    2) I agree with many of the points brought up by the "5 Keys to Develop a Plan for Success" article. I do find that success mostly comes from being ambitious and working towards your ambitions. I often find that I do my best when I care about what I'm doing and take the time to work towards the plan.
    3) More projects less power points and more use of the 3d printer really wanna learn how it works and how to use it

  39. 1. I learned that I am right in the middle on almost all topics except for my relation with my parent which I got the "High Road" score. I bring everything to GenYES. A good leader knows there is no bad knowledge. So I bring everything I learn, my superior tech skills, the fact that I can learn fast, and of course my just generally being AWESOME!!! but seriously I have a lot offer.
    2. In "7 Habits" Being proactive and planning well are the most important things in being a team with other people. If you are working on a peace of software you can't change your ideas drastically especially near the end. If you are a new company you WILL go bankrupted and if you are at Google you will ship a shoty product to later be shut down. (Google Buzz) or just be scraped when the deadline comes. (Nexus Q)
    3. I want to explore the tech of a computer. But not how it works but how fast can the tech we have today can get. Where is the Bedrock Sealing and how much can we dig up?

  40. 1.This year I would like to keep up my good grades and pay more attention in math and classes in general, I would also want to get an A in this class year and not a B.

    2. On the second site, people can look at the chart and start doing all the habits for themselves.

    3. I would like to explore game design and drones this year in genyes.

    1. 3.Mostly game design because I would like to design games for a living, so learning it now would be a very good start to my hopefully future career. And drones because I am very interested in drones and robotics in general

  41. 1. I need to become more proactive and always try to spend most of my time doing things that are important. I tend to try spending a few minutes doing something not worthwhile and end up turning that into several hours of time wasted. This year I will be more productive.

    2. By applying the 7 habits I can accomplish everything I would ever want. This is a personal thing that does not affect others around me, but if everyone else applied the seven habits, there would be no crime, no hobos, and no low wage work force to do the dirty work.

    3. This year in GenYes, we should go much deeper into coding and programming. From the basics of coding we should expand into game design and cool stuff like that. We all know that everyone wants to try game design.

  42. I would like to begin working on the arduino this semester. As you might have already known our team is going to make a bus for the arduino and its components. I am going to work on doing my blog homework on time and thinking very openly about our projects

    Considering i have read this book in my seventh grade life management class, i know mostly everything about the 7 habits. My favorite advice for the 2nd habit is begin with the end in mind. This states that you should work toward a goal that is believable and not by friends by you. Keep it in mind and work forward until it is reached.

    I would like to further the research on the arduino project

  43. 1.I plan on bringing good grades and doing all my work.

    2. i think that i am going to be really proactive this year and this will bring mt grades up and keep me from failing. my goals are to do well in all my classes and not fail. i am going to prioritize my school work before most thing when i get home.

    3. i really want genyes to explore things that will actually help in the future. i would really7 like us to do coding and we should defiantly do helicopters building and things like that. i hope we do these things.

  44. 1.) I plan on trying to be less of a procrastinator, and to do all my work. I also plan to find some new hobbies and activities to do during the day instead of being inside all the time.

    2. ) On the first site #1 it says to be proactive, to be responsible for your own life, to not let other people tell you have to live, so that you can be your own leader.

    3.) I want GenYES to explore more things on the subject of leadership. I also want to do a lot with drones because they're awesome.

  45. 1. I want to get more of my work done and try to get more taps done.

    2. On the first link, i think i should better prioritize myself so i don't slow down my team and my class.

    3. I would like to explore more in the animation category and graphics design.


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