Sunday, April 6, 2014

(S10) Audio Choices

Which are better?

1. Which one is healthier for your ears and hearing?
How does sound quality compare between the types?
Which gets you the most bang for your buck?

2. Which do you prefer? Why?


  1. 1. Over ear headphones are the best for your ears because you can listen at low levels of volume and still hear the music just fine. As far as sound quality goes over ear headphones are the best but not by much. In ear headphones, or earbuds, are the best price wise because you can get a good pair for $15-$20.

    2. In ear headphones are obviously the best. You can listen to them with your friends, they dont mess up your hair or hurt your ears like the other two. They are easily concealable and can deliver high quality sound for way less. Over ear headphones can cost up to $600. And as much as I love spending all of my money on one thing, earbuds can deliver just as much if not more for less.

  2. 1: While none of the headphones are truly helpful to your ears or hearing, some are much better than others at being gentle to your ears. The over the ears ones are nice on your ears and do not press them up against the side of your head, while the other two are harder on your ears because they put stress on different parts of your temple, head, and ears. For hearing, the small "in" headphones are usually much better for you because they often are unable to provide such boisterous volume, while the other two are often much louder and therefore worse for you. While this is usually true, there is no clear-cut line on which is truly the best.

    2: I don't have any preference on exactly which headphones I use on a daily basis. I usually just use in-the-ear headphones because they are cheap and easy to transport, but I do find over-the-ear headphones much more comfortable to wear. They all have their own pros and cons, but I almost always use the cheapest and easiest that I have access to.

  3. 1.) I must agree that over is the best and healthiest ear phones. It is bad to use on and in after a while because its hurts and makes the ear sore. Over is the best way because it does not make your ear sore. Honestly in is the best sound quality but, over and on are just fine. Another issue is money because over cost the most. In is the cheapest but it hurts a lot.
    2.) Honestly I think that anything works fine. One key factor is how long your going to be using the head phones. Using them for long times can hurt if you don't use over. On is the worst for this because your ears start getting swollen from over use. In is fine for a while but taking them out and putting them back in will hurt.

  4. 1. Over-ear headphones are better for your ears just in the sense you do not have to turn the music up to loud to still hear the music. The problem with wearing either headphones is though, listening to music to loud can damage your eardrums. It's all about preference and what style is better for you as a consumer.

    2. Me personally, I can't really choose which I like. I like both in-ear and over-ear headphones equally, but I also dislike each equally. In-ear are convenient to carry around and you care have one in and one out if you're talking (I usually take them out when talking). But over-ear are very comfortable for me and I like the way they look. I usually end up using in-ear headphones, just because I can carry them around.

  5. 1. Over ear headphones are healthiest because they are at a good distance from your eardrums and volume levels are appropriate enough to be able to hear and not be damaging. In ear headphones are not only the cheapest but they are the best in terms of quality and convenience.

    2. In ear headphones. Again the best in terms of quality and and convenience.

  6. 1. Despite the in-ear earbuds may sound like they are the best for you, the over the ear headphones are the healthiest for your ears. they are not in your ear pressing against your skin, but also have the best sound control. Even though this, the sound quality of headphones generally leans more towards the big headphones. Earbuds are the cheapest, yet can have good quality if you get a good pair for $20.
    2. My preference depends on my environment, although over the ear headphones have the best quality that I like. I usually use earbuds at school, because they are easier to carry. Also, the brand I have has a good bass.

  7. The in ear headphones are better due to the fact that the background noises (such as emergency signals and such) can be heard, however, the temptation of turning up the volume to block out said noises can be damaging in the long run. That being said, the over ear headphones are good because they are a safe distance from the eardrum, and also they block out the sound while remaining at a low volume.

    I prefer in ear headphones because i can use them to excersise and not have to worry about them shifting around and falling off when i am being active.

  8. 1. Over the ear headphones are the healthiest choice as far as headphones go, because they allow the user to listen to their music in comfort and healthy volume. They allow the user to listen to their music in good quality while maintaining the comfort not preserved by in-ear headphones that can accumulate earwax and cause pain in the ear. The Sound quality on headphones can be described with the following qualities. In-ear: Loud volume, low bass and poor sound-cancelling. On-ear: Loud volume, good bass, and medium sound-cancelling. Over-ear: Medium volume, great bass, and superior sound cancelling. Over-ear headphones are just the most cost effective headphones, despite their lack of portability. They can cost as little as $40 for a great pair.

    2. It depends on where I am. If I'm in my house, I'd prefer to use over-ear headphones, but if I'm in public, I'd prefer to use earbuds. Their sound quality may not be tops, but their portability is more convenient.

  9. 1.) The over the ears type seem to be less damaging to your ears than the in-ear buds due to them being around the ear instead of in it. The over-ear types provide better sound overall and block outside noise better but are less portable than the in-ears but the in-ears give less sound quality and blocks less outside noise for the advantage of more portability.

    2.) I can't really choose a preference between the two as I would use them both I would use one if I couldn't use the other, but I mainly use headphones at this time because I have no ear buds to use so I use my headphones for pretty much everything, even things that ear buds would be better for, like walking at a nearby track and listening to music on a long car ride.

  10. 1. Using ear buds can amplify sound and damage the inside of your ears, where as on the ears can press the cartilage in your ears down and cause a lot of pain. Over the ear avoids both problems, not pressing on cartilage and not damaging eardrums.

    2. I prefer Over because I find them more comfortable and better at blocking sound so I can listen to YouTube without my baby sister interrupting.

  11. 1.) The most painful or the most unhealthy I would say are the earphone because that is mainly right next in your ear drum trying to destroy your hearing. Most people say that they get hearing loss because of those and or damage. If you want to choose a safe one and or a nice tone to your music I would let you choose the ON one because they are basically both OVER and IN. But yeah the most unhealthy one is possibly IN because of hearing damage.

    2.) I would TOTALY choose OVER because I like sound quality and comfort. Plus it blocks sound around you and relaxing time. Also ran out of time...

  12. 1.) When it comes down to it over the ear is the best choice because it doesn't harm your ear drum or damage the cartilage in your ear. But the over the ear and the in the ear both typically avoid causing pain unless its one of the circular ones. Also the on the ear tends to make your ear sore and actually can cause you to lose your ear if your cartilage gets damaged enough.

    2.) Personally i use in the ear headphones because its just how I've always been, personally i like the discretion of having it not be out there that you have headphones on.

  13. 1. Over the ears are best because they are easiest to use and don't require you to turn up your music too loud. The sound is better and give more of a bang for your buck
    2.I prefer the over the ears they work the best for me and are my favorites

  14. 1. Over ears are the best for your ears. Because it interacts with the pinna, which can make a very big difference in the quality. Over the ear has the best quality, but it's bulkier. On ear is pretty good, but it clamps on to your head. Then ear buds are the most portable, but they are more damaging to your ears. I think ear buds are fine, as long as you don't go full blast volume.

    2. I prefer over the ear because it provides the best quality. Sure, they're bulky, but they're supposed to be used at home.

  15. 1. The over the ear headphones are the best because of better sound quality. It also does less damage to your ears because you don’t need to turn it up as high in loud crowds because it blocks out noise better. It is more cost effective because they don’t break as easily as the small in ear headphones.

    2. I prefer over ear headphones because of the better sound and they don’t fall out as easily.

  16. 1. there's no ones better than the other per say besides the fact that earbuds tend to be less noise canceling so people who wear them tend to have hearing loss because they turn the volume up high to drown out the noise
    2. I prefer over-ear they have better sound quality they are more comfortable on the ears and they brake less often and have better noise cancelling ability only downsides are that they cost quite a bit more than earbuds and they are much bulkier so its kinda hard to hide your music from your teachers;)

  17. 1. Scientifically over ear headphones are healthier for you, because with in ear you need to turn the volume up to block out background noise. Turning up volume gives increased hearing loss, with the over ear you don't need to turn it up.

    2. I still personally like the in ear headphones because I really haven't used the other types besides the Xbox headset. They seem to work good and I think they block out more sound, but science says other wise.

  18. 1. Over the ear headphones are more healthy for your ears. The reason being is because there is less background noise which makes people turn up the volume. Over the ear headphones are better in quality because they have better speakers and fully wrap around the ear. In ear headphones are much cheaper because there is less plastic and a smaller speaker located in them.

    2. It all depends on what I'm doing. For example If I'm playing video games late at night I prefer over the ear headphones. If I'm at school I prefer in ear headphones due to the smaller size.

  19. 1) Over the ear headphones are technically healthier for you because they tend to block out more background noise, leading for the general volume not needing to be as high.

    2) For me, in-the-ear buds are more convenient, and I like being able to hear whats going on around me while I listen to my music, and I don't care that much about quality.

  20. 1.Over-ear headphones are healthier in a way because of the way that their made they block out more background noise so that the base volume doesn't need to be as high. On-ear headphones are similar to over-ear but on-ear don't block out background sound as well and because they sit on your ear they tend to make them hurt over a period of time. In-ear headphones are the usually the least expensive but they come at a price they aren't the best design the two Major designs out of three buds and circular ear buds have weaknesses the buds are comfortable but slip out of some peoples ears easily circular tend to hurt after a while because they open your ears. But best you can get for your money is over ear because you can find a good par for around 40$ and their probably the best option.

    2.I prefer over-ear because I am normally at home and usually sitting on a computer so being able to sit comfortably for a long period of time without my headphones hurting is a good thing.

  21. 1. Over-ear headphones are the healthiest for your ear because they cancel out background sound, which makes it easier for you to hear your music, and so you don't have to turn up the volume and hurt your ears. On-ear headphones are the second best when they come to health, they are still able to cover more surface area of your ear and it distributes the sound evenly, allowing you to hear without a ridiculousness volume. Ear buds are the worst because their volume has to be turned up really high in order to hear your music since they don't cancel out any background noises. Also, ear buds can damage your ears by being put in too aggressively, they can spread infections, and they can damage your ear canals.
    Over-ear headphones deliver the best quality sound. They have the best bass vocals, and overall higher sound distinction. On-ear headphones come in second place, they are able to produce moderate bass sounds but are not as good as over-ear headphones. Ear buds are the worst with bass tunes, sound distinction, and sound quality.
    For high-quality sound and portability, in-ear headphones are overall the best.
    2. I prefer On-ear headphones the most because they aren't bulky, but they also deliver high quality sound without damaging or hurting my ears.

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  23. 1. None of these listening devices are healthy for you. But from the given makes, the over the ear headphones are much “better” than the others, health wise. The over the ear headphones also have the best quality, usually, because they are bigger which allows more room for extra components, they are more stable on the head, and they prevent other noises from reaching your eardrums. The over the ear headphones are the most expensive. Since they have much more features than the other headphones, they cost much more… typically quality, size, and health are proportional in price.

    2. Personally, I prefer the in-ear headphones. They are the most mobile and hidden. I can shove them in my pockets when I am not using them, I can have them in, in class if I wanted to, and they are cheap. Some are also noise-canceling, which provides me with quiet and peace.

  24. 1. On terms of healthiness none of the options are healthy, that's only because they can all produce the same amount of sound in the same area of the ear, the ear destruction comes from how loud you're listening to your music as a whole. In terms of which type of earphone is better, this hands down goes to the over ear headphones (circumaurals). They just produce the best HD sound quality overall and capture the base other headphones wouldn't. Ear buds cause the most harm to your ear and have the worst sound quality by far. On ear headphones (Supra-aural) are a close second to the over ears. Ear buds however are by far the most cost effective.

    2. I prefer over ear HD headphones for home use when I can game and relax and wind down with my music, BUT I prefer ear buds when I'm out and about or in class when I have to half listen to my teachers and half listen to music. Screw the on ear headphones, they make my ears sweat...

  25. 1- None of these devices are "healthy" for you; They are blasting sound and music straight into your ear! If you do have some sort of listening device the healthiest would be the over the ear headphones due to the fact that they do cancel out sound and allow you to adjust the volume more accordingly. As well as the added safety for the users, they are usually better quality than any other headphone. So yes overall, over the ear headphones gives you the "most bang for you buck"
    2- Of course I prefer over ear headphones, followed by regular ear buds. I HATE headphones that rest on your ears. The problem that I already have with over ear headphones is that if you wear them to long they start to hurt the outer edge of your ears, this goes double for headphones that go over just your ear. I like earbuds because of course they are portable, but the sound quality is crap.

  26. 1. The over the ear headphones have been known for being better for you since ear buds can sometimes irritate your ears and make them hurt over time. Also having them in your ears for too long has been known to slightly affect how people hear. In terms of sound quality usually over the ear headphones are the way to go since they are much more of a quality buy and will last long as well as give a great sound. Though sound quality is mainly the decision of the consumer who is buying them they could like the sound of ear buds better than over the ear headphones it always depends. Though most people prefer the over the ear headphones since they last the longest most of the time.

    2. I prefer ear buds, not the ones that sit on your ear though the kind that are more cushioned and wedged farther into the ear. These are just the most comfortable to me and I just don't like over the ear headphones they get on my nerves a lot by falling off of my head slowly.

  27. 1) the over ear headphones actually win this battle from a health and sound quality standpoint. Earbuds can push against the sensitive parts of the ear, causing irritation. Since they are so close to the ear, it is also more likely to cause hearing damage. To make matters worse, because earbuds cannot offer the same sound experience as over-ear headphones, the user will be more likely to want to increase the volume to dangerous levels. The tiny form factor of the earbuds simply cannot create the same wavelengths as over-ear headphones, and also offer little to no subwoofer sound coverage for the low tones, focusing primarily on the mid-range.
    2) I prefer the earphones just because they are lighter. An added bonus is they are significantly cheaper than over-ear headphones.

  28. 1. Over the ear headphones are healthier for you because they don't press on your ears like on the ear headphones and they drown out noise better so you don't hurt your ears by turning the volume up with ear buds. Over the ear headphones fit comfortably over your ears and have a better sound quality, which is what most consumers are looking for in headphones.
    2. I prefer ear buds that wedge comfortably in your ear. They are comfortable to me and I don't like on the ear headphones because they hurt my ears and because ear buds are portable.

  29. 1.)Over the ear headphones feel better on your ears because the dont push on the and make them hurt like the on ear headphones. The quality is also better on the over ear headphones. I the end over ear headphones are worth the money.
    2.)I prefer the over ear headphones because they feel great the also have best sound. But I only buy ear buds because they are the cheapest.

  30. 1. The over the ear headphones are safer because they don't rub off your ears, they are very stable and feel better on your ears. The headphones can cut out sound around you so you get the best quality out of whatever you are listening to. Some over the ear headphones have features like buttons on the side which lets you adjust the bass etc. to make the sound to your liking.

    2. I prefer the over the ear headphones because they feel nice on your ears, very good quality when they are noise canceling headphones, and some can be tuned to your liking whenever you want. They are worth the money most of the time, for example turtle beaches are mainly gaming headphones but i use them for the computer, listen to music, and some can be used on phones or ipods.


  31. 1. Over ear headphones are probably the most safest and comfortable to wear out of the three choices. In ear headphones direct sound straight into your ear without blocking outside sounds causing you to need to "turn up the music" which can lead to ear problems. Noise cancelling headphones such as over the ears are more efficient and better for listening to sound at lower levels. When it comes to headphones it all depends on the brand and type, for instance in ear Bose headphones are more expensive then skullcandy over ear, while Dre Beats over ear are most expensive then most in ears. Just because the price seems high does not mean the quality is better. $150 Sennheiser over ears are better that $300 Dre Beats.

    2. I prefer to use over ear headphones (I have Beats Studio) while at home/gaming because they sound better and are more noise cancelling then my Apple in ear headphones or my skullcandy ones. However while outside doing activities i.e. running/mowing/longboarding, i like in ear better because they are more secure although the sound quality isn't as great.

  32. 1. It sounds like the healthiest ones for you ears would be the other the ear headphones. They have good tones, can filter out background noise, and don’t require the volume to be very high. Over the ear headphones would give you the best sound quality because there is more room for the sound waves to kinda expand and develop into rich sound. But over the ear headphones can be very expensive and bulky so they don’t make very good items to carry around when you’re on the go or to save space. The headphones that give you the most bang for your buck would be in ear headphones. I’ve bought earbuds for $20 that sound better than SkullCandy headphones for $100.

    2. I prefer in the ear headphones because they are easy to carry, they last a long time if you know how to take care of them, they are usually cheap although having an expensive pair once in a while is a good treat while you’re listening to music. The conservative style doesn’t mess with your appearance and if you know how to wear them you can achieve a more modern look. The other ones in my opinion are too bulky and too ostentatious, although the only downside I will admit to in ear headphones is that you do have to have the volume kinda high to block out the outside noise, but the earbuds I have are already noise cancelling on their own so that helps.


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