Sunday, April 13, 2014

(S11) Design technologies

1. Pick one of the choices: A, B or C  

2. What is it? Describe three (3) features* about it!  

3. Could we design one like it or better?  How?

* Of course, no repeats.


  1. 1. A

    2. Letter A is a specially designed computer that allows its user to remove and add components easily. If I am correct, the middle column houses the computers main processing components, while you can add and remove everything else from the unit itself. This allows ease when upgrading, downgrading, transporting, and overall managing.

    3. We can design anything, or redesign anything to make it better. Something like this would not be a challenge at all for our GenYES. We would simply start on a center column to hold the computer's main processing equipment, then design slots with the correct technology in order to efficiently allow removable components, and clean up with stability and reliability testing and development.

  2. 1. A

    2. A, or Project Christine, is a computer where you can add and take away parts with ease. The middle bit is like a motherboard lots of ports that use PCI-Express for various things to be added on the sides such as a CPU or RAM. It also is liquid cooled which keeps it cool and allows overclocking. This design is also very unique in that wires are non-existent which is extremely helpful to the stress factor of building and replacing a PC.

    3. I believe that we could design one like it or better but the time and money needed to do so might not be available to us. The reason that money would be a big issue is because of how expensive all the ports and finding cases for everything is going to be. I'm sure if the government is willing to fork over enough we could make time to do so.

    1. Sorry I kind of did a repeat but that was the only one I recognized.

  3. 1. A (sorry would have done the others if I recognized them.)

    2. Project Christine is a computer that is designed to be the most modular computer ever made, meaning its parts will be easily changeable or combined. The computer itself is made by Razor, a company that frequently makes gaming hardware for computers. This new computer their making will not only have easily interchangeable parts, but Razor promises to keep up with the growth of technology so you will never have to worry about your computer being out of date. However it should go without saying that everything you apply/upgrade to your Project Christine will be made by Razor and you wont be able to buy hardware from any other provider.

    3. I think we would be able to make a computer similar to the design to Project Christine but I don't think we'd be able to create one for the reason that it was created. Razor created this because they promise easy ways to replace/upgrade hardware to their computer and while we might be able to make easy to replace, unless our motherboard, stem, thing was Razor compatible, we wouldn't be able to promise easy upgrades, or any at all for that matter.

    1. I was wondering what the first one was, I searched but gave up quickly cause I'm lazy. :P

    2. Re: A..... you can do a google image search!

  4. 1. A

    2. Project Christine is a concept computer designed by razer. It was made to be the most modular computer out there because of the ability to change components without having to open up your computer. The main idea behind this computer is to be able to go out to your electronics store buy a module for your computer video card, sound card, ect. razer is the first company I know of to be doing something like this. Though currently you can only buy these modules form razer but if this concept becomes popular its possible for other companies to hop on the bandwagon.

    3. The design itself is something we could easily copy or reference off of but but we cant do what razer promises. razer plans for this to be something that you can keep for years and upgrade at your leisure but razer would be keeping a constant development of new modules and ideas. Now all we could do is make a Christine but not be able to keep up with it as technology and components keep progressing.

  5. 1. B

    2. Exhibit B is a robot, that has rotatable arms, head. Seems to be able to drive on 4 wheels at the base of the robot. The robot looks very basic, perhaps it was made with Arduinos.

    3. Genyes could definitely make something better than the robot Since Genyes already has experience with Arduinos, building a walking robot with rotatable arms and head, would be a easy class project that could be done in a week.

    1. Hmmm... You have to know exactly what these things are to surmise what they do and how we could adapt them, if you think it's possible. Do a google search on the image or scroll down to IPWN... for some... ahem... "collaborative help." :)

  6. 1.)A

    2.) Its basically just a computer with easier changeable components. It really simplifies the computer building process. You don't have to worry about opening the computer case or plunging parts into the motherboard. Its real simple all you have to do is buy these modules that are your ram, graphics card, ect.

    3.) I think we could easily pull it off. It would just be a little expensive because the parts are kinda unique and rare.

  7. 1.C

    2. Well at first C looks like a speaker. Now I researched it and realized it is a 3D display system and it lets you look at touch or interact with anything that you load into it like a project or a movie. It is projected through the top part which is the display itself. It can be displayed on a small 65 cm by 65cm screen or a huge 2.5 M by 3 M screen

    3.Im not so sure we could design something like it, it seems way to complex and costs a lot.

  8. 1. B (cause that things looks friggin weird)

    2. (Google search the picture to find more info on B btw). This is Baxter, he is a cute little robot abomination that should return to the depths of the uncanny valley where it spawned from. Personal opinion aside, Baxter is a robot that is supposed to redefine the way robots can be used in the manufacturing industry. Baxter exhibits behavior-based ‘common sense,’ capable of sensing and adapting to its task and its environment (#copyandpastepro). Baxter in able to operate next to people in a way a machine has never done before, a literal robot worker if you will. He doesn't have to be programmed either, he can be "trained" in his area of profession, just like a real person.... THANKS OBAMA!!! "It works intelligently – it knows what you want and does what you expect" *shudders*.

    3. Oh yeah, we can build this thing for sure. "It is very affordable, featuring an unprecedented $25,000 base price." Cmon Mrs. K give us another grant and I'm sure we can completely mangle this thing and teach it to be a cup holder (#wurf)

    1. Gimme dat 75 points pls (#puttinginwork)

  9. 1) B

    2) Picture B is a new kind of robot that is named Baxter. This robot is cheap, a base price of $25,000 and is manually trained like a human. What baffles me is how that even works. The website I researched explained that Baxter requires no kind of programming, because people can actually show him (or her, if you're into that sort of thing) and it'll respond to you like a normal person would. Baxter is safe to work next to and help people with their projects. This weird creation almost scares me in a way because it says Baxter has something that other robots do not have, "Common Sense"

    2.5) By the way, if all robots have common sense in the future, we may have to be aware of Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics. If these robots come in contact with a virus, they may become mavrick reploids (or simply Marvicks) and we'll have to find some way to defend ourselves. (this is where X and Zero come in.)

    3) It would be really cool to build one of these guys. the coolest thing I could think of that we could tech it is to possibly play League of Legends with us after school. But that may be a little too advanced for Baxter, I mean hey, I can barely play it and I'm 1/4 Human!

  10. 1. A

    2. (I mainly chose this cause I recognized the Razer logo) A is a Razer project called Christine. It is meant to be much more modular (changeable) to interchange parts with ease rather than the traditional way of taking apart your computer and knowing how to do it or just pay someone. It is very well cooled, easy to interchange parts, kinda like an the childish toy of putting certain shaped blocks into the right holes. They also claim that it is very powerful and good for gaming as well as work for the ease of use.

    3. It's already being built and I do think we could make it. It seems like such a simple idea to me that it kind of surprises me it hasn't already been made, but I do believe we will have these in houses all over America (including my own once it comes out).

  11. 1. A

    2. (I mainly chose this cause I recognized the Razer logo) A is a Razer project called Christine. It is meant to be much more modular (changeable) to interchange parts with ease rather than the traditional way of taking apart your computer and knowing how to do it or just pay someone. It is very well cooled, easy to interchange parts, kinda like an the childish toy of putting certain shaped blocks into the right holes. They also claim that it is very powerful and good for gaming as well as work for the ease of use.

    3. It's already being built and I do think we could make it. It seems like such a simple idea to me that it kind of surprises me it hasn't already been made, but I do believe we will have these in houses all over America (including my own once it comes out).

  12. 1- A

    2- The only reason i choose this is because of the recent best overall mobile phone campaign where you could interchange parts on the smart phone as they came out. While i was reading a suggested page was the page about the project code named Christine. They design, much like the phone i am talking about, has the basic idea to have a computer that you could exchange parts from as new ones came out and just simply install them by sliding the parts into the correct slots.
    3- There are a lot of areas where the builders could improve. The current design is very big, something that could be fixed by just better organizing the space of the device. Something that i thought of was a more technical design, where users would put almost like building blocks around a sort of mother board peace; and when together, it would build some sort of giant block, to represent a tower. So yes there are much better ways to build this machine using space better.

    here are the links to all three things




    You now all have hacks

  14. 1.) A

    2.) This is a computer that can be upgraded and put together without any prior knowledge. It has modular parts that can be took off so you can easily replace or add something else. it also is virtually silent thanks to the noise cancellation. Another feature is that it it is made for the newcomer to computers as well as people who know what there doing.

    3.) Im sure we could. theres quite a bit of creativity floating around the class and if we all sat down and started throwing out ideas im sure that we could come up with something absolutely amazing. A few things that i could point out is, maybe we could reduce the size of the modules and add more slots so the user has more options. Another idea is to add more OS's that way its not just windows(linux, Macintosh, etc.).

  15. 1.) I chose B

    2.) It would appear that this robot is named Baxter, and it has a virtual face that can show facial expressions and you can see what it is working on through it, and it can even show confusion. It also has sensors that lets it know when people are around and it has some special sensors that allows it to adapt to several situations. This robot can also apparently learn things from a person moving their hands in certain motions and memorize them and doesn't need any programming to operate.

    3.) We could probably able to create one of these so that it could help in keeping the room or Media Center organized or other trivial tasks like those that don't require much work yet would still help a bit.

  16. 1. I chose A.
    2. It is a special kind of computer. It is called Razer Project Christine. It is considered the world's most modular PC design. It is extremely easy to use, it is mineral oil cooled, which is the most efficient way of cooling a system such as this. This amazing computer was based off of the idea's of Project Fiona and Razor Edge Gaming Tablet. You can customize it to your liking, such as choosing the operating system.
    3. With enough money, time, and resources I think we could. We would get a lot of computers parts and put them in boxes, then we could put the motherboard in a huge box for all the other boxes with parts inside them to fit into. I would make it a little more safer so that if someone were to bump it, it would not make a container/box fall out.

  17. 1. B

    2. This is a Baxter robot that can work easily with humans around it. It has a considerable task flexibility saying it can easily switch its task if it needs to. Also it is already integrated into many manufacturing environments. Plus it is easily set up by the user and has a user control to make it easier to change its task quickly. The group made sure that it was easy in every way to set up and use this robot so even the most tech deprived people could most likely use it.

    3. We could possibly design one like this, but I would doubt it would be better since we aren't like those people who created it we don't know much about how to build robots. Though we could make one that is fairly similar that is much less efficient and probably harder to use.

  18. 1.)B

    2.) This is Baxter he is a robot that basically has common sense he knows how to react to different situations. if it's more efficient I don't really think so it doesn't seem like he does anything any faster than a human and people need jobs he performs a variety of repetitive production tasks in a factory

    3.) I think that gen yes could easily build a more efficient version of this robot that would be more useful in getting something done faster

  19. 1.) B

    2.) Its a robot. 2 fingers, screen for face, no legs.

    3.) We can make one better by putting our minds to it.

  20. 1.) A

    2.) It is a computer by razor gaming called Project Christine. This is a fully customizable computer build powered by a water cooling system. Its like your basic computer tower, but in this case, they've used these cylinders holding the computer components inside. It is tall, black, and has a unique shape.

    3.) This thing is basically a computer with the parts in a different place, of course we could design one like it. But to make it more efficient, make a bigger base so it doesn't fall over because this thing looks like it would completely destroy all of the parts if it were to fall over.

    1. Sorry to correct you but the concept uses faster ports therefore making the computer adequately use its full potential. (for example SSD's wouldn't bottleneck)

  21. 1. C

    2. Its a Leia Display System. It outputs a stream of fog that moves upwards. It then projects an image over the fog. You are able to manipulate the image, I think they used a laser type tracking system. Its not very practical but I believe once the technology advances this could be very revolutionary.

    3. It would be very difficult to build, it would most likely take months or even years. We would need to research different types of fog lasers etc then try to fit it into a case. So overall I don't believe we could build this due to lack of money and time.

  22. 1. A

    2. Christine, a modular computer build designed for easier modification of the system. It not only makes it easier for current modifiers, but it will entice less technologically educated to get into utilizing the ability to mod a PC. Project Christine automatically syncs all modules the user attaches, making it less than necessary to have an advanced knowledge of internal computer tech. It also has the capability to evolve with technology and remove any need to completely replace a computer.

    3. If we could learn how exactly this piece of technology works, I don't think it would be difficult to replicate what already exists. Making it better, on the other hand, may be difficult. I don't have an idea of how e would improve it, but I am certain that at least one among us has an idea.

  23. 1. B
    2. This is an automation that is able to work fast, efficient, safely and intelligently with people. It is a manufacturing robot. Named Baxter, it exhibits behavior-based ‘common sense,’ capable of sensing and adapting to its task, yet requires no complex programming or costly integration.
    3. There will be many of these in the future, computing with our growing technology. Robots like these will be more advanced, yes, but have the same functions.

  24. 1) A
    2) this special type of computer casing allows a standard user the ability to easily swap out old computer parts with the latest and greatest of 2014. Instead of buying a new computer every 4 years, users can upgrade their CPU or whatever is most important to them, saving money while having a better machine.
    3) A device like this is something we could take on fairly easily in my opinion. We'd just need to get the parts, put them all in a special housing, and then provide the users with easily upgrade instructions.

  25. 1. A
    2. It is a computer designed by Razor Gaming called Project Christine. It is completely customizable computer power by a water cooling system. You don't have to open the computer case to change the computer parts, you just have to buy modules for each part.
    3. A device like this we could design would be relatively easy, but making it better would be much more difficult, because I don't know how we could improve it.

  26. 1. B

    2. B is a baxter robot. It's very safe, enough to work right next to people, perfect for repetitive tasks, and works intelligently, it knows what you want and dose what you expect.

    3. Perhaps we could build it, it's low cost but still might be a bit pricy to produce anything better. We could produce something alike.

  27. 1. B

    2. This is a robot that can do many thing that helps out with the many things that people do in their lives. It has arms which can do many things to help with some task that some humans can not do. This robot has 4 wheels which makes it very mobile which could be very helpful to get hard task done quickly.

    3. We could make another version of this robot but i don't know how, it looks difficult and complex but i'm sure we could do it. We could order some parts, than if we wanted change some things around and add some more things to the robot. Like more arms to let it triple task very easily with the task at hand or ass a whole new feature. For example a very strong hook that can life and hold onto heavy objects that the arms could not grab, this would make heavy lifting task for the robot much easier.

  28. 1. A (its the only one I recognize)

    2. Project Christine (or weird looking stand thingy) is a concept project by Razor, a manufacturer of anything that has to do with computer gaming. The idea behind it is that everything on it is easily interchangeable so that it could be built for your exact purpose and easily upgraded whenever the next new piece is out. Basically it's a more user-friendly version of our current desktop computers. But you have to admit it looks a whole lot cooler. More can be found out about this project at -> This is definitely something worth keeping an eye on.

    3. It is possible that we could do something similar to it. What comes to mind would be creating a case for our desktops that would make it easier to change out the parts inside of it. Project Christine is basically an exposed desktop that looks fancy.

  29. 1. B

    2. The robot named “Baxter” seems to be a rather intriguing piece of engineering. It can adjust to its surroundings, sense changes in the environment, and is capable of doing repetitive tasks with remarkable efficiency. If I had the chance to play with a robot like this I would test its capability to adapt, maybe try a situation that its programming couldn’t understand and see how it reacts. I read in another student’s blog that it has “common sense” which is very interesting because most humans don’t even have that.

    3. I think we could try, the hardware would be easy to build and I think it should be powered by arduinos but the actual like programming of it and the versatility it would need could possibly take months of programming and given that we are high school students it would take even longer. To buy one is like $25,000 and for that price I would expect some intricate programming that took a very very long time to make.

  30. 1. A

    2. Its a computer. It looks like all the parts are in separate cases and is held together by a single band of metal. I have seen or herd of this one or any of them. But based on reading other comments it is a concept computer by razer. (I knew it was razer from the picture.) It is also black but will probably come in lime green seeing as it is razer.

    3. We could probably do it pretty easily we would have have a case for every peace and a way to connect them together. Be it exposed cords or some cool hidden conductive wire it would be really cool to try. (I am looking this up after my blog work)

  31. 1:) A

    2:) It is a form of computer that has each of its parts isolated and attached to the main component in separate boxes. It is very easy to use, doesn't require much hassle, and saves a ton of space and time where I feel that the other ones (B and C) would not.

    3:) It would be rather easy to design something of the sort as long as we had access to someone who had rather good knowledge with hardware. If we were able to find someone of this sorts to help us out, then isolating each individual part from a modified motherboard truly wouldn't be too difficult.


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