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(S9) Hackers

Perspectives on Hacking

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Explore the websites and vast amount of information.

Select and cite 2 articles that you find most interesting.

1. Article 1 - Give a specific example of "good" hacking
and describe how it generated a good outcome.  

2. Article 2 - Describe a specific example of “illegal” 
or “unethical” hacking.  Discuss why it’s bad, the implications
on society and assess the motivation of the hacker or group.

3. Why do you think the word “hacking” usually 
gives a negative impression?  

4. Personal observations.  Talk about what you learned from 
the readings.  Why this topic might be important to you

Wednesday we are fortunate to have a guest speaker:  Dan Petro

Be informed and ready with your questions! 


    2.) Bad hacking would be exploiting on the behalf of another. For example, there is a way to snap pictures of someone through there webcam without them giving consent. __Smile! Hackers Can Silently Access Your Webcam Right Through The Browser (Again)__ They make an invisible accept button close to your PLAY or next button and then it accepts it. This is horrible especially if people are doing certain things with there computer. They can be peeping toms e.t.c.
    3.) Usually hacking is associated with cheating or exploiting. Hacking or haxing or ha3king is bad because it can be cheating. EXAMPLE in cod bo2, people cheat all of the time and it ruins the experience. another reason that hacking is associated as a bad thing is it is portrayed badly in movies. It can be used to steal and lie.
    4.)Hacking isn't very important in my life except when I play video games or mmo's. Iv'e also learned that there are good guy hackers. These hackers are people who try and look for weakness in peoples security systems. Hacking and secruity systems are evolving but hacking will always be one step ahead of the secruity. Anytime something new comes out people find the bugs as soon as possible because there is always weaknesses.

    1. lol your #3. You must be one of those guys that blames hacks for you dying when really they were just better or were suited better. Got to CoD WaW if you want to see hacking and you might get a glimpse of it. BO2 is new and has been BARELY hacked at all. There are next to 0 hackers in bo2.

    2. When people hack in games like that its really noticable. Also I've gotten into 4 hacked lobbies in BO2 in the last month.

    3. @Carson, he isn't incorrect. I have access to some pretty simple wall hacks for Black ops one and two. Just because he is stating the obvious doesn't make him someone who screams "HACKS" every time he dies becuase someone has some sort of perk that counters him or gets a lucky shot. And I will tell you right now, BO2 has been out for over 6 months, it takes days to successfully program game exploits and even less to replace textures. Dont be so quick to slam someone. Good Job @ Poseidon

  2. 1. An example of good hacking is if the hacker was to do it to help the people they have hacked by showing them what part is vulnerable to being hacked. They show them by hacking them themselves though people should not do this if the people they are hacking do not know or agree. A group called The Unknown that did this though they seem to be not the "bad" kind of hackers since they told the people they hacked they did it for their own file safety, they hacked into some larger military agencies and NASA.

    2. An example of illegal hacking would be hacking into someone's webcam to see inside their house or to see them on the computer. This could be someone that wants to hurt you, kidnap you, steal from you, etc. This has been many of the cases where someone has looked through another person's webcam to see them.

    3. The word hacking is usually seen negatively and gives bad impressions because hacking is mainly seen used for crime or cheating. Crime could be like when some one hacks into a companies files and steals either their money or their customer's money over credit cards. Like what happened at target. Also they could use it to kidnap or hurt people by finding where they are through a phone or webcam. Cheating happens in games mainly it makes your character invincible against other players making it unfair for the other people. They do it because they want to earn what they want faster in both crime and cheating in games. So many people see hackers of any kind negatively because of their bad reputation, but if they knew more about the good hackers they may change their mind.

    4. Hackers are something I have genuinely hated for most of my life if it is being used for personal gain, because my mindset is get everything through hard work and fairly. I have bad experience with some hackers in video games that frustrated me so I don't think that I will ever like hacking. In the articles I read most of them said something about people being apprehensive about hackers and even scared. Though they think every hacker is "evil" and don't know of the hackers that help. Though many people have started to warm up to the "good" hackers like "The Unknown" which started out very mysteriously, but seems to be nice.

    1. Articles:
      1. ‘Unknowns’ Hacking Group Hits NASA, Air Force, Harvard and Others in ‘Hacking for Good’ Effort

      2.Smile! Hackers Can Silently Access Your Webcam Right Through The Browser (Again)

  3. 1. I think that good hackers got the idea from a huge Hacker War between 2 groups of hackers, Masters of Deception (MOD), and Legion of Doom (LOD). They began this war and it was full of back-and-forth "battles" like LOD helping defend MOD's targets and things like that. ( page 8)
    2. Bad hacking would be like the time the Playstation network got hacked and everyone's credit cards got stolen for their use. It's bad for obvious reasons. He stole their credit cards, stole their identities, and broke into a secured network.
    3. Hacking usually has a bad impression because that is what's on the headlines, not good hacking. The bad kind of hacking has more publicity and is heard more than good hacking. Bad hacking is also in more places like video games and in the real world while good hacking is only in the real world.
    4. I've never heard of hacking being good until this. I thought hacking was only bad and never thought it would be good other than for spying for national defense. Good hacking seems to be awesome. I've heard they also make a lot of money as well. I talked to my dad about it yesterday and he suggested that maybe some hackers that got caught had an option to either go to jail or be a good hacker. If this is true, i still think they should do SOME time but then do time being a good hacker like a white hat hacker.

    1. 2. Around 77 million account's credit cards, not everyones.

    2. Carson re 1. what did the "good hackers" do? I breezed through most of the article you cited and you missed the context of it. You only quoted a statement in one part. Get the gist of the whole piece. In 2. You need to add a lot more details as I told you in class. You are to:

      "Discuss why it’s bad, the implications on society and assess the motivation of the hacker or group"

  4. 1. A good example of hacking for good is taking down illegal websites like pirate bay or any torrent site and another example is anonymous who takes down websites that have illegal child pornography on them. there are more examples like when hackers hack a security system on purpose so that they can tell the company how to improve it so that it doesn't happen again.

    2. Hacking that is used for bad things like stealing money or hacking into someones credit card account. These actions are illegal and are not what hacking should be used for. There have been many hacks into companies or banks for their own benefit. hacker like these are illegal and have been shunned but people still do it because they can and they could easily use their skills for the improvement of other things.

    3. The reason hacking is commonly used to mean something bad is because of the media and movies are using the word in a way that would make it seem bad. In most movies when a main or side character is hacking its usually to do something illegal but its good for them even though its illegal so we thinks bad but not for them. And in some video games a hacker is something or someone bad or its good but it depends greatly.

    4.Well i didn't learn much that i didn't already know but I did learn some new things. All in all I think hacking is something that should be used for good but people still use it for other proposes.

    1. Your comment: "4. Well i didn't learn much that i didn't already know but I did learn some new things." Huh?

      You were asked to read articles, research, cite and report in 1. & 2. Where are the articles you read? What did you learn specifically? 3. Is good but the last line is confusing. Arg.

  5. 1. One of my favorite example of "good guy hacking" was when a white hat hacker got onto the Facebook of Marc zuckerburg. Not only did it embarrass facebook, but it helped prevent a very large loop hole in facebook security flaws.
    2. Probably one of the first and at large cases involving any sort of large hacking group was when 14 people were charged and tried for hacking and tampering with Paypal because of pay-pals denial of service to wikileaks.
    3. Hacking is viewed as negative because 75% of the time thats what it is, negative. Most hackers are not "the good guys" or white white hat hackers. Most hackers are involved in large frauds, or spreading harmful virus that take information. It also depends on how you view different hacking organizations. Like I personally think that anonymous is an organization with a great message full of very smart wonderful people. But other people, mostly those with lack of information and government figures believe that they are the "bad guys"
    4- For me personally, hacking is quite a large deal. I have been involved in a few projects and with the help of other people we were successful in obtaining info as well as hacking games such as battlefield 3, APB, Team fortress 2, Garrys mod ect. Non the less, thing that i learned from reading these articles, not a whole lot. I stay pretty up to date with anonymous activity as well as know some of the greatest feets done by other hackers. All in all, hacking is something that is dangerous and risky. In some cases i really wish i could have my many steam accounts that i spent money on have the VAC ban removed.

  6. 1. "Known as "white hats," ethical hackers are the indispensable ground troops in the back-and-forth battle to make the Internet safer." (USA Today) This USA Today report on "White Hat Hackers" talks about the significance these hackers have on internet safety. They are paid to think the way the bad guys think and to do stuff other people wouldn't. Showing a company their weakness and how to fix it means the difference between being the safest company out there and possibly losing millions of dollars and that's not even adding in the bad press that would come. White hat hackers serve to make big corporations look better and be safer for their customers.

    2. Even though White Hat hackers serve a vital role in internet safety. They would not even be around with out the bad guys. Unethical hackers have no care to what they do or who they might possibly hurt. They will install malicious software onto your computer to use it for their own goal. Generally they are selfish people who seek the thrill in being the best. Bad hackers will reveal to the world every little detail about your life, i.e. where you live, family members, photos of you, messages, emails, credit cards. Any thing that is on a electronic device can potentially be free for the taking.

    3. Hacking has a bad rep because the majority of people think that it is just used for breaking into to something. Every teen girl who steals her friends phone believes that she has "hacked" into it. they do not realize the skill and prowess that a hacker needs in order to do his job. NSA Analysts are usually hackers, however they are not called that because people would look down on them and hate the government even more if they realized how many "hackers" America employs.

    4. Personally I would love to pick up the basics of hacking, I have always been fascinated with the idea of remote access into someones computers or back dooring using a R.A.T. Hacking can both be used for good and bad, it is a power that must be used in the right hands. Being paid for breaking into someone's company sounds like a exciting job as you try to use your personal skill to best a company. I'm fascinated by the idea of a BotNet and that people could use thousands of computers for their own use.

  7. 1. The articles name is called Ethical 'white hat' hackers play vital security role and in the article i read that a man found a big facebook security flaw that let anyone post anything on anyones wall. The outcome was good because the company looked at the flaws and fixed the bugs which helped the facebook community in a big way.

    2. The article is called Anonymous Unmasked and the Scientology website was attacked with DDoS and many others were involved in the attack. This is bad because it shut down the website and effected thousands of people using the website, the people that visited the site made them involved in the attack. Everyone got in trouble just for visiting the site even if they didn't do anything.

    3. The word hacking give me a negative impression because the rumors and stories I hear about hacking make me feel that it's bad no matter how you do it. The word sounds like a mean thing to do just because of these rumors and stories. Stories on the news make hacking look really bad and the people telling these stories go overboard while telling these stories, making hacking look like something that will never be good to do.

    4. I learned that hacking can be good, bad, and that their are people out there that hack to protect peoples privacy. I also learned that their are many different types of hacking that you can do like DDoS. This topic is important to me because I might be interested in white hat hacking in the future, also I have been interested in hacking sense I have first heard of it.

  8. 1) Lost my work, will submit later.
    2) DDoSing isn't exactally the most complicated hack, but it does leave a website inaccessible for a prolonged period of time. This is potentially a REALLY bad thing. Could you imagine if the world's major news sources all went offline at the same time?
    3) Hacking usually gives a negative impression because it has been associated with an action of malicious intent. "hacking" and "stealing" are two different things.
    3) Will submit rest later

  9. 1) " The Unknowns" hacked into NASA's computers with the intent of providing insight to their system flaws. This was probably slightly bittersweet for them as they had just began to publicize their revamped security right as "The Unknowns" take control of their website to expose security risks.

    2) What is Real Hacking?- Hari Prasad hacked into India's electronic voting systems to rig the election. He was put in jail after this was found, however, it probably leaves trust issues and more in the Indian government.

    3) "Hacking" gives a negative impression due to the horror stories associated with it. Hacking isn't a term many people hear often like "doctor" or "teacher" would be. Mainly, the only stories many people have heard regarding hacking would be the Target catastrophe forcing millions to register for LifeLock in fear of their personal information being compromised or the Play Station Network hack delivering similar results. If ethical hacking was something followed more closely by the news, the public view on hacking may be altered.

    4) Many big-business databases have been hacked, meaning that no system will ever be able to 100% prevent any attacks. There's always going to be a real hacker who's one step ahead of an ethical hacker, there's no way around it. This will be something I will need to keep in mind with my life as a program such as LifeLock may be a necessity. Things like that I will just need to look out for.

  10. 1. An example of good hackers would be a group named The Unknowns. An article titled " 'Unknowns’ Hacking Group Hits NASA, Air Force, Harvard and Others in ‘Hacking for Good’ Effort group. Explains that the Unknowns have targeted many major US companies such as NASA and the U.S Airforce in an effort to see how vulnerable their databases are and are helping accounts by telling people ways to prevents certain hacks. This generated a good outcome by helping companies that help protect us

    2. An example of bad hacking would be stealing from ones personal account for example in the article "How scammers drained $1,700 from my bank account using Starbucks cards" .These hackers stole more than $1,700 from New York Native Lauren Hockensen's account and used it to overload on Starbucks refills. This is thought of as unethical because it is stealing from one's hard earned money.

    3. I believe hacking is thought of as a negative thing because it is thought of as cheating and invasion of personal privacy. It invades personal privacy by seeing what other people are doing and that is horrible.

    4. From this blog I learned that there are good and bad hackers. I learned that hacks can be bad and good in their own ways. This actually effects me personally as I can now learn if I am being lured into a hack and how to prevent myself from being hacked.

    1. I honestly hate your guts right now. I was supposed to be helping out, and then you come up and beat me to the punch with the Starbucks article. I hate aiding sometimes.

    2. Would a blog pass help?

  11. 1. The first article I found, titled "Learning by Hacking" talks about how hacking devices can be used to learn. You can be creative with hacking and use your skills to alter a device or program to be able to be used for another purpose. The article specifically talks in brief about editing Dropbox's API to be able to do different things in different ways with the files. This can be a cool learning experience on how code works, and it became a fun thing this person did with their kids.

    2. The second article I found talked about how "Hackers Scammers Drained $1,700 From My Bank Account Using Starbucks Cards". The author diligently checked her bank account, and one day noticed that hackers had made off with nearly $1,800 from her account. The hackers used Starbucks card reloads to take the money in $30 and $60 amounts to steal the $1,700. This is a horrible thing to do, even though I have to admit that it was clever on their part, because they almost got away with the theft of $1,700 of some innocent girl's money. Their motivation was obviously easy money, but it's obvious that they didn't foresee their target noticing or retaliating to their attack.

    3. I think it's because of storied like the second one, and other huge stories about malicious hackers taking people's personal information, such as in June 2011 when Playstation Network was hacked, or just minor stories about when their friend's Facebook account was hacked maybe. They don't typically associate it with modification of software or hardware for recreational use.

    4. Really, from what I read, I learned that some hackers can be very clever with the ways that they either work maliciously or creatively, in the sense that some of them can be clever enough to edit dropbox to fit their personal needs, while others can be cold-hearted enough to realize that their skills can be used to take away somebody else's money.

    1. Can I get a pass on my #2? I think since I was helping out with the board and therefore wasn't able to submit my response quick enough that I should be given a break here.

    2. I actually was going to give you a blog pass for your efforts. But then I made a side bet with 3 other students that you wouldn't notice this period. SO... if you see this during the period you get it ... if not they do.

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  12. 1. ARTICLE+Difference Between Good Hackers and Bad Ones Can Often Be a Blur
    The computer industry has a long, respected tradition of hiring so-called tiger teams of professional hackers to attack a computer system to determine how secure it is. The idea is that only by waging a full-scale siege on a system with an authorized break-in can its true level of vulnerability be determined. I like this because it provides a good outcome for the systems and companies that they work for. This is a new breakthrough because it allows security to evolve. It also helps protect companies like paypal or any other company that helps conceal or hide or store ones private password e.t.c

    2.) Bad hacking would be exploiting on the behalf of another. For example, there is a way to snap pictures of someone through there webcam without them giving consent. __Smile! Hackers Can Silently Access Your Webcam Right Through The Browser (Again)__ They make an invisible accept button close to your PLAY or next button and then it accepts it. This is horrible especially if people are doing certain things with there computer. They can be peeping toms e.t.c.This is UN ethical because it provides secret photos of ones person. This has happened to many people and it can ruin lives and reputations with a simple click. The hacker can even post it on the internet.

    3.) Usually hacking is associated with cheating or exploiting. Hacking or haxing or ha3king is bad because it can be cheating. EXAMPLE in cod bo2, people cheat all of the time and it ruins the experience. Another reason that hacking is associated as a bad thing is it is portrayed badly in movies. It can be used to steal and lie. These b02 hackers are exploiting and cheating but that is not liable for court or arrest. Another type of hacking is when people steal money and use it for there own advantages. This is a worse type of hacking because it can get you in jail. It also is a down side for the victim.

    4.)Hacking isn't very important in my life except when I play video games or mmo's. Iv'e also learned that there are good guy hackers. These hackers are people who try and look for weakness in peoples security systems. Hacking and security systems are evolving but hacking will always be one step ahead of the secruity. Anytime something new comes out people find the bugs as soon as possible because there is always weaknesses.

  13. 1. The NSA, as controversial as it can be, still helps us by weeding out criminals in society., and keep the rest of us safe in that respect.
    2. About two years ago, Sony's PlayStation hack inconvenienced millions of users for several months. Thousands of users lost both their libraries of games and credit card information. This hack effected me personally because at the time I was a strictly Sony console player.
    3. Hacking is generally viewed as a negative thing due to its publicity when it does bad and its lack thereof of it is involved in the carrying out of good deeds. It is also very negatively viewed because people are constantly afraid that THEY are being targeted by the bad, even though the chances of them being targeted directly is slim as winning the lottery.
    4. I know that it is an important topic because not only does it effect thousands on a daily basis but because my interest in computers and other technology entices me to learn about these things.

  14. 1.) I think a prime example would be displayed in the article by Margaret Singleton called “The NAS’s Elite hackers can hijack your Wi-Fi from 8 miles away”. In this article talks about a few people from the NSA’s Hacking squad who attended Chaos Communications Congress in Hamburg , this was a helpful form of hacking because it showed what our government is capable of doing to the masses.
    2.) An example of bad hacking would be displayed in an article talking about how companies were able to recover snapchat photos days after they were sent. I think this is a very good example of how bad hacking can be, cnap chat was designed for the sole purpose of having the photos deleted after they are sent, and these companies are blatantly abusing this app.

    3.) because up until now recently hacking has truly only be associated with negative events. identity theft, fraud, financial theft and blackmail have really only been associated with hacking in the past.

    4.) I have realized that there are many more people hacking then we really understand, and surprisingly a lot of them are in high school or even younger and we underestimate the power of some youth.

  15. Articles:


    This article describes the use of hacking technology in order to protect the safety of everyday people. The state of Pennsylvania is using hacking of mobile and personal devices in instances of crime in order to protect the people affected by it. While this idea is very helpful to the citizens in trouble, many are deciding that it is an infringement upon their rights of privacy. So far, it is unable to be told whether these "justified" hackings have done more good than harm to privacy.


    This link is to a site that describes both good and bad hacking. It talks about bad hacking in easily understandable ways, saying basically that it is hacking with malicious intent. This type of hacking is all too common and is the reason that good hackers are needed in order to prevent it. This bad hacking is often used in order to gain personal profit, often in the form of currency and not objects. It is becoming more and more common as technology becomes more prevalent in our society.


    3: The word "hacking" is usually thought of negatively because most people believe that all hackings are done in the "bad" way that I described in my response to question number two. The glorified type of hacking is for negative purposes, and therefore most people know about it and not the good hacking that is used in order to prevent it, such as the white hat hacker's society.

    4: I find hacking to be a very interesting idea and a helpful hobby to persue, although it is often used for negative purposes. These groups/societies of hackers are very influential, and are doing lots of important actions in order to prevent the general citizen from having his/her information hacked. Without these groups, everyone would be at a much greater risk for hacking.

  16. 1) Black Hat Hackers are always out there and for this reason, Universities are actually starting up courses to train people to become a White Hat Hacker, someone who finds the problems in a network and how it could potentially be hacked.

    2) Hackers have been able to take old used Starbucks gift cards, and use that to spend money off a person's account. The hacker was able to reload the money on the card in $30 and $60 increments, and racked it up into a total of $470.

    3) The word hacking may give off a negative impression due to the media in movies and t.v. shows. Whenever there are movies hat include a big heist or something like that, there's always a main hacker trying to get inside the system.

    4) Hacking can become a big problem if it's not used in a good way. I think it's because teens and younger adults feel like if they can take something from someone they don't know, it wont have any effect on them. My family has had a personal attack from someone we didn't know (the lived in Afghanistan) who stole $16,000 out of our Paypal account.

  17. 1. Ethical 'white hat' hackers play vital security role - in this article company's like Microsoft and Facebook are paying the White Hat Hackers to hack their sites to see if they are safe and back up enough to keep everyone's info private and secure. This is a good example of hacking to test the safety of websites.

    2. 12-year-old boy admits to hacking government sites for Anonymous - With this bad example of hacking Anonymous has bribed a 12 year old with video games to use his magnificent mind to hack into sites dealing $60,000 worth of damage.

    3. People think it's negative to hear the word Hacker because all they can think of is the people who use hacking to steal objects and information, when they can't see the good people who use hacking in good ways.

    4. From this I learned that there actually is such a thing as good hackers as a profession. And that they are working the instant to help keep the internet safe.

  18. 1. ( Hari Prasad found a loop hole in the Electronic Voting Machine the Indian government uses, they then falsey accused him of theft and jailed him, once he got out he was given the Pioneer Award in San Fransicso. This is an example of good hacking because he the loophole he found would allow a fraudulent candidate to steal legitimate votes.
    2. (!CqZXt) Hackers got into a currency exchange called “Flexcoin” which deals with the cryptocurrency called bitcoin, these hackers stole $625,000 worth of bitcoin, this is a bad hack because it was done solely for greed, nothing positive about it, it was only for money. This theft shook the reliance on the currency but somehow prices continued to rise, currently worth about 1BTC=$480.. Yes one bitcoin is worth $480
    3. I think the word ‘hacking’ has a negative connotation because people have been taught to be fearful of ‘hackers’ like witches back in early America and the witch hunt of Salem.. it’s the same idea hacking itself isn’t bad at all, it’s what people use it for that has ruined it, the phrase “one bad apple spoils the bunch” seems to apply. But a little education and experience can irradicate that.
    4. What I learned from reading the article is nothing that I didn’t really know, I know about groups like Anonymous but I didn’t know of the Unknowns and personally I feel that they have a good purpose but a bad way of acting it out, I feel that they should focus on moral rights and wrongs and not just vulnerabilities that the databases have. It affects me personally because this field and I are in a way intimate because of how much time I have spent in it and how much I have given to learning technology ever since I was a kid. I am more or less the tech on the block because of how much I know and I’m also becoming the tech of the cadet corp because I applied for the info tech NCO position.


    1) Good hacking, if a company has sensitive information, such as credit card numbers etc, then they could hire hackers to break into their systems to find faulty security and know how to fix the problems and keep the information safe. Also, hackers can be seen in a good light by illegally hacking into companies and getting information, just to prove a point, in which most other companies (including the first one) would raise their security and even hire some legal hackers to help them.

    2) Bad hacking, as i mentioned in #1, illegal hackers that just try to prove a point, could also have the motive of stealing the information and using it to bring down a lot of people or an entire company. Hackers could gain access to information on peoples money, gain access to their money, and then steal their money and that also leads into #3...

    3) I think aside from recent incidents, such as the Target hacking etc, movies also puts a negative effect on hacking. Most people do not go about their daily lives doing research about hackers and find out why others are bad. People see the news and movies and very rarely is it in good light and so the most relevant reasons as to why hacking is seen as bad is because of incidents in reality and then movies and shows etc.

    4) From the articles i read, it seems that some government agencies (in this case the DEA) are involving hacking in their routines to gain the upper edge on people, and are not sharing how the investigations start, or even how they got “dirt” on people. Which as stated in the article, is violating the 4th amendment, I think that the gov has the power to do such things and get away with it because most people do not even know about this, they live their lives without even giving second thought as to how their technology that they use everyday is being used against them and how they are not getting their rights and yet have no idea it is even happening, giving the agencies the power to continue with no hinderance.

  20. 1. An example of good hacking would be the White Hat hacking group. They use hacking to find exploits in websites and software, and use that knowledge to help make the websites and software better protected. A great example would be Dan Petro, our guest speaker coming in tomorrow. He is a member of Bishop Fox, a group hired by companies, banks etc. to hack into their system to test for vulnerabilities.

    2. Bad hacking would include things like recovering private information from users. In the article "Deleted Snapchat photos recovered 'within days' by forensics company", Richard Hickman, lead examiner for Decipher Forensics' Snapchat research has ound that it is possible to recover deleted Snapchat pictures. This means it would be possible for malicious hackers to gather deleted images that Snapchat users assumed were gone forever. This kind of information could lead to all kinds of privacy breaches.

    3. I think that most people assume hacking is bad because that is the only kind of hacking we hear about on the news. Rarely, the news or other media sources mention hacking in a good light. Most of the things we hear are like the Target incident, malicious hacking. Other malicious forms of hacking can include identity theft and Its always the bad things we hear about because thats what affects most of the population directly.

    4. I learned that no one is safe. Wherever you are, and whoever you are, you can be monitored and or attacked. By simply using the internet you make yourself vulnerable to these things, and you might not even know about it. With so many dangerous and clever hackers out there, you never know when you can be a victim until its too late. It is good to know thought that we are not alone, and we have people who go out of their way to keep us protected, like the White Hats.

  21. 1. White Hats to the Rescue
    Andrew Whitaker and his team of security specialists, use hacking to discover weaknesses and flaws in their clients computer systems and networks. The Client is then informed of all the vulnerabilities Andrew and his team found so that the client's system can be improved before cyber-criminals find those weaknesses.

    2. Hack Attack
    The Russian forces whom are occupying Crimea are blocking out phones and internet access between the Peninsula and the rest of the Ukraine. But Russia is not new to Cyber attacks, the have a history of disrupting, neighboring countries, communication to citizens and the outside world. So far the attacks in Crimea have not succeeded.

    3. The word 'Hack' almost immediately brings to mind 'Pirating' or illegally downloading music, Movies, video games, and other software. The word 'Illegal' Is probably what starts the negative disposition towards hacking. I never knew that Hacking was used for security reasons, in a good way. Perhaps others are unaware of heroic hacking, only the negative Cyber-Criminals.

    4. I had never even known that hacking was used in a good way, until this blog! I like the idea of finding flaws to fix using computers, mainly because I am a perfectionist and I love computers. That and it pays well...

  22. 1. The NSA Has Been Infiltrating Online Games.
    In 2008 the NSA agreed togoing into large multi player games like WoW to spy on terrorists that were making plans in the game. This proved successful because, even though it was highly unlikely, there were actual terrorists in WoW planning attacks which makes you wonder who you're really friends with on the other side of the screen.

    2. Scammers drained $1700 from someone's bank account.
    This is an example of illegal hacking, Using your skills for the benefit of yourself and the misfortune of others. That is just wrong.

    3. Hacking has always been vilified in the mainstream media. Most stories about hackers that make the news are mostly about evil hackers and anonymous. They've had this label for a long time and I doubt most people even know about the good White Hat Hackers at all.

    4. From these articles, I've learned that hacking is not always a bad thing. It can be used to protect us and our personal information. Also, other smaller things like passwords and identities (not like identity theft, just what we look like). I thought this topic was a really interesting way to get acquainted with hacking.

  23. 1. White Hat Hackers- The U.S. Air Force conducted "security evaluation of the Multics operating system. Their evaluation discovered that while Multics was better than other conventional systems, it still had vulnerabilities. This example of "good" hacking showed the Air Force how to better raise their overall level of security.
    2. Big Data and Hacking: How scammers drained $1,700 from my bank account using Starbucks cards- In this article, hackers drained 1,800 dollars from someone's bank account using Starbucks cards. The perpetrators skimmed his debit card number and then went to work. They then started taking out 1,800 dollars in 30 and 60 dollar increments, and the he didn't find out until 4 days later.
    3. Hacking is usually associated with people stealing information,money, or inserting virus' on computer systems. These hackers are people who look for weaknesses or loopholes in peoples security systems.
    4. This subject is important to me because I've always admired hackers on the TV shows I watched, even though they did it illegally. I've always wanted to learn and use that knowledge to help others. Before today, I actually didn't know that there were "good" hackers out there.

  24. 1)Facebook’s security team has been left rather embarrassed this week after deciding to ignore a submitted vulnerability report only to find the exploit used to post on Mark Zuckerberg’s wall.
    The vulnerability was reported by a Palestinian white hat hacker named Khalil and outlined a way to allow anyone to post on a user’s wall. He followed the rules by using Facebook’s feedback system to file the bug and even included an example of it being used. However, Facebook ignored the report and when Khalil submitted it again he was told it wasn’t a bug.
    2)The rise in popularity of messaging apps, such as SnapChat and Facebook Poke, has Drea London and Kyle O'Meara questioning whether a hacker could get these messages. These companies claim that such messages are erased as soon as read -- not so, London and O'Meara argue that it can still be recovered. Or better yet, the duo says that messages can be retrieved before, after or during transmission.
    3) The word hacking is bad because it is often associated with getting information for their own benefit or to damage to someone/something.
    4) While reading i learned that hacking can get you a job and on how to protect ypurself from hackers and viruses.

  25. 1. One example of why hacking is good is because it allows people like Joanna Rutkowska to find exploits in a system and notify the company of that so that they can fix it. In this case, she used her hack called "Blue Pill" to infiltrate Microsoft's Vista kernel protection mechanism. Then, she showed Microsoft how easy it is for dangerous code to hide in plain sight of their protection mechanism and how they could fix this problem.
    2. One specific and unique way of hacking is through the phone. Kevin Poulsen hacked a radio station's phone lines in order to win a call-in contest whose prize was a Porsche. This same person also allegedly stole classified information from the Air Force and hacked into Pacific Bell. All of those things are bad and unethical ways to use hacking. Hacking is bad because it corrupts organizations and can be used to steal information and money. It also includes infecting other people's computers. The motivation of bad/black-hat hackers is for easy money, sometimes for fame, and possibly to hack into secret government websites.
    3. I am disappointed that hacking is mostly associated with a negative impression. Cheaters and criminals have made it seem as though hacking is bad. What upsets me the most, is that hacking was originally considered a good thing. Source:
    4. Personally, I believe that hacking is an amazing concept. I love the idea of considering a future career in hacking on the good side. I have learned a great deal about hacking. I have learned that there is a good and bad side of hacking. The important concept that we have to consider is that no one is invincible. We have to know what the limits are to make sure that we don't go over them. Hacking is significant to us because it plays an important role in the technology community.

  26. 1. An example of "good" hacking is the white hat hackers that work for big name companies and find loopholes in the security and show them how they did it. Dan Petro, our guest speaker, is a perfect example of what a white hat hacker should be like.

    2. One way that hacking could be bad is hacking webcams.I was looking at the article "Smile! Hackers Can Silently Access Your Webcam Right Through The Browser (Again)" which was very interesting. Hackers can use Adobe Flash Players' webcam permissions to take pictures of you. The hackers do this by placing an invisible "Allow" button where the user is very likely to click like the play button for example.

    3. The word "hacking" has a negative effect because of the many people that abuse their power. Like Uncle Ben said "With great power comes great responsibility". So when a teenage boy discovers that he could hypothetically rob a bank without leaving his house, the temptation overrides the common sense.

    4. I find that hacking is a good and bad thing. Most of it uses, unfortunately, are for bad intentions.

  27. 1. The hackers at heat-sync labs that hack into other networks to show the vulnerabilities in their security systems. They show that other people can do this to and take all they want.

    2. Illegal hacking is like when people go into the mainframe of a computer and look at the coding to look for a specific combinations of numbers that are different from the rest and use it to get through the firewall and do what ever they want to your computer.

    3. It gives a bad reading to people because most people use it for COD. I hack games all the time like on Halo i leveled my self to the max level and made it to where no matter what i didn't die. I also made it where i had an aim bot. But I use it to help my team.

    4. I only think hacking is bad when people use it for bad things. Like stealing things or destroying someones life. I use it for good i help level up people that i play with online or or just people on the same xbox/PS3 as me. (I have both so I can't choose a side)

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  29. 1. For example hacking into a server that stores bank account information etc. Then telling the company/organization that owns that server you hacked them and tell them how to beef up security. This would better secure peoples account information from hackers.

    2. Hacking for money alone is bad. For example the Playstation network server breach was super illegal. The hackers took about 90$ from each bank account they found in the server. This gives people false sense of security.

    3. Many people don't see the benefit of hacking such as creating better server security. Many Government/Business websites get attacked by hackers. Most these hackers get publicized and people look down on hackers due to it.

    4. Anonymous and The Unknowns are two organizations that hack for good and bad reasons. Anonymous wants to send a message to the government regarding piracy. The Unknowns hack for good aka White Hats.

  30. Facebook hires white hackers to try to infiltrate the system and find any loopholes that a black hat hacker could find

    2facebook once again black hat hackers try to find loopholes in the code and get in peoples profile to try to premote bad or illegal things or taking money from people

    i think hackers are always considered bad because no one really talks about white hat hackers in movies or on the news so people asum theres only black hat hackers

    i perrsonally dont care that much for hacking its not somthing i would want to do

    1. Lol white hackers? is Facebook racist? Do they only hire white hackers? What about the Mexican or Asian ones? lmao

  31. 1. Hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities displayed in old machines that are not supported anymore. A specific example is Windows XP. Microsoft has announced that they are no longer supporting Windows XP as of May 2014. So once that date is reached, a hacker may have a successful exploit that will never be commercially patched on Windows Xp based machines.

    2. Chase Bank was recently hacked, where thousands of back account information was stolen. The hackers intentions were, obviously to gain unprivileged access to information and use it to there advantage. --SOURCE:

    3. The general public automatically relates hacking to intentionally gaining access to information in which themselves are not granted permission. "My friend's Facebook was hacked", this is probably the most common statement, but in reality there is much more to it.

    4. I learned that White Hat Hackers are paid more than I first expected. I also learned that there is usually teams consisting of more than 10 people that work on the same project for years.

  32. 1. (I'm bending the rules on this first one because instead of citing an article I'm citing a YouTube video) An example of good hacking would be people who take old games from the NES or SNES and either change it up or create a new game based of the game their hacking. For example their have been many bootlegged Pokemon games that have been made from either their own games just changed up a bit or completely different games. But they're all games that give you new experience from an old Pokemon game (even if it sucks). (WARNING: Explicit)

    2. While on the subject of hacked games, when people hack games that are online enabled and give you an unfair advantage over other players, that can be an example of bad or illegal hacking. I read an article about Call of Duty: Ghosts already being hacked by players and that is a relatively new game. This means hacks that let you level up faster than other people by a ridiculous amount. Or being able to enable all perks when the game limits you to a few so that no one abuses the gameplay. This makes games unplayable to the average gamer, can cause lower sales to the game and might cause players to get really angry and angrily bump into the desk holding their Genyes computer and it drops and Mrs. K goes ballistic.

    3.I think its because the only experience anyones ever had with hacking is negative. Or because the media keeps telling us that its a negative thing.

    4. Hacking is interesting to me because I think its a lot of power for one person to have... And I want that power (maniacal laugh).

  33. 1.White Hat Hackers- They hack into security systems to find their weaknesses that so they can be block and make it almost impossible to hack into.

    2.The Unknowns- Even though they did their hacking illegally yet did good intentions. This seems bad that they just got information from a lot of governments. Their thinking was bad for making many governments angry with what they did to the websites.

    3.Well a lot of people from shows and movies see it as a bad thing because of the impression from that show. They think of it being used to take out the government or to steal.

    4.I learned a lot from how hacking is used. It is used both bad and good and some risks of myself being hacked seem pretty low. I hope it does not happen.

  34. 1.) I was not able to find any articles on the good hacking, even though I looked at the site from front to back and back to front though we did learn about the "White Hat Hackers", which are hackers that hack into companies to show the companies the security breaches and how they can patch them.
    2.) I did find an article of bad hacking (, and the article describes a 12 year old boy who hacked into government sites for the hacking group known as Anonymous. This is bad because it shows that if the person knows how to do it, just about anything can be hacked, and this kid is only 12 years old and has more skill than I probably will ever have in this category of tech.
    3.) Hacking is seen as a bad thing because in most instances in things like movies, TV shows, and games hacking is shown to get people into places that they shouldn't be in.
    4.) Through the article I was able to read, along with the others that I seen in passing by on the site, hacking seems to be a pretty much everyday thing, and it seems to cause quite a few people trouble. Hacking would affect me because it could allow the people hacking to make "me" say something that I wouldn't say in the first place (although I really don't care too much about how people I will probably never see think about me, due to going to other schools and such, and even if they go here than I wouldn't care too much because I know it's not true whatever they said under my name). Even with that lengthy remark, I would appreciate it greatly if people would leave my things alone and not hack it.


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