Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week off!

Happy Spring Break!


  1. I present to you all ten great and terrifying facts about spring break

    1.5 million students go on spring break every year and collectively spend over one billion dollars.
    The number one U.S. spring break destination is Daytona Beach.
    On average, college students consume six drinks per week. On spring break, men and women consume at least 10 drinks per day.
    Last year more than 10,000 high school and college students signed up to spend their spring breaks building houses with Habitat for Humanity.
    With all-you-can-drink specials and a low legal drinking age, Cancun attracts over 100,000 young spring breakers each year.
    Hurricane Katrina jump-started a big volunteer oriented spring break fad. Approximately 35,000 U.S. youth participated in an alternative/ service oriented Spring Break in 2006.
    In addition to beach trips, many sport and travel agencies offer deals for college students to spend spring break on a ski or snowboard trip.
    You can participate in an alternative spring break here in the United States! Last year ten U.W-Superior students spent Spring Break building houses in Denver, CO.
    Every year at least one spring breaker dies from falling off a balcony.
    A report from the American Medical Association says, "More than half of college students know friends who were sexually active with more than one partner during spring break and nearly 3 out of 5 women know friends who had unprotected sex during spring break."
    When teens go abroad for spring break, it’s easy to forget that foreign laws are extremely serious. 2,600 Americans are arrested on spring break overseas each year.


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