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(S3) Drone Technology

Think beyond what you already know about drones.

There are over 5,000 articles on the link.  
Flip till you find one that interests you. 
Choose an article highlighting a specific use, opinion or position that 
has not been used prior to your post.

1.  List the title of the article you researched.

2.  Positive attributes of drones in your article.  

3.  Negative attributes of drones in your article.

4.  Make a general statement about drones (overall) from your perspective.   How do you see this technology impacting your life personally?

Think outside the box.  Be original in your thinking.  Absolutely no credit will be given for repeated post ideas.  ( I understand there may be some similar thinking on #4.  Strive to be inspirational!)  


  1. 1.) TECH NOW: A drone for every home (

    2.) Drones will allow the average person to keep their privacy and security stable by using the technology on drones. An example would be the father who uses an Remote Controlled Drone to keep on eye on his son on his way to school.
    Not only can drones allow the people to ensure their personal security, but always keep up with the governments. The government has been using this technology on a larger scale for a long time now. Drones in the hands of civilians will allows them too, to keep up with the governments privacy invasion.
    Drones allow for less work on the people, faster service, and cheaper expenses. It also opens the door for development and market competition, creating jobs and innovations, pushing America that much more ahead.

    3.) Drones will make nonparticipants un-easy with privacy. With drones, a person can see the inside of a house in minutes. Invading the privacy of others is highly important in the digital age, and with drones, we are basically eliminating privacy, although the government has been doing it for years.

    4.) Personally, I have radio controlled FPV myself, as featured in some YouTube videos. I do agree with the legalization of individual ownership and operation of drones. With the newer technology, opportunities stack on top of each other. The introduction to drones on the common life will impact my security as much as I currently impact the security of others with my flying.

    P.S. 258 words! :)

  2. 1.) **CORRECTION** A Drone You Can Own

  3. 1.)Amazon Drones
    2.)Amazons new drone will serve as a delivery system that promises to get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using unmanned flying vehicles. They could use the device for commercial use soon as 2015 December.
    3.) The Drones could be easy to steal or pirate. Also skeptics have quickly gathered, questioning everything from the project’s safety to its ability's.

    ill finish it later

    1. SEE I can copy and paste too! Be original and answer the question please! Changing just a few words does not answer the pro's and con's of this service. Think about the real benefits. The real problems. Thanks! :) Also your article title is incorrect! Yikes

      Ama­zon’s new “deliv­ery system,” Ama­zon Prime Air, promis­es to get pack­ages to cus­tomers “in 30 min­utes or less using unmanned aer­i­al vehicles,” and could be in com­mer­cial use soon as 2015, the com­pa­ny said Dec. 1.

    2. 1.)Amazon drones won’t replace the mailman or FedEx woman any time soon
      2.)Some pros to the new system are that it will deliever your product in 30 min or less finsih later again

  4. 1.) The True Forever War
    2.) Drones can be used for warfare instead of risking people's lives, and be more efficient.
    3.) As said in the subtitle, "technology, not policy, will make it easier for U.S. leaders to kill people, blow things up, and disrupt computer networks around the world." They can also get highjacked from different sources to be used against innocent people.
    4.) Drones for me are an inevitable part of our progressing technology, and will be forever in our reach. We will probably be seeing them quite frequently within 20 years. They may be more effective than use people to work, but it could be taking away jobs.

    1. You need to elaborate more on 2) Risking peoples lives? What about civilians killed by drones? How are they more efficient? on 3) Highjacked by who specifically? What did the article say? What war are you specifically referring to? More substance please.

  5. 1. How the Future of War (and Flying) Could Be Swarms of 3D-Printed Drones (

    2.The military could 3D print drone components and use them in real warfare and they could be mass produced and doing so could replace humans with drones which could save more lives.

    3. We don't have the technology for it so far its a idea that is being considered and it could be awhile before the technology exists though we can mass 3D print parts for drones we just cant print the cases and components in the drone.

    4. I see drones as a way to make a average lives a little easier like with the amazon drones get our ordered products to us faster then FedEx or UPS. They are something that could end being a big part of our normal lives in the future.

  6. 1:

    2: This article doesn't exactly list anything good about the drones or anything bad for that matter, it describes the process in which they got an app accepted that actually tracks drone strikes. I believe this is implying that the drones are being used more and more and that's being used to keep track of where they are being used and for what purpose.

    3: If you have ever heard about the drone strikes you know that they are used to destroy terrorist encampments but there are also just as many reports that have been hushed by the media of drones attacking US citizens

    4: I see drones as a possible issue because it's not terribly hard to hack and they are relatively new and if a hacker is experienced enough he could do it
    *NOT DONE*

    1. RE: "2): This article doesn't exactly list anything good about the drones or anything bad for that matter..." You don't need the article to specify the good and bad of the content. That's for you to discern. :)

  7. 1.
    2. They can be used to destroy surface-to-air missiles to defend drones and manned aircraft. I think we would be able to use this technology and develop it further to where we can destroy long range missiles with a satellite where it is safe to blow the up.
    3. Technology has bugs and glitches out sometimes. Say that happened to an armed drone. It could start attacking anything that moves, including innocent people and soldiers, if they are there.
    4. I like the idea of drones. I love flight. I'm completely fascinated by it. I have an AR drone 2.0 and love it to death. They are fun to fly around and get pictures and views you could never get on your own. Military drones however are a bit iffy. Sure they don't risk our pilot's lives, but they could glitch and attack at will until it's taken down.

  8. 1.Finally, a Drone You Can Own
    2.It can allow hobbyist to have great videos with that camera or just use it as a well flyer. It could even be used for create memorial videos.
    3.The bad sides in this are that it could be used on spying. It is also under many laws that could prohibit it in multiple areas.
    4. I would love to have one of these to make aireil videos. I could get some really good views of inside and outside items or events.

      4.These are a good idea for both business and videos. A lot of people would probably want one too. The only problem is the advantages for spying with this.

  9. 1. Dear Modern Farmer: Can I Use a Drone on my Farm?

    2. Drones can monitor crops and fields. Which allows for the farmer to grow crops with a greater harvest. Which can save money, time and resources.

    3. Somewhat costly, must be compliant with FAA rules

    4. I believe that one day drones will be used in everyday life, from monitoring traffic laws, to fighting our wars. They can be used to monitor crops and traffic, deliver packages to our door, provide us with aerial footage. And many many more, they have an unlimited range of abilities and every possible feature is being tested so as to be integrated with every day life.

  10. 1. Jesse Ventura hiding from drones. (

    2. It seemed the pros and cons in this article were the same. The pro of having a drone is constant surveillance and protection. The government knows exactly where we are at all times and we are having less and less to worry about when it comes to danger.

    3. The cons of having a drone is were under constant surveillance and detection (pretty clever huh?). Everyday our lives are getting less and less personal. Whether someones trying to kill you or protect you its a little unnerving to think that someone knows everything about you, and in the case of Charles Augustus Magnussen (BBC Sherlock season 3) it can be extremely dangerous.

    4. Well I know that drones have more than just a surveillance function but the ones I read about are a little unnerving. I wouldn't like a real life Charles Magnussen. He would have unbelievable influence over the world and possibly over me or people I know.

  11. 1. "Rise of the machines: 3 ways drones could be used in Jersey"

    2. Some pros are that they could be used for commercial transport like what Amazon was proposing with their drones that could deliver a package straight to your home. Also they could be used for law enforcement so less officers will be in danger and is more efficient. Also for a bomb squad a drone could be used to go in and diffuse a bomb without sending in a live person. Also the most obvious part is they could be used for surveillance. Drones could be used to watch a chase of a criminal and make sure the police know his every move as he runs. Or it could be used for just watching an area where there have been some problems. There is also a research going into cyborg surgery to make surgery easier and more precise.

    3. Though there are negatives to the surveillance part. Many people are concerned with how they will be surveying us since that would mean we would have less personal lives because they see everything you do. That is why some people have opposed them since they are afraid of being spied on by a drone at any moment. Also another negative to drones is they will cost a lot to create.

    4. Drones will probably revolutionize the way humans deliver things and handle problems. Though I don't exactly agree with drones since there are many privacy issues appearing and I understand them. This technology will probably make my life feel different and less private like I have said though could be a good part to our lives later when drones are more developed.

  12. 1.Drones—An Evolution, Not A Revolution, In Warfare.

    2.Drones have made us feel protected, not just in warfare but in our lives. Drones have added a type of aura in warfare, they have been sent to Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia to help counter-terrorism and to also prevent more man made pilot error, make better weaponry and to prevent less to no deaths.

    3.In this article drones are accepted and also denied by government and other officials. They are being denied for not meeting the threshold of revolutionary development. The technology is not the revolutionary part, the weaponry is, this can be a very bad thing as weapons can kill not only soldiers but innocent people so they have both pros and cons.

    4.Drones are going to revolutionize the way we see our military by this I mean it is limiting deaths, and revolutionizing weaponry, and warfare. This I believe will effect my life in a huge way it will make me feel safer, and will also make me feel happy again.

  13. 1.)birds Will Attack Amazon’s Delivery Drones
    2.) there really wasn't anything positive
    3.)birds don't care if it looks like a bird or not it will attack
    but the birds will follow it and attack it and we wont be able to see it
    4.)my personal opinion on drones is as long as they don't attack and kill us i'm fine with them but i think its going to be at least another 2-3 years before we can actually have a drone out for commercial use

  14. 1.) I did the article: Killer Robots: If no one pulls the trigger, who's to blame?
    2.) It really doesn't seem like anything is positive in this, except maybe it might save some money doing this
    3.) One thing that is negative about this is that the idea of this is really morbid and cold-hearted, it's almost like saying something like: "We just killed a person but it doesn't matter because it was the machine that did it", in my opinion, it's still a human life that is being taken away, one who may have had hopes and dreams, yet suddenly, it's just gone, all In a cold hearted way of thinking. "Who's to blame", I really think that we are losing our humanity these days
    4.) I don't think that we should be focusing on things like this for now, maybe wait a couple years before focusing on it

  15. 1) FAA: Metro Detroit flower company’s drone delivery promo likely illegal
    2) This flower company, like many other businesses throughout the US, find drone delivery methods very cost-effective and more efficient than using UPS or mail carriers.
    3) The only negatives listed were the FAA's fear of drones as well as their apparent need for control.
    4) I believe that drones are a great method of delivering product and should have the opportunity to be experimented with. If the drones get shot down, stolen, or lose products, how would that concern the FAA? If companies like Amazon, who are actually paying for the drones and will need to cover the damages, are not worried about it, why should we? The technology is here, the only thing holding it back is unnecessary fear of the unknown.

  16. 1. Title: Drone Survival Guide

    2. The article states that drones are capable of surveillance and deadly force, to rescue operations and scientific research. They are also small enough to look like simple birds...except deadly.

    3. These drones can be used to easily slaughter any target they're given with their massive numbers which could grow up to 30,000 in 20 years. That's on US soil alone, who knows how many military drones could exist in 20 years altogether?

    4. Drones are the future's weapons that can be made in massive numbers if chosen to be mass produced. In time, I wouldn't doubt drones being used instead of military trained pilots piloting jets. As great as that might sound, reducing the amount of human casualties in wars, there is also a possibility that drones could be too efficient at their job. Enemy and or allied soldiers being killed by the thousands by drones that are able to fly like no one has ever seen, anti air useless because of their small size. Kind of a scary thought, especially if our enemies use this technology like us. Drones can do a lot more than just provide air support on a battlefield, they can also drop bombs...

  17. 1. For More Than War
    2. In this article it demonstrated the usefulness of drones in Kenya. The team Airware traveled there to help the white rhino which there's only 7 left, from poachers. The drone would do a flight plan from start to finish covering all of the ground and giving video to all the rangers on the ground. This is cost efficient and better for the animals that they are protecting.
    3. Some negative aspects about the drone are how the rangers have full control of programing the drone to do whatever they want it to. The drone could also miss recognize someone and alert the rangers potentially making a bad situation that could turn out bad.
    4.Drones are nothing new at all. Drones are just another form of AI. There are two types of drones. AI which help you in your home and when your not in your home adn killing AI. these are two different things but have the same capabilities. I do not see drones in my life in the near future at all, but maybe for my grandkids.

  18. New Blog Posted ---------------------------------------------------------

  19. 1-
    After 5 Rejections, Apple Accepts App That Tracks U.S. Drone Strikes
    2-Acknowledges drones for what they are, devices that better national security, while at the same time, arguing the dangerous parts of it.
    3- The whole point of this app is to alert the public to when missions with drones are carried out by the US. So essentially the tone is neutral while at the same time hostile, due to the fact that it is alerting Americans to government actions, forcing the ones controlling the drones to be more carful and not send out missions willy nilly.
    4- I don't see drones as something that will be to exsistant in my future. I see this as a fad that will eventually just die out. Drones are the start of using robots to do the jobs of humans, or a step; And eventually, something will replace them, just as they are replacing pilots

  20. 1.) The Week In Drones: The Sound Of Stealth, Clearing The Robot Smog, And More

    2.) The drone was used for deliveries, The drone delivered Beer to some ice fisher men so nobody had to go out into the cold and that they can get something nice for doing what they do.

    3.) The negative part is nothing it is an all around awesome machine.

    4.) Drones would be amazing to have in all life because of the help that the can provide like deliveries and building things maybe even take care of the needy.

  21. 1.) The Best Drones Money Can Buy

    2.) Drones can be fun and used for things like racing, in the air or on the ground.They are on their way to becoming the new RC toys of the next generation.(Hopefully the price goes down by then)

    3.) The main downside was that the drones are expensive to buy, and hard to replace if they are broken. The article didn't mention how durable these drones were.

    4.) Drones are really cool ideas that have a lot of potential. It just needs to come with precautions though, as it could cause MANY problems. Such as spying, scaring people and potential even acts of terrorism through explosives etc. I am exited for more to come to market at a lower price, so I could buy something like the Sumo Jumper.

  22. 1) Drones: pros and cons
    2) We can gather intelligence without having to train someone to fly an actual plane/risking someone's life. Let's say an enemy of America finds the plane while someone's in it and shoots it down. That's a life lost, and a plane lost. With drones, it will just be a plane lost.
    3) One of the problems of having so many drones is that it is VERY expensive. That's pretty self-explanatory.
    4) I think drones are a really good alternative to losing lives. The only other problem I can see with drones is the fact that they might able to be hacked into. If this is an issue, then people could use our own drones against us.

  23. 1) Drones: pros and cons
    2) We can gather intelligence without having to train someone to fly an actual plane/risking someone's life. Let's say an enemy of America finds the plane while someone's in it and shoots it down. That's a life lost, and a plane lost. With drones, it will just be a plane lost.
    3) One of the problems of having so many drones is that it is VERY expensive. That's pretty self-explanatory.
    4) I think drones are a really good alternative to losing lives. The only other problem I can see with drones is the fact that they might able to be hacked into. If this is an issue, then people could use our own drones against us.

  24. 1. I chose the article titled "Look up in the sky! Drones bring big budget shots to low-cost commercials"

    2. This article shows that drones can be used for purposes other than surveillance or combat and for domestic uses instead of military use. It proves that drones aren't evil tools.

    3. Even though it shows some very useful domestic purposes for drones, it still involves cameras, which could make people living near the shooting location for the commercial uncomfortable and fearing for their privacy.

    4. Overall, I don't really mind drones, in military use, they are incredibly useful, and I've never heard of drones being flown over our own soil for purposes of spying. I think people are just being paranoid. In fact, I think drones could have very practical use in police chases in replacing helicopters. Amazon has seen the potential in drones with their own drone-based delivery system where your package is delivered by a drone.

  25. 1. UN launches unmanned surveillance aircraft to better protect civilians in vast DR Congo--------

    2.This is the first in the history of the United Nations that such a drone was being used in peacekeeping. One drone can watch movements of the army, movements of populations and can even see the weapons carried by people, and it is also possible to see people in forested areas.

    3. Some people may think they are using these drones to spy on other countries. They could also just lie and have weapons on the drones for threatening purposes.

    4. Drones shouldn't be used for warfare or spying on other countries. They should be used for practical problems, such as mail or transport. Shipping boxes overseas or even people.

  26. 1. Five Ways Drones Could Do Some Good In 2014.

    2. My article says that people are using drones to collect data and other ariel data collection services and they are using them for things like search and rescue.

    3. Cons are the army is using drones to kill people and family's in other country's. People are using drones to hide things illegal or stuff that other's should not know of from the government for bad reasons.

    4. I think drones will affect my life in a positive way like making things more realistic like virtual things to help us understand them easier. They could affect the gaming world which I would love being a big gamer and all, but they could make games feel more real than they are today.

  27. 1.) Civilian Photography, Now Rising to New Level -
    2.) Live video from the camera is streamed over a Wi-Fi link to your phone running DJI’s app. The app has controls for tilting the camera, activating a video or snapping a photo thats still. seems pretty cool, to me at least.
    3.) DJI has learned from the experience of its earlier phantom drone, which is similar in looks and still on sale at a smaller price like about 500 dollars. The older machine could carry a camera, like GoPro, but you had to supply your own and mating it to the drone was expensive and tricky, resulting in a wobbly video.
    4.) In my opinion drone are a cool concept but I don't think it should be a thing at all in general, its cool but not good for us.

  28. 1. U.S. drone strike on Yemen wedding party kills 17

    2. Drones in this article was used to kill five suspects of involvement with Al Qaeda.

    3. A very negative attribute is it killed civilians at a weeding party. And adds even more heat about drones in Yemen, possible the start of a revolution.

    4. Drones are very useful and have a major advantage in warfare allowing unmanned drones to deal lots of damage without our troops dying.

  29. 1) Civilian Photography, Now Rising to New Level

    2) The photo taking drone is meant to take the risks of dangerous pictures, whether from the air or even underwater, and do them all remotely. This drone is remote controlled by it's user and can take pictures up to 1000 feet.

    3) There really are no negative affects to this kind of drone. The only problem that may be is that the drone could possibly take the jobs of helicopter pilot for the news.

    4) I think drones are really the way of the future, at least, for a while. Drones can take the dangerous jobs that us humans normally have to do, and make it safe for us, allowing us to reach new heights in technology.

  30. 1. "U.S. seeks spy edge with stealth drone"
    2. This new stealth drone that they're researching will be able to go behind enemy lines and stay aloft for long periods of time without being detected. This will greatly increase the amount of intel gathered and greatly decrease the amount of casualties.
    3. This drone doesn't really have any any negative affects.
    4. Drones are going to revolutionize how we deliver items, how we gather intelligence, and how we live our personal lives. They can take our dangerous jobs, making it safer for us, but they can also be used to spy on people and acts of terrorism. Drones are a really cool idea,but there need to be guidelines and safety precautions.

  31. 1. A Solar-Powered Drone Designed To Fly For Five Years Nonstop

    2. A drone that has solar panels all across the top of its wings, that capture the sun's energy to be converted into fuel. This will allow for the drone to fly for supposedly 5 years non stop.

    3. This plane is very Eco friendly and is not a military drone so it cannot attack anyone, harmless. No negative traits to report.

    4. I think that in the near future drones might replace mailmen, or take over the role of piloting airliners.

  32. 1) US Army Studying Replacing Thousands of Grunts with Robots

    2) Robots/drones can do a lot of good for the military as far as saving lives. Also drones and robots have a lot of maneuverability and quickness and also firepower.

    3) The senses of the human mind are lost in the drones. The split second actions taken by humans is taken away in a UAV or ground robot. Which could amount to a not-so-great tactics in the military

    4) drones need a lot of work as does all technology. They will save military lives and also help with more recon and such, they are a great technology and will be a huge benefit to the military and later on in civilian life.

  33. 1. Why Commercial Drones Won’t Deliver Tacos Anytime Soon

    2. While the article mainly focuses on the negative attributes of drones it does propose the idea of drones being used to survey areas of land and photograph areas though this can already be done manually. It states that while commercial drones sound great they most likely won't come any time soon.

    3. Other than the mass amounts of laws, regulations, and paperwork that the FFA must go over before commercial drones are available there are also many cases in which drones may go wrong. The obvious issue that comes with self-piloted aircrafts flying arround is the idea of them not being aware of their surroundings. Drones may crash into trees, telephone wires, birds, or even other drones. People may also attack drones and knowck them out of the sky in an attempt to easily take whatever may be in the package. There's many things that may go wrong.

    4. I personally think drones would be an awesome idea but realistically I don't see them coming anytime soon. It'd be great to have absolutely anything I want delivered to my door within thirty minutes or less but there are far too may obstacles for commercial drones to overcome before they'd be delivering to my door anytime soon.


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