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(S2) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software, and the branch of computer science that develops machines and software with intelligence. 

First explore the diverse concepts in computer generated intelligence:

There are many movies about AI, most recently the movie "Her."

Set in the near future there lives a lonely writer named Theodore who struggles with relationships in identifiable and realistic ways. When an unspecified, but clearly powerful, company releases a new Operating System called “OS”, they claim that this new technology resembles an Artificial Intelligence. But we quickly begin to learn that she seems to be more than that. Almost a Consciousness. Likable, comforting and an exciting interest in the world our lonely writer begins to fall in love with this human-like operating system.   Watch the clip: "Her" Movie Trailer

1. Do you think you could have an emotional response with an AI device, such as falling in love or feeling compassion?

2. What AI devices you interact with? (Siri? GPS? Dragon? Virtual Reality?) Thoughts? 

3. What other AI characters have you seen in movies or TV? How much of what you see these characters do you believe is fact vs. fiction?

4. How do you see this technology developing in the future? In your life?


  1. 1. Perhaps, it depends on the AI, dose she know me well? Dose she know my likes and dislikes, my interests and hates. My emotions are very dark and can go from peaceful to very hostile and deathly within mere seconds, it would also depend on loneliness. It all depends on factors such as my emotions and loneliness that would make my fall in love with a female AI.

    2. Very little Siri, so little almost no interaction. I think Siri is cool and all, but I really don't want to be using it in public looking like a fool searching anime things and League of Legends news and Champion rotation and what not.

    3. Ok even though this isn't in a Movie or TV show, but I personally favorite is LQ-84i aka Blade Wolf, he is a Fenrir with a prototype AI that allows verbal communication and an intellect far beyond human reckoning. As Desperado, the company that is giving LQ-84i he tries to understand freedom, even escapes Desperado for a period of time and destroys every Desperado Cyborg in his path, until he is finally caught and put under orders again, LQ-84i may analyze orders but disobey and his memory would be wiped clean. No longer able to learn more about freedom.

    4. Personally I have not payed enough attention to even think about the growth of AI technology, who knows it could be used just as in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Most of the army AI operated and people with disability used to make Cyborgs used for evil corporations such as Desperado.

    First One Done!

  2. 1. If the artificial intelligence could really replicate a human's behavior, I could definitely make like Mr. Phoenix and develop a relationship with it. I think it would be difficult, but it can be achieved if the circumstances are right.

    2. I have never really dabbled with any AI device, even Siri, for an extended period of time. I think, though, that may make me more susceptible to an AI's charm and fall in love with it, because it would feel more human and new to me in particular.

    3. The first thing that comes to my mind, interestingly enough, is Karen from Spongebob. She was a very advanced AI that was thought to be impossible back in the early 2000's. Today, it is not only possible, but it could even be a reality.

    4. I think that it is an incredible thing, but I do see a problem present in that there are plenty of people that don't appreciate and are afraid of these technologies. That may put a damper on their development in the future.

  3. 1.) Yes. With enough programming, falling in love with a computer (real love) is logical. The computer can do everything perfect, without messing up, and learn from you. Think about it… Perfect person only for you, and you know that they are not going to go after someone else, cheat on you, etc because they are programmed to like you and make you want to fall in love with them.

    2.) I interact with Siri on my iPad and Android Voice on a daily basis. Although they are not as sophisticated as the AI in Her or as Jarvus in Ironman, they do portray a sense of emotional interaction due to your information they harvest from.

    3.) J.A.R.V.U.S in Ironman is a well developed AI system used to navigate Robert Downey Jr. and be a perfect assistant. The fiction part is current hardware and software capabilities, the fact part is the idea. We know that it is going to happen, when time allows for more tech competition and development we are going in reach emotional interacting AI.

    4.) The future holds endless possibilities. Personally, I believe we are going to see more implementation of AI in non-recognizable objects. Eliminating the computer as a separate object. Making technology life. An example would be to just talk to call someone without command, just happens, or a non-command GPS unit for a car.

    P.S. 236 Words Mrs K! :)

  4. 1.) I would have to say yes. I believe love or compassion with an AI is possible if it is exactly how you want it. I mean if it was programmed to be just for you then I don't really see a downside to it.

    2.) I have interacted with siri and gps but that's about it. I have messed around with both of them to an extent and they are not that bad. The gps is less fun then siri (unless you change the voice so it has attitude. Then its hilarious) but siri is also designed for fun as well as having a purpose.

    3.) Bender from Futurama is an AI that has a personality all in himself. I believe that if our technology keeps upgrading and going on the path that it is that this would be more of a fact then a fiction.

    4.) Technology will keep evolving until we finally reach a point where there isn't much we can do anymore. New technology comes out every year that is cutting edge, so I believe its safe to say that that it will continue like this for a long time.

  5. 1. I say yes, but the AI would have to know me and how my life is very well. The AI is totally able to love me or have feelings for me while I have the same feeling for the AI. Society is able to program these AI's well enough to be able to love humans or any other life form in society.

    2. Very very little with siri, but I don't really care to interact with the AI because I don't need it to help me in my life. Many things I like to do myself, siri searches things up for you or does whatever on your phone. In my opinion I like to do things myself than to have an AI do it for me.

    3. One that comes in mind is R2-D2 from star wars. This AI is crazy smart, it knows how to fix things, it can pretty much talk to other people and robots, and it can problem solve very easily. It's amazing how smart this AI is and how it can fix things in the future like space ships or high tech doors that are a very complex build of a door.

    4. I think technology is going to develop into something that is a big part of our society and world. Technology will be helping us in our homes with chores or any other thing you do in your house. Cars will be hovering soon (i hope) and we will be able to interact with all of these technology's in our lives to make them work like we want them to.

  6. 1: Yes, Because you are looking at something that may never happen and you're putting yourself in a fake world.

    2: I have talked to siri and also cleverbot and they are all fun and interesting to talk to.

    3: When i was a young kid i saw a movie called terminator and there was a robot that looked identical to any other humans on the surface and didn't really have a personality.

    4: I would say AI could improve to be robocop status and would have teachers that would not get distracted. Also robots could also one day could be exactly like any others human and you wouldnt know robot from human.

  7. 1. I would not love an AI. I may almost fall in love with it, but I would force myself not to and save myself for real women, not a computer.

    2. I don't really talk or interact with much AI. When i was younger, around 8 or so, i went on a website called cleverbot, i believe.

    3. There's a really old movie that i loved, when i was a kid, called Short Circuit. It was a robot that got struck by lightning which somehow gave it AI. An anime i just finished watching the first season of, Sword Art Online, is about tons of people being trapped in an MMORPG and if they die inside the game, they die in real life. One of the characters is an AI, who was supposed to monitor everyone's emotional state, (I believe it's spelled Ui) has human feelings and acts as Asuna and Kirito's daughter by calling them mommy and daddy and loving them.

    4. Technology seems to be getting more real/realistic, or at least trying to be. An AI as real as human nature would probably not be far off this train of thought. Games getting more realistic, headgear making games more realistic, there are all sorts of things trying to be as real as possible.

  8. 1. No. Even if the AI knew everything and anything about me I would not feel compassion for a technological invention based on the fact that it is a machine and is not even comparable with feeling love and compassion for a real person and having that person love you back.
    2. The only AI that I use would be for educational, school purposes. The AI that I use is a voice search on my phone. Personally I like this AI because it helps me with my schoolwork for example when I am confused on a certain topic and I don't have people around to help me then I look things up using my voice search.
    3. I have only seen HAL from 2001:A Space Odyssey. From what I have seen from HAL I believe most of this is fact if the AI is being bullied I believe it possesses the ability to turn evil and take over a machine it controls.
    4. Seeing as we are speaking about AI's I believe that in the future we will be able to have a AI army which will be much safer and less costly to our pockets and our hearts.

  9. 1. If the AI behaved in a way very similar to a human, then yes, I would date the AI. I would miss, however, having actual human interaction instead of a phone or computer.

    2. The only AI devices I interact with are virtual reality, but I never try to build a relationship with these devices. You can't marry a NPC.... yet....

    3. I have seen Space Odyssey and I believe AIs like Hal can, in fact, exist. An AI like Hal could be implemented into super computers and such and would have a possibility to go haywire.

    4. I believe it's only going to get more advanced from here. AIs are only becoming more intelligent as time goes on, and with the rapid growth of technology, there will be plenty more of this in the future. I guarantee it.

  10. 1) I definitely could not fall in love with an AI, it's a very ridiculous concept in my opinion, an quite frankly, very creepy. BUT, I could of course feel some sort of connection. There are some games designed specifically for the player to connect with the characters so that when a decision is made, it feels like it affects you too.

    2) I do not interact with any AI devices and I don't plan on doing so anytime in the future. I feel like interacting with this kind of technology can take away from interacting with other human beings and slowly tear away at a social life.

    3) In newer video games, like I said above, they are designed to make the player get the feels towards a character that way the game ha a more lasting effect on you. I do not think they are real, and there's no way they could be.

    4) Technology like this could be used in some ways like creating robots with interactive actions. I see this as very creepy and horrifying, as they would become self-aware, but then a doctor by the name of Thomas Light would come along in the year 20XX and create a super robot to save the world by having it's own thoughts an emotions and destroy the master robots and save the world. But that most likely won't happen.


    2. 3) Other places I've seen AI technology is usually in video games. One of the most popular ones that I have seen is a robot named Mega Man, he can feel emotions and speak, almost as though he is is own person.

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  12. 1. Yes because it could get so advance you could fall in love. Their are some examples even in star trek where AI adapt to toughs circumstances.

    2.I have not interacted with any AI systems but I have seen examples of them. It would be interesting to seen their responses to being hugged or just to have a conversation.

    3.Data as an expert in Star Trek I am. It is possible to make him but we would have to be extremely advance in AI and find the fictional material to make him. Another example would be holograms because it is an advance AI system to store and make many AI programs that can be interacted with.

    4. I see something being made in an advance AI system but I don't see this happening till the end of my life because the amount of code needed to be typed. It is like reading the whole DNA of a human.

  13. 1. No I could never see myself falling in love or having a strong attachment to a A.I. mainly because I don't see myself getting attached to one because I know its a machine and because i'm worried about a HAL 9000 or a sky net type situation.

    2. I don't have any devices that have a A.I. built in them so I don't interact with them that much on occasion I will use one for some sort of propose but the majority of the time I don't use them.

    3. The first one I actually saw and watched was Karen from spongebob. The relationship between Karen and plankton was too complicated for me being a little kid but later I realized that Plankton is overly attached to electrical machines and avoids physical contact with other people. This does happen with normal people and its common.

    4. I can see it becoming quite advanced in or smartphones and tablets but integrating it in our normal lives I can see happening in the far future.

  14. 1- Really i honestly don't see this as a possibility. Even if we as humans go to the point of being able to have AI such as the one in the movie, in the back of your mind should always be that this machine was made to be similar to you.

    2- really the only AI devices i interact with is siri on my family phones and i pads.

    3- The first AI i remember seeing was either karen from spongbob or all the robots in Irobot. I think that both of these examples are way beyond our current capabilitys.

    4- Possibly with smartphone tech or advancments with apples ciri, but nothing like the machine in the movie.

  15. 1.) I think that I could love an AI, quite frankly. It all depends on attitude and the character of the IA. I mean, just the interaction of the two of us is enough, because I like the humorousness of people, the common likes, and if he can just be there, then yes.

    2.) I interact with nothing like that really, other than CleverBot when I'm bored and vocal commands.

    3.) One example of an AI is the species Daleks or Cybermen from Doctor Who. no one really know where they came from, but they have human-like characteristics. We do know that Cybermen create more of them by taking out the human brain of someone then placing it in a suit. After that, they lose the ability to feel compassion and emotion.

    4.) I expect this technology to advance beautifully as we develop more and more. I am convinced that we will be seeing more AI soon because of our curiosity.

  16. 1. No, I could never fall in love with an AI, even if it behaved in a human-like way. However, I could feel some kind of connection with the AI, like with how people feel a connection with their cars.
    2. I haven't interacted with any AI devices but I've seen some on the internet. I would actually like to try interacting with an AI though.
    3. The first AI that I can remember seeing was Karen from Spongebob. Her relationship with Plankton was too complicated for me to fully understand as a kid, but I still understood it to a point. I think that that level of emotional response are beyond our current capabilities.
    4. This type of technology will continue to advance, but there will probably be complications, like trying to integrate it into our lives will probably be farther in the future.

  17. 1.) I don't really think I would be able to have much of an emotional response with an A.I. There are some games however that are able to create an emotional attachment with some people and characters. They act so life-like, its easy to see them as real people. I am not sure if a relationship would be possible though.

    2.) Since I don't have any form of Apple product, I don't use Siri. The only kind of AI I have interacted with would probably be CleverBot. My friend showed it to me when we were both really young, it has still been "learning" ever since.

    3.) So of the first AI I remember, were the characters in the movie Robots. It was about a bunch automated Robots that replaced people. They had feelings, felt pain and could accomplish many other human like feats. Another notable example would be I-Robot.

    4.) A.I. Is getting very popular, now being on almost every smart phone. I think other A.I. programs could transfer over to other things such as Smart Cars and other amazing technology. We might even have them programmed into more common items like toasters.

  18. 1) Contrary to previous comments, I don't believe it would be possible for me or any normal person to fall in love with a machine. The basis of my claim is the psychological aspect to it. The things in life that we find the most pleasure in taking part in mostly grasp our attention because of the curiosity of it. You don't know how it's going to turn out. With an artificial intelligence being, you would know the machine was made simply to please you and there is no real motivation on the human's side to make the relationship work. The AI device is simply trained on what to say, and while I believe an AI can be amusing or very informative, I don't believe it could be loved.
    2) I use Siri often, as it can actually solve physics or chemistry problems so I use it to check my work. I enjoy using it for those sorts of things, and through innovation it could become even better. I do believe it should be explored as to how they can better serve us, not how they can make us feel better about myself.
    3) In "Almost Human," a Fox original TV show, every police officer is teamed with an Android. The previous Androids ran strictly on statistics, and one even abandoned the main character when he became wounded when his chance of survival was low.
    3) New Androids are being deployed, so now the main character gets to know and have a friendship with this new machine that runs by thoughts and learning from it's surroundings. This seems to be mostly fictional, however, with time, anything can become reality, so it will most likely be in existence at some point.
    4) I see a connected Siri. They have smart homes, smart cars, smart phones. It's time to connect them all. I would be able to tell Siri on my phone to turn on the lights in my house from the car, or the virtual assistant in my car to open the garage to my house, and so on.

  19. 1. I personally don't think i'd be able to have an emotional response to an AI. Unless I was the person who created said AI. To me its just a voice in a computer. The closest i've come is and AI in a video game in a emotional series. You start to like the character and then they die. However it can't have full on conversations with you.

    2. First of all I don't believe Siri is a proper AI, because all of its responses have been pre-programmed by Apple Employees, Most questions that you ask will result in a "i'm unable to find that, want to search the web?" I cannot have a conversation with you other then the quirky responses that are programmed into it. The closest i've seen to a real AI is cleverbot which learns from its users.

    3. Well the most well known AI is HAL 9000 from the space odyssey series. Others would be Sonny from I, Robot, Rosey from the Jetsons, Auto from Wall-E, Skynet from the Terminator, Marvin from Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, C-3PO from Star Wars. They have been in films since the first Sci-Fi film. Some are evil, some are good and there to serve us, some are clumsy as most people would feel a robot would, and some are smooth and fearful.

    4. Eventually one day I believe that there will be an AI that can smoothly have full conversations with us and be there to be of service. Right now the closest we have are robots that take commands through pre-programmed instructions.

  20. 1.) I could like an AI because of the things it says, but I could never love one. The AI is built to say certain things to you, it's not like it actually means it. I feel as though people who would fall in love with an AI are imbeciles, and are manipulated too easily. Sorry.

    2.) I interact with clever bot a lot. It uses what people say to it in common conversations. I find it fun to see what people say to it. I usually talk to it when I'm bored.

    3.) BEEMO from adventure time is a fun little character. He helps Fin and Jake with their adventures, while having his own as well. If someone tried hard enough, I'm sure they could make a BEEMO of their own. Although currently, they don't have one. ALTHOUGH, they do have an app in the apple store that allows you to interact with a BEEMO AI.

    4.) I think people are going to continue to try and make a human like robot. I'm a bit nervous of this thought, considering they are SO MUCH stronger than us. Although if I was lonely, it would be kind of cool to talk to a human like robot sitting next to me.

  21. 1. Definitely not. Falling in love with Artificial Intelligence such as Siri or a programmed voice in general is really weird. There is absolutely zero chance I could fall in love with or even imagine spending my life with a inanimate object.
    2. I don't interact with any AI devices. For starters, I don't have Siri because I have an Android phone. For GPS, I don't use the voice setting. I prefer visuals rather than voice.
    3. The most popular is probably J.A.R.V.A.S from the Iron Man series. He would be insanely nice to to talk to. Plus, if he can comprehend the tasks you ask of him, that would be especially interesting.
    4. I see AI technology being developed in robots. Having robots understand your voice, be able to talk back, and act upon those commands would be the ideal future. When I went to Disney Land with my family, I would say the coolest thing there was Honda's ISMO robot. It could respond to voice commands as well as walk. If it had an AI installed in it, it would be the ultimate robot.

  22. 1.) Seeing as how most of the "intelligent" AI that I know of try to cause pain and destruction to people, I don't think I could have any emotional responses with any type of AI.

    2.) I don't really interact with any AI devices, I really don't know what Siri is, I don't have a GPS, and I don't know what Dragon is.

    3.) One of the AI that I have seen is SCP-079 "The Old AI" from the fictional SCP Foundation website (and the horror game related to it: SCP Containment Breach). Another AI that I know of is X.A.N.A. from the show Code Lyoko, which is basically an evil computer program that can manipulate technology and possess people and animals with beings called Spectres, which puts them under his control and gives them various abilities, such as being able to shoot lightning, control technology, have super speed and strength, and be pretty much invincible.

    4.) I think that people will be focusing on creating a robot that will be able to mirror a human in ways such as emotions almost perfectly. I think it would be interesting if people focus on creating something like a Jaeger from the movie Pacific Rim, though not as big, so that it could help with some things, like say it can be used to help build things, since it requires a little effort to operate one, but when you learn how to work it, it could be very useful.

  23. 1.) I'm my perspective, no. No because of a couple reasons. 1.) The way I see it, liking something / someone who I cant see, that'd just be weird to me. 2.) I cant see consciousness in any inanimate object, I just cant.

    2.) Some Siri, so little to no interaction with any AI. I honestly cant think of any other AI I have interaction with.

    3.) Robot from Frank and Robot, GORT from the day the earth stood still, and Number 5 from Short Circuit are all noble variables. Robot is not far from us, he might even be here within 5 years, but GORT and Number 5 are far from us.

    4.) I see technology very much assisting the elder and young. In my life I honestly don't see much but I guess Something that would help protect me from intruders and or invaders.

  24. 1. I don't think I would be able to have any intimate emotions with any kind of AI for a few reasons, one of them is that and AI just wouldn't be attractive in any way, two is that I would know that the emotions that the AI experiences, if any, would be just a program and incapable of knowing of feeling outside of what it was designed to do.
    2. I only usually use Siri and maybe CleverBot but not really a lot of AI other than video games.
    3. I remember Sunny from iRobot, the terminator; I think that a lot of the AI we think to be far in the future is actually a lot closer than we might believe, terminator like AI is most likely already in development but production and usage of such a device is still rather far in the future.
    4. I can see this technology as a way the wealthy upper class can maintain their power and ruling over what they control, I believe that technology that can emulate the brain and memory of a person might be used similar to what you see in the book, "House of Scorpion" except with AI instead of clones. It can be used to essentially make a wealthy ruling class under the official government and just make life not enjoyable for all those below. There are, however, ways to have such technology used for good purposes, such as helping the elderly and educating the young, but a society free from such corruption is not in the future as long as the world continues on the path it's on and the parties in power remain as such, the vision for the future we all would like is not possible as long as there are greedy, power hungry, tyrants and dictators in power. AI should be used for good, it would make a nice addition to Madgar city if the UAE wasn't as corrupt. Perhaps technology like this might indeed be the key to the reform we need, or maybe it could be the tool we all fall by, this is uncertain but what is certain is that it's coming and what happens with it happens and we can do what we must to set it right and whenever something like that happens there are always those to rise up against it and set it right, somehow and despite opposition, what right is always seems to happen.

  25. 1. Honestly, I do not think I, personally, would ever fall in love with any type of AI. I can, however, see it happening to others around me as Artificial Intelligence continues to improve.

    2. While I do not generally interact with AI programs, per-say, but I do interact with the AI of computer-controlled characters on a frequent basis. While most of them may not exactly learn from you, they still react to the way you play games.

    3. Some of the AI from movies and television that comes to mind are: BMO from Adventure Time, Karen from Spongebob Squarepants, and about half the cast of Futurama. While we are still pretty far away from these characters becoming a reality, we are still closer than we have ever been before.

    4. I can see the technology becoming more human-like, and that's not necessarily a good thing. When we do inevitably get to the point where AI can have feelings and emotions, we're going to ruin into an ethics problem about what robots can and cannot do.

  26. 1.I do not believe i will ever fall in love with AI I think that certain people who are desperate for love will
    2.I use siri sometime and certain video games i play have AI's but i honestly don't see/use it in my everyday life
    3. The movie termiator, bender from futruama, C-3PO along with R2D2, meet the robertsons. I think a lot of the AI systems we see on TV I personally think will never happen they are just kind of dramatizations of real AI's
    4.I think technology has come along way since i was born, my parents didn't even have cell phone until i was at least 1-3 years old and all they could do was call and now we can text and get on Facebook etc. I think technology will have a rise and then a fall like everything else. I am assuming that we will eventually have holograms and futuristic stuff like that but i really have a hard time seeing whats going to come next considering what we have already done and what we are doing

  27. 1.I would not be able to have any feelings for AI at all seeing as they do not have any real emotions. I would and could not show any love or passion with any AI.

    2. The only time I interact with AI is when I play games like Skyrim. I can see this in everyday life if we as humans progress farther into technology an AI devices like in (elysium).

    3. In the movies of star wars, r2D2 has pain when every he is hurt which mean he is showing feelings. C3P0 can feel scared when every there are droids near. So far this is symbolic of an emotion chip per say.

    4. When i become old and need care takers I would have AI helping me with my daily chores. This might not happen in my life time at all but, I believe this will be implemented into life its self like how phones and computers were implemented into the lives of humans.

  28. 1.) I don't think i would every fall in love with a machine but i can have it as a friend.

    2.) If kinect is an AI devise i use that for plenty of games. I also use siri on the I devices.

    3.) In IRobot there is a robot that has all feelings because of the stuff his creator put in him, His creator was his best friend.

    4.) I think that there will be flying cars that run off of solar energy. Maybe the iPhone 20 will be cool but that will be in 10 years.

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  30. 1. I don't think I could, because personally I think I'd feel like they only love me because they're programmed to. It'd be a very (forgive this word) masturbatory relationship, I feel.

    2. I interact with Siri, but only sometimes when I'm bored and want to know how she's programmed to react to me saying "purple monkey dishwasher". Other than that, the only other AIs I interact with are characters or teammates in video games.

    3. I can't really think of an AI from a TV show or movie at the moment, but there's plenty of examples in video games, such as in the Knights of the Old Republic game, there's a character named HK-47, who is a reluctantly loyal, and hateful mercenary droid that the player can have as a companion. He is programmed to accompany you, regardless of how he feels about you. He does show emotion, which is fairly realistic, and i feel like he could be made sometime in the future.

    4. I feel like we'll have personal AI's at some point in the future that behave similarly to Samantha in the movie, but I don't think we'll have them in the time that I'm alive, but maybe somewhere close to the end.

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  32. 1. I don't believe I could personally the only reason being is because its a program and not a real person. It would be to weird falling in love with a man made object.

    2. I interact with the AI used in garmin GPS'. If you count characters in games I have including Anna DeWitt, Sergeant Johnson, John Henry Eden, GLaDOS. The list could go on and on with my favorite AI.

    3. Edward Scissorhands is a really good example of a AI. He was left unfinished by his creator and is trying to fit into the suburbs. I believe this character would be fact more than fiction. The reason being is because in the future many people could build AI and get lazy towards finishing it and throw it away.

    4. In the future there will definitely be AI but I don't know how far into the future. It will make everything we do easier, making the movie wall-e possibly come true.

  33. [1 - 2] Yes I believe it is possible to have an emotional response or feeling for an artificial intelligence. I think this because I played with the Existor bot, and laughed when talking to it, I felt sorry for it, and felt like I was talking to a human being at some points.

    3. I remember the android in Alien and Prometheus. I think that the bot in Prometheus was a factual cameo, because it [Spoiler Alert] was not working with the crew, it was programmed to do other research for the programmer, and to eliminate the crew if need be.

    4. I think that AI will be exploding soon maybe in 10 or 20 years, and I hope to be a part of some of it.

  34. 1. I don't think AIs will ever have the chance to have true emotions. They may be programmed for those purposes, but never truly feel it on their own. Maybe if they put the consciousness of a human being inside a machine, it could trigger something.

    2.I use Siri when I can, although I don't own an Iphone. I use Google Now, which saves my search history and can use voice like siri.

    3. I have seen various AI's aside from Her. Robocop, Terminator, IRobot has several AIs, short circut, and Wall-E. I believe Robocop and Terminator may come true, and IRobot has an AI that controls the whole city.

    4.I see an AI controlling a city, just like in Irobot. They could help citizens with purchases or transportation. They could control elevators and cameras and security.

  35. 1) no i don't think i could ever ave an emotional connection to an AI, i take that back i Know i couldn't have an emotional experience with an AI simply for the fact that they are programmed to mimic human feeling and activities it wouldn't be the same.

    2) Well the only AI that i have interacted with and for an extremely short amount of time was SIRI and i find much satisfaction with it to be honest just kinda clunky function.

    3)My most favorite is from The ALIEN series he was and android named wayland he was an exact copy of the company leader wayland inc was very intelligent but not realistic at all.

    4) i see AI becoming in charge of pretty much all company and services excluding the government and other this of this nature and i think it is very possible .

  36. 1. I am pretty sure I would never fall in love with an AI. The thing is that AIs don't have emotions and they won't have any for a very long time. Also AIs don't have emotions for a very good reason if they could choose for themselves what is stopping them from killing us all.
    2. I use Android so I can't use Siri although when I search Google tells me my results also my mom has dragon which lets me talk to the lappy, it is quiet fun. Soon i will be getting a irobot vacuum and this one is voice responsive.
    3. I like a lot of TV but my favorite AI on TV is Data from Star Trek Next Gen. I think he is so cool I like Data more then Spock which a lot of people don't like.
    4. I see AIs coming very far in the future but I don't think they will be able to think for themselves in my life time. But people fall in love AIs every day in Japan.

  37. Regraded all to 2/24/14.... Late grace was given to those that submitted blogs. You had extra time, class time and now there is no time to make up this blog!

  38. 1. I feel it would be quite strange to develop a relationship with Artificially Intelligent being. While they may be fun to have around or talk to, it overall just wouldn't feel real to me. I guess it all depends on how realistic the AI is but in the end when it all comes down to it, you couldn't have a life together with AI. You would age while it stayed the same and there would be no way for it to feel the same emotions as a human would be able to.

    2. While I do have Siri, I don't really see a need for it. I can't really think of any AI I currently interact with.

    3. GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) is an artificially intelligent operating system and the main antagonist in the Portal series. An operating system similar to GLaDOS may be possible in the distant future but as of now seems incredibly unlikely.

    4. There are already forms of basic AI out there but there is still much more progress to be made until anything even close to a human is possible. I don't see extremely advanced AI happening in my lifetime but who knows.


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