Sunday, February 16, 2014

(S4) Social Media

1.  Which of the four predictions stated in the article do you agree with?  Which do you disagree with? Why?  

2.  Which social media sites have you stopped using?

3.  Which sites do you personally interact with now?   Why?

4.  How many of the sites logos can you identify above?  (Just the number)

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  1. 1. Number two "Will Facebook tank" the reason I agree with this prediction because over the last two years that less and less people are using Facebook. That doesn't mean that people aren't still using but its still going down a small amount. But I have met people who don't even have one to begin with because they never had a reason to use it.

    2. I have stopped using Facebook because I have not recently needed to have one. because I don't have many friends who are on Facebook.

    3. If YouTube counts then I use You Tube on a regular basis like almost every day its one of my most used websites. Other then that I really don't use any other social networks because I don't need to anymore.

    4. All of them.

    1. I would like to rephrase the last answer yes i know all of them because I googled it. In the question it never said by memory or off the top of my head im just thinking outside the box

  2. Will a major player get my'spaced? I chose this one because it is very possible that a popular social media could plummet in this next year. Just look at what happened to MySpace. For no reason it just went out of business.

    2. I haven't stopped using social media so much as just not being into any social media sites in the first place. I have a Facebook and a Snapchat pretty much just because thats how people connect with other people nowadays.

    3. As I said above I use Facebook and Snapchat. I use Facebook because even the children in Africa have a Facebook weather they know it or not. I use Snapchat because it is basically texting but you use pictures instead. Its fast and easy to use.

    4. 20ish and I call bull on Sam's number :)

  3. 1.I agree with the prediction in "Will Facebook Tank?" Because I know that Facebook has been losing people slowly. People are probably rarely on there because they lost interest. Stuff like Facebook will last about a decade at a time unless able to keep interest. I do not agree or disagree with the other ones but I have never used them.

    2.All of them. I was never the guy that used social media. Just like in 1 I never used them, except Facebook, in the first place.

    3.None of them. I am not very social. I would like too be but I have nothing to talk about.(such personal questions)


  4. 1- I Agree with them talking about Facebook tanking and loosing how much time is logged on the site, I personally don't use it as much as i used to, but im not going to go off and delete my account. However, people have been starting to actually do this, this way they only have one social media page to look after, for most of these people its something like instagram or tumblr.
    2- I remember making a myspace account just as it was tanking, so i was only on it for like, a month or two, and even then, I didnt add to many people. And plus, by then, the site wasnt much fun, and facebook was already more popular.
    3- I Interact with lots of different types of social media. One of the biggest ones i interact with isn't mentioned at all on here, nor is it in the photo, which really surprises me. Steam is by far one of the largest social media programs, with over 60 million registered and active users. So that should be added on here. Besides that, in order from most used to least, Steam, Facebook, Reddit, Snap chat, Instagram. Only ones i can say i check at least weekly. (except for steam, i check that daily)
    4- 19

  5. 1. I disagree with the "Will A Major Player Get MySpace’d?" prediction. I disagree with them predicting that all social medias require photos to stay afloat just look at the millions of people still using Facebook as well as other social medias that do not only require pictures.
    2. I have stopped using Myspace, it was very fun and I had it for a while but when I saw Facebook I immediately stopped using Myspace
    3. The only two social medias I excessively use are Youtube and Facebook. I use Youtube to keep up with current sports news as well as enjoy myself watching gaming channels, listening to music and sometimes even making my own video. I use Facebook to keep up with my friends and family I

    4. 6

    1. 3. I use Facebook to keep up with family and friends in other states and countries as well as using it for enjoyment such as liking a celebrities page or posting a funny picture.

  6. 1.) I agree with the second prediction about the amount of time people spend on facebook is going to plummet. I believe this is true because compared to how it used to be not many of my friends or family spend as much time on facebook its more of a quick on and off now.
    2.) I have stopped using most if not all of the ones i used to use. I believe I only check facebook about once a once now because of the fact it just got boring.
    3.) The only sites that i still interact with regularly is youtube and spotify. I use youtube because watching videos gives me something to do and i use spotify because i like listening to music.

  7. 1. I agree with the Facebook tanking idea. I have a facebook and have for a while, but I've stopped using it almost entirely. I might as well delete my account. I'm not sure if I'm the only one like this, but i can see facebook kicking the bucket.

    2. I have stopped using every social media websites/apps. I only use Steam and Skype, but that's mostly for gaming and not to be used like social media.

    3. I watch YouTube,, and anonymous anime websites when I either can't play video games, or I'm just bored with games.

    4. 12

  8. 1.) I agree with the first article and how some social networks are starting to become absent in the daily conversation. But major sites like Twitter, Instagram, etc. will be "MySpace'd" meaning that a new and better social network will come out and bring attention away from these sites.
    2.)I have stopped using MySpace because Facebook was the big craze and i found it easier to use
    3.)I use Facebook because it is easy to navigate and upload post and pictures. I also use Instagram so i could look at just pictures of friends or whatever

  9. 1. I agree with the second prediction of this website because I have seen this happen when I was using facebook before. I used to use facebook a few years ago, but now I don't and I saw a decrease of people I know using it so I think that there is going to be less time spent using facebook and more time on a new site or in real life. I disagree with the third prediction about how small social medias getting larger in a single leap because not all of them have enough fame to do this.

    2. I have stopped using facebook and that is all I've really used in terms of social media that has to do with talking with friends.

    3. I personally interact with youtube and because i like to watch videos or live streams going on at the time.

    4. 7

  10. 1. I agree with "will there be a breakout social media company in 2013" because their were many breakouts like vine, instagram, and snapchat. They are very big social media company's and are still very popular till this day. I disagree with "will facebook tank" because everyone still uses facebook and I think it will stay that way for a long time.

    2. I have stopped using Facebook because it's gets you into drama in my opinion, it really is boring and not important to me. It makes me feel like I don't need to use it as much in my life so i don't.

    3. I watch Youtube, Twitch Tv, and MLG (major league gaming) just because they all have something to do with my favorite hobby which is video gaming. They are very entertaining most of the time so I feel that it's something to do and watch throughout thee day.

    4. 10

  11. 1) I agree with the prediction stating that the total time users spend browsing Facebook will reduce drastically- because there are now so many other social networks, users have to divide the free time they have over all of the ones they are a part of. I disagree with the prediction that a major social network will get "MySpace'd." I honestly do not think something like this can happen in a single year.

    2) I stopped using Facebook about a day after I joined. I have no real need to connect with my friends and their friend's friends and their friend's friend's friend's friends in an open public environment such as that. I only created an account to enter in to a contest, and I barley use it since then.
    3) The only main sites I interact with regularly are YouTube and Google - pretty much every other site I go on stems from these two.
    4) 13

  12. 1) I agree with the Facebook one because I see this in myself. Yes, I still use it, but I don't use it nearly as much as I used to.
    2) I've stopped using Instagram and Twitter. Not that I have anything against them, but I found it was too much to keep up with. So I'll just stick with my first account, Facebook.
    3) I use Steam and Skype a lot. Steam for quick messaging and games, and Skype for quick messages or 6 hours internet calls. Of course, I use Youtube for entertainment. I also use Vine for the same reason. Although, the great part about Vine, is that they're usually only 6 seconds long, so it's good for a quick laugh.
    4) 7

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  14. 1. I agree with their statement that Facebook won't plummet, but user time on it will. It's still a great method for events, pictures, chatting, and other things, I just believe that the majority of people have stopped using it just to "scroll"

    2. Instagram is probably the social media site that I use the most, Facebook has now become my use for communication and events while I've increased my time spent on Twitter.

    3. Going along with what I stated above I use Twitter the most to communicate with people along with sharing posts I find amusing.

    4. Around 22.

  15. 1. I agree with the first, second, and third, but not with the fourth. I do think small social networks can rise up, like Snapchat came up and it was really small when it got popular, but now practically everybody with a smartphone uses it to communicate with their friends and family.

    2. I have stopped using Myspace in the past, but more recently, I have ditched sites like Tumblr and Facebook, because Twitter appealed more to me. It was faster, more simple, and it makes me feel like I'm reaching a wider audience with my tweets rather than with my Facebook statuses or Tumblr posts

    3. I mainly just use Twitter nowadays, it's fast, easy, and I met all of my internet friends through it, and now we play games together on Steam or just do fun calls on Skype. It's very easy to use and spreading of posts feels really quick relative to other sites.

    4. 23

  16. 1.) I believe Facebook's activiy is going to plummet if it stays in the same state it currently is in. People are going to get bored and turn to something new when it comes out, that offers more. I disagree that MySpace will come back, MySpace already happened, people want change... Something new..., not something that already happened.
    2.) I am rarely on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Vocal, although I still use them for business related purposes.
    3.) I am always on YouTube, Facebook, and Vine. They seem to provide the most entertainment for me. They are called the time-wasters to, due to the enormous amount of time I dedicate to them.
    4.) Twenty
    P.S. 113 Words :)

  17. 1. I agree on the statement that social media has exploded over the past year, because of snapchat, tumblr and twitter becoming very popular with my friends and family.

    2. I don't use a lot of social media like cnapchat or facebook or twitter, but the ones that I have used I am still using.

    3. I use tumblr and Skype most of the time, I like tumblr because there are lots of funny blog posts. and Skype I use to keep in contact with friends and family.

    4. in the picture I can see Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit.

  18. 1) I agree with the idea Facebook will not fall off the map, but instead see users spending significantly less time on it. I agreed with their statement Vine will increase in popularity, however, they state it is an "under the radar" app, but I have continuously seen it on the App store as ranked #1 of free apps, and now holds the position of 10 among social network app downloads. To put that into perspective, that's above LinkedIn (12), Tumblr (15), and Google+ (21). In other words, Vine has already claimed its title among the big dogs.
    2) I had a Twitter for a short time but stopped using it. It's between Facebook and Tumblr where you write a text post and have the ability to reblog them, so I find it mostly boring to be apart of. My Facebook usage has dropped significantly along with Snapchat (Though I still hold my highscore of just over 31k).
    3) I mainly use Tumblr for social networking. I downloaded Vine yesterday actually and plan on becoming a regular user. Gamecenter is a social networking platform often overlooked, but I use that close to the amount I use Tumblr (not through the actual app of course, but using other multiplayer iPhone games with friends).
    4) Twenty

  19. 1. I disagree with the first two predictions. I don't think that Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, or Pinterest will get MySpace’d. They all have a decent amount of users as it is, and if people have stuck with a social media company for long enough, they are afraid to change. Ultimately, what social media site the majority of your friends use determines what you use. The second prediction is that Facebook will lose time spent on their site, but their popularity won't plummet. I disagree with this. The majority of the people I know who have used it for years have recently stopped using it all together. I agree with the fact that Vine broke out and is ready to explode in popularity, that is, if it hasn't already. And finally, I do believe small, micro businesses will rise because friends are starting to be more private will each other.
    2. I have stopped using Tumblr, Facebook, and Google+. I use Twitter and Steam mostly.
    3. I interact with Twitter and Steam now. They are both nice because all of my friends use them and they are simple and easy to use.
    4. I know 15 off of the top of my head.

  20. 1. I agree that Twitter will get Myspace'd this year, it is a social platform that is very restrictive with what you can post. You also aren't able to post videos and the tweeting system only lets you post so much. 140 characters to be exact. What I don't agree with if the prediction that Facebook will tank. Facebook is used worldwide as a website for people to communicate and see old friends. My parents even use Facebook and they show 0 signs of stopping.

    2. I've stopped using Facebook and Twitter.

    3. I personally use Youtube and Steam for my social needs.

    4. 5

  21. 1. I agree with the Vine statement. VInes going to blow up in popularity, if it already hasn't. I've seen my friends spend hours and hours watching those damn 6 second videos. I already feel my inner hipster stirring like it did with Flappy Bird.

    2. I rarely embark on social websites and the only one I have ever been apart of I still use.

    3. I use YouTube and Xbox Live constantly because YouTube is an easy way to watch all the videos I love and Xbox Live because I play too much Xbox. I use Facebook and Rooster Teeth a decent amount because their both for specific things and I use Steam occasionally, mainly due to my lack of a personal computer.

    4. 12

  22. 1. I agree with all the predictions such as a major player getting my media site than yes I do.

    2. I stopped using Facebook because it was too revealing and gave to much information out to people. Many employers look at your Facebook to see what kind of person you are.

    3. I interact with skype,steam,blogger and somewhat youtube. The reason for using skype is to talk to people for free if I'm playing a game in steam with my friends. I use youtube to look at videos but not for chatting to people. i don't post anything in my bio for these sites because it is too revealing

    4. 9

  23. 1. A saying I modified to my own liking, Observe, Kill, Consume, Adapt, Repeat. Everything changes, Facebook and other social media that's here today will fade in the future. There are apparently smaller social media sites that might seem they will never rise, but in time they kill, everything changes.

    2. Roblox, that was my childhood social media, now I'm never on that.

    3. Little Facebook, Little Tumblr, Steam.

    4. 8

  24. 1.I think that many social media networks are definitely all eligible for Myspacification, but I don't see it happening to the big ones like twitter or Facebook. A huge amount of people still use them everyday, and there are plenty that are so under the radar that they may never get to that status before they lose it.

    2. Youtube (Comments only) and snapchat. They both just became too much to bother with.

    3.I mostly just use Twitter. I don't like to use many sites at once because they become too much to keep track of.

    4. 10

  25. 1. I agree with the prediction that Facebook will not completely tank but will definitely see a decrease of use. Many new feature have been added that out right annoy me, such as seeing everything someone likes. Newsfeeds have become cluttered and Facebook is not nearly as personal as it used to be. I don't disagree with any of the site's predictions.

    2. I very rarely use Facebook.

    3. I use Twitch, Youtube, and Reddit for entertainment and Twitter to keep in touch with stuffs.

    4. 18

  26. 1.) I somewhat agree with the prediction that Facebook is getting less popular because I used to spend maybe around 10 minutes or so on it doing things but now all I really do anymore is log on look around for like a minute then log off, but thats just me, i don't know if it has happened to anyone else.
    2.) I don't think I have stopped using any social media sites yet, but thats mainly because I don't use a lot.
    3.) I go on Youtube a lot to watch videos pretty much only by a let's player known as Sinuyan and I really only use Facebook to log on and check to see news about what he is doing and after that i just log off.
    4.) I would say that I can identify about 6 of those logos above.

  27. 1. I agree with the prediction that Facebook will not completely 'tank', but will see a decrease of use. My friends and I used to get on Facebook and spend at least an hour or two a day, but now we're only on long enough to scan what's going on, and then we log off. Part of the reason is because of some of the new features that they've added.
    2. I haven't stopped using any social media sites, but I have stopped using Facebook as much as I used to.
    3. I personally use Youtube and and Skype.
    4. 6

  28. 1.)i agree that tumblr will fall i personally don't like that type/way of using social media I also agree with the prediction that Facebook wont tank there will just be less time spent on it, I don't think vines will be the next social media out break maybe for a little while then it will tank
    3.)Facebook, snapchat, YouTube, Skype, spotify, kik i use most of them to either send messages or see what my friends are up to or listen to music

  29. 1) i agree that facebook is on its way out due to sheer fact that there are so many other social media websites on the internet and personally i think they are all more modern then facebook itself.

    2) facebook, kik

    3 twitter, instagram, snapchat

    4) 15

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  31. oh woops thought the dead line was at the end of sunday will this count?

  32. 1. I agree that Facebook will be changed in 2014 becuase of how many new people are starting to use it. Last year this one post had only 9 million likes and I checked it today and it had 15 million. This shows how much social media is changing."Through the comparison, Zuckerberg essentially argued Facebook would be around forever. Just like electricity, he implied, Facebook had become a utility that people were not about to do without. " I do not agree with this statement because a lot of people that I know do not use Facebook. In fact I believe the Facebook craze will die of just like it did for my space. Another thing that I disagree with is, "Get ready to see Vine take its place among the big dogs in 2014." This will not become a big competitor because like most lazy people, they don't like clicking on the videos to see what is happening. Plus it takes to long to load anyways. This wont appeal for lots of people. I do agree with this "No. Expect to hear a lot more about smaller, niche networks in 2014 but their rise is still a ways off." This will happen eventually and in the near future.
    2. All the social media that people have stopped using I never used in the first place. The only social media that I have ever use was Facebook and I haven't stopped using that.
    3.I interact with Facebook so I can talk to people rather than texting them. I can look at funny posts or funny pictures and I can comment like and follow. I can't do all of that by testing. Another reason why I use Facebook is because its the first sight I've used and I'm to lazy to us another.
    4. 4

  33. A lot better than last blog. I even sited comments from the article and used a lot of explanations. :) hope this will count

  34. 1.) The prediction I agree with goes as follows, Yes A Major Player Will Get MySpace’d. I agree with this because I believe, all things come to an end eventually. All trends will eventually di out and new ones will replace them.

    2.) I personally haven't gotten involved with many social networks over the years, but I would say I lost interest in fairly quickly. I just got tired of it, there wasn't really much to it. That and nobody was asking me any questions :'(

    3.) I use Steam frequently. I get to play games with my friends that way. Its great because most games on there also have cloud storage for the game's saves. There is a variety of free games to play and it makes it very easy to connect with others.

    4.) 10

  35. 1.) I agree with # 2 because Facebook will always be used for many things but the amount of time spent on it will go down fast and the amount of people will go down very slowly.

    2.)I have stopped using Skype, twitter, Reddit, MySpace, Beats Music and some other ones that
    I don't remember the names of.

    3.) I use Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Steam, and some I only got because alot of people had it to.

    4.) 27

  36. 1. I agree with all of them mainly because anything can happen. Tumblr, and Facebook are going to die they are already going down hill. Besides it has happened before Do You Remember Google Buzz and Google Wave?
    2. I have stopped using Google Wave And Buzz, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter.
    3. I use G+, Youtube, Steam, Skipe, Reddit.
    4. 48

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  38. 1. I don't agree with the first one at all because it's based on rumor and speculation with unconfirmed facts and bias. I agree with the second one mostly but a large trend I've seen in this article can be alluded with doomsday predictions and a lot of it seems to be aimed at getting a readers attention with the intrigue that the possibility brings. I agree with the one about vine but if anything is new and of use it will become popular. And I agree with the last saying that microsocial networks won't rise because we don't like to be isolated into little areas but in the open where we stand together.
    2. I've stopped using myspace haha and I've never really used G+
    3. I've started to use vine more and Instagram, although I don't really need anymore I have wanted to try an anonymous social network that has recently arisen and gained some negative publicity
    4. about 11


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