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(S1) Ecological Tech

Masdar City

“Masdar City is an emerging global hub for renewable energy and clean technologies that positions companies
located here at the heart of this global industry”

1.  What are the significant points about the technology of this city?

2.  What other cities in the world are using ecological technologies? 

3.  What technologies are being developed, or used in the US, that protect the environment and use resources wisely?

4.  What do you think of this field of technology as it relates to the world or you personally?  


  1. 1. Masdar city's technological aspects generally have to do with creating ways to efficiate the production of clean energy. Abu Dhabi, the city's real name, was previously a place that was centered around providing oil to many other countries, but they have started dabbling in the business of renewable energy to much success.

    2. Freiburg, Germany is the third leading ecologically advanced city that has practiced energy saving acts since the 1970's. The city incinerates all of its non-renewable waste to provide energy for its citizens. There is also Curitiba, Brazil, which has the lowest amount of air polution in Brazil and its trees allow for a reduction to how often natural floods occur.

    3. The U.S. has mostly invested in solar energy more than anything else but we also have a lot of organic foods and healthy pesticides that we use on our produce. Nothing revolutionary has been put in place as of yet.

    4. Of course it will effect us in that it takes a lot of work to be ecologically efficient, but I don't think it will change the lives of us as much as it will change the lifestyle of future generations who REALLY have to be careful about their energy usage when oil becomes harder to find and they have to be sparing in their use of it.

  2. 1. It seems that the whole idea of this city is to create a solar city essentially, and what that means is a city where all the technology is environmentally friendly. The energy is also clean.

    2. Stockholm, Sweden is a city that is making progress on becoming a fully functioning Eco-city. Stockholm has established six environmental goals called Vision 2030, which is supposed to improve life for all the citizens and help out their economical issue.

    3. I found an article on water efficient landscaping. It shows us how much water we are wasting and how we can be more efficient with our water through landscaping and designing our houses in a way that betters our water usage. This one example of ways we are trying to improve the environment over here.

    4. Well I kind of want the earth around. There is a lot of technology related things that if not treated will make this earth no longer livable. I don't think it will be that extreme anywhere in my lifetime but its coming close.

  3. 1. Well Masdar I must say is AWESOME! It looks like a great modern Arabian City that has many technological advancements but the advancements are all ecological such as windmills and others.

    2.Curitiba, Brazil is a city using eco tech and they are using it by applying it to heath and wellness as well as educationally.Over 70% of city residents participate in recycling programs which fuels the city’s progressive waste processing system. That is a huge percentage. Also In 2010 Curitiba recognized for their achievement with the Globe Sustainable City Award due to their understanding of sustainable city development – both regarding policy and implementation.

    3.This really only applies to me about education in no other will I or have I used eco tech.

  4. 1. The technology there in Masdar or Abu Dhabi is mainly something that is being created for an entirely environmental friendly city. So everything uses renewable and clean energy essentially.

    2. In China there is a city called Tianjin where the government is striving to create and economic city. They plan to make the city very compact first with certain districts specializing in specific jobs. They are also planning to make it so people will have to take a public form of transportation or take non motorized vehicles like a bike. Plus they will have vegetation and water network plan adaptation to make it more comfortable for who is living there. There are over 200 other eco cities in development in China right now.

    3. Technically solar panels are still being developed to absorb more energy, but that doesn't count really since they have already been developed. We have started to develop eco friendly cars that use less gas or are electric here in the U.S.

    4. I think it is necessary since we are polluting our world and need to fix it before it gets worse. Though it would be hard for many of todays people to change to a different kind of technology that relies on eco energy. They would have many problems. Though after a while they would probably get used to it. I personally think that this technology is a great idea and I wouldn't mind if we switched over to it.

  5. 1. Masdar City runs off of renewable energy and clean technologies. It is a great place for research and technology companies hoping to promote the world. It is a place for new inventions and experiments to take place and eventually be compared to other more populated scales of the world.
    2. Barcelona is one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world but also one of the most elegant because of its rehabilitated buildings, solar power generation, and hydrogen bus pilot program. Sydney is known for becoming one of the green cities because of the city’s activities that involves food-waste management. Many people consider San Francisco to be the most elegant city in the world but in fact, it is also one of the most eco-friendly cities to visit. Located in Oregon, Portland has become one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly cities in United States. But by far, Reykjavik is the most eco tech. Reykjavik is the smallest amazing green city on the list, with only about 115,000 people residing in the city and roughly 300,000 people in the entire country of Iceland. Its impact on the environment has been amazing. By the year 2050, Iceland plans to free itself from dependence on fossil fuels and become a hydrogen economy. Already, Reykjavik is harnessing energy and produces electricity entirely from hydro power and geothermal resources. The city is known for the use of renewable energy to power hydrogen-fueled buses for transportation and free of greenhouse gas emissions. Iceland has developed an environmental policy. The goal of their policy is to minimize Iceland’s total environmental impact and to establish sustainable practices by optimizing the use of the resources.
    3. 1.) Any carbon-based waste, from turkey guts to used tires, can, by adding sufficient heat and pressure, be turned into oil through a process called thermo-depolymerization. 2.) Desalination, basically removing the salt and minerals out of seawater, is one way to provide potable water in parts of the world where supplies are limited. 3.) Hydrogen fuel cell usage has been touted as a pollution-free alternative to using fossil fuels. 4). Bioremediation uses microbes and plants to clean up contamination. 5.) Electronic paper, a flexible display that looks very much like real paper but can be reused over and over.
    4. Brand-new technology is vital for our future. So many past inventions have benefited us, but harmed the Earth. For example, the invention of cars now emits an insane amount of carbon dioxide, which is one of the most harmful greenhouse gas affecting our environment. New technology is allowing us to become more eco friendly.

  6. 1:) The technology within this city is designed to work in new and innovative ways. The city should have little to no technological footprint, which allows the use of various forms of energy without destroying the environment. If the plans for the city are successful, then it will be completely ahead of anywhere else in the world in terms of this technology.

    2:) Different places around the world have been attempting to make the switch to using ecological technologies, such as Stockholm, Sweden and Curitiba, Brazil. While these cities have been making a huge difference with the effects of the switch to being eco-friendly, none of them will come close to being as green and advanced as Masdar plans to be.

    3:) Devices such as wind turbines and underwater power turbines are being developed and used all across the country and world. They provide a new way to receive the expendable energy that we use in our everyday lives without having to harm the environment in order to do so. These technologies are continually progressing as time goes on, becoming more and more efficient and cost-friendly.

    4:) This field of technology involves anyone and everyone in the world. It is the next step that we are taking collectively as a race, and we are doing so in order to provide ourselves and others with a far better future than previously imaginable. Eventually, all cities will be close to if not farther on than Masdar will be in ecological technologies, allowing our lifestyles to be less conflicting with the health of the environment.

  7. 1) the technology that is used in the cities is clean, and in the future that will keep the city striving and prospering with a beautiful enviroment.

    2) Estonia still has a positive footprint and is a very beautiful place. Ecological energy helps maintain that good atmosphere.

    4) I think it is important to know and stay on top of these renewable technologies because it is very important for the world in the future and that will affect us and our kids for generations.

  8. 1. Madar's or it's real name Abu Dhabi's energy is runned by a 10MW solar photovoltaic plant. The largest one solar plant in the middle east. It powers the city and provides the city with clean energy.

    2. Calgary, Canada Alberta ranked as the top eco-city in the world in 2010 for its, "excellent level of service on waste removal, sewage systems, and water drinkability and availability, coupled with relatively low air pollution.

    3. Hydrogen Fuel for cars, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, Electronic Paper, etc.

    4. Yes the environment effects us, without it chances of living is none. So any technology that actually helps the environment or our resources is good enough for me.

  9. 1:) :) Technology in this city is created to work efficiently without using up to much resources. Therefore to create a better energy saving idea. This is just like how china is technology evolved. A city like this might have a footprint but Im not sure.

    2:):) None of the below cities are as advanced at madsdar should be when its finished, because of the way its designed. Cities like Sweden and Brazil have no chance.

    3.Solar panels and wind turbines are being used across the us for constant energy. This allows for new energy to be given to us. At first solar panels were not even worth making but, now they are very efficient.

    4:):) This field of technology allows us as human bengns to progress farther in a whole as the role of a human. Later on in the 21st century we will become majorly efficient with are energy and fossil fuels to the point where there will be no shortage. With the coming of age with new cities everything will be as efficient as madsdar.

  10. 1. Since there's no cars allowed in Masdar city, the city provides PRT (Personal Rapid Transit)
    systems. The city will also use a multitude of renewable resources, such as solar power, wind plants, geothermal energy, and it will even have a hydrogen power plant.

    2. Cities like Curitiba (Brazil), Auroville (India), Freiburg (Germany), and Stockholm (Sweden) can all be classified as "Eco-Cities"

    3. In the us, I know that we use basic renewable energy resources, such as geothermal and wind energy, but we're also doing different forms of recycling, such as E-Cycling, where people bring in their old devices and they are effectively recycled for use in other devices for the future.

    4. I think this kind of city is a brilliant idea, as it allows the city to be self-sufficient, as well as being sort of utopian, because it just seems like such a wonderful city to live in, it's like an oasis of sorts.

  11. 1. The technology that is incorporated into the city is absolutely astounding. The city was constructed to have the most minimal economical foot print. They have solar panels, wind mills etc to run all the electricity needed to run the city. They reuse water as many times as possible and if they can't they feed it to the plants. They have zero waste because what they use for packaging is biodegradable.

    2. The cities that use ecological technologies are Curitiba, Brazil - Auroville, India - Freiburg, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden.

    3. As of right now the US uses wind mills, solar panels around the country. To further reduce our carbon footprint be would need to be self sustained by not using oil etc. The US reduced the pollution of cars by talking to the manufacturers.

    4. The world needs to see that earth will not last a long time if they keep polluting it. Everyone should be aware that pollution is a real problem. I would love to live in a no emissions city.

  12. 1) A few of the points I like about Masdar City is that they have taken the standard city and made every possible aspect of it as green and as clean as it can be. The water management systems are well regulated and the citizens attempt to use as little water as they can. The power generation systems are all solar and wind. Waste management systems looks for potential use from what is thrown away. Transportation is all electric buses, and cars along with light rails and mostly walking.

    2) I don't know of many other cities around the world but I do know that my home town of Aurora, IL is producing power with wind turbines and has reformed it's systems to make it more green. The buildings it builds are built to maximize efficiency. But Masdar is by far the most advanced I've seen.

    3) Having power being generated by solar panels and wind turbines will save the environment and even reduce the cost of power generation.

    4) Personally I like this field of technology, I like the idea of living more in harmony with nature and not destroying it how it has been.

  13. 1.) The technology in the city focus on keeping it as clean as possible, and went from being 1 of the top 10 largest oil companies in the world to now being one of the cleanest cities in the world through the use of renewable resources such as things like solar panels.

    2.) Some of the cities other than Masdar that focus on staying green are Curitiba, Brazil - Auroville, India - Freiburg, Germany - and Stockholm, Sweden.

    3.) There are many renewable energy sources that are used in the US, such as Solar, Geothermal, Wind, Biomass, and Hydroelectricity, and there are some places in the US that are set up to get the maximum amount of these types of energy, such as Wind Farms, Geothermal Power Plants, and Solar/Thermal Power Plants.

    4.) I think that the idea of only using renewable energy sources is a good idea because it provides a good amount of power to people and has no cost to the earth, unlike using things like fossil fuels, which provide energy yet damage the earth and cause several environmental hazards, like acid rain, among other things, so by using renewable energy sources, it would be better for us and the earth rather than using fossil fuels.

  14. 1.) The technology used in the city is meant to use as little as much power as they can to receive the best out of their devices. It is also meant to be clean, clear, and secure. It is meant to be the best it can for the environment.

    2.) Other cities in the world that use ecological technologies despite Masdar are Brazil, India, and Germany.

    3.) Right now the US is using water, a valuable resource. Using our resources wisely will help us fulfill the needs of people, industries, and businesses. While also keeping fish and other aquatic life alive. Across the state these water people have diverse needs and goals we must find a way to share limited supplies.

    4.) The concept of future technologies is an extravagant idea that we have not yet mastered. They are also vital, where would we be today if we didn't have any innovations by new technologies.

  15. 1. Masdar is focused on keeping their city as fresh and clean as possible, unlike Mexico.

    2. The USA is using ecological technologies like solar panels and wind farms to create energy cleanly.

    3. Dams produce energy through running water and are great sources of energy.

    4. I think using technology that makes the world cleaner is fantastic and we need more of it. If we had less gas guzzling machines, then our ecosystem would be in a lot better shape.

  16. 1. Masadar uses technology to reuse energy to better their products.

    2. Many cities in the world are/have been using steam boats. Granted they don;t go as fast, but they get the job done without hurting the environment

    3. Electronic cars are being produced, so that it won't send so much pollution into the air.

    4. Well, I love the thought if using technology to make the world cleaner. Look at it this way, we know more about space then we do our own oceans. Now days when we discover a new species in the ocean, they're already extinct because of pollution. If we can cut down on pollution, we can preserve the wildlife, and learn about how they survive under all the water pressure.

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  18. 1. Masadar is a city that use renewable energy so that the city wont be covered with smog or pollution which makes the city somewhat discussing to live in.

    2. Places like here in the U.S use solar technology to make the energy we use more Eco friendly so we don't damage the environment so much.

    3.Dams, Electronic cars, and water are being used as ways to make it easier for the planet so there will be less pollution in the air.

    4.The idea of using technology to make the world less polluted is one of the smarter ideas we've had in a while because we needed to for the longest time and we have just been putting it off. Personally I think its a great idea because if we can turn around and fix the damage we did and to make the earth cleaner.

  19. 1. Masdar City is a city revolving around clean energy technology. This city is a fast growing hub for green technologies and businesses, and is based on being a sustainable city in terms of energy production and water consumption.

    2. While other countries do use green energy, it is nowhere near as effective as Masdar. So few people use solar power here in the US, it's still cheaper to create and distribute non eco-friendly sources of power.

    3. Wind power, solar panels, and cars that break down water to run on the energy are all either being developed for use in the US or already in use, and hopefully as more and more people become aware about the problems that pollution causes, these technologies will be used more frequently.

    4. I'm always concerned about pollution and air quality, especially here in the city where congestion and air pollution can be a real problem. Having these technologies would improve the quality of life

  20. 1. Masdar City is a modern utopian city that is all about clean technology to put it there words, "the highest quality living and working environment with the lowest possible ecological footprint" So they produce as little as possible
    2. Most cites are obliviously not that and Ecofriendly mainly because it cheap and easy to make pollution than to be clean and nice to the earth. APS and SRP are not that bad SRP uses water power to make energy where as APS uses nuclear tech to make energy but APS's plant is old the tech has gotten cleaner and safer.
    3. Windmills, and solar panels are only 2 of the things we use as Americans. Electric cars and hydrogen cars are also finding there way to road.
    4. I like to call my self ecocontinuous i recycle and make sure we never use to much energy.and this city is more about the dust in the air and not the pollution we are one of the cleanest cites in America.

  21. 1. Masdar city is a city that relies on clean, renewable energy using solar panels that completely cover the entire city.
    2. Calgary, Canada Alberta was ranked as the top eco-city in the world in 2010 because of it's great level of service on waste removal, sewer systems, water drinkability and availability, and relatively low air pollution.
    3. The U.S. has invested in solar panels and wind turbines to help the environment and reduce the cost of power generation.
    4. I believe that using this technology is important because they will help us keep the earth around longer. Renewable technology is the smart idea because they will provide cleaner technology without harming the earth.

  22. 1.) One of the main points of Masdar City, was to make an entire community that consists of renewable energy and a clean environment. Some of they ways they maintain energy cost, is by utilizing their 40 to 60 megawatt PV solar power plant.

    2.) Austin Texas was recently awarded with the title of " largest US city to use only renewable energy". They uses lots of wind turbines to collect the energy they need to power the city. But, the citizens do have to pay more for this kind of power.

    3.) An awesome rising technology is Solar Power. It has been used here in Arizona more so than anywhere else, and because of our hot climate, its one of the best places to utilize it anyways.

    4.) This technology I believe, WILL be a huge part of our community in the future. With the threat of climate warming getting worse every year, governments have to start regulating the countries form of clean energy.

  23. 1.)The main point of the energy in Masdar city is that it will save energy and will keep the air clean.

    2.)Actually people all over the USA are using this kind of energy. People get there energy for solar panels and some wind farms like the ones in California.

    3.)Most places in the USA that are using these kind of energy sources usually get good air flow, and have a lot of sun shine just like the valley of Arizona.

    4.)I think that it would help the world a lot because in China there is so much pollution because of how much power is being used there. It would really clear that up and people in those conditions don't have to live like that anymore.

  24. This is important technology

  25. 1. It's focus is to create clean energy efficiently to keep the air clean.

    2. Now, Masdar city is the most "clean, there are other cities that try to make a difference like Stockholm, Curitiba, and Freiburg. Those cities will not be as clean as Masdar at any time in the future, in my opinion.

    3. The most you hear about in the U.S. about clean energy is solar panels and electric cars, but there is more technology than that. There is also wind power and hydro power (electricity made from water spinning-up a generator).

    4. This field of technology is very important and beneficial for everyone on Earth. It helps clean/reduce air pollution making it "easier" to breath and lessens global warming, which can cause lots of destruction and death to our planet.

  26. 1. Masdar City has a very good system to have no effect on the environment at all. They use solar and wind power to power the city, no nuclear, oil, and coal. There will never be smog in that city. They also use a mater of filters and technology which uses as little of water as possible. This allows them to save water in the desert like area they are in. The separation and organization in waste management allows this city to recycle better. This allows better reuses of items. Less waste.

    2.London put wind turbines in a skyscrapers. Which allowed the skyscraper to produce its own power.

    3.The U.S. is working on a centimeter thin solar panel. Solar power would decrease in price that could increase the amount of solar panels and the amount of ecological energy.

    4.This could effect me thru solar power which could get better and the amount of power from coal and oil plants..

  27. 1- The city is based off of a plan to have no overall affect on the environment, and to use the environment to power and sustain life in their city. It is basically a city that will have no polution, run off of things like solar and wind, and minimal water use. AS well as this, better trash systems help keep waste down and recycling up.
    2- Here in the United States, Arizona especially, solar power is quite big. Lots of homes in Arizona have them installed and help keep power bills low.
    3- Again, Solar panels. Solar panels are being worked on immensely all over the united states, especially in the northern and western states. But as well as this, wind is being used. In California, more and more wind mills are being installed in open fields, reducing the states footprint.
    4- The only thing that my family really takes a large part in is recycling. This helps us organize our waste as well as reduce the amount of products that need to be remade.

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  29. 1.) The research and innovation behind the technology in Masdar points towards their ecological footprint. They take the concept of a normal city, and develop upon it to create a city that will not hurt the earth in every action.
    2.) Every city uses ecologically friendly technology in some way or another. For example, our own city has the light rail, which runs off of generated electricity instead of diesel.
    3.) Technology is being developed to run from more common resources, such as nitrogen, water, air, etc. An example in the United states are windmills. We take advantage of an everyday energy generator, and convert it for other purposes.
    4.) Personally these technologies are innovative and help be "green", but I believe we are working towards a wrong goal. Instead leaning on the Liberal side, we should work toward constantly improving and exploring other technologies, such as a shuttle that can reach a different planet. Working to limit a gas output is stupid when comparing it to other options we have in science and exploration.

  30. 1.)A Masdar city is a city that focuses on the earth and their footprint.they limit the damage due from their city to the earth by every way they can.
    2.)If you make the drive to California you will find hundreds of windmills generate power for California.
    3.)electric cars would stop polluting the air
    4.)i think that it will help our world significantly and help us live a longer and better life

  31. 1.)madsar is a city built for max efficiency. It run mostly off of solar and recycles.


    3.)solar panels, wind turbines, and recycling centers.

    4.)I think the concept is awesome but rare...

  32. 1.) Madsar city is driving towards renewable energy for better efficiently
    2.) Songdo, South Korea
    3.) The EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) and also recycling, etc
    4.) I think it is wonderful that this is happening, but we need to do more for our environment. Human are already overpopulated and species are dying out faster than we thought.

  33. 1) Masdar City is built using clean technology that will run efficiently and effectively. It is meant to be built to meet needs that everyone has dreamed of achieving.

    2) Arizona is starting to use solar panels on most schools since using them takes up no resources and is clean.

    3) The US is starting to rely more on electric cars and solar panels in cities to use a more renewable, safer resource.

    4) I think that more things like Masdar City are going to start showing up more and more in the future. It will keep the earth alive and hopefully start to make the world a better place to live with cleaner air.

  34. 1.)madsar city releases far less carbon and they use a different more efficient type of car to help keep their release of carbon down
    2.)brazil and Germany along with china and Barcelona
    3.)solar panels are a big one we have a lot of solar panels now a fair amount of houses have them and a lot of schools and districts (including ours!!!), hybrid and electric cars are being bought and used a lot more now than ever,the electric railway systems the subway and the light rail that we have here

  35. 1.) Madsar city releases far less carbon and they use a different more efficient type of car to help keep their release of carbon down.
    2.) Brazil and Germany along with china and Barcelona.
    3.) Solar panels are a big one we have a lot of solar panels now a fair amount of houses have them and a lot of schools and districts (including ours!!!), hybrid and electric cars are being bought and used a lot more now than ever, the electric railway systems the subway and the light rail that we have here.
    4.) I think this an amazing idea concept and thing we are working towards I'm hoping one day that the whole world will be just like Madsar city but people are not willing to change but that's beside the point.


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