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17 MsK's Last Blog!

Your task this week is to breeze through blogs in this forum from the past few years.  

Pick 3 that stick out in your mind.   

They could be topics that interest you, topics that got the best responses or made you think or creative tech ideas.   List the topic and why you chose it.  


1.)  2013 - Internet of Things.  This topic really intrigued me.   I never thought of technology as being so interconnected and all encompassing.  It was scary and I learned something here.

2.)  2012 - Social Networking in School.  I was doing research for admins and was excited to open this topic up for an opportunity for kids to be heard about this topic. It shocked me in what some of the kids wrote.  I thought they would be 'all for' networking at school, but most were not.  I respect the right for all to express their thoughts though and it gives me perspective.  But I hated some answers.

3.) 2012 - James Dyson award.   Great things people are doing out there all over the world.  I hope someone picks this perhaps as their blog topic because we should look at this site every year or something like it. Technology is not always about cool gadgets or ways to connect, but about improving life.

P.S.   Word count = 155 (Nice job MsK)

The blog next week will be one of yours!  I'm officially turning this over to you!


  1. 1.Cloud Storage: It was a very interesting look into the three different cloud storage's. Each one does have its unique property to ether save files or edit your word or presentation anywhere fast.

    2.Searching Google: A very useful blog. I still use the tips from this blog. Google does narrow your search a lot with many tricks that you may not realizing that you are using. A example is that you want to search with the smallest amount of words you can.

    3.Leadership: I like this one because it gives you a chance to think about your and open yourself up to other people. To some people it is a lot harder than you think.

  2. 1. MacBook Pro: This topic was really interesting to me, I learned a lot about the Macbook and its Features, the features were interesting because you only had to use your hands to access them.

    2: Laptop Design (2013): This one blog caught my eye the most because the way laptops were then and now and also how people thought laptops would look.This blog was definitely one of my favorites I've seen. It just looked so cool and seemed like an awesome topic.

    3.Leadership: I liked the leadership blog because it let me share my own thoughts and kinda let me express myself in a way I didn't experience in all the other blogs. This blog was one of the easiest and one of my personal favorites

    1. 1. Stop Motion (2010): This blog is an old one but still is very interesting. Stop motion uses ordinary items to tell extraordinary stories,such as the few that I found on this website . This website shows some of the most breathtaking videos I have ever seen. These videos use everything from photographs to brick walls to tell interesting stories about fictional and nonfictional characters.

      2:Australia! (2011): So this blog was a very intriguing it let you explore parts of the Australia (I mean how cool is that!) but this blog wasn't just a "Hey look that place looks cool I'll just go and live there!" This blog required you to add pictures of the city of your choice, the estate of you choice(no price range), and of the school of your choice. I must say myself some of the pictures I viewed were amazing!

      3.Social Networking in School (2012): This was a great blog to just go and look through to see all the kids opinions on social networking. As you might imagine most kids said that it should be implemented into school as it would be a good way for teachers and students to communicate. There were also a lot of kids that disagreed with it being put into school for the soul fact that kids would use it too much and for the wrong purposes. The most regarded purpose I saw was that kids would become to addicted to their social media and would essentially become antisocial.

  3. 1:) 2013 - The Educational Simulations blog was a very interesting and thought provoking blog, and it definitely brought this realm of technology into a new view for me. The view of this topic that the blog provided was interesting and innovative, and helped me think of new ideas for how these games could benefit me as a person and many others.

    2:) 2013 - The Internet of Things blog was an innovative design idea that would provide the ability to connect the home, social life, and workplace of a person into one technological group that would allow them to finish seemingly everyday tasks with speed and efficiency that previously would have been impossible to achieve.

    3:) 2013 - The Tracking Technologies blog was a good blog, for it caused me to think hard about whether or not such a technology would be helpful or hurtful to the world as it is today. It also brought up various opposing viewpoints to my mind that I previously would have ignored regarding the topic.

  4. 1.) 2013 - Project Proposals. I like this blog because it lets us pick out parts for a computer. I have always loved hardware and would like everyone to know how to pick parts and build a computer.

    2.) 2013 - Searching Google. This blog lets students search google in a entirely new way. It has opened my mind on what a search engine actually does.

    3.) 2013 - Cloud Storage. In this blog it goes into depth on how cloud storage works and what applications use it. I thoroughly enjoy this blog because I am not that into cloud storage and it stretched my understanding of what it is.

  5. 1.2013-Searching Google- I enjoyed this blog entry due to my excessive use of Google on regular basis. I liked getting to see other people's ways of using Google as well.

    2.2013-Cloud Storage- I feel like this entry was very relevant because local storage is not nearly as convenient as cloud storage anymore. My assumption after doing the blog was that cloud storage would completely replace local storage in a matter of years.

    3.2013-Website Design- My experience in doing this entry was, all together, a good one because I learned how to create a website. It was something that I did not know how to do, and I had fun learning how to do it.

  6. 1. Internet of things. this topic really stood out to me and actually peaked my curiosity unlike some of the other blogs. it was a concept of everything in our day being connected to each other and i see this becoming a reality very soon that is why i really liked it.

    2 leadership. this blog was important because i really think being a leader is a very important to a young adults development so i think it was very important that we talked about it even if it was over the internet

    3. technology tracking. this is the idea that the software companies are constantly aware of the positions of there costumers devices, this helps in the fight against theft but could leave some uneasy.

  7. 1. Spend the Money, 2010, I chose this blog because it has an interesting and appealing topic about money and its applications. What also is interesting is the fact that for the questions the students have to research about the topic therefore making it by default a do or don't blog. What I mean by this is that the students can not half A** this blog without researching first.

    2. (s2) TechFail 2010, I chose this because this allows the students to express what they each feel. This also allows people to learn new things about failed technologies that never made it out of the test room. I feel this blog is an interesting and worthy topic.

    3 (s12) Laptop design 2012, This caught my eye with the pictures and the words "FutureLaptops". This is appealing to me because it was cool to see all these weird shaped laptops. I believe that it is a good blog because it allows students to have there own opinions about what kind of laptop they like. It provides good group discussion also.

  8. 1. 2010; Stop Motion Photography: Stop motion has always blown my mind in how fluently some of the animations can come out. A great example I always think of is the Wallace and Gromit claymation movies.

    2. 2012; Tablet War Time!: I believe tablets are the way of the future. Almost anything done today on the internet can be done using a handheld tablet. The way they are used in everyday life is far greater than any other object we use, and they will only become greater in time.

    3. 2013; Cloud Storage: Storing all kinds of data is mind boggling to me. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a little strange, because, if it's on the internet, can't anyone see it then? But once I learned a little more about it, I became fond of it and use it occasionally.

  9. Educational simulations: I liked this one because we got to try games all week long. Also I liked this one because now I know there are fun educational games out there.

    Project Proposals: I liked when we were doing project proposals because we got to explore and look at models of what we are doing and we get to do these amazing things later on in GenYes.

    Internet of things: I liked this one because it showed us what technology will come to and what it is going to do to help people. This really interested me because i like technology and i want to look forward to something technology wise.

  10. 2011; Future Technologies That Already Exist: this blog interests me because a lot of TV shows decades ago had futuristic ideas that because a reality. For example, Battlestar Galactica 1978 - 1979.

    2012; Wireless Wonders: the blog goes into how we are on our mobile devices/technology fiddling on our social media sites everyday. This can become even more common than it already is in the future.

    2012; Laptop Design: I think that all of the different designs of laptops are fascinating, everything from the slick and curved one to the D-Roll.

  11. 1. Internet Blackout, I was not sure if I could them from last year or not but... here I am. Internet blackout scared me my whole life is on the internet so to have all that go away is bad for me i learned why it is happening. But what makes me mad is that it almost passed people are voting our rights right away, Also that's not constitutional.
    2. Tracking tech, I was also very upset about this topic, I don't like the idea of people tracking me. if i get lost i would stay until some finds me. In the blog I said that if my parents can track me anyone can and that is worse then being lost in the woods.
    3.Back to last year again. desktop VS laptop, I like desktops and i don't think they will die but change. My desktop is more powerful and my home base. the laptop comes with me.

  12. 2011; what is the best smartphone OS for your money? droid? IPhone?
    i like this one especially droid and the iphone are 2 of the most popular operating systems and people often cant choose which one they want or like better.

    2011; Inovation
    i like how simple the blog is what is inovation theres not limits to what you need to write about other than inovation

    1. 2012; theres and app for that...
      its true there really is an app for that. i like blog because you can learn alot about apps. like how they work and how important they are. we use apps almost every day in our live. we need apps. I like sliver's comment because he talks about cydia and cyida is a cool app where you can customize your iphone

  13. 1, Cloud Storage: This one intrigued me. I never really use DropBox or SkyDrive. I have used google drive for school, but never specific files or personal use. I store most of my files on my computer hard drive.

    2.Macbook Pro: I am not real familiar with macs, but after this blog, I know my way around a macbook pro. This blog taught me all the basics and essentials and helped me deal with teachers problems.

    3. Internet Blackout: The whole world would be greatly affected if the internet went out. It is a scary thought. Everyone depends on the internet for information, entertainment, or even making a living. I wonder if they have ever made a movie about the internet disappearing.

  14. 1. Bitcoin: I chose this one because it's kinda funny how bitcoins have lost credibility in the time since that blog. There's still plenty of supporters, but there so many more against them. There's a twitter account i follow called @Bitcoin_txt that takes ridiculous posts on bitcoin forums or the bitcoin subreddit that make bitcoin look bad.

    2. Cell Phones 2012 (S13): This is by far my favorite blog, if only for the fact that I got to argue for the revolutionary Motorola 8000. The post I made was kinda just supposed to be silly, but I still had a good time writing it, and Callahan took me seriously.

    3. (S3) iPad Controlled Home: This blog was intriguing because it showed what will be entirely possible for the future of luxury homes. It showcased tablet-controlled houses in Europe, and they were incredibly impressive to see working the way they did.

  15. 1. Educational Simulations (2013) : First of all who doesn't love this blog? All to do is choose a game from the Games For Change site, play it, review and talk about it. It's one of my personal favorites and one of my best and favorite post went into this blog.

    2. Leadership (2013) : I haven't even heard of Skills USA before this blog, and I will forever remember it and that Skills USA field trip. I will forever remember deep inside.

    3. Internet Blackout (2013) : I found this blog very interesting and made me think about the world without internet, they even had a South Park episode where the whole internet goes down and no one can get internet.

  16. Google apps: The google apps one was interesting because you can see how many apps there are and how it looks like an attempted replication of the app store.

    QR code: It amazes me that people still don't know how to use a QR code, I know it has become more prevalent in recent days but they are still amazing.

    Social media at school: If the school were to unblock all the social media giants in school I see a huge distraction at first but as access is left open they will begin to use it less and those who continue to use it in school more will do worse in school and reveal their true character while those who don't use it they realize that it isn't all that the they will focus more on their work thus getting better grades without the distractions of social media occupying most of their time at home

  17. 1. 2013-Internet of Things: probably one of the most interesting blogs out of all of them, I would have never thought that someone had the idea to make some inanimate objects able to sort of speak and collaborate to get what it needs to do done. Even the person who owns the object can speak to it in a way and the object would have to find results through other objects to get the answer or job done.

    2. 2013-Educational Simulations: These games were actually very popular with many of the other genyes students as well as myself. The posts that were on the blog were seemingly more easily written than the other blogs since they were explaining a game. Plus they wanted to try playing the games. In all testing the games was cool and evoked the best out of the writing portion.

    3. 2012-Internet Blackout: many of the people who commented on this had very different answers it seemed. Like they would react differently to an internet blackout. Also this topic is very ointeresting just because I would never think about this or what would happen, but I know that I would have a few problems if it happened on the present day and would have to adapt real quick to read for info instead of use the internet.

  18. 1. 2013 Internet Blackout: The biggest blog we've ever had in my opinion. When you ask people if they could live without the internet, many of them would say no. So what would happen to our world if what we can't seem to live without was suddenly ripped away from us? I don't know, go do the blog.

    2. 2013 New Technologies: That 3D Printer Tho! I was baffled when I heard about this and had the most fun researching in this blog than any other. It still doesn't feel like something possible in this era of technology. Creating a liver?! With a printer?! WHAT?! Also fairly controversial because of the guns it can make this was definitely one of the most interesting blogs of all time.

    3. 2013 Tablets taking over Gaming?: No. This in my opinion was one of the most ridiculous blogs we've ever had but it was also one of the most thought provoking and opinion defending. No, no, no tablets will never be a replacement for consoles or PC's. For gamers at least. But what about everyone else?

  19. 1.) 2012 - Social Networking in School - This blog is interesting to me because of how closely it is related to me. Everywhere I look around my schools campus, I see kids on their phones on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Steam. Also, it really surprised me that students and teachers have to draw the line somewhere about how they communicate.

    2.) 2012 - Programming - This blog opened my eyes. I definitely believe students should at least have the option to take a class in programming. Personally, I dedicated my free time in the summer to learning how to code in C++ and JavaScript.

    3.) 2012 - Wireless Wonders - This was a great blog because it made me realize how much of my life I put into my phone. It's not just me however, just about everyone puts their life into their phone. For the question if we are more or less socially connected this way, we are more. We connect with our friends every couple of minutes, but this is negatively impacting how we impact face-to-face to others, like our family.

  20. 1.) 2013 Technology leader: This blog stood out in my mind because it made you think for a minute. I mean that's a pretty big question to ask because it can change overnight.

    2.) 2012 Social Networking in School: I chose this blog because it stuck out to me. I believe that this was a very good question to ask people because it can go both ways. on one hand it would be wonderful but it might also on the other hand screw up our curriculum.

    3.) 2012 Tablet war time!: This one stuck out because it just seemed like a fun blog to do. It not only had a purpose but it also looked extremely fun to do. In my personal opinion this one looked like the most fun.

  21. (2011) Chrome Notebooks - This blog looks interesting because this is when they first came out ( chrome notebooks ). Now there just a regular thing of today.

    (2011) Laptops! Netbooks! Tablets! (and books..) - This one I picked mainly because i totally agree with it, kids should bring tablets and laptops to school nowadays. I know some kids who bring them just for note taking.

    (2013) (S13) Tablets Taking Over Gaming? - meh, this ones and interesting one. I think i would have to disagree with this. It is pretty cool tho, to see how they actually are sort of, on a small level.

  22. 1.) blog #4: Tracking Technologies (Sunday, September 1, 2013)
    This blog was interesting because we learned about the different types of technology that can be used to track people, which can be good and it can be bad, depending on the situation, like if you get lost then you can get found a little easier which is good, however someone with the technological know-how could learn how to track a person down, which would be bad.

    2.) Blog #8: Educational Simulations (Sunday, September 29, 2013)
    This was an interesting blog because we learned about the Games For Change organization, which uses games to help people in various ways including some educational things. Also, in this blog we had to pick out a game on their website and play the game as much as possible and then give our opinion on it.

    3.) Blog #13: Searching Google (Sunday, November 14, 2013)
    This was interesting because we were able to learn about different ways to search the internet easier by using different ways to narrow down the search filters, and therefore giving less possible search pages, which would allow you to search for things quicker and easier.

  23. ----End of comments---- New blog posted

  24. 1) 2012 - Summer Technology- I chose this blog because it has too do with what is new and upcoming, it is always good to stay on top of technology because it is always changing. We need to be aware of what is going on in the tech world because it could later impact our lives and how we do “life”

    2) 2012 - Tech Shoes! - I chose this one because it has to do with new and upcoming tech ideas and i believe that stuff like shoes that generate electricity will have a huge impact on how we live in the future, and how our kids live etc.

    3) 2013 - Cloud storage - I chose this because there is always new companies with new ideas on how to change the way we store information (and many other new ideas) and it is always a good idea to see how they do their programs and such to see which one is really truly better

  25. 1.) 2013 - Website Design. This was our first look into web design, all of the do's and don'ts of making a website. This really helped me figure out what I wanted my site to be like. I wanted mine to stand out from all the trashy websites out there and leave an impact on people.

    2.) 2012 - Social Networking in School. To be honest, I really liked the idea of this topic as well. If the administrators were to actually to unblock all sites, then students would be looking up things that would not be appropriate for school. They may even get viruses on their devices if they're not careful. I'm actually glad the district blocks these sites from students.

    3.) 2011 - Australia! This blog really stood out to me. For one, the premise is very creative and it sounds like it was a fun activity. Second, it sort of looks like a mini Amazing Race type project, which gives me a hint to where you got the idea from.

  26. 1. Reality Defined- This blog really caught my attention because I've always wanted to learn more about virtual reality, but I'd never heard about augmented reality. This blog really let me explore more about virtual and augmented reality, and the differences between the two.
    2. Educational Simulations- I really liked this blog because we got to pick a game to play and then write about it. And the games on Games For Change, which is an organization that uses those games to help people, mostly education wise.
    3. Technology Leader- This blog was interesting to me because I'd never thought about who was the world's tech leader. I always thought that it was the U.S., but my research lead me to discover that China was the world's tech leader in many aspects, which surprised me a little.

    1. 1. Virtual reality lets you you see through the character's eyes and let's you 'live' the game,like the Oculus Rift, while augmented reality projects an image into our that you can interact with into our world, like Sixth Sense.

  27. 1. Reality Defined- I loved the idea of this blog. I love virtual and augmented (mostly virtual) reality. I recently watched an amazing anime called Sword Art Online that is all about virtual reality. I see great potential in virtual reality where it is like in that anime. I like to think there will be a time when virtual reality can take all 5 of your senses from your body and place it in a video game.

    2. Internet of Things- Just like augmented reality, this brings everything, say a folding chair, into technology and you can control it from almost anywhere. You can set a timer to possibly turn on a TV station, or shut-down/start-up your computer, even to tell your coffee maker to start brewing at a certain time, so you don't have to wait.

    3. Internet Blackout- A cool idea, but I don't think that would really be too life threatening. For gamers, you have to stand not to play online games (most games). For the military, this would be a bit more of a problem, but they would also be able to get by. Business could still use phones and other means to get work done. This is a cool and interesting idea of what would really happen, but I don't think it will have too big of an impact.

  28. 1. Reality Defined- I love ever aspect of virtual reality because I have have always wanted to be in my own virtual world whether its in a video games or a simulator. I am a big fan of anime like its the only type of show I watch any more and there was one Sword Art Online were in the near future we a version of virtual reality headsets which put your conciseness it was the coolest concept I have ever heard of and I have high hopes for the future of virtual reality.

    2. Social networking in school I think this is a good topic because there's so much to gain form this if only the schools just unblock these websites. These websites could be a good way for kids interested in certain subjects of school to check out the pages for these clubs, activities, etc.

    3. Tablets taking over gaming I have to disagree in every way because PCs in my mind will always be at the center of gaming because of how there built and how there used. Sure tablets have graphics that can almost catch up to PC standards but PCs will still have the most customization for there owners to make it there way and that's why I think tablets wont take over PCs in the gaming department.

  29. 1.)I liked future technology. I think it was a good exercise to see whats happening in the future and how we could apply it to the classroom.

    2.)Cloud storage was an interesting blog. We learned a lot about how cloud storage works and how it could possibly affect the future. cloud storage is such a useful tool and more poeple should learn about it.

    3.) technology leaders was a really good blog. I thought america or England would have been the tech leader but I was wrong. Its actually japan. I think its pretty important to know who the real tech leader of the world is and thought the blog was rally interesting.


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