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CTE and GenYES

Exploring CTE - Career & Technology Education

GenYES is a fairly new addition to the Information Technology section of CTE at both the state and district level.

Take a look at these statements from the Arizona CTE Website:

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs prepare students to enter the workforce with the academic and vocational skills needed to compete successfully in the job market. CTE courses typically include competency-based learning.

Our Vision: Ensure a dynamic workforce by fully developing every student’s career and academic potential.

Our Mission: Prepare Arizona students for workforce success and continuous learning.

1.  Briefly, in two sentences, explain how one of these statements might relate to your experience in GenYES.  Please comment on only one section, be original and not duplicate any other students response.

2.  Open the Arizona CTE Website and click on the Student Organizations Link.  Members from our GenYES group will be part of one of these organizations.  Which one do you think?  Why?

3.  Now open the PV CTE Website.  Find the page that has GenYES on it.  It's hard to find it huh?!  We don't have much of a presence here... yet!  So we need to change that!  What information did you find there?  And what information do you think we should provide to the webmaster of this site?


  1. 1. I think that the comment "our Vision" relates to my experience with GenYES the most because our WONDERFUL teacher, Mrs. K is preparing us for a job in the "real world" by making us teach ourselves. We become more self sufficient and learn useful skills like, presenting.

    1. Surely you are on your way to an A in this class! LOL... :)

  2. 1. the mission you are always talking about how you want us to act like this is a job so we can be prepared for the work force
    2. DECA because it is preparing us for leadership in the world and that is one of the things gen yes is about
    3. well it really only has our name we need to send this guy some of the amplitude information that we use for the CTE presentations

  3. 1. I think that the comment "our Vision" relates to my experience with GenYES the most because our WONDERFUL teacher, Mrs. K is preparing us for a job in the "real world" by making us teach ourselves. We become more self sufficient and learn useful skills like, presenting.

    2. The SkillsUSA group seems like the GenYES would be MOST likely to be apart of because, GenYES teaches us valuable skills for life.

    3. I didn't Find ANY information on GenYES from this sight! They have no idea who we are! I think we should put all of our project and a list and explanations of our goals.

  4. 1. The statement "Career and Technical Education" section explains me pretty well. I have learned a lot in GenYES and now I am helping other new students learn more and how to do GenYES type stuff in class.

    2. I think it is the F.E.A. because they are future educators like we are here in GenYES.

    3. GenYES was under Business and Marketing and IT. I saw Engineering and Industrial Tech, which I was a little interested in but I was mainly just trying to find GenYES.

  5. 1.) I think "CTE" is the one for me, because i joined GENYES for a job opportunity, and i see lots of good skills and values coming from this class. The world needs people that know computers and thats what im trying to achieve.

    2.) "FEA" is the group i think we relate to most because it is future education for america., and thats what our goal is for this class. to educate people so there lives are easier.

    3.) I found nothing but the course name. We should provide a synopsis of the GenYES program that summarizes what we do and what are goals are for the future.

  6. 1. I think that the mission statement would most likely relate to my experience in GenYES. I love teaching new things to people and that is part of preparing students for success.

    2. While almost all of these groups have something to do with leadership, the majority of them have other missions so to speak related to health, etc. The one I found most relative to GenYES students was SkillsUSA because like it says, "SkillsUSA Arizona empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens."

    3. All that we have under the PV CTE is under the Information Technology tab and it merely informs people that we have GenYES offered at our school. However, we should make them include things such as how amazing we are and how important to our school we are because we have changed how technology is used. Technology is becoming so much more useful and teachers are just now realizing that, thanks to GenYES! :D

  7. 1. The first comment is sort of like GenYES because we are more prepared for the workforce and we learn more on our own, just like a real job.
    2. I think we will be a part of DECA, or the FEA. I think DECA because we are already are technology leaders of the school and we would only go up higher from there.
    3. We have almost nothing on GenYES there, but we can change that! The only information I found was that it is given as dual enrollment. We need to brag about our skills.

  8. 1) The first statement will relate because we will grow our social skills when talking to teachers about technology. We will grow our skills when we teach our peers on different technology that they don't know about.

    2) Skills USA because we will have technology skills to help the teachers when it comes to helping them when they have troubles with macs, iPads, chromes etc.

    3) On the PV CTE Website their is no GenYes page on it. I think the stuff we should provide would be the video of us helping teachers with technology.

  9. 1. GenYes is great at preparing me for the future. It really teaching me things I would not normally learn in a regular class room environment.
    2. Skills USA, because SkillsUSA Arizona empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens.
    3. I found the course number which is 277. It also says dual enrollment may be available for GenYES. It should have movies and we should be bragging about all of our accomplishments.

  10. 1. It seems to me that the vision most accurately represents my future experience in genyes. I believe this class will develop my technology skills in preparation for the rest of my academic and afterwards my actual career, whatever I decide that should.
    2. I think they will be a part of DECA, because it talks all about leaders and entrepeneurs both of which this class is preparing us to be.
    3. I think we need to share some of the goals of genyes such as to develop student's leadership abilities. We should also throw in some of the things specific to us such as the amp stations and the compass lab, as well as the various projects we're working on.

  11. 1. Learning is a key component for life. No matter how old a person is they will not escape learning; thats what the GenYes experience is about, teaching us how to learn so we will have success in the workforce.

    2. FBLA because its motto is, "All Aboard the Leadership!”. Leadership is a decisive factor in the GenYes experience.

    3. We should give them information about what the GenYes experience is.

  12. 1. I believe the second Statement will most relate to my GenYES experience. As a leadership and technology class I feel that this class is setting me up to exceded in the workforce; todays world is surrounded and focused on electronic devices, so it is important to exceed in technological skills.
    2. I think that GenYES member will be part of the FEA organization. The goal is to prepare students who plan on going into the teaching work field. GenYES is a leadership class, which is an important skill for teachers. You have to be able to lead a group of students to do what you want them too. Additonaly, students in this class have to help/ teach teachers skills with working with their laptop and tablets.
    3. All the website says about GenYES is that is it is a computer technology class. I could not find it with the listed courses for the district. They need to include that students help teachers and that this is also a leadership class. It is much more than just computers

  13. 1. All three of those statements can apply to GenYES because it is teaching us how to learn on our own and become more successful. It helps prep you for the real world where you can't rely on someone else to help you.

    2. GenYES is similar to FBLA because both programs are attempting to bring education through innovative leadership. In GenYES, you have to be both innovative and assume a leadership role.

    3. It doesn't have anything other than listing that GenYES is only available at Shadow Mountain. The GenYES students should tell them what GenYES is about and what accomplishments we are making in technology so they can list it on their website.

  14. 1. I think that GenYes makes your future look successful
    because your learning the future through GenYes.

    1. I think both are the same because there both teaching us
    something instead of just goofing off.

    3. I think that when people join for then not to expect to just game and goof off its to learn the ways of the computer and help others.

  15. 1. I Believe that genYES prepares are students to future technology and to look for a successful jobs. Only because we learn about technology and we spend time learning on our own.

    2. The GenYES program is similar to FBLA because both of them bring leadership and education. You have both those jobs in GenYES or else it will be very very difficult.

    3. It only lists that GenYES is at shadow only! GenYES students student should tell other students about genYES and there accomplishments so others can blog about it

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. "This comment has been removed by the author."
      I agree with that quote completely.

  17. 1. "programs prepare students to enter the workforce with the academic and vocational skills needed to compete successfully in the job market." Applies to me in GenYES because the programs I learn how to use help me learn in school.

    2. FEA because GenYES is about the future of education.

    3.I think you should give a basic summery of what GenYES is and what it covers. I think it is easy enough to find.

  18. 1. GenYES is all about preparing us for the future. It would only make sense that the first one is the most fitting, as it wants to prepare us to enter the workforce with a lot of knowledge about technology.
    2. They could really be in any one of these organisations. Everyone has their own interests, and depending on what those are, you would probably want to join a corresponding one. GenYES is all about showing kids the true potential of technology and preparing them for a career in such.
    3.The only page I could find that even MENTIONED GenYES stated that it happened to be a program about technology. We should really get the GenYES name out there and impress the district.

  19. 1. It all relates to Genyes due to the world is chancing its course in technology and we need to keep up with technology in the work force.
    2. Genyes is similar to FEA do to the learning of technology and using it for school and helping teachers.
    3. it says nothing about Genyes so i hope the program grows as so does technology

  20. 1) I think that genyes itself is preparing us for our future and is a fit to this program. The Program as a whole is helping us become more of our own person.
    2) So far as I am looking, most of these sites have some sort of leadership access or program. Im not so sure what I will do myself, but i think most people will go into the finacial and tech of DECA.
    3)All it says is some information on Hayden and that you can enrool in it at shadow mountain. There is a lot more that they can do to increase the number of people looking at this page and a TON they can do to make the page better. They need to bring it to the front page so more traffic can go to the page, and they need to add more on the projects so people can see what genyes does.

  21. 1:Career and Technical Education for sure! I feel like GenYES is a class that prepares us for the future. This class has made me realize how important it is for our futures. It is a class that helps your learn by yourself or with a group. GenYES is the future of learning!

    2:I would have to say FBLA because that program is so closely related to GenYES. It shows us how to become leaders. FBLA and GenYES are both trying to bring up future people for the business world today.

    3:Nothing other than listing our class and that it's only available at shadow. We need to put information about the amazing things we do in GenYES! Our class should be the biggest part of that website.

  22. 1. GenYES builds students personal learning skills by requiring them to go and learn themselves. Some knowledge help is there but for the most part, the class is a self teaching curriculum. You have to acquire your own knowledge by seeking out and exploring various different information via the internet. This builds some of the skills required to be successful in the world. Key word, SUCCESSFUL!

    2. I believe that our GenYES program would fall under the FBLA section. The reasoning behind my choice is that the class builds and prepares us for being leaders of our class. This also prepares us to make certain decisions and gives us the best possible learning skills needed to move far in the business and technological fields.

    3. It only lists that it is available at shadow, which is not acceptable! We are leaders among any of the CTE programs and we deserve that recognition. We need to tell them the thing we do, about the class and how we contribute to the schools and the community. Also, present them with various projects we have done/completed in order to change the way education has been taught.

  23. 1. I think that genyes teaches students about tech and stuff.
    2. I don't has a clue.
    3. I cant find the page.

  24. 1) the vision one describes mine because last ear sure was dynamic. And i definately makes opportunities for students

    2)Probably the FEA because it prepares students to be able to work in technologic jobs when they are older

    3) It should list what schools you can o it at and more stuff about the program itself

  25. 1. I think that GenYES prepares us for our future in jobs because the majority of jobs today involve technology.
    2. I think that most people will go into FBLA because technology is advancing with the future and the technology skills we have will help us become good business leaders.
    3. I think we can add more information about GenYES and what it is.

  26. 1.I think the second statement is most relateable to GenYES because it is teaching us to be self leaders and to work on our own just like a job in the real world.

    2.I think it will be part of the DECA because GenYES is the leader in technology of the school and it is teaching us to be our own leaders.

    3.We dont have much on the page, but we should have a video showing what we do in this class.

  27. 1. I believe that the first prompt "Our Vision" is the one I would have to go with. Genyes is here to ensure an academic potential.

    2. I believe the SkillUSA will be with us the most because of how teachers and students work together to create an academic future.

    3 We should send this webmaster info about the GenYes, I couldnt find anything about GenYes ON There!

  28. 1The third applies as it is very important to be able to learn and continue learning as we finish our education and enter the workforce.
    2FBLA Because they enforce leadership combined with education. Leadership is very important for success in every aspect of life.
    3It only says that GenYES is available at shadow mountain. They should have information about what we do in GenYES.

  29. 1.I think that GenYes prepares students for future technology and be ready for our future jobs and to be successful in them its a neat and fun way to learn things in school

    2.i think FBLA because they are both very simular with each other and talk about the future and leader ship

    3.i think when people join gen yes they shouldent expect a game youll need to work and and be seriouse about it

  30. 1. The first statement really stood out to me, because students coming out of high school from this class will have a head start in technology in whatever job he or she wants to do. All the statements show how having a GenYES class can prepare you to be more successful in technology and knowing more about what you are dealing with and helping others out.

    2. The FBLA organization is identical to GenYES, because they are learning through technology and teaching others through it. They are both showing leadership.

    3.I only saw that it listed that our class is available at Shadow Mountain. We should post new technology on there and what we have accomplished and how far we have com through tho class.

  31. 1) I feel that from my experience in GenYES already, I have helped students out a great deal to be successful because I helped build the Compass Lab. The Compass Lab has enhanced the amount of knowledge students learn while doing lessons and makes it more enjoyable.

    2) After reviewing all the various organizations, I decided on the SkillsUSA organization. My guess was based purely off intuition but I also believe we are all leading students here at Shadow Mountain.

    3) We need to brag about how cool we all really are because all I could find was a course number for the GenYES class.


  32. 1. I believe that the 2nd statement relates more to my experience that will be jump starting in GenYES. I want to be a software engineer when I graduate, so this class will definitely help me to reach this goal.

    2.I think that Jacob Fox would benefit from being a chef. I think this because he is always talking about being a chef.

    3.I think we should just explain to the site owner our program, how many have benefited from it. Then see how things play out.

  33. 1. The second statement describes my experience in GenYES. This is because I feel like I would like to pursue a career in technology, be it gaming or building PCs.

    2. I would think the FBLA because technology is an important part of running a business.

    3. It was very hard to find indeed. It had info on how the class has college credit available. We should tell them how our class is one of the highest rated GenYES programs in the entire organization.

  34. 1. I think that "our vision" applies to my GenYES experience. GenYES is helping me to learn about new technology opportunities and technologies. Also, Ms. K. is trying to cultivate us to become more well-rounded.

    2. I think that we should join SkillsUSA. It is focused on creating a more highly skilled workforce which is what i believe GenYES stands for.

    3. There is absolutely no information. We need to tell them about the cool things we are doing like greenscreen, academic gaming, and Blender.

  35. 1. I like GenYes and it will prepare us for the future by teaching us skills.I also think this is the only cool class i have on my schedule.

    2. I like the quote that the FEA uses and they look vary professional

    3. I didn't see any information on it we need to get our name out there for the world ALL HAIL GENYES

  36. 1. I believe the second statement describes what I hope to experience in GenYes. I feel this way because I hope to be well acquainted with many different paths of technology.

    2. The FBLA provides an appropriate environment for the structure of GenYes as well as technology's place in the workplace.

    3. The site said GenYes is only available at Shadow Mountain. We should explain our diversity of techno logical teaching.

  37. 1. The first statement says that CTE's mission is to prepare students for work outside of high school. I believe that CTE and Ms. K share a common goal, GenYES is to further student's education in technology farther than a normal class would.

    2. I believe DECA is the best because their goal is to prepare students to be leaders in the future

    3. I could not find any information at all... we really need to fix this, they need to know about all the stuff that GenYES has accomplished

  38. 1. I think the first statement refers to GenYES best because it's more about preparing students for a leadership role for basically anything, including the job market. The other two statements generalize specifically for the workforce specifically.

    2. FBLA seems like the most likely pick for GenYES students to get involved with because it also seems most related to our causes. It's about general leadership through students and doesn't involve camping and farming like some of the other programs.

    3. It's amazing how insignificant we are on the site. I found one paragraph of information telling about the basis of GenYes and not about other details like some of the more exciting, fun, and interesting things we do.

  39. 1. I thik the first one because it explains what students should know for the future technology. It also gets them involved.

    2.FBLA because it shows how the students can get with the program.

    3. The site i couldn't fing GenYes. But what i think they should provide is videos on how to find it.

  40. 1. I think the career and technical education is very acurate as to what i want from this class.I am here to learn and be prepared for the future and have fun.
    2. I think the FFA would be the program we would be in because we are preparing for a career as well as personal growth.
    3. I could not find Gen Yes but i think we should be on the front page.

  41. 1. I think career and technical education is very important and a pretty fun subject to learn about

    2. F.E.A. because they want to recruit students and provide experiences and skills for high school students who are exploring teaching as a future career to develop essential skills that will lead to highly trained and qualified teachers in Arizona.

    3. I couldn't find the page but they should make it easier to find the page

  42. 1."our mission" this relates to me beacuse i'm new. And it talks
    about preparing us for succsess. beacuse that means to me that
    it will get me ready to learn about computer science. And everything is technology nowadays.
    2.F.L.B.A. Beacuse it talks about being future business leaders.
    3. can't find page. I don't think there is a page. I geuss the
    info we could give the webmaster is what GENYES is all about.

  43. 1.I think that the first statement relates to GenYES because the program helps students prepare for a career in technology. It also teaches students about computers and other technology.
    2.GenYES students will most likely join FBLA because it involves leadership and in GenYES we are the leaders of our learning.
    3.I only found info about other programs. I think they should know about GenYes and all the cool things we do.

  44. 1. our vision is a very truthful statement. It is a fact that Gen YES is helping students become ready for a work place environment, without a doubt.

    2.GenYES students will most likely be joining DECA. I believe that this is true because technology will become a powerful asset in business in the modern era.

    3. very little information is available as to how CTE is linked to GenYES, but with this presentation, I believe CTE will become much more interested in the GenYES program.

  45. 1. "Our Vision" implies that we are getting a head start on being independent in our workforces. GenYES is helping students learn to work out problems on their own, because that's what they truly need to learn.

    2. Students from GenYES would most likely join the DECA organization. It deals with technology and advancement in technology.

    3. Currently, GenYES is only listed on the website, and there is no information about the program. Sure, it's on the course list, but no information is provided.

  46. 1. the Genyes vision appleys to me because i now know so much more about technology and now can apply it to so much more.

    2. The FBLA is where most genyes students would go because it is all about leader ship and in genyes we are the leaders of our future.

    3. I found it !! it took forever and there was barley anything there! There was barely any helpful info about GENyes or the CTE

  47. 1. All of the states lead to Genyes and show's us lots of things. We all learn while teaching everyone what to do with problems.

    2.The DECA is more likely to be the one they will join. Now a days its only technology and technology is used for anything.

    3. Genyes is very hard to find on the website so is any information about the program. After the CTE see's what we can do they will get more interested in Genyes.

  48. 1. The purpose of genyes is to help new students like me prepare for "life".
    2.I think we would fit in in the DECA. It deals with advanced technology.
    3.I think we should tell the webmaster of the site about what we do and who we are.

  49. 1. I think technological careers are very important for the future especially with this new tech generation of kids.
    2. the FEA is very intresting because it is the future of Arizona and teaching kids the daily modifications of technology.
    3. the page seems very difficult to find I still have yet to find it they should make it more accesible to locate

  50. 1. I think that the comment about technological careers are important because technology is going every where except away.
    2. The "FEA" because it is about teaching the newer generations about the ever improving technology.
    3. We should start having more public activities outside of school for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge about technology.

  51. 1. I think the quote "Our vision" i most agree with because it talks about development. My favorite part of GenYES is that it develops us into leaders
    2. I think DECA best fits us because they talk about leadership and technology.
    3. I hope after this CTE presentation they take us more seriously and make it easier to find us on the site.

  52. 1.) Genyes has done so much for me! My development in Genyes has allowed us to fulfill the goal. My favorite part is that GenYes has prepared us for the future not only the tech side but the workforce side.

    2.) FEA, because Genyes is about leadership in Arizona. Leadership is the main part in having a good, effective country and/or state.

    3.) There is no GenYes on the site, we need to add a Genyes page that includes our objective, accomplishments, projects, and history of GenYes. We need to make it appealing and interesting, we want people to return.

  53. 1. I find that when we are doing with projects will really help in the work place. I find this to be true because we aren't told what to do we have to find out our self.

    2. I think that SkilsUSA best fits because with what we are trying to do with GenYES is building charter and leader ship skills.

    3. There wasn't really any info about us as a group. We need to show them what we are doing with the compass lab and other amp zones.

  54. I feel that it will improve the way we learn.

    Its almost the same as us so we got something to compare to.

    WE need to up our status so we can be known.

  55. 1. I think that GenYes will help make students better employers

    2. I think DECA would be the best choice, because it teaches us how to be a leader.

    3. We should have more information about GenYes so we can be better known.

  56. 1. I find that when we are doing with projects will really help in the work place. I find this to be true because we aren't given any material for what we need to do so we have to find out our self.

    2. I think that SkilsUSA best fits because with what we are trying to do with GenYES is building leader-ship skills and working out problems.

    3. There wasn't really any info about what we do. We need to show them what we are doing in the amp zones and show the extent of what we can do.

  57. 1. I think the second statement i the one that is most relatable to GenYES because it teaches us to be self leaders.

    2. I think it will be part of the DECA because GenYES is the leader in technology in the school.

    3.There wasn't much on the page, we should make a video to show what we are doing


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