Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Technology

Shock!  Someone is actually reading this?!!

Nice job checking in over the summer!   And because you had the moxie to do this... there's a bonus*!

All you have to do is report on cool new tech!  New macbooks?  Microsoft is buying Nokia?  There's a new bendable Gorilla glass?  Siri is coming to ipads?  Anything else?  

1.  What's new and exciting in the world of technology this summer?
2.  How will it directly affect you?
3.  How might it affect others in the world?
4.  Good points vs bad points.
5.  Provide a short link

*What's in it for you?  Just double points and a week off from blog homework in August!  This is providing of course, your report is good.  As always, follow the blog rules.


  1. 1. The new technology I chose was Stanford's Conductive Electrojelly. It is a biological gel that conducts electricity extremely well and can hopefully be used in the future for biological batteries, probes, and electronic skin. It allows the biological to communicate with the technological.
    2. It will affect me directly probably by giving me more medical help if I ever have to have surgery or something like that. It will also provide me with a new place to store power and maybe go green... (maybe)
    3. It will provide the same benefits to others as to me. It might also provide some third world countries with an alternate way to contain power. The gel is evidently relatively easy to make and manufacture.
    4. Good- Allows tech to communicate with bio, new electronic skin in the future, and also new biological probes.
    Bad- Sounds fairly easy to break the circuit by tearing the gel.
    5. Shortlink--

    1. I really liked this! Fascinating stuff!

  2. 1) The new operating system for Mac's is out and it's called Mountain lion. Not a huge upgrade from lion other then, now we have notes, iMessage, reminders, Game Center, safari is now basically google chrome and some other minor tweaks . I think that this could have been an update from lion instead of spending $20 in the mac app store just for a few tweaks...

    2) I am out $20 and Mountain lion is not worth the upgrade I personally think.

    3) This will affect the mac users that are able to upgrade to the new operating system because apple announced that is wont work on the MacBooks (the GenYes laptops) because they are basically trying to get rid of them according to a guy at the apple store.

    4) I think that this upgrade was not well worth the $20 that it costed in the Mac App store and I personally think it could have all been avoided by just having it a system update in Lion instead of coming out with a whole new operating system.

    5) Short link:

  3. 1. Well apple will finally be updating there 30 pin connector to a 19 pin connector.
    2. I have never had an iphone but my 2 year contract is up so I plan on getting the iphone 5, which will be one of the first devices to have the new connector.
    3. It seams like everyone has apple products now so everyone will have to start getting adaptors for there new products.
    4. The 30pin hasn't been updated for 6 or 7 years so hopefully the new connector will have better transfer speeds. On the down side it sucks to but all the adaptors to work with your old apple stuff.
    5. Short link:

  4. 1. Well at the beginning of this summer I learned that Microsoft will be coming out with a new device similar to an iPad but with much cooler features such as their new operating system when it comes out this fall.
    2. My computer is currently under repair and I feel it may be time to soon hit the junkyard so when I saw this I thought WHOA! This might be something I want when it comes out!
    3. A lot of college students in search of a compact laptop might find this useful with the full keyboard and with Windows 8, anyone can find something they like in the Windows store.
    4. I think the biggest controversy with this tablet is that it is strinkingly similar to an iPad. Plus, Microsoft has always been more of a software kinda gig but with this, they could make a profit if it turns out to be amazing, which I think it will be.

  5. 1.On June 28, Google Chrome was released in the app store for apple's iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It is a web browser that has been available on computers for a while now but not on mobile devices.
    2. I have the app on my iPod. I have yet to use all of its features, but I am pleased with it so far. I used the app to do Summer reading work in pvlearners while away from home. The app gives me an alternative to Safari, and I fell it is a good one.
    3. Other people may take advantage of all of its features. If you are signed into Chrome on both your computer and mobile device, you can be working on your computer then leave and pick back up where you left off at home on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Many people also have a web browser to use instead of the default Safari.
    4.The good things about this app start with it being free. Nobody has to pay a dime for it, and then if they do not like the app they can delete it without feeling as if they wasted money. Addtionally, the feature that alows a person to pick up where they left off at home is very handy. I have not used it, but if a person had a hard time finding a link to begin with, they could very easyily find it again. I tend to find things on my iPod and then struggle to find them again on my computer. I aslo feel that is app has more features and is just as fast as Safari. The downside, at least to some users, is that because the app is made from a thrid party, that links will be opened up in Safair. I have not found this to be true while browsing websites in Google Chrome so I assume that it only happens when you click a link within another app. Safari is the default browser for mobile apple devices, and I do not believe there is a way to change that. Other than that, I found nothing negative about the product Google has produced.

  6. 1) Something new and exciting that I had the chance to witness on the internet live was the landing of Curiosity at 10:30 p.m on August 6th. Curiosity if you don't know was the land rover designed specifically to roam Mars and collect data for NASA.

    2) This could potentially change the way myself and others view what was thought to have been a planet without life. According to current studies, scientists especially at NASA believe otherwise. There might just be life on Mars after all.

    3) Since Curiosity might discover that life did exist on Mars, people on Earth will finally have a full understanding of whether or not neighboring planets could sustain life.

    4) Good points are that we will finally have found out if other planets besides Earth can harbor life. Another great point is that if Mars has life forms, we could possibly visit the planet in the near future. A bad point could be that the curiosity finds no life and our hope for finding life on distant planets will be postponed once more.



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  8. The xbox 360because of the new way to game and it will affect others by showing them the new way to game

  9. I do not know what new things came out this summer because i was not inside or on the computer or watching TV. So it didn't affect me directly. It will help others in the world get a better education.


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