Sunday, April 29, 2012

(S12) Robots!

 You guys pick cool topics to blog about. Robots this week...

1.  Visit this website and learn about these robots odd uses: POPSCI  

2. Think about the article and list some uses of these robots besides the ones on the website.

3.  Find another odd example of robotics and tell why you liked it.   Tons of Robot Links! Provide a link (short link) of the one you liked in your example.


  1. 1) I the Link doesn't work.

    2) That people like robots that have human characteristics. meaning, they like that they have skin, sensors like nerves for us.

    3) That they have skin like material. and they have nerves like us almost. Kind of creepy I think but cool at the same time..

  2. 1. The link didnt work for me.

    2. I think it would be cool if it could interact with us and help us out with things in everyday life. But i wouldnt give it a job of too much importance, cause you never know if something might go wrong.

    3. From looking at the last link provided, i kind of thought that robot was creepy. It looked so real that i didnt even notice it was a robot at first.

  3. 1. error 404
    2. i think it could be used for manual labor and other activities
    3. i didn't like it I thgoh these were really creepy locking and made me think can they be to life like?

  4. 1. I got a 404 message.

    2. I think that some of the robots they made look kinda creepy. If one of those was in my room, I would throw it out the window, regardless of the cost.

    3. the telenoid robot seems like a good idea, but it seems like a sort of creepy thing to talk to.

  5. 1.The link didn't work for me
    2.Robots could do whatever people do but not have emotions or any reason not to do what you say.
    3.I didn't like it. It seemed really creepy.

    the link i used didn't work

  7. 1. The link was broken :)

    2. I think robots could help us with our daily lives like the elderly get dressed and help them with walking. Robots could also help us and be our servants, until they take over the world that is.

    3. I remember I saw asimo in wisconsin. It was cool it could run and walk and even climb up stairs! It was really cool. He could even play soccer!

  8. 1:LINKO NO WORKO!!!!!

    2:With the right developers your can create your ideal robot and make it do pretty much anything you tell the robot to do. People have already made robots and they basically do things on command.

    3:Topio the robot!!! Topio is the ping pong playing robot which is totally awesome. Anytime you get bored just take topio outside and play some ping pong!

  9. 1) link doesnt work
    2) Robots can do anything we program to do they could even play fifa 12 for us and get that inform messi for you
    3) robots seem kind of scary they could like take over the world and stuff but this one seemed pretty cool

  10. 2. Robots preform physical functions. I think it would be very cool to have robots with the ability to up hold the law. (insert link to Robocop)
    3. I am a huge fan of Boston Dynamics and their robot Sand Flee is no exception

  11. 1) Robots are used to do robotic stuff like shoot lasers and crap.

    2) I would love to have a robot that unties my shoes and puts them neatly in my room. I think that would be super awesome. And the robot taco deplorer is pretty awesome.


    Just think about all of the coolness of battling robots against robots or robots against humans. I think that would be really interesting to watch that.

  12. 1. hmmmmm.... I think the link doesn't work... :)

    2. When I think about robots, I think that one of their main functions would be to assume normal human duties. Or, responding to command, kind of like a slave! Some other ideas are making life for us easier, and even the MILITARY! From a website I found,, and I believe "Point Men" are really interesting.

    3. I found something called a robotic car and I was amazed because wouldn't that be so cool! Granted, it's not very practical... I found it awesome to think that maybe one day people won't even be driving anymore!

  13. 1. Website is down.

    2. Robots are created with an application in mind. These can be simple novelty like getting a dog robot to act like a dog, or to do a task over and over again. For example, the automotive industry relies on robots to build and weld sections of a automobile over and over again.

    3. The M430IA industrial robot caught my attention. This three armed robot uses optical sensors to complete simple tasks usually delegated to humans. This increases production and acts efficiently. It is above it's class and can use optical sensors to perform its tasks and not just touch sensors.

  14. 2.The uses that robots have are infinite , I mean the list goes on and on. One thing that I think would be amazing if we could accomplish is the use of "nanobots" in medicine.
    3. I really like the robotic arm. That think would be really cool (and really expensive) to have as an alternative in prosthetics.

  15. 1.) Error 404

    2.) Robots are created to perform at someone else's will. Programed to obey every order given by its creator or its owner.

    3.) I had not like the ping pong playing robot. What is the point of having such amazing technology if it is going to wasted for such stupid crap?

  16. 1) I like how the robots are able to be move stuff around and do the robot dance. Looks like its hard to do.

    2) A robot like these would probably be able to make me some sandwiches with my future wife. Besides that, they might also be able to teach me the robot dance.

    3) I really enjoyed watching the human looking robot that some oriental guy was fooling with.


  17. 1. THE LINK DON'T WORK FOR @#$%.

    2. On the pic I saw a humanoid robot. I could use one as a servant and give me arizona ice tea whenever I want.

    3. The asian robot was really creepy! Skin with nerves? This is like the next step to giving robots free will, thats when they take over the world.

  18. The POPSCI site isn't working!!!
    Another example of a robot that I like was the Iswarm. Robotic "ants" that can build things!! Check it out

  19. 1. asdfghjkl;

    2. Robots can be used/programed to do the everyday job of a human.

    3. There are three main areas that NASA's team of researchers will develop. One is called 'collaborative control,' during which the human being and the robot will speak to one another and work as partners. Another area that NASA Ames researchers will develop is to build robots that have reasoning mechanisms that work similarly to human reasoning. And third, the researchers will conduct field tests of people and robots working together.

  20. 1. link does not work

    2. traffic gaurds! so that people did not have to stay out in the sun.

    3., all the robots are scary..

  21. 1.Link doesn't work

    2. security guard that would be helpful they would be a seqways and help take down thief's and bring justice

    Awkwardness intended

  22. 1. Doesn't work.....
    2. Robots can perform the tedious everyday tasks that no one likes to do. Cleaning, cooking, yard work, ect.
    3. This is a ping pong playing robot which shows the ability of coordination. If theses robots can move and coordinate themselves, it will lead to and almost human capable robot.


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