Tuesday, April 17, 2012

(S10*) Technology today..... what about tomorrow?

15 Technologies in use today... 
that my newborn son won't use

1. Do you agree with the authors predictions, from the linked article above, about all the listed items? Which ones do you disagree with?

2. How many of these items have you already stopped using?

3. Think of another tech item or concept not on the list that might disappear in the next few years.

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  1. 1. I agree with the majority of the things that the article discusses, however, like myself, I disagree that mice, movie theaters, and fax machines are technologies that will eventually cease to be used.

    2. I don't use fax machines but I imagine I will when I start working. Other then that, I don't use 3D glasses but only because I don't have the technology to UTILIZE them, which is wy I would go to the movie theater! :)

    3. I imagine Tv's and cell phones could be replaced by simple technologies that are being developed right now. Such as object recognition instead of needing google to look something up. Or glasses with TV in the lenses so we don't need a screen!

  2. 1. I pretty much agreed with everything on this list except for movie theaters. I feel like they may evolve but they will never really go away.
    2.I still use all of these except for the landline phone. We got rid of that 5 years ago.
    3.I cant think of anything going out at the moment I tossed a few things around but nothing I could picture living without.

  3. I agree with most of them. But the ones i disagree with are the Mouse, Remote controls, Desktops, and Phone numbers.
    2. The fax machine, Slow booting computers, and landline phones.
    3. I think the next thing to disappear would have to be "Dumb Phones" because it seems like everyone is getting a smart phone and it is only a matter or time before everyone has one.

  4. 1.) I disagreed with most subjects listed. The fax machine is one of the ones that will be gone very vry soon from man kind.

    2.) I still use all of these except for a landline phone, fax machine, and the 3D Glasses.

    3.) The desktop computers will eventually become very distant. Were not talking anytime in our generation or the next to come, but it will disappear from our memories

  5. 1. I think movie theaters will be around for a while longer due to sentimental value

    2.I dont use 3d because I dont have the technology for it

    3. I do not think that regular phones will remain very much long I think they will all be replaced by smart phones

  6. i disagree with most of it like you cant get rid of movie theatres, phone numbers, the mouse and remote controls
    landline phones, slow booting computers, and wired internet there are a lot of things to replace it now and they are to slow anyways
    i think maybe....... gameboys or old systems like that

  7. 1. I agree with most of the statements except the cameras and camcorders, the mouse, remote control, desk tops and phone numbers. They all may evolve but they probably won't go away.
    2. Fax Machine and wired home computer
    3. I believe that one of the next devices to disappear will be power cords and data cord. Everything will soon be able to travel over the cloud.

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  9. 1:I agree with most of the peoples predictions except a few. Cameras are still a want for teens and people like using them.As for the movie theatre death I am nearly positive movie theaters will still be big for a long time.

    2:I dont use the 3-D because I do not have the supplies for it.And fax machines.

    3:A watch for sure. Because with cell phones being big right now who needs watches. People that wear a watch today probably wear it for looks.

  10. 1.)I agree with the article writer. He states evidence of the new tech replacing the old tech. As for video games no known can replace my xbox 360...EVER.

    2.)I have never used a fax machine and hope I never will...if I do, God help us. I stopped using a VHS by the time I was 10 years old.

    3.) Paper assignments from chools will disappear. The colleges I know of have assignments turned in electronically. It will start with high schools because I guess it's too early for kindergarteners to use iPads to write a story about dinosaurs.

  11. 1. Some of the authors predictions have already been phased out or are barely in use today. Others have been, and might always be in use. For example, telephone numbers will always be in use, and desktop computers are almost a necessity. Also I do not foresee the computer mouse will be phased out or windowed interfaces done away with.

    2. I barely use CDs and I have only faxed one thing. I also never really used 3D glasses or wired internet readily.

    3. I can see books being phased out and also home telephones in general. I can also see a world without projectors and corded chargers or anything with a cord really.

  12. 1) For the most part I feel that his predictions are correct. While I may be unhappy about many of these disappearance, I suppose it is only natural and will happen regardless of whether or not I want it to. TV will probably decrease a bit as will movie theaters but I still think they will survive due to the connection they have with American lifestyle. Desktops will stick around for hard core users but I really hope tablets aren't the future.

    2) I never used 3D glasses at all, I am waiting for holograms. Phone numbers are fading away, never used a fax machine, and CDs less and less.

    3) I am pretty sure the phonograph will go out of style soon.

  13. 1) I think that the Author is right about how some of these items/technology will be gone when his son is all grown up. The fax machine, land line phone, and the CD I think will be the first three things to kick the bucket.

    2)I have stopped using CD, Fax machines, and Hard wired internet. I have used Flash drives instead of CD's, I haven't used a fax machine at all, I have used my cell phone since I got it and haven't used my house phone.

    3) I am not sure what might be next.

  14. 1. Do you agree with the authors predictions, from the linked article above, about all the listed items? Which ones do you disagree with? yes, for the most part, but I don't think phone numbers will go away anytime soon, nor will computer mice. The rest are fairly accurate.

    2. How many of these items have you already stopped using? Wired internet for the most part (apart from my xbox), I've stopped using landlines, fax machines, and 3d glasses.

    3. Think of another tech item or concept not on the list that might disappear in the next few years. wired internet, landline phones, and fax machines.

  15. 1. I think they were right on with most the items picked. I don't think however the we will stop using mic and keybaords just yet.

    2. I stoped using CDs and have never used a fax machine.`

    3. I thimk books, home phones, and wall plugges will go away very soon.

  16. 1. I believe the author is correct about a lot of his predictions and many of these technologies have already become rarely used. Although I think that some of these things won't ever really stop being used, they will just change along with everything else.

    2. There are a number of things on the list that I either do not use anymore or rarely use and those things are a fax machine, landline phone, and 3D glasses although, I've never used them much anyway.

    3. I cannot think of anything that may disappear in the next few years although I think more schools will

  17. 1) I think that some of the list is tue, like the begging. Although, there are some things listed that i think my son would still even use

    2) I stopped using like 8 things from the list.

    3) Regualr phones. They all will be like smart phones and 5g and stuff.

  18. I pretty much agree with all of the items listed, some like wired phones are already becoming a thing of the past. The only things that I do still use are movie theaters (on occasion), windowed os, and remote controls. One piece of technology that I can already see disappearing is the cell phones that don't come with a data plan.

  19. 1) No, not at all. This man is entitled to his own opinion on future technology. The only items that I could see never being used are the phones and slow booting computers.

    2) Land line phones.

    3) I could see regular clocks today being replaced with digital clocks.


  20. 1) Everyone exxcept the cameras

    2) LAND LINE PHONES, what are those?!?

    3) Hmm.... no idea, i think the list covered most of it

  21. 1. I agree with a few, but I don't agree with Movie Theaters, the mouse, and dedicated cameras/video cameras.
    2. I haven't stopped using any of the items listed that I use, but I do see myself not using a remote control and instead see myself using voice commands in the near future.
    3. I think hotstops will disappear due to national Wifi, money will probably disappear due to electronic trading, and transportation will be extremely fast and efficient due to robotic cars, planes, and boats.

  22. 1. I agree with a lot of the technology mentioned in the article. I dont agree with the Hard Drive. I just feel that not everyone is going to trust their information with google.

    2. None, the first one I can see my self not using is the landline phone though.

    3. Facebook, facebook is just a fad, its going to go away by the time I have a kid, which I am not going to have.

  23. 1.I would agree with all of them except for the hard drive. I think most people don't want there important files in the clouds.
    2.I think that all homes wouldn't have landlines. My brothers dorm didn't have a landline.
    3.Probably Myspace, Even thought no one uses it.

  24. 1. Eugh. Well, look. People have been saying these things will be obsolete for YEARS. Desktops will be gone... said the 90's. Sure new things will be gone like HDDs and CDs but no one, absolutely no one, is surprised.

    2. Fax machines, I guess. I never used them though. They do have their uses.

    3. Silicone era will be over by at least 2020. They couldn't make any smaller processors, unless they make the die larger.

  25. 1. I do not agree. People have made predictions for technology on a common basis. The computer was supposed to be like a glass tablet, the phone was supposed to be a little micro chip so on an so on. My point is, that these things still havent happen, don't get me wrong they may happen but not that rapidly.
    2. The landline phone is probably my least used item.
    3. Facebook will begin to go away, it is like a habit, people see it now and want it but it will slowly grow old.


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