Tuesday, April 10, 2012

(S9) Tech Shoes!

Capturing Electricity with a Shoe

Check out the link: Popsi - Shoe

1. In your own words, how does this work? How does the shoe generate electricity?

2. What other uses could come out from this technology? Or, what might this allow someone to do while “On-the-Go”?

3. They generate about 36 kW/h which is about $3.60 in electricity Do you think the electricity you collect could be sold? What are the possibilities?

4. Random related thought...


  1. 1) Using two small bladders, stepping cause the liquid to pass a series of electrodes that creates a current. The current is then stored in a battery at the front.

    2) It could create battery power for smart phones, gps devices, and all other sorts of small electric devices. You wouldn't have to bring chargers with you or worry about your devices dying.

    3) I don't think the electricity would be sold. I think it would work better as more of a personal tool. It doesn't seem like it would become a farming technique or like you could start a business walking and selling shoe batteries.

    4) Pretty awesome idea. I like the direction of ecofriendly stuff, I just wish it would get picked up a bit more quickly.

  2. 1.the show moves water with each step an dthat generates electricity
    2. it could lead to breakthroughs in portable power sorcesit could alooww some one to power elctricle advises to on the go
    3.i dont think it would work to sell but i do think it could power somthing at lest small or aloww things to charge on the go
    4.i think this would be really cool you could charge on the go

  3. 1) The shoe's inside contains a bunch of bladders that work as a conductor of energy that is converted into a battery inside of the sole of the shoe. The oil and bladders create a current of elevtricity which stores energy inside the battery.

    2) While people walk around they would be collecting energy from electricity in their shoes. This could then be used to assist the elderly peoples and their electronic wheelchairs and provide aide to any technical malfunctions an electrical wheelchair might cause.

    3) This could not be mass produced or even sold and become popular. These are a specific kinds of batteries that won't work on many of the new technological devices seen out in our world today.

    4) This idea is awful and the inventor needs to focus on the starving children in Africa. They are what people need to really be focusing on. Maybe he can invent a shoe that generates food as you walk?


  4. 1.) You use your heel to step on a bladder that presses on a liquid that I think is a mixture of oil and water to create electricity. The electricity then goes into a battery and is stored there.

    2.) While On-The-Go it can be used to charge a phone or tablet with a wifi that sends the electricity to the device instantly.

    3.) I guess you could use it to make quick cash but it won't be a HUGE amount. I would sell electricity, no one gets hurt, and I get money :).

    4.) It's an ok idea. I'm not really interested in it because I read a comment on the link, this guy said that shoe better be durable because he didn't want to be soaking in oil and water, and I agree.

  5. 1. There are two flexible plastic bladders inside the shoe, one in located in the heel and the other is in the toe. There is a mixture mixture of water and oil inside the bladders. When you step down on your heel, where the back bladder is, the mixture is pushed to the front bladder in the toe of the shoes and vice versa.

    2. This should may allow battery power for electric devices used on the go, which would be nice and convient.

    3. I guess the electricity would be able to be sold though I'm not sure how well it would sell. It may be more beneficial for one to just just the energy they create fore themselves.

    4. This is an interesting idea, although, I don't know that it would really catch on

  6. 1. two plastic bladdrs hold water and each step squeezes the water through a channel and creates electricty.

    2. I dont see the use in this unless your portable device was about to die, but even then you would have to keep moving.

    3. of course! i would go for a loonnnngggg run and make bank.

    4. i do not think it would sell, it would be hard with the fact that shoes DO wear down...

  7. 1) Everytime you take a step the blathers are squished and the water in them, is forced through the channels and creates energy, and it's stored in the battery.

    2) I don't see the full purpose with this, but I could be wrong. Some may think it could be super useful but some could say they think it's dumb and useless.

    3) I don't think that I would be up for going on a super long run just to make money on energy. That's just my opinion

    4) I think that the shoes wouldn't be a big hit because the blathers would eventually pop and may short out the electronics in them.

    Carsen Vaughn

  8. 1.Every time you take a step the water moves through channel that collects electricity and charges into the battery.
    2.This seems pretty useless because there isn't a lot of electricity i would think being produced.
    3.This may be super cool for the everyday running hippie that wants to save the planet on stride at a time.
    4.I Think they wont be that big of a hit. Unless the bladders are super strong electricity doesn't really bond with water. Wet shoes are not cool either.

  9. 1) to bladders in the shoe move water every time you take a step and it conducts energy into a bladder
    2) it could make a quick charge for your phone if it dies and you could make the quick call you need to make
    3) you could just use it to your house if you wanted to slim you electricity bill and you could sell it to people who are having trouble paying thier bills and stuff
    4) it could power your xbox so maybe you could get lucky enough to get that INFORM MESSI you always wanted

  10. 1. By applying electrical voltage to a particular liquid, it causes the the liquid to move. The people in this article reversed the process. That means that they forced the liquid to move over the conductor. In this shoe, you have two flexible plastic bladders, they fill with a mixture of oil and water and so as you walk, the substance moves causing electricity to be made.

    2. Well, since you can store the electricity, you could use the battery that stored that electricity. Therefore, you could use that energy to operate devices you need, when "on-the-go".

    3. You could sell it, or just use it for your own, but either way...your making some money! I also thought it was odd when thehy article said, "Military or police might like having a regular supply of power, but I suspect most people wouldn’t be happy dealing with wires connected to their footwear." Which is quite true, but would you really feel the wire?

    4. I thought it was interesting how they invented a way, that could be comparable to Wi-Fi, to transfer power from shoe to cellphone battery. (Article)

  11. 1. It uses bladders and liquid to make energy . you step and the liquid goes back and forth thus releasing electricity
    2.it has a usb port so that means that you could charge your I phone on it!!!! No more shall I get the 20% battery notice! horray!
    3.I have no doubts that just like solar power that this can be harnessed and sold to power companies.
    4.Are they comfortable?

  12. 1. Liquid moves between bladders and creates an electric current.
    2. You could charge your phone or have lights on your shoes to make it safer to walk in the dark, just spit-balling ideas here.
    3.It could be sold similar to what solar panel companies do. Any additional electricity you make is sold to other people and you get a portion of that money back. The only problem with the shoes is there is no place to store the unused energy for a later sale.
    4. This sounds cool :) and how do they feel on you feet?

  13. 1.) Using bladders to create a current. The current then supplys energy to a batterey stored at the front of the shoe or the toe.

    2.) It might be able to provide more power to all of our personal electronic devices. Such as our iphones, ipods, gps, or bluetooth devices.

    3.) The electricity generated from these shoes should not be sold. It would be used more as a personal benifit.

    4.) Overall it is a really good idea. It seems like it had been well thought out and planned.

  14. 1:Well, as the liquid swishes back and forth the electrodes charge. Which an electric current within the shoes.

    2:This shoe would clear your mind of the worry of electric devices dying. It would provide power to your smart phones i pods and any other devices.

    3:I highly doubt it would be sold. Like many of your students said it should be used as more of a personal benefit rather than being sold.

    4:Seems like a great idead, we will see what happens in the future!

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    which (causes) an electric current
    ideas from idead

  16. 1. In your own words, how does this work? How does the shoe generate electricity? water flow is repeated and cycled to generate electric power when transported through the supplied tunnel

    2. What other uses could come out from this technology? Or, what might this allow someone to do while “On-the-Go”? we could make a shake-powered battery for mobile devices, so that when your battery is running low, you could shake it to generate power.

    3. They generate about 36 kW/h which is about $3.60 in electricity Do you think the electricity you collect could be sold? What are the possibilities? yes, and it could create a submarket for generated electricity, which could promote wellness and physical activity.

    4. Random related thought... I would run forever if I had these shoes

  17. 1. The shoe turns mechanical movement of water to electrical energy. Water moves between two bladders when the person walks and uses electrowetting technology to produce electricity.

    2. This technology has, in fact, been explored for years. People have explored turning the mechanical energy found in humans into electricity in many types of applications. These applications, whether in shoes or other clothing, have targeted portable electronics as their suspected market.

    3. HA! 36kW/h? That is enough power to power a 60w bulb for 600 hours or power a chevy volt for 100 miles. That is ridiculous power and I highly doubt that would be possible even if you had the shoes your entire life. BUT, if you were capable of producing that much power I'd be more concerned with the fact that you are Flash and can run as fast as a plane.

    4. It's cool technology but it is simply not applicable in real life. We do not posses the ability to capture energy that effectively and until we can, this probably could not produce the amount of power that your phone uses in standby let alone charge it.

  18. The shoe generates electricity by moving liquid over electrodes when you take a step. The battery stores it and the USB port allows you to acces it. This technology could end the need for big generators, if we can find a way to make the energy output greater than 10 wats. I think just like people with solar panels sell their excess energy to the electric company, we can sell our excess from the shoe. I think I found my future job... WALKING! lolololololololol

  19. 1. Electricity is generated when one's heel applies pressure on a bladder which causes a liquid to move by electrodes on its way to the other bladder. Then the liquid is sent back to the first bladder when the ball of the foot applies pressure to the front bladder, and it is this constant process that produces electricity.
    2. This could eventually evolve to be used to capture the lost energy of all our movements or heat loss. Right now it could be used to charge a phone or other small battery fed devices while on a jog or walk.
    3. It could be sold, but I think it could have a greater potential or use at home or for personal use. Now if you really needed the money this technique could help people get a few extra bucks for a task they perform all the time.
    4. I personally want to buy one, but to avoid a bunch of cables they look into wireless electricity.

  20. 1. The shoes have water in the soul of the shoe and when you walk the movement of your foot pushes the water through terbines the tern and you get electric energy.

    2. This could allowe people to charge their hand helds like an Iphone, Ipod, or Andriod with their shoe.

    3. Yes and no. Yes becaues you could store the enery after a walk in and then sell it. No because you would need to save a lot a energy for some one to want to buy it, because if you have shoe to mke energy way would you buy energy.

  21. 1) When person walks, it traps heat that is turned in to energy which is sent to a fluid in the heal of the shoe, then the luid save the energy as 20 wats of electricity.

    2) It could change how peoples electronics die and they have no where to plug in, or they have to go somewhere and charge something.

    3) Someone could try to sell it, i doubt they would. No one would probably buy it.

  22. 1. it uses a tube that's connected through the shoe connecting the heel to the front of the shoe and is charged through a USB

    2. they are able to charge a USB and not waste energy because we loose all energy moving

    3. I think that would benefit us all in saving energy and help mother earth.

    4. Random related thought...

  23. 1. The shoe generates electricity by everytime you take a step it swishes water through the sole of the shoe to generate electricity.

    2. This would allow someone to charge their iPod or even their laptop which would be good if you were in dire need of power.

    3. This would be awesome to have! I do not think you could sell the electricity. Their are easier ways of making money in the electricity field.

    4. I think we should focus on making solar power more efficient that is going to be to power of the future.





    1. Funny. I'm now deaf from all that shouting tho..

  25. 1. Magic! It works with a mix of pneumatic and capacitance technologies
    2. I can see "home made" batteries and rechargeable batteries being powered by one of these shoes.
    3.I the technology gets better I can see this being a good gimmick by Nike. "The brand new Nike Bolt!"
    4. Running 5ks in these would be so cool! It would be twenty minutes of me going woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh.

    1. Capacitance oh yes. You do realize though that before capacitance technologies are mixed with pneumatic energy you will need a turbo big enough for the job, which in this case might be a 108mm twinscroll T4 turbo, with custom quad ball bearing CHRA and 100psi capability.

  26. 1. The shoe has a liquid which moves back and forth when walking, which produces energy.
    2. This technology could be used to use our own movements to create energy. Thus, reducing the amount of energy wasted. People on the go, could charge their phones with these shoes.
    3. The electricity is like a solar panel. The people would be able to produce and sell this energy without any change to their every day life.
    4. The shoe looks dumb.


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