Sunday, February 12, 2012

(S4) GenYES

1 To you, what is GenYES?

2 What are you doing to get the most out of each day in class?

3 Name two things you wish you could do more of in class (yes...appropriate!)

4. What do you personally contribute to the betterment of our GenYES class? What mark or influence are you leaving on this class?


  1. 1. A class where we work with all different aspects of technology.

    2. I get to learn more about MacBooks and OSX.

    3. Have more open discussions about technology. Work with iOS more / developed iOS apps.

    4. Hardware knowledge. The computers in the cove.

  2. 1) GenYES is a place where civil minded people do their daily work and try to help the community with new innovative technology.

    2) Doing my work and paying attention to Mrs. Kovesdy.

    3) I would like to be able to make more movies in class and be able to work on a GenYES Advertisement. Other than that, I think we should do daily short assignments just to keep us updated on the technology in our world.

    4) I am hoping to have made a lot of great films for future GenYES classes in years to come.


  3. 1) GenYES is helping teachers make education more fun and interactive along with a few tech fixes.

    2) I work closely with my classmates to share the information so that we can all benefit from the shared knowledge that we all have.

    3) Programming and program assignments

    4) Organization and leadership. Keeping Ms. K sane.

  4. Genyes in my eyes is when the students become the teachers and the teachers become the students.

    I am wokring on getting and editing all of the video footage we got of the tech fair, and editing it and making a montage of each of the zones.

    I wish we could have more taps, and maybe some more time to have hands on projects?

  5. 1) GenYes is Innovation, and implementing technology in school
    2) I work on whatever prject we are doing and or the blog and talking to greg and cameron and rick rick
    3) setting up computers and building computers and stuff of that nature
    4)I do good on hardware stuff and being able to fix that, and i will leave the mark of myself as being awesome and loud

  6. 1. GenYES is a class where I teach myself about technology and then am given assignments to ALTER the knowledge to make technology funner and more helpful.

    2. I ty to learn more than what is being taught so I can use technology to my advantage because technology started revolving around me since I was little and it's only going to advance more so I have to go with the flow.

    3. A. One thing I would like to do is get more involved with tech...more in depth but it's too expensive.
    B. I wish I that one day I will learn about a MIND BLOWING technology and use it in an impossible way. Ex: Make a hover jet car THEN FLY IT!

    4. Since I'm really new the only thing I have contributed is my laughter and smile.

  7. 1:GenYES is a class that allows students to learn about technology with their peers as well as teach themselves how to use some of the devices and software.

    2:I try to learn more about software just like Lion. I search up new features on it as well as other things like actual parts of computers.

    3:I wish we got to do more partner projects, those are fun. I also wish we could actually use new devices like I pads and such.

    4:I am not the best in technology although I love to learn and contribute in Projects and talk relatively well infront of an audience

  8. 1) GenYES is a class for learning and teaching technology. Our GenYES class is more like self teaching, you give us an assignment, and we learn what we need to and do what we have to. GenYES students should know how to use technology, and how to fix little problems we run into. That is also where the teaching comes in. We show teachers how to use technology better so they understand it better and be able to incorporate it in every day learning in class.

    2) In class we mostly mess around, but we do get our work done. We like to have fun with technology while we learn in class and while we do our assignments.

    3) I would like to mess with the Promethean board, me and Cameron have done work on there, its more interactive and grabs our attention more than sitting down in front of a computer.

    4) I think i can make the class a little more fun and entertaining, I am also called out by a lot of people to help fix something they run into, and most of the time i can help them with there problem, and if i dont, then i learn how to do it, and then i try to help them.

  9. 1 My favorite class, and the only reason i enjoy going to school

    2 Finish my projects ahead of time to get a good work ethic

    3 More hands-on projects, and weeklong assignments that we get free ranges on

    4. I am trying to get a more light-hearted sense in this room, and to make it a fun environment

  10. 1. A class where we learn about different aspects of technology and try to share it with teachers on our campus.

    2. I constantly work on my GenYES projects in both my GenYES period and my aiding period.

    3. I wish I had more hands on projects because I always prefer physical projects over electrical projects.

    4. I never stop doing my best and I contribute more time then I should towards the program.

  11. 1.To me Gen Yes is a class where we try to intertwine education and technology.
    2. Doing all of the day projects and looking at technology sites
    3. More free time, less work time
    4. I contributed a good attitude and the CPS chalkboard!

  12. 1. To me GenYes is an opportunity to use the latest and greatest technologies out there. I would have never figured out how to do so many things if I had never taken this class.
    2.I think that each day in GenYes is a chance to learn something new about technology. Wheter its a new program we are exploring or an old program we are revamping chances are I am going to learn something.
    3.I actually really like project where we have a certain amount of time to do them, I just like deadlines for some reason. I also wish that we had more project where each student get to show their strong suit.
    4.I think that I personally bring to the class my willingness to do anything. I will pretty much do anything you ask me to. I dont care if it is tedious or complicated; Ill get it done.

  13. 1.GenYes is a class that lets us take different aspects of technology and incorporate tem in the curriculum at the shadow mountain
    2. I work my hardest each day to complete the assigned task to the best of my ability and try to make it as well made as It can be
    3. experiment with new technologies and help incorporate the things we already have better into the curriculum
    4.I try and leave a mark with the projects that I work on and the things i do in class The green screen room is one example i was one of the two that made that room that certainly left a mark at least in the media center

  14. 1. GenYES is a class where I can not only share my knowledge of technology with my peers, but learn from them as well. Then as a whole, we share everything we know with teachers and other students on campus to make education more interactive for everybody.

    2. Everyday in GenYES I try and learn something new about the technology around us, or I get a better understanding of things I already know by helping other students learn what I know.

    3. I would like to some small partners projects that allow us to learn more about the different pieces of technology surrounding us that we don't know very much about.

    4. Female influence.

  15. 1. GenYes is a class where we learn about new technologies and their influences on society. We also help teachers when they dont know a certain aspect of their computer.

    2. Working hard and staying focused on the task at hand.

    3. More individual projects and learning more about new technology in the world.

    4. Stay after school and help out MsK when I have time. I feel I have a positive influence on the class, always encouraging people and making them feel included at all times.

  16. 1. GenYES is a class where we learn about new "innovative" technology.
    2. Do TAPS and learn from Mrs. K and other students.
    3. Hands on projects and small group projects.
    4. Sense of humor and a positive attitude, and some technology skills.

  17. 1. GenYES is a program in which students learn about new and/or up-and-coming technology, and figure out a way for teachers to implement this technology in their classrooms. They are also the goto students for troubleshooting when a teacher needs help with their particular piece of technology.
    2. I'm immersing myself in all things technology related and I try to keep myself up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the technology world.
    3. I wish I could have more pieces of technology to play/work with, and I wish I could work on more things pertinent to my college major/future job.
    4. I am giving the GenYES program a good name by doing TAPs and finding ways for the teachers to implement the Kinect/other technologies in their classrooms to improve their student's learning experience.

  18. 1. GenYes is a school run class in which we find innovative ways to incorporate technology within classrooms and to better the lives of the teachers and students, we also manage current systems in the school and give tech advice when needed.
    2.Focusig and attempting to get my work done.
    3.Work hand on hand with Mrs. K and learn more details about computer problem solving, also i want to better my skills with game servers.
    4.Me and Carsen hold down the Amp Zones and also we maintain early morning computer stuff.

  19. 1. I believe that GenYES is an interactive technology based class that integrates all kinds of computers and devices into a fun learning experience. The basis of our thinking is to incorporate technology into the classroom and make teachers find ways to use technology in their every day lessons.

    2. To get the most out of this class, every day I look at our website to see any new additions and then get started on whatever project we have and collaborate with my classmates as well.

    3. 2 things I would like to do more of in this class are hands-on projects because I feel that going and helping teachers is more fun then talking about it. Another one is to do more with different technologies. I have done a lot of research and discussing about the amp zones but I would like to do that with, like the promethean board for example.

    4. I feel that I contribute my love to learn and help others because in this class it is important to build on your knowledge and assist others when needed. :)

  20. 1. I feel it is a technology innovation class with technology assistance to others.
    2. Learning different ways to manipulate technology.
    3. Go more in to the workings of a computer and how to build them. Also, more with gaming consoles.
    4. I help with a lot of technological problems and am a good problem solver. I also help others with their problems.


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