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(S3) Looking backward at Forward Thinking

Here's a link from 2001 Mac Forum right after the ipod was first released:

Read through a lot of the comments. They are funny. Remember it's 2001

Now take a close look at these: Apple Progress Charts (Click on the image to enlarge)

1. What happened? It appeared the public did not like the device. Yet it took off. Why, do you think? Analyse the data closely.

2. The chart info is about a year old, but how does Apple compare with other tech markets?

3. What other tech company do you believe has a substantial or greater (?) impact on American life?


  1. 1. I think that they thought it was too ambitious and wouldn't deliver

    2. It was smaller than the competitor's mp3, but had a bigger battery, was compatible with more file types, and weighed less.

    3. Microsoft, because they created one of the most versatile OS's and is one of the most popular office brands.

    Jake Liddle

    1. Read the questions. Your #2 answer doesn't fit with the data found on the chart. This shows me you did not look at the chart. hmm....

  2. 1.) So Apple came out with the iPod. Nobody seemed to like it because it was too "new" but the consumers still bought it because it had a 5GB hard drive.

    2.) I'm pretty sure it would've sucked because it was coming out with complicated technology.

    3.) Microsoft with XBOX 360 GAMES!!!

  3. 1) Man people really were ranting and raving about the ipod, about its price, the new weird technology and how it was just a copy of other products. I quote one guy, "gee! an mp3 player with a HD! how original! kinda reminds me of a JUKEBOX i once knew.." They didn't get that it would be revolutionary.
    2)I t looked like a small company when it started, but it grew fast.
    3) Android

  4. 1. they were wrong the comment also had the pepole praising the i-pod for all of its stroage space and they were right it was and reamins a very influincal and smart idea by apple and pepole thought it wouldnt worck but look at it now. starte out small but it had good ideas and got a lot better.
    3.probobly microsoft be use of the Os and the office programs they have avalable. they also have the fact that they are one of the best gaming companies to.

  5. 1. People bought it just to see what it was, then realized it was amazing and revolutionary and more people bought it.
    2. Apple just sprung up out of no where and not they are near the top.
    3. I believe that Microsoft is greater because it is run by Bill Gates, and he like, created the internet.. Then apple copied him.

    1. # 3...... uh really? Don't think so!

  6. 1. i think that people bough it because it looked like the new thing.
    2. Apple seemed to come out of the wood work.
    3. I believe microsoft is better because my family is pc and i also own a xbox360

    1. More info to support your thinking and research....

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  8. 1:people really thought it was too new. they just started to not believe it was possible.

    2:apple is always going to be up there. the people that create these devices are amazing. I love apple!

    3:definately microsofts xbox 360. they rock!

  9. 1. People felt like it was the same thing that was on the market, but just repackaged... and they were pretty much right. Although, there are two things apple knows how to do, make decent products and market the hell out of those products. Not many companies had the infrastructure to compete with the iPod.

    2. Apple knows how to sell, and this is reflected in their stock. They are losing the smartphone market they had an iron grip on a few years back. They always had some large share on the market, but recently they have been doing really successful. In corporate America, Apple tells YOU what to buy!

    3. The really only large competing company is Microsoft owns around 85% of the computer OS market share. The consol wars are basically dead for right now -- they are over 7 years old. Comparing other tech companies to Apple, like Nintendo for example, would be comparing Apples to oranges. Android owns the largest share of the iOS market. The great thing about Apple is they own a large share of the MP3 market. TL:DR; Microsoft and Android.

  10. 1) I think the people just couldn't believe them and couldn't believe themselves that something like this was possible.

    2) Apple is always going to be competing with Microsoft while they are in business.

    3) Xbox360. I would be lost if I didn't have it over long breaks during school.

  11. 1) everybody thought it wasnt possible and it wouldnt happen but steve jobs did it and created the i pod
    2) apple came out of no where and looked like nothing but quicky sprung up and became a giant
    3)Microsoft, they have a great company and great products, such as the XBOX 360 that is the greatest gaming system ever and i dont know what i would do with out it

  12. 1. Everybody thought that the iPod was the same thing that was already out there and it just looked different. A lot of people hated it because it wasn't what they were expecting, what they wanted or it was to new. But the iPod also got a lot of praise because it had a lot more storage space.

    2. Apple started out looking like a smaller company, but quickly jumped up to the top. They now share a large part of the market.

    3. Microsoft is also a really great and successful company.

    1. What supporting evidence to you have to make the statement in #3?

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  14. 1) When the iPod was first released it costs $399. Even today, that is a lot of money which is primarily why people didn't like it. Being competitive and wanting what nobody had, people started to buy iPods and so they became popular.

    2) Compared to other tech markets, Apple has finally reached its place at the top since its start in the late 1970's.

    3) IBM, without them, Microsoft and Apple would never be what they are today.


  15. 1. I think people in 2001 didn't like the device because everybody was marketing Mp3 players the reason it took off I think is because it was revolutionary nobody made a touch screen Mp3 player

    2. There overpriced a they market there products way to much

    3. Microsoft is a vary successful with there Xbox 360 and PC's and the many people that got us here by helping invent the computer

    1. #2 is an opinion by you. The question asked for an analysis of the chart you were supposed to evaluate. It does not make sense given the facts on the chart.

  16. 1.) People thought that the iPod was an overpriced, and way to fancy because a cd player could do the same thing, but it's fanciness is what helped it take off. Quite frankly, it was amazing. It held 5gigs which you may not believe because today you can get over 32 gigs in a chip the size of your pinky fingernail. It also had a back lit screen, a 10 hour battery length, and completely digital.

    2.) Apple has far outdone the other tech competitors simply because it has redefined many tech products and created entire new classifications.

    3.) Not many tech companies really compete with Apple. The only other tech giant I can think of off the top of my head would be Google with their huge impact on cloud computing and mobile os.

  17. 1) People thought that it wasn’t all that much special or different from any other MP3 player of the time period. They thought it was too expensive and not that cool. But like all Apple products Steve Jobs indomitable will forced people to like it.

    2) They are still growing as a cellular phone market and making a lot of profit that way. Their innovation and changing up their models so frequently allows them to have a steady stream of revenue all the time.

    3) Google and it’s cloud service is pretty major in regards to the number of business that are transferring to their services and in terms of products Microsoft is still a major challenger or electronics; phones, computers, and gaming devices.

  18. 1. People didn't think it would like the mp3 players their use to. They thought it would be way to hard to use but after finding out how easy it was to use and the other ways it could be used was the eye cacher.

    2. They were a new company and no one thought much then saw what they were making. (even though you could get the same computer way cheaper.)

    3. Microsoft is way better.

    1. Support your thinking. Why, in your opinion is Microsoft better?

  19. 1. People had very bold opinions against the iPod. They saw it as an over priced mp3 player. People started to purchase them when the price had lowered due to a downward spiral in sales. People were not buying them when they were over priced so apple had lowered the price which substantially increased sales.
    2. Apple continues to over grow microsoft and other technology leaders. With their increasing stock price, they are managing to come out with newer and better technologies.
    3. Microsoft had an explosive impact on america. By producing the first computer, microsoft became the very first booming technology industry in the U.S. Microsoft is still a fore runner in the technology industry but is starting to be surpassed by apple.

  20. 1. I think that, after reading the comments, the majority of them were kind of hating on it. I don't think that they were actually complaining about the product and it's features but rather the idea of it, "Come on everyone, y'all are saying it sucks before you have even held it in your hand." That was one of the comments I agree with most.

    2. Apple is really high Compared to other technology markets, Apple has reached its place at one of the top positions since it began creating products.

    3. Almost all of my fellow companions up there have said Microsoft and I agree with them. I found an interesting article on this,
    From this website I gathered that Apple is superior to Microsoft but they have lots of potential with their products.

  21. I think the world just wasn't ready for the ipod so they gave it bad reviews at first. After a while however they realized how revolutionary the new device was.

  22. 1. I suppose that apple became popular because they worked very hard on making apple the cool mp3 player. They made apple an Icon that no one would ever forget. Everyone knows apple now.
    2.Most tech markets have existed and progressed as the industry grew but apple grew exponentially and defied what people thought of apple in its early days.
    3.i think that whenever you are asked to compare apple to something the one name that always comes up is pc because PC has always fought to be better than apple and in the very beginning they were winning. For almost 10 years now Apple has dominated all other technology companies even PC.

  23. 1. I think the reason it took off was because it was unique enough to set it apart from what ever else was on the market at the time. It had an astounding 5gb, which was pretty big back then, and the $400 price tag didn't help sales. Yet, the public must have soon realized the value in being able to carry hundreds of songs for long jogs, car rides, plane trips, etc.
    2. Apple casts a very large shadow on most of the other companies even microsoft which has been widely recognized as the giant in the computing world.
    3. I think Google leaves the largest impression and it has integrated into our everyday lives. When we research something we go to google, when we need directions we use google maps, videos or movies we use youtube, etc.

  24. 1. Besides the hating comments,it was still fairly revolutionary at the time. The 5gbs (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL) was a big step then and even though it was pricey it was apparently worth it to the public to have there information and music to be able to be carried around places.

    2. Well in the chart it is showing how Apple has really taken off in the last few years, with stock prices going up and demand increasing it compares to other markets by having innovation and producing a lot of new products. The revenue is also huge for how much hate they seem to be receiving.

    3. probably Dell, Gateway, or micro soft is the biggest rita due to the OS system but Apple also has iTunes so Napster might be up there too.


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