Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spend the Money

Say Shadow received a check for $ 200,000. to use for technology and YOU were in charge of how to spend it for our school.  How would you spend it?  (No it's not for's for the SCHOOL!)

1. Research prices of the items you want to buy.  (Round out the dollar amount)  What decisions would you make?  Would you replace the labs?  Would you buy another laptop cart?  Would you buy portable devices?  Which devices?  Smartboards?  Would you mix it all up?  Come as close as you can to spending all the money to best represent current technologies.     See my (somewhat crazy) example below.

2. Provide an idea for care of the purchases you made against theft or misuse.

3. There are approximately 1750 students, about 60 classrooms at SMHS.  How many kids will benefit from your idea?


  1. 1. I would buy 70 TV’s from Best Buy. Then I would buy swivel sturdy wall mounts to attach them to all the classrooms, offices and library so they look good and won’t get stolen. Since they are internet TV’s they would be good for research, CNN, news and interactive activities so I would need keyboard/mice sets. We could show announcements on these TV’s too. I would buy 100 ipads, and put in carts so teachers could check out for classroom competitions, with the TV’s. The media center needs new computers so I’d finish out my order there. This is a ridiculous plan for spending but an example how to lay it out.

    70 TV’s @ $ 1400/ea =$ 98,000.
    70 Mounts @ 200/ea = 14,000.
    70 Keyboard/Mice sets @ $40/ea = 2,800.
    100 ipads = 60,000.
    25 imacs for the media center = 25,000.
    Total: =$199,800.

    2. The TV's would have wall mounts so they couldn't be stolen. The ipads would be secured in a cart and students need to use their ID's to use them

    3. This would impact every student in the school because the TV technology would be in all the classrooms. Also students could come to the media center lab to use the computers. However, only 25 kids could use them at a time...hmmm maybe this was a bad plan. Yeah TV's are a silly idea and I forgot about those old computer labs 303 and 159. I really hope some of you kids think of something better... :)

  2. .Well, first i would buy about 60 Smart boards for the whole school, that way learning would become more interactive and easier. Students could watch hands on examples of everything too. After that i would buy 120 chrome note books, so that 2 could go in every classroom permently. This would benifit the students if they need to access the computers during class, but the class wasn't assigned a cart. This would also help with research in the class room. With the remaining 26k i would use it to restore and fix any broken technology and also to download Photoshop and other useful programs in to the computers. Maybe I would also buy a new Xbox for the medis center and i would help build the next amp zone witht that cash.

    60 smart boards, 2k each = 120,000
    120 Chrome books, 450 each= 54,000
    Various upgrades+ 26,000

    2. The smart boards would be a little challenging to steal, but they will be bolted to a wall. The chromes will be linked to the wall similar to what we do at the amp zone with the Wii. All the other things will be like they wer before with the same procedures.

    3. Many kids will, knowing that i hooked up the classrooms with upgraded technology.

  3. I would buy 60 I mac desktops. One for each classroom. That would be great for students who need to look up information for their next class or for anything school related. Then I would buy 60 chrome books 1 for each teacher. That would be an easier way for teachers to just look up things they need for their students fast.

    price for the i MAC desktops would be 60 of them for 90,000=1500 each

    2: They cant get stolen each room and cart is locked up safely after school.

    3: All the students would the i macs would be great help

  4. I forgot the chromes cost 450 each so 60 of them for 27000

  5. 1. 60 smartboards for 2,000 each= 120,000$
    1740 1GB flashdrives for 4.40$= $7500
    total= $127,500, Save the rest of the money for the future, or buy some trampolines...
    2. it would be downright impossible to steal a smart board and so thats taken care of. the flashdrives would have the students name engraved on them to make sure that even if they were stolen, they would be able to find it.
    3. it would effect every student because every single one gets a flash drive and every classroom has a smartboard.

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  7. Given 200,00$ I would by a large amount of tablet computers these help aid our learning and open new possibilities. They would also allow us to become familiar with a new technology that is currently growing. And will probably become very common as they make new strides in the technology of the tablets.

    The tablet computers at 130$ a pop would exhaust our resources and stop us from buying things like cases. We would have to make I clear theses are for school use only and assign them like the laptops we would be able to afford enough to keep the school supplied an hopefully keep the tablets safe.

    We would have enough money to buy over 1500 tablets these could replace the laptops. The amount would be enough to supply most everyone in the same way we supply the laptops currently there may even be more tablets this way.

  8. 1) First I would buy another computer cart that holds 30 computers, and a lock to go with it. And use the rest of the money to buy chrome laptops, I Would Be Able To Get About 352.

    2) Cart + Lock = 4,223
    Chrome Laptops = 192,777

    3) I think the kids would use them, they would be as happy to use that as much as a regular computer.

  9. I'd buy 35 Macbook Air's for GenYES. To help further the technological abilities of the students in the class. Then I'd buy 41 SmartBoards for the classrooms to use so the work becomes more interactive and allow students to learn better. With the last of the money I'd a two new carts of laptops with 60 Macbook Pro's for the school to use so they have better abilities to make projects and other things better using applications and speeds that the macbooks we have now don't let us use.

    2) Macbook- 45,465
    Macbook Pro- 71,940
    Smartboards- 82,000

  10. 1) I would buy 2000 Ipads at(500ea.) and I would spend the rest to buy 80 13 inch imacs for use in the labs around campus

    2)The I pads would be issued to students as an alternative for textbooks at our school, the students who are issued these tablets would have to sign a contract similar to the one that the GenYes students signed to be issued the macs, the students would have to accept full responsibility for their ipad. those who are uncomfortable with this will have to option to use the standard textbooks but hopefully the contract wouldnt detour too many students. as for the upkeep of the Imacs we would have to routinely montor them and fix them as we do any other mac in the school
    3) In this situation practically every student and faculty member has the opportunity to benefit from this purchase seeing as the I pads would be issued to every WILLING student, furthermore the labs would be available to the teachers more if they didnt have to deal with dinosaurs every time they wanted to do an online project, this would benefit them as well

  11. 1) First, I would buy 6 carts full of 30 new Google Chrombook Cr-48 laptops. Next I would buy 80 40" plasma TV's for each teacher's room plus other area on campus. After those I would also buy 100 Chromebook laptops for all the faculty and staff. On top of all that, i would buy master locks for the carts and wall mounts for the TV's.

    80 TV's @ $400 each = $32,000
    80 TV mounts @ $80 each = $6,400
    6 laptop carts @ $1000 each = $6,000
    280 Chromebook laptops @ $400 each = $112,000
    6 locks @ $15 each = $90

    Total = $156,490

    Extra cash would go towards electrical and wireless bill along with replacement costs.

    2) To prevent theft, the carts would be stored in a locked room after school with locks already on carts. The TV's would be locked in the school and mounted securely to walls. Any broken items would be replaced with extra money left over.

    3) This would definately benefit teachers more than students. The students would be able to use Chromebook for schoolwork so they also benefit. Everybody would get something out of these devices.


  12. 1. I would buy Smart Boards for every room at the school because the classrooms need an upgrade other than new projectors. For use with the Smart Boards I would buy IPads, so the students could interact and be a part of the lesson. I would then get rid of all the PC's in the two study islands and replace them with MAC mini's. They of course will need monitors, keyboards, and mice. The Media Center also needs an upgrade, so new iMacs be perfect to bring it up-to-date.

    2. I think the Smart Boards will have the least amount of issues because realistically one couldn't just walk out of the school with a Smart Board in their backpack/purse. The smaller items, like the IPads and Mac mini's, would require a little extra security, but I think it could be done. It could possibly be done by inserting RFID tags into them, and some kind of alarm system that could signal a stolen item. It would be nice if everyone followed the rules, then the keyboards would always be clean. Unfortunately, someone always happens to sneak food/drinks, and accidentally spill and gum up the keyboard. So, better enforcement could solve the problem, but who knows.

    3. I think nearly every student will benefit from this purchase because everything purchased is oriented towards the success of the students.
    Every classroom will have a Smart Board, Study Island will be more up-to-date, and the students will be able to interact with lessons using the IPads.

    - Smart Board x 60 = $81,000
    - Mac Mini x 60 = $36,000
    - Asus Monitor x 60 = $8,520
    - Keyboard & Mouse x 90 = $9,000
    - IPad x 58 = $29,000
    - IMac x 30 = $36,000
    - Grand Total =$199,520

  13. 1) For the students to use in class, I would purchase 250 Ipads for 100,000 and 6 charging karts for the Ipads for 6,708 leaving a total of 106,708 left to use. Then I would buy for the teachers class 2000 CPS systems for 58,000, leaving 48,708.last I would purchase 20 Dell one 2305 for 13,800, leaving 38,908 for upgrades repairs to devices.

    2) with the purchase of 6 Ipad carts, it would be hard for students to take them. With alos the release of a school version of the Ipad, they can be traced anywhere if taken. In addition it would be way to hard to steal a windows desktop computer.

    3) Every student and teacher will be in great shape with these learning devices. With the Ipads in the mobile charging carts, they can be used school wide. The CPS systems can be used by every student in every class. Lastly, the Windows computers can be mixed along side the macs in the library for use.

  14. I would buy 40 high quality PCs for around $2000 dollars each for a top quality computer lab for GenYES and other high standing technology classes. Then I would buy a huge catalog of E-books for the school district so we could have access to tons of E-books forever.

    By only allowing the most advanced classes to use the PC's, coupled along with things like deepfreeze, they would stay relatively safe.

    All the kids would benefit, but the most advanced classes would benefit the most.

  15. With the $200,000 given to us, I would purchase 60 Smart Boards for the classrooms so students can have more interaction with their learning. The Smart Boards will be about 81,000. I would then buy 80 Google Chromebooks. This would be about 32,000. Then I would buy 30 iMac Desktops for a computer lab. Each of these would cost about 1,200, spending about 32,000. The grand total for all of this would be about 145,000.

  16. 1) I like the idea of buying 60 smartboards, one for each class. It would cost $120,000. I would then buy 175 Chrome notebooks. It would cost 78,750 These would be great for students to use to create documents and send emails with teachers. With the rest of the money I would buy updates for all of the electronics.

    2) Students would have to check the computers out and then check them back in so they would be hard to steal. The smartboards would be almost impossible to steal since they are so large.

    3) Since each of the chrome books are exactly the same, it wouldn't matter what chromebook the student logged onto, it would seem like their own. They would be great for students.

  17. 10 alienware m18x laptops 2000 each = $20000.00
    10 LOGITECH M705 Mouse 60 each = $600.00
    2 250 gig xbox 300 each = $600.00
    madden 12 60 $
    total $32,060
    leftover $160 040

  18. 1. I would by each department 2 carts of 30 google chrome books. (300 books)
    60 x 5 x 350 = $105000
    Smart Board x 60 = $81,000
    various upgrade = 14000
    The google chrome carts would be great so the laptops would be universal on the campus. The smart board would be used for the teachers to present ideas.

    2. We would use the same theft procedures we do for the laptops we have now. The smarts boards are to big to get stolen.

    3. Everyone we could all use the laptops and smart boards.

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  20. 1. I would buy 90 MacBook Airs to replace all of the computers in the computer labs and the media center and braces to keep them from being stolen. I would also buy 90 ipads for the staff.

    macs- $999* 90= 89910 +
    braces- $5* 90= 450 =$90360 +
    ipads- $500* 90= $45000= $135360

  21. 1 Anyone who has been in a higher level science class has probably used one of these: Lab pro is a series of small devices that can gather data using various sensors by the company Vernier. The data can be logged on makes using Logger Pro or even on our TI-84s. I believe that labs are the most important part of a science class and that everyone should have the tools they need for labs.

    Labpro chemistry pack $1426 * 40 (one set for any given chem. Class plus extra)
    Labpro biology pack $1,600 * 40
    Labpro physics pack $ 915 * 40
    Labpro science pack (for general science) $1627 *40
    Giant safes to keep them in = $6000

    (1426 *40)+(1600*40)+(915*40)+6000=$194240
    With enough room in the budget to buy some organizers for the parts.

    2. The giant safes will prevent theft.
    3 These labpro packs will benefit every kid in the school. They have to take science classes, and by bringing in superior technology to the class, we are also bringing a more fun environment for learning. This is the best way to encourage growth and learning in the sciences.

  22. 1. i would buy a smart board for every class room because smart boards are a really fun and interactive way to learn different subjects. Then replace most of the carts with google chrome laptops. These laptops are perfect for school use, also sending google docs and emails are way easier to do just using the internet. Last year i know that we had a shortage of paper last year and teachers could only have so many pieces. Maybe we could help the teachers out with quality Dunder Mifflin paper.

    Smart Board x 60 = $81,000
    280 Chromebook laptops @ $400 each = $112,000
    rest on Dunder Mifflin paper=7,000

  23. 1. I would buy 1750 ipod touch 4 gen for every kid on campus I'm sure that apple will cut us a break on prices and cut them down to 100 dollars a piece if a kid breaks one they buy it for 200 so we gain 100 if a kid breaks one
    Then i would buy a tv for 400 but they will give us a deal because were a school so it would be 200 a piece and buy 125
    1750*100=175,000 200*125=25,000 175,000=25,000=200,000

    2. for the TV protection we would bolt them to a piece of furniture which is also bolted to the ground and we would lock the doors.

    3. It would give everyone a ipod touch and give all classrooms a TV plus some more if it breaks 65 TV extra.

  24. 1. I would buy a phone for every student with all the teachers phone numbers whicjh cant be erased in the phone so that if a studen forgets a homework assignment they can call a friend or the teacher. they should buy the $15 dollar sansa phones and charge a student $20 if the phone breaks.
    2.If a student miss places or breaks a phone more than three times then the student must write a letter exsplaining why he should recieve another phone.
    3. I think about half the students will benefit from this idea because the other half already has phones and or computer


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