Sunday, September 11, 2011

Google Apps

What are the best Google Apps? Find 3:

1) One for fun, chillaxin (did I really say that?)
2) One for education (use for school stuff)
3) One for productivity (organizational, study help, notes, etc)

Give a reason why you chose that app. Just a few words why it's the best. (This is easy, schmeasy homework huh?)

Oh have PRESENTATIONS due this week!!


  1. 3 apps that i like for google chromes are angrybirds, kindle, and learnboost. I like angry birds because it can make you very unbored when you are bored. Kindle is a good app because you dont have to bu a book when you want to read it you just download it. Learnboost is a good app because it is helpful for school stuff.

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  3. 1. Nba Jams, its a fun basketball game, "Boom-Shakalaka!!"
    2. Spanish dictionary, it helps to find the spanish word for the english word or the other way around.
    3. notepad, helps organise homework and test dates.

  4. 1: Striker manager...Striker Manager is an multiplayer online football game. In the game, you can be the master of your own football team.

    2: nakshart.. This app is a great app for astronomy lovers. It shows you the art of space and stars.

    3 Sticky notes,Quick and easy notes for Chrome.

  5. 1. Angry Birds is a great app for anyone to download! It's fun and entertaining especially on the go!
    2. Google Books is a great app for all students that allows access to over three million book, so students can always be reading on the go!
    3. Quick Notes is a quick and easy way to take notes on your chrome.

  6. 1. For a fun App I chose Dragon Fly, it is a fun interactive game were you teach a baby dragon to fly super high in the air.

    2. For a learning App i chose the language development App, it is an interactive app that helps you either improve your english, or learn a second language, i used it to improve my greek skills.

    3. For organization I picked money manager, it helps to manage my accounts and money, i use it for when i loan money out and borrow money too.

  7. 1. PAC-Match Party! I love this game because its very fun and you dont have to invest too much time or thinking into it too much. Its fun catchy and the game itself is designed well.

    2. ALCHEMY! This game is so entertaining! I love to try to find as many answers as possible and it always captures my attention and holds it.

    3. I like dictionary apps because they help when I need to find synonyms or I just want to find a better word for what I may be trying to talk about.

  8. 1.) For the fun App I chose Plants vs. Zombies because it is a very fun turn based game in which you defend your house from zombies with plants.
    2.) for the learning app I chose "the elementals" this is a fun app in which each of the elements are personified but cartoon characters.
    3.) For the organizational app I choose scratchpad, this is an app that I used alllllllllllllll the time last year in english this is the ultimate not taking app!

  9. 1. Hanger: It is really fun and a good game to play to relax
    2. Alchemy: this helps you understand reactions between elements
    3. Quick Note: it helps you take notes while browsing the web very good note takers

  10. My fun app is audiotool because it makes cool beats.
    My education app is the calculator app because it can realy help kids in math and science.
    My productivity app is the note app because it can keep notes easily.

  11. 1) Canvas Rider. A fun app that directs you to a website where you can make your own course or play another's.
    2) a nice app that allows you to graph functions and performs other duties as well.
    3) Google Docs is a great app to share and turn in documents for different classes all from the same computer.

  12. 1. Angry Birds, because it is fun and addicting.
    2. Math, because it helps with math.....
    3. Notepad, to have an organization tool and to be able to write down things you need to do.

  13. 1. Alchemy is a great app especially for someone who enjoys science.
    2. is a great app for graphing multiple functions and being able to distinguish between them.
    3. Sticky Notes work a lot like Post-it's and organize your thoughts or daily plans.

  14. 1) Local Player, it is a very neat web based music browser that lets you upload music from a computer to hear on any one of your chrome browsers. iTunes for Chrome.

    2) Live Mocha is awesome app for learning another language. It takes you through basic conversations and allows you to build on what you already know. There is a huge selection of languages to choose from and a short poll at the beginning of a course keys in to what your need for the language is. It comes with a week long trial and can be purchased for full content monthly or yearly.

    3) Box is a file sharing app to transfer data between computers and mobile devices from iPads to Chrome notebooks. It comes with 5 gigabytes of online storage for movie files, music files, or plain old word docs.

  15. 1) Angry Birds. This is a fun app to play, and almost every kid enjoys playing this game.

    2) Hangman

    3) Live Documents

  16. 1. For fun I enjoy Skyrama because it is an online mmorpg type game!

    2. For educational purpose, i enjoy IQ. Its an online IQ test that gives you an IQ test!

    3. Weather bug is great for keeping up with the highest accurate weather in the immediate area.

  17. For a fun app to play all the time bowman 2 because if you have a friend you can play 2 player or against a computer.

    For school purposes The Calculatoure app would do just fine for an really expensive calculator and you can work offline too.

    For productivity 1calendar is an app that puts events from Facebook your own events, your school schedule and other services.

  18. Gravity Duck. It's frustrating. And Fun.

    Kindle. Self explanatory.

    Slide Rocket. If it worked properly, then it would be greatness.

  19. 1 Nyan Cat the game by Oliver Caldwell

    2 Wikihood is a good app for reference during class. It's almost limitless knowledge at the tip of your fingers.

    3 Wunderlist is a way to organize your to-do lists on the web and synchronize it with your free Wunderlist account between Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.

  20. 1.bowman by free world group

    2.ancient history app. helps u learn abot the past giving u exact information

    3.chinese tutor, helps u learn to speake chinese.

  21. 1. Flight Control- it is a fun game where you are a air traffic controler trying to land the planes.

    2. Algebra Touch - Learn algebra in a whole new way by rearranging, sliding, and tapping numbers and operations to solve problems.

    3. Note Pad - Note pad will help you write your home work down. It will also help you write down little notes that you may need to take down.

  22. 1) A fun app to play is helicopter because its really entertaining and addictive.

    2) Scrabble is good for learning new words and is very useful for english class.

    3) For productivity and getting your work done Slide Rocket is a good app for great presentations, documents, etc.

  23. 1) Angry Bird is a fun game to play.
    2) Scrabble challenges student to thing at a higher lever and spell to compete.
    3) Quick Note is an amazing app if you want to keep comments ore notes about website you visit which will help when doing projects.

  24. 1.Pool-This app makes it so you can play pool with out needing a pool table.

    2.Quick Note- Quick Note lets you take notes and save them. You can easily find all your notes with the search.

    3.Astrid- Astrid is a task/ todo list. It also helps groups organize.


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