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Considering the philosophy of the GenYES organization; sound leadership plays a major role in the programs' success, from the local perspective of students acting as campus, technology ambassadors to running a world class company.

1. Explore this Leadership link. Choose one of the topics and fully investigate the properties of leadership. Give a summary of what you read.

2. What leadership strengths do you possess?

3. List some characteristics of being a leader that you feel you might need some improvement.


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  2. FIRST!!!
    1. I read motivation. The page was about how motivation can create an awesome project. If someones hungry and they can only get food if they work at it there going to work harder for it than someone who isn't hungry.I also found an interesting quote. "If you don't keep score, you're only practicing." — Vince Lombardi. This quote means if someone cant win then the motivation of winning is gone.
    2. I know i dont have very many leadership strengths, but i do believe i have one quality on this website. Visioning, seeing what to do in a project and making it happen.
    3. I feel like i need alot of help in communicating. In the chrome project i only emailed lucas 4 times. I think i could have emailed him way more

  3. Second!!!
    1. I read Time Management and Leadership. The page was about how time cannot be stopped, slowed down, nor can it be sped up. Thus, time needs to be effectively managed to be effective. The article listed many techniques for managing time. Such as keeping things simple, utilizing to-do lists, and staying organized.

    2. The leadership skills I have are character, time management, and presentations.

    3. Some areas of my leadership skills that could use improvement are communication, meetings, and mentoring.

  4. 1) Leadership Styles: Leadership can be broken down into three distinct types. Autocratic is a style where a leader lays out direct instructions and outlines how things are to be done. It is not bossing other people around but rather dictating how things should be done. It is best used with people new to a position that don't know how to do the job. Another is Participative which incorporates other team members into the decision making process and works well when different people have parts of the solution and work flow allowing the leader to not need to know everything. The third is Delegative which lets the workers work at their own discretion with the leader ultimately responsible for the outcome. In a well functioning team that is competent, this can be the best style to take.

    2) I am cooperative and friendly and I try to make sure that the people I lead are happy and feel accepted and that their input counts.

    3) I am not very good at delegating work out to other people in my team instead taking on too much of it myself. Also organization of communication is something I need to work on in terms of keeping people appraised of what is going on and planning out more detail in meetings.

  5. 1.) From the section titled "Leadership: Strategy & Tactics" I learned that in order to succeed, a strategy must be developed to plan out the course of action. This plan must be tooled to best benefit the whole, not the individual. This plan must also use the strengths at the leader's disposal and exploit any advantage presented. To aid the success of your strategy,the leader must also look at the weaknesses his team has and bridge this gaps in performance. This, however, does not mean the leader should micromanage. The leader must create a network of communication with his team without stepping on their toes.

    2.) Strengths I possess as a leader are many. I have been a leader in the marching band for two years now and secretary/treasurer in EWAG for three years now. As a leader I do not ask my team to do what I myself would not do my self. I also do not lazily sit back and watch others work, I get down and work more then what I expect out of my team. I also try to make the work fun and enjoyable, not hard and tedious.

    3.)With that said, I also have many weaknesses. Being small and quiet I am easily overpowered vocally and vertically. This makes control an issue for me. I find it hard to keep the group on task because they feel like I can't control them. This has caused me to develop my leadership style from the "do this" method to the "could you please do this" method. This lessens the chance for others to challenge me and keeps the group happier.

  6. My article was leadership styles. There are three main leader ship styles

    Authoritarian- this leader ship style encompasses the main leader giving directions to the subordinates a supervising them as they complete their tasks. This should be use when a leader knows the task and how to complete it

    Participative- this has the leader working with the subordinates the leader use his and their skills to complete a task. This should be use when the leader knows part of the task and how to complete it and the subordinates know the rest

    Delegative- this sees the leader leaving the worker alone to complete there tasks not participating at all. This should be use when the leader trusts the subordinates to finish the task and d a good job with out his input.

    I am very good at organizing tasks and assign them to people with the right skill set. I also try and lend my knowledge to the task at hand a lot and I always value feed back from other group members.

    I am could improve on being slightly more aggressive in my leader ship style. I don’t want to offend any one so I end up not forcing people to do things. I could also improve on communicating with my group. I am quite by nature and may not talk to my group as much as I should.

  7. 1. I read motivation and leadership. In leadership, motivation is the key. Motivation is what lets you strive and meet your goal. What gives people motivation is what they believe, value, interest, fear, and other worthy causes. A great way to spread motivation is by setting a positive energetic scene.

    2. I feel I posses the leadership skills of cooperation, motivation, and assisting.

    3. I feel I need to improve my timing skills and on attention skills.

  8. 1. Leadership: Strategy & Tactics
    •perscition in leadership can help keep ur men alive ur teamates happy and ur group on task and heading in the right direction. it improve guidlines for grownth and can bring ur group team ext closer together. a well thought out plan can keep ur group from thinking twice about u being leader.
    2. The strengths I posses in leadership is well thought out plans and deploying them, encouraging the team to keep moving forward dispite mess ups(witch includes me on several acations if u know what im talking about haha), and controling a situation not freaking out finding a back up to every stradegy and finding a new way to do things.
    3. nobody's perfect witch is why i think i need improvment with my leadership skills. i think i need to work on my comunication a little bit ive had some trouble in the past on not comunicating. Dont get me wrong i have great people skills but when it comes to talking to my team i somtime forget or dont talk to them. so trying my bst working out the problems with comunicating and never giving up i think i can learn to move forward and learn from my mistakes.

  9. 1: I read Character and traits in leadership.. It told that leaders do what they are supposed to do. How a persons character doesnt come early in life but is found later.

    2: I posses leadership quality few have.. I like to command my group as if it was a spartan army .I like to have fun but serious when it comes down to crunch time. I am a leader on my latino club baseball team. I am playing with the real baseball players from all latin parts of the world... I have worked hard enough and have showed that I was a born leader.

    3: I think only being a bit more vocal and have a meaner attitude.

  10. 1) Presentations: presentations are very important with leadership. It is how a leader of other person in a group of people could represent there ideas to the rest of the group. They are good to give information and answer question someone might have about the topic. And if there are still questions to be asked, then the presenter should be able to get you the answers to the questions.

    2) I am unsure about the qualities of leadership i posses.

    3) I could be better at my presentations and a more serious attitude and more focused on my work.

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  12. 1 I chose to read the article on OODA: Observe, orient, Deiced, Act. These series of actions are used inorder to asses the current situation and act accordingly. It is impossible to lead without being able to do anything. Observation is needed for implicit guidance and control. Orientation allows you to accurately define scope and context of problems. Deciding allows you to consider options and select a subsequent course of action. And action is implementation of your decision.

    2 Leadership skills I posses include initiative and communication.

    3 A leadership skills I need to improve on is planning

  13. 1. I read the motivation page and I learned that people can be motivated by many things. People can accomplish great things if they have the proper motivation. Motivation is key in a leader because you have to know why you are doing the things that you are and focus on them to accomplish your goal.

    2. I think that my greatest leader trait is motivation because like every one I have a reason for everything that I do but unlike most people I know what it is and use it to accomplish my every day goals.

    3. I think that the leader traits that I need to most work on are communication with my peers and how I manage my time.

  14. 1) I read the section on Visioning, which is what ever leader needs to start off. They have to plan out what they want and visualize their path to success. Effective visions are what really get a leader motivated and inspired to do something. Once a leader has their vision, it will provide knowledge for their future. Having a mission statement is usually the best way for a leader to stick to their goal.

    2) I do believe I have a few leadership skills. I am very respectful and am good with inventing strategies.

    3) Socializing and presenting in front of groups. Being able to debate properly as well.

  15. 1.I read character traits . This article specified that a good leader does not assume power is deserved to them by their status but is rather build by that person. It then goes on to define the traits that would earn leadership, above all was a want to better what ever it is that you are leading, be it a club in a high school, or an entire nation. other traits that might be of use are as follows:Justice Judgment Dependability Initiative Decisiveness Tact Integrity Enthusiasm Bearing Unselfishness Courage Knowledge Loyalty Endurance
    2. One of my traits that I feel would make me a good leader is I am not stubborn, I am always willing to compromise and hear people out.
    3. One of the things that I need to work on is my public speaking, I am absolutely scared of crowds and I freeze up when I have to give a speech.

  16. 1. I read on communication. Communication is the most important part of being a leader because it shows your workers that you can and want to know how they are doing. It also shows that you are there to help them with whatever obstacle they face. Some of the problems faced with communication that makes it hard to talk to the group are things like: noise, Stress and different cultural aspects.
    2. Leaderships strengths I have are being able to communicate with others well, can motivate people, and can put together meeting quite well.
    3. Aspects of leadership I need to improve on are time management and knowing when to just let my team work

  17. 1. I read leadership styles and found out that there are 3 types of leadership. There's authoritarian, participative, and delegative and each is based on the leader's participation. An authoritarian leader tells everyone how they want something done, or "it's my way or the highway." A participative leader involves one or more of the members in the decision making process and like when ideas are bounced around. Finally, the delegative leader assigns different jobs to the other members and tells them to figure it out themselves.

    2. I feel I have always had an understanding of the different styles of leadership, yet never seen it written down. I am certain I have used all of these at least once as a leader, and sometimes in combination. I personally use the participative style the most as I understand that I don't have all the answers.

    3. As a leader I need to work on communication as well as breaking down the awkward barriers that I tend to run into when working with people I don't know on a personal basis.

  18. 1. I read Leadership and Visioning and I learned a lot about it including how to create a vision and act on it. You have to think about what you want out come out of the vision and the most important parts of it. They almost sound like "value statements", meaning that they sound like a personal goal because they really are. You know when a vision is effective because it states a clear goal and inspire something to come out of the vision then just being done with it after you have completed it. Other components are that they are challenging and clear as well as slightly flexible and not totally restricting. An easy outline to help with creating a vision is; Stating your vision, associated goals, objectives, any related tasks, deadlines/ a timeline, and how you could follow up on it.

    2. I think I properly exhibit a lot of leadership traits. Sone of those are communication, during the chrome project for example, I was all willing to go talk to teachers and my project manager and team members. As well as being open-minded because I love new ideas and I know mine aren't the only ones out there. I also love creative because plain stuff is boring to me, as it should be to a lot of people. I'm also very motivated because I love new tasks.

    3. I could improve in lots of areas such as time management and presentating. I am pretty good with time management, better in comparison to some people but I could always be better. I am still getting to presenting and I could be a little bit more comfortable but that takes work.

  19. 1. I chose the topic Change. Change is important for not only people but companies as well. You must not only be able to adapt and change to survive, but if you embrace the prospect of change you will thrive. Organization go through four basic steps of change; formative period, rapid solid grown period, mature period, and declining period. If a company fails to comply with these steps, they will inevitably fail.

    2. "The enlightened ruler is heedful, and the good general full of caution." ~ Sun Tzu

    A leader must be aware of his boundaries. I know that if I am the leader of a group, I cannot at the same time be their friend. I must know that I should lead first, with a calm but stern fist. Once the project is done I can PARTY IT UP.

    3. I tend to not be very clear and delegate tasks well. I seem rather hesitant to ask things of others and what I do ask I could ask it a lot better.

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  21. 1. Diversity is about empowering people. Understanding and giving others the opportunity to use their abilities and potential to the fullest. It is only when the group members realize that diversity is the key for turning weak areas into strong areas does the group start to grow into a team.
    2. I am able to get things done on time and to the best of my ability and I can explain to others what they need to be doing.
    3. I don't have a lot of patients and I don't like to have to ask others to improving their work.

  22. 1. As a leader you would have to overcome diversity, and get all your employees and followers to embrace it, because with diversity we are all different, but we would have to work together to overcome that difference and work as a team to accomplish things.

    2. I feel that i can take control of a situation in a relaxed and eased way, and i never freak out, i also am good at organization and i learn fast.

    3. i need to improve on my completion and turning in my work.

  23. i think i have the character trait. because i earn peoples respect i dont just expect it. i can be a good leader if i try and dont be lazy. if i improve on not being lazy and i try harder i will prosper and do very well.

  24. 1. A good leader has good communication with his/her pears. To have good communication both the giver of information and the receiver both under stand clearly. A good leader will also will give good feed back about something wrong or if something is amazing.

    2. I think I'm good at getting information out and understood fairly well.

    3. I think I could work on being organize and plan meetings and when things need to be done by.

  25. 1. I read the concepts of leadership you are presented by it you are born with it if you have the will power and desire you can become a good effective leader. A leadership is someone that influences you to accomplish objectives ect.

    2. Sometimes i can be an example on who to follow but only if i really want to and i think i can communicate to other people if i really need something done.

    3. Turning in work and following instructions in a project or team work activity and also a little communication couldn't hurt

  26. 1) I read communication. In simpler terms it meant that, a person must have a very thorough thought and must express it clearly and with some sort of emotion to the person listening. If there is anything in the background (noise, religion, perception, stress, ect.) this will affect how a person receives and understand what has been said.

    2) I believe I express communication (mabye too much) as my strongest leadership skill.

    3) I may need to be more emotionally understanding with people, because there are sometimes where I may say something that irritates or angers a person. Also, I am not very organized and that is a very big part of being a leader. Finally, I may not be very strong in doing work ahead. I am by far one of the biggest procrastinators. Even though I may procrastinate, that doesn't mean my work is bad.


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