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This week, in honor of our Australian vistors, imagine that YOU are moving to Australia!

1. Pick a city in Australia to move to.
2. Pick a place to live in that city; apartment or house
3. Pick the high school that you will attend in the same city.

Provide a picture link (use Google Short links) and comment to each task. Look at my example and model it for your entry.

This is not an easy assignment and you will be discovering some unique skills in Internet searching for this type of information. It will be interesting to see who rises to the top in this challenge!

PS Let's vote on who finds the coolest place to live in Australia. Prize? Yes.


  1. 1. I looked all around the West Coast but then moved to the Queensland area, city of BIsbane because I really like the Fortitude Park area. It’s surrounded by a curving river, looks culturally fun and I like the lively atmosphere of the city. Here’s a bunch of pics of this area:

    2. Yep, this is where I would live:
    A little pricey, I might need a room mate!

    3. The high school I would teach would be Indooroopilly State High School:

    I mean seriously…they have a Cisco Networking academy! How cool is that? I think I would be able to fit in nicely with their technology department.

    No you can’t copy my stuff! Find your own cool place to live and go to school in Australia!

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  3. 1. I decided that I would settle in Cairns, Queensland. It is near the beach and the mountains, the perfect place. It is an amazing place with lots of things to do, from skydiving to scuba diving. Here are some of the things to do.
    2. I found a nice spot in Cairns to live. It's an apartment that I might need a room mate for. The best part is that my school is only 1.1 miles from my house.
    3. I decided to go to Cairns State Highschool. It's just a nice school with a nice atmosphere. Go to the about the high school page and you will see my lovely principal...

  4. 1: I was checking out a city named liverpool in sydney its very old but modern with malls and new plazas. The link has pictures of the house...

    2:21 FLOWERDALE RD, Liverpool, NSW 2170... that house is very nice with a price of 978,000..

    3:Liverpool Boys' High School
    Forbes Street, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia
    +61 2 9602 7979..

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  6. 1. I will be moving to Mount Lawley, Wet Australia. (
    2. I will be moving into a house at 55 Monmouth Street, Mount Lawley, WA 6050. (
    3. I will be going to Mount Lawley Senior High School. (

  7. 1) The city I would move to is Melbourne, Australia. It's a fairly large city in the far south of Australia. It's actually the second largest in Australia. A picture of the city can be found on this website. (

    2) The house that I want to live in is at the following address: 1207/620 Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000. (

    3) A great school that I found nearby is William Angliss Institute which can be checked out at the following link. (

  8. 1) Newcastle, on the coast and close to Sydney for big metropolitan events but also there are many markets, concerts, and fairs in Newcastle to stay busy. Plus the weather looks great.

    2) I want to live here: Yes, it is a tab overpriced but it super sick.

    3) There are three high schools near the house, but one is a Catholic Academy. I would go to Merewether High School even though it is selective, the academics look better and is right next to a race track.

  9. 1. I would move to Glenorchy, Tasmania, Australia. ( As a part of the Hobart Metropolitan I would always be close to something interesting and a big city full of opportunity. Plus it's right on the beach!

    2 I would like in a two bedroom flat at Farnell Place, 7010 ( charming isn't it?

    3 The nearest high school is Cosgrove High School ( Great for my grade 10 education before college.

  10. Edit:

    Pictures at

    City Tourist website at

  11. 1. I would move to the west part of australia in kalgoorlie. Id move here because I love the beautiful landscape the way the hills blend with the city, plus there are lots of really good resurants, markets, and amazing historic buildings.
    2. Id move to 73 Wortley Street, Somerville, KALGOORLIE, 6430, Western Australia. Its a beautiful house with 4 bedroom 3 bathrooms. Its 7841 meters and is only $829.000.
    3.The High school I would go to would probly be Boulders cominity high school. The teachers focus on the class there there to help students succede and the school is big enough for all my classes cause someday i want to be an architected and that requres, drawing tech class and archetecture classes.
    city tourist website:

  12. 1. I would move to Melbourne. I like it because it is one the southern coast and i could have a great view of the ocean, plus it would be a little colder there, and i like colder weather. Melbourne is also a great place for night life, and im a night owl.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1280&bih=635&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi

    2. I would choose a apartment in the west side of the city, so that although im not at the beach, im close, and i can easy access stores around me and can walk around at night and not be too close to anything.

    3. THe highschool i would go to is Mebourne High School, it is an honor highschool and if you go there you would have great recommendations for college.

  13. 1. Where am I going to live? Townsville. No, not the Townsville from the Powderpuff girls, but the one in Australia. It's awesome and is close to the shore. It also has deadly spiders.
    I also have enough money for a Lambo!

    2. I would choose a house with a small rugby field in my back yard. Oh, hey look at this!

    3. I would go to James Cook University.
    It's pretty awesome.

  14. I moved to a city called Henley Beach, located in Southern Australia close to Adelaide
    I will attend Henley High School, This choice was a good one because it is a school located close to the beach which would always be fun on half days or after school visits
    I will live at 6A Henderson Street, Henley Beach, SA 5022 This house is close the beach and also is only 4 blocks away from the high school that I am going to attend.the price is close to $760,000 The climate can be a bit cold during the winter but during the summer it is the perfect spot for some beach fun.

  15. 1.)If I moved Australia I would love to live in Port Douglas. It lies right off of The Great Barrier Reef. It is a great tourist spot and the views are amazing (

    2.)The specific house I would like to live is in Mossman. It is only a couple miles from the nearest beach and about 8 miles from downtown Port Douglas. The real estate site for my house has pictures and more details (

    3.)The high school I would attend is right down the street and has a very nice band program including a jazz band. (

  16. 1. I started looking at places near the Indian Ocean because there are many other bodies of water such as the Mornington peninsula. So I finally picked a place nearby Mornington because I found it interesting that Military fortifications were first established in Victoria in the 1880’s. The area around it also has low main lands, which I think I would enjoy a fairly large town environment. There are many great things about the area I picked, including that they have lots of cafes and it seems like a very happening place because I’m a happening person. I also really love marine life so I picked Victoria, Australia. More specifically Daylesford.

    2. I really wanted to find a house, so I looked at real estate. I really like the area this house is located and its in walking distance of lots of stores and centers. It also looks very large and spacious with lots of land. The best thing about this house is that it’s within walking distance from my school! 6 minutes walking, 1 minute driving.

    3. The school I picked, I was very impressed with because it has lots of credentials. I chose to attend Castlemaine Secondary School.

  17. I am going to move to Melbourne Australia It is one of the largest city’s and has very good apartments and schools

    I will live at 503 ST Kilda road it is a high-rise apartment and it is right across from a park and lake

    I will attend Melbourne grammar school

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  19. 1. I will be living at Hobart, Tasmania.
    2. I will be living in this house.
    3. I will go to Clarence High School

  20. 1) I would live in Darwin, Australia.

    2) My house:

    3) My school:

  21. 1. I would move to Magnetic Island which is a small island off the coast of Townsville in North-East Australia. More than half the island is a national park with open eucalypt woodland, Koalas, a significant Dugong population, and a variety of birds.,%20North%20Queensland,%20Australia.jpg.
    During the time from January to March Sea Turtle hatchlings can be seen on the beach.

    2. I found an Apartment that is less than a minute from the ocean.,_Nelly_Bay_MAGNETIC_ISLAND_QLD_4819

    3. I will be attending Magnetic Island State School which is about 5 minutes from my house.

  22. 1. I've decided I want to live in Cairns, Queensland. It is somewhere near the beach and it's a beautiful place to buy a home.
    2. This seems like a perfect place to live. It's a roomy and beautiful home.
    3. I decided to go to Cairns State High School. It is 11 minutes away from where I will be living.


  24. 1.Mrs.K said i could do New Zealand so im going to live in Auckland New Zealand.

    2.I Found an apartment thats a one bed room thats way under 1 mil. Only 146.000 Austrian dollars.

    3. Onehunga High School. Loyalty and courage.

  25. 1. Perth, Australia. #1 rated night life in Australia. Ranked #1 city in the world.
    2. I would live here: only $849,000
    3. This school looks fun. Called a college has a high school program as well. Cant wait.

  26. REDO
    1. i am choosing to move to canton beach austrailia. it has nice weather and has awesome beaches.
    2. i am choosing to move into a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. 35 & 62 Wallarah Rd Gorokan & 170 Pacific Hwy, Charmhaven
    Gorokan, NSW 2263. there are pictures of the place here
    3. i am going to go to north lakes high school in canton beach

  27. 1. I am choosing Greenwith, Australia. Home:
    2. I will go to Greenwith primary school:

  28. 1 I want to move to 102 Lachlan Street, Macquarie, ACT 2614 buying price of $580,000

    2 My high school would be Canberra High School website: and its address is Bindubi St, Macquarie Australian Capital Territory and walking distance is 29 min and 1.2 miles and driving is 3 min and 1.4 miles

  29. 1) I would live in Melbourne Australia. It is a modern city surrounded by green lands and running rivers.

    2) I would live in this apartment at 607/60 Market Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000. Its cost is 200,000.

    3) I would go to Melbourne University High School. Its the closest thing to college... in high school!

  30. 1. Darwin…
    2. I would live at 4 Britannia Crescent, Anula, NT 0812
    for $557,500. It has Bedrooms:3 and Bathrooms:1 its is also very close to my high school.
    3. I would go to Darwin High School its only 11.3 km and takes 15 min. to get there from my house.

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