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  1. A couple of features I found most interesting were Airdrop and Autosave.

    1) For airdrop, I like how you can send files wirelessly with others in the room. I would like to use this while doing group projects for classes because all files could be sent to one another right away instead of through email.

    2) Autosave seemed very cool because it saves your work on the go. I personally have encountered problems with my work being deleted because I didn't constantly save it. I think this feature would also be useful for others while they do classwork or projects on the computers.


  2. Two new features I’m looking forward to are the Application Sandbox and the Customizable desktop color.

    1)The security feature of running applications in a sandbox allows for better protection and safety. I would use the sandboxes ability to limit the performance of an application in order to be secure against threats to my computer.
    2)With the new custom desktop color feature I can create a custom solid color from the color picker. For too long have I wanted red but been limited by Steve Jobs love of blue.
    3)Also, on a more serious note, I feel I should add the File Vault 2’s full disk encryption.

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  4. Some cool new features about Lion are the news things that are being implemented with the text.
    1. there is a new character picker that lets you hold down a letter to get accents and all that jazz. I would use it to type in other languages, maybe we could get email pen pals?
    2. There is also an improved auto correct that make it easier to fix misspelled worlds. I would use it to correct words that i spell wrong.

  5. I picked the photo booth feature and it's new additions as well as new desktop capabilities.

    1. I really like photo booth because it's fun to mess around with and take pictures with and with the Lion OS it makes it even better. With the new operating system, photo booth comes packed with new effects that are the most entertaining part of the app. Some of them are Lovestruck, Dizzy, Frog, Nose Twirl, and Blockhead. Another thing I really liked was that they modified the background effect and made it less glitchy. You can also make it full screen so you get the full photo booth feeling!

    2. With Lion OS, you can do many new interesting small things with your desktop. The one that I thought was the coolest was that you can turn your screen saver into a jukebox. Just by clicking on an album to play the song of your choosing from iTunes and it plays as your screensaver.

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  7. 1) This may seem a bit simplistic of me but I personally love the Auto save feature because with most other auto saving functions there is an issue of accidentally messing something up and having it saved but with the Lion auto save it has reverting options such as a feature that reverts the file to the last manually saved state. This is a really helpful feature for a system that in the past was full of flaws.

    2) The Mission control feature also seems really useful, from what I understand it is basically a really sophisticated version of the dashboard and can be used as the ultimate organization tool.

  8. 1. I like the single letter quick navigation where you can assign a voice command to a single key. It would help me look up a lot of things in a short amount of time.

    2.I like how AirDrop doesn't need a wireless network to send files from one computer to another. It would be very useful in an on - the - go situation where a wireless network is unavailable.

  9. 1. Well I heard Mac took a daring and interesting move by completely removing the scroll bar. Now I don't understand entirely how scrolling works now on Lion, but I am curious to try it out and maybe I will find that I like it.

    2. I also like the new auto save feature which will come in handy for people who save their work very often. I have been a victim of not saving my work as often as I should, and I think this feature will save people from frustration and stress.

    With as many features as there are I hope I can try most of them out, but realistically I will probably only notice a few of them.

  10. I would use multi touch gesturing to navigate the computer much more efficiently such as rubber band scrolling and the ability to switch between apps with a gesture making the navigation very easy and simple.

    The second id the improvements to safari I would use the new find option to make surfing the web much easier. The find lets you search using text in ether part of or the beginning of a subject improving your searching capabilities.

  11. I thought the mac app store was very cool. I liked the fact that the dates are quick and easy, and that the apps are very up to date and useful for your mac . I would use this everyday it would be easy to check whats on the store and use the apps quickly and easily .

    2: I chat.... That is such an awesome thing to use. I really liked the fact that when you press command f and type the persons name,I chat filters your buddy list to display matching results.. I would use this on the weekend to talk with my friends and family members in greece.

  12. 1. On the new Mac OS X Lion, the two features that I liked were the Sandboxing and Version Support.
    2. Sandboxing protects the system by limiting the kinds of operations that an application can conduct, like opening documents or accessing the network. It makes it more difficult for a security threat to take advantage of an issue in a specific application to affect the greater system.

    WHen using Version Support you can browse previous versions of a document and go back to an earlier version, or copy and paste text or images from a previous version.

  13. 1.One of the new features i saw in on the web site was the auto save feature. I have a bad habit of never saving my work because Google docs saves every mili second. I would use this if i was using different apps like photoshop or keynote.

    2.Time machine is also good because some times i delete an item on an app that i didn't want deleted. Or if i add an object that i cant delete i can go back before i added that item and save it then.

  14. 1.The first choice id have to make that relates to my pesonality would have to be the launch pad. I chose this because im a vary multitasking person and always need to quickly switch screens and now that they made it so its just a click of the button I can finally get all my stuff done in a small amount of time.
    2.the second to relate to my personality would be the multi-touch gesture. This would be an exelent thing for me to use because im a vary fast reader and I always read faster than i scroll with the arrow keys and now not only is scrolling faster but i can use the touch pad.

  15. So much good stuff. There are definitely a lot of nice revisions in Lion this time from the auto saving features and especially mission control. It was really time for that program to have a make over. And now mac finally have a true full screen mode. I understand why they removed the scroll bar but it is still nice to have in case your mouse malfunctions. Anyway on to my picks.

    1) Recovery HD allows you to reinstall Lion directly from the initial boot up screen. While I would personally still like to have a hard copy of the Lion disc it is nice to have the option. I went through a lot of trouble once when I didn't have a working disc drive and had to reinstall the OS. It would be nice to know if the data is stored on a separate flash memory or on the actual hard drive. If there was a physical hard drive issue it might not work.

    2) Full screen apps! Finally Apple caught up to a feature that Windows has had for a over a decade. I will be interested to see if the app swiping is an effective way of working in full screen mode.

  16. With Lion, Apple take the first steps to make their computing systems look and feel more like mobile devices. Out of this conversion hundreds of cool features emerge. Two of which are Launchpad and Resume.

    Launchpad: This is one of features that draws the most from Apple's ios look. With a simple click all of your apps fly onto the screen in a nice organized fashion. This allows quick access to your apps. As soon as you download these apps they go to the Lauchpad just like an iPhone, simplifying applications.

    Resume: Never again will I start updating my laptop and carelessly quit out of my word document and delete all process I made on an important essay. This simple but revolutionary feature can save me from late nights rewriting essays that were deleted due to carelessness.

  17. 1) the new text. i will use it a lot because when i type fast i dont want to go back and correct what i misspelled. i will use that alot
    2) and resume is a good new feature too. it will be useful if your playing game without pause and u just shut your computer come back and resume it. there are many more good new features but i like those the most

  18. 1. Per-user screen sharing
    You can remotely log in to a Mac with any user account on that computer and control it, without interrupting someone else who might be using the computer under a different login.

    2. Interact with photos in screen saver
    New onscreen controls let you pause your iPhoto screen saver and manually flip through the photos in an album without leaving the screen saver.

  19. 1. I like the scrolling and managing with the track pad on Mac OS X lion I will most likely use it everyday.

    2. I also like how you can go full screen in about every program available

  20. Two features that I enjoy are Full-Screen Apps and Mission Control.

    1. Full-screen apps are a nice feature. They allow you to have a full screen view of each app. It blocks out the menu bar and the Dock.

    2. Mission Control is another nice feature that brings everything you have open onto one screen in an organized fashion. It even brings stuff from other spaces.

  21. 1. Reverse scrolling. Instead when you drag your fingers down the page will go up, and when you bring your fingers up the page will go down. This is... what? Strange to say the least. I mean... I guess it's Apple being ground breaking and new, but it's offsetting to say the least. For years and years, down went down, up went up. It may take a long time to get used to when surfing the web.

    2. On that note, the entire scrolling is trying to kill non-magic mice... which is stupid to me. I mean, the functionality of being able to wave your fingers in a fancy fashion and get specific results is nice... but I think they might have tried to do too much, too soon. Now, I'm not saying it's terrible, but can be sometimes frustrating. I will say that during certain tasks the magic swipe commands can be extremely helpful, but I think there is too much of a difference between the standard old ways, and the new apple ways.

  22. 1. One thing I liked about the Lion OS X is the Launchpad app page. Its so great that you can save/download all your favorite apps onto one page! It makes it so easy to access them and delete them.\

    2. Another thing that caught my eye was the mission control. It takes all your running apps and shows you whats going on, in a sorted page. It allows the user to close unnecessary programs running.

  23. 1. Facetime, I would use this to talk to my sister who is in college, she has an iphone 4. We would be able to facetime eachother.

    2. The mac app store. Download angry birds? sign me up. I love how there bring an app store like this to the mac. Downloading certain applications I need will be great.

  24. 1. Auto save for sure! i can not tell you how many times i accidently delete things that i might not have updated or saved, with this feature it would not matter and we would be able to just no worry about a crash or something.

    2. Time machine helps in case i accidently delete an app or a download, and all i can do is press back and it will be corrected.

  25. 1) I would pick screen sharing as my first feature. It is very helpful in order to transfer data and files to a persons computer. Also, if someone is having troubles you can share their screen and help them.

    2) Second, I would use facetime to communicate with colleagues. There are a lot of circumstances in which you are not able to work with them in person. So, facetime is a helpful tool to communicate and understand what a person is talking about, and their emotions towards them.

  26. 1) I really like the multi-touch features. I would like to see what they did with it this time. I use it in my mac at my house all the time. It makes it easy to move though applications and such.

    2) I also really like Face-Time. This feature is really cool, i have used it a few time already and it is really nice and works good.


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