Sunday, November 28, 2010

All about the GenYes blog

Over the weeks you have contributed many interesting comments relative to questions  posed, through independent research or suggested readings.

This week you will comment solely on each others posts for any week prior to this week. 

Specifically, your mission is to find 3 postings from different weeks and different people. Identify the topic and people in each:

1.  Find a comment you agree with and describe why you agree.
2.  Find a comment you disagree with and support your counter position.
3.  Find a comment where you learned something or caused you to gain a new perspective.   This could be from a link presented or ideas provided in posts relative to the readings. Share what you gained. 


  1. 1. Elliot said that was a good place to find tech-tips. I agree because youtube is an excellent place to find how to do basically anything or how to work something which means that it also would be an excellent source for tech-tips.

    2. Tanner said in his part 3 of a comment in the post regarding the future (the year 2035) that we will have access to supercomputers in our pockets or our brains that will out speed today's supercomputers and allow us to progress. I disagree by saying that rather than progressing, we will spiral downhill due to a dependency on technology. We will end up in sort of a Wall-E state of being where we depend on technology simply to survive, but we will think we are happy. In reality, we will just be awaiting a computerized take over in which the human race is banished from existence by supercomputers and robots.

    3. My own part 3 of a comment in the post regarding itouches in the classroom, I stated all sorts of good things about using the itouch in the classroom. After re-reading it, I would like to state that while there are many ways it COULD work, if the goal of the itouch is to make class more fun, there are simply not enough fun, free, educational apps to keep the class moving. Also, it should be noted that while the itouch does exist, and that after computers were invented they eventually moved into schools, it took time, and the itouch is not any more ready for schools as they are for the itouch.

  2. 3. Ian talked about the Nike+iPod for the physical web. Aside from learning that I should check to make sure that my posts actually go through so no one steals the topic from me, I learned that it was available for any nano, even older ones, with at least some sort of add on. When I did the research, I only found that there had to either be an app or software built into the iPod.

  3. 1. I agree with Will when he said that many kids don't have texting for the "mobile learner blog." this is very true i know many kids that don't have a phone even so i strongly agree with his comment.

    2. This one is also from the "mobile learner blog" the comment was from John he said that teachers arn't "up with the times" i don't this this is true because many teachers have phone and they know how to use them, basically all of them use computers everyday which isn't something they could have imagined back in their learning days.

    3. I personally loved everyones comments on the "tech tips blog" everyone had a lot of great sites that are very useful i thought that everyone sites helped me learn something that i never knew before.

  4. 1) I agree with Tanner on the Mobile Learner that computers seem to be better computing devices. They are better know to the teachers and easier to manage so teachers don't feel they need to us the ipods. I think the trick will be to encourage the teachers to use the pods for special lessons using apps that use mobile devices.

    2) I disagree with Danny on the video taping issue. Newman should not get the money solely because she was paying for the tapes. She had no rights to the production or the right to make a profit off of it.

    3) The blog post on the colliding internet giants really made me look at things in a new perspective. As a time waster and far reaching site, Facebook seems to have way more fingers in things. The "Like" button being the most common among their arsenal. The data that they can collect is a lot more scary and looking at their growth over the years is fairly shocking.

  5. 1) Mac is better than pc. Mac is more immune to viruses than pc. All though pc is more affordible mac is better. The programs are way better than pc more helpful. Pc are just basic programs.

    2) I disagree that high schools will change in the future. High teach school will be cool but i dont think students would pay much attension.

    3) I learned that facebook is more popular than i expected. Right now the are more popular than google which is alot....

  6. 1. I agree with Will's comment he had posted about what technology would be like in the year 2035. I agree mainly because, I see that advancements are already being made at a rapid rate, and his points of medical research and other such things are spot on.

    2. I disagree with Rich's response to the future prompt. He says we will all be mindless and emotionless, essentially machines ourselves. While one day this might be true, I have a hard time seeing that occurring as soon as the year 2035. Yes, technology is advancing at a rapid rate, but 2035 os a mere 25 years from now, and I don't see us being in a state such as one in Idiocracy.

    3. I thought all the responses to the "Physical Web" prompt were fascinating. It's amazing all the things that ipods, iphones, and others can do. With things such as edocrab, things such as shopping could be made much easier.

  7. 1. I agree with Rich's comment about The Battle of the Bands Conundrum. I agree that she was given permission to record the event, but she should not have sold the tapes without permission.

    2. I disagree with Ian's comment about the who should get the money in The Battle of Bands. He thinks the student council should get all of the profits, but I think Newman deserves a cut for filming it.

    3. The internet giant's blog made me rethink my choice of google is stronger than facebook. Leslie's entire reply to the blog made me think that although facebook hasn't been around as long as google, the web seems to be more focused on entertainment now that they are more familiar with the web, and are therefore shying away from google.

  8. 1. I agreed with Matt's comment under the mobile learner. The reason teachers probably wouldn't accept electronics in the classroom is because they fear it would have an interference with their learning and would be a distraction.

    2. I disagree with a point D-man under Internet giants collide made. I agree with everything other then that the internet isn't changing. The way I look at it, it is changing due to the amount of time spent on computers. Especially since teens are some of the most interested in the internet because of how it's changed.

    3. I learned from Rich that USB means universal serial bus. Having used USB's a lot, I'm shocked I never actually thought about what they meant.

  9. 1. Ethan talked about how an increasing reliance on technology will make the entire school system online as well as the rest of government infrastructure. I agree with how easy it will be to break these systems unless we create a new societal system that depends on built in technological security.

    2. I disagree with Will's comments concerning the battle of the bands article in regards to the taping rights. It should be the school's responsibility to control the filming and sale of that film. If the school tacitly approves of the filming, it is their responsibility to control the copyright.

    3. Matt's comments on the growth of Facebook over Google makes me doubt Google's total control over the expansion of Google. Although Google has hands in many different in areas of the web, Facebook is in one of the biggest areas that counts: social. Since social is where the new web users are gravitating, it makes an incredibly important part of the web.

    Apologies for the late post. I attempted to post this during the speech tournament and apparently that didn't work.

  10. 1) I agree with Tanner in Internet giants collide, Google is truly the obvious winner. They are fortune 500's most powerful company.
    2)I disagree with Tanner about the internet Giant's collide, part 1. There really is no good way of comparing a search engine and a social network, they are both leaders in their respective category. Apples and Oranges. Facebook will not get any bigger than it will be in the next few years unless they make a big change and start expanding to things other than social networking.
    3) I actually learned a lot from the tech tips blog, some of the websites mentioned in that post have been useful when I'm bored and just felt like being a geek.

  11. 1. On future school and future web i agree with Rich, I really think that there will be a phase of the dark ages and everything will be awful and social skills will fly out the window.

    2. I disagree with a few comments in the mobile learning device section. I really don't think that they have a practical use in the classroom and although some apps will be helpful it will be more of a disadvantage.

    3. I learned that i can use YouTube as a search engine from Mr. Elliot Hoy.

  12. 1. I agree with tanner on the mobile learner. computers are far better at doing things than mobile devices. and it is just straight up easier to use overall.

    2. I disagree with Leslie on This Blog. PC's have a far wider selection of programs, and even though SOME are simple, they are also very useful (MS Paint). Plus, Macs aren't more immune to viruses, there are just less of them going around. And if you're dumb enough to spend $3000 on a Macbook, then you deserve for it to get viruses anyways. If you want to Mac OS, because you happen to be delusional, Hackintosh is the way to go. Cheaper, and cooler to people who understand what that means.

    3. I gained a new perspective on youtube from the comment Ethan made on this blog about a comment Elliot made on another blog. YouTube as a search engine!?! I use youtube videos as sources sometimes but I would never call it a search engine. BBBUUUUUTTTTTTTTT...... Im down with it! That's cool yo its a clever idea!


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