Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cloud computing

1. What is it?  
2. How are you using it now?  
3. How will this technology affect your future?


  1. 1. Using your computer based off of Internet and wireless means, instead of native software.
    2. I use web apps like Gmail and other google tools like calendar, calculator, and many others.
    3. Googles new notebook is 100% based on cloud computing. It is basically a browser, and that's it. Period.

  2. 1) Cloud computing is accessing applications and storing documents, photos, and videos over the internet. This allows data to be accessed on any computer regardless of its physical location.

    2) I occasionally use Drop Box and I use pvlearners. While I do not care all that much for google docs, I have been using them more frequently and think that they are a useful and important tool.

    3) I think there will be much more of it in the future and there will be a shift from hard drives to server based saves. While I think this isn't necessarily a good thing, I think that is the way we are heading.

  3. 1. My understanding of cloud computing is when, rather than saving something to the computer itself, it gets saved to the internet and is able to be shared with other people or with other computers using the same login.

    2. Currently, I use Drop Box to transfer things easily from my home computer to my GenYes laptop that I either cannot email or if I need to transfer multiple/big files. I also use Google Docs through Pvlearners to store my papers and presentations for school and to share them with my teachers and peers.

    3. I actually plan on using Google Docs in college and in my career as a way to store and share my stuff with my peers, teachers, and co-workers. Drop Box is another form of cloud computing I will continue to use. Seeing as those are the bigger forms of it in my life right now I can't see me using anything else, but I am sure that as it develops more, I will use it more.

  4. 1. What is it?
    2. How are you using it now?
    3. How will this technology affect your future?

    1.Storing of files over the internet rather than a physical hard drive. Cloud computing is good because all of your files will be saved in the event of a computer crash and the files can be brought up on any computer.

    2.Drop Box and Google Docs are perfect examples. I only use drop box occasionally but when I need to get something off my home computer and on to my Gen Yes computer, since my disk drive is busted and I don't have a flash drive drop box works pretty well. I use Google Docs much more often. All of the essays we write in my English 101 class are done through pvlearners, so I can work on them at school then finish them at school. I find it very useful.

    3.I think a lot more software developers will jump on this. I think there will eventually be some sort of Dropbox on steroids that will be able to store terabytes of space per account. I also foresee it becoming a means of illegal file sharing in the future.

  5. 1. Cloud Computing is using a distributed network of computers to process and store the information that would normally be processed on the home computer. It makes dealing with computers much simpler because you no longer have to deal with all the problems that can happen with hardware.

    2. Apart from the obvious examples with Drop Box, Google Docs, Spotify, etc., I think the most interesting use I've seen and experimented with is OnLive which uses servers to process all of the information for video games so a netbook can play games like Crysis. The service makes it possible to play extremely demanding games anywhere by basically turning them into and interactively streamed movie.

    3. In the future, we'll be able to perform the same cutting age processing that we now perform on high powered computers on things like smartphones, because the cloud will support all of those activities. With increasing bandwidth and ubiquitous internet, the devices we actually carry with us will become smaller, faster, and have longer battery life as we offload the need for energy-draining processing to the cloud. Cloud computing will make it possible for computers to be truly everywhere.

  6. 1. It gives you the ability to use multiple computers and have one set Credentials to login and keep all settings, tabs, etc personal!
    2. I use it in google chrome to transfer all my bookmarks, passwords, and extensions from one computer to another. I use it with printers now too!
    3. I will help me and everyone that uses this! It is very helpful for when im on the road or just on another computer and keep the same style you use!

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