Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving


Enjoy the week with your family and friends.

No homework!  Cheers, Ms K

(If you want to make up any work this week I will accept it for half credit)


  1. can this be a make up week, where we post which week we want to make up and then do what was necessary that week?

  2. Here is my post for the missing blog. I re-did the stop motion one from 2 weeks ago.

    1. I watched Wolf and Pig, MUTO and Deadline
    2. wolf and pig used pictures of a kid in a wolf costume and a stuffed pig in different backgrounds. muto used graffiti and deadline used post-it notes.
    3. wolf and pig just made a story about a wolf chasing a pig using pictures. muto graffitized a wall and kept painting over and re-painting to keep the story moving. deadline simply used an absurd amount of sticky notes to make sort of a story line going on around the guy as he was doing his work. My speaker was not working properly so it all sounded boomy and staticy.
    4. I liked how wolf and pig did their story with the changing backgrounds while keeping the pictures true with them. muto was interesting mainly in the fact that it was all graffiti and had a lot of stopping and re-starting to make it happen. deadline was interesting with how the actor seemed to be a part of the sticky note world.

    the videos were the first three videos from the youtube 10 best stop motion link.


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