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S6 - Esports


Over the past few years, professional e-sports have blown up. 

At this rate, e-sports will eventually be something that everybody just knows about, like football and basketball. 

As this spreads, schools are starting to create e-sports teams for certain games who compete against other schools. At the moment, there are not many schools that do this yet. However, there are many questions that come up when the idea of school e-sports comes up.

1. Should schools even start having e-sports teams? Do you feel like it would be a good addition to school’s extracurricular activities, or should e-sports just remain separated from school?

2. If e-sports are put into schools, should it be the school’s responsibility to pay for the technology and gear for the e-sports team, or the students who participate? Or should the school just provide decent equipment, and the student could bring a better system if they choose to?

3. Should e-sports be treated like other school sports? For example, should there be things like drug tests, needing good grades to participate, different levels like JV/Varsity, etc.? Should people have to try out for the team? Would there be trainers and coaches?

4. Do you feel like e-sports will be put into schools within the next 5 years? If not, do you think it ever will be added?


  1. 1. YES they should, with how video games are developing, we can make school 10x more fun, (sorry Ms. K) I would trade Genyes in an instant if we had an Esports class, or even better Training after school.

    2. I believe if a school hosts Esports they should partially pay for it, but also have the participants pay a small fee or bring their own equipment.

    3. I believe it would be similar to real sports, other than the fact that I don't think there would be coaches involved, just trainers, or a supervisor. I do think there should be different levels, and you should have decent grades to participate, and drug tests, From what i read it is possible so, yes I think there should be drug tests.

    4. Based on what I read Esports will be at schools soon, so yes, I think there will be Esports in the next 5 years or more.

  2. 1 School should have their own e-sports team. As a extracurricular activities I think it would be great for some to show what they love and some people could stop hiding their favorite games from there friend.

    2 I would think the school just provide decent equipment because most of the equipment would be real expensive to afford but if a student say lost or some people broke their equipment and have to pay off that laptop or the student would have to buy a new laptop and if a student brake the computer the student have to pay off that computer to get a new one. Maybe one of the student donate some part of a computer for the team and let them have one better computer for the team .

    3 I would say that sport don’t need a drug test to see if he or she use drugs but have a JV/Varsity could come in because there would be some pro in the e-sports saying this guy is better in this game and he can’t stand the nobs of the game he is playing so to show is better in what game . But have to try out for the team is a good choice because you got to see who is pro in what to say. I would think there would be trainers and coaches to help them out and see what they can improve in the competition.

    4 I would say maybe because some schools would think this is a waste of time but it's a choice for the district to see if this have any increase that people who love this type of sport.

  3. 1. I feel that it is a great idea to have a school affiliated E-Sports team. I feel that It would be a great Idea to have a school team for gaming and base it upon a competition. Exactly like ESL. We start at Regular season. Some schools in the same district. And stride it like a real sports team. Regular, Championships, Then Nationals. DON’T SAY NO! IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!

    2. It should be the student’s that participate. Make them there own room for them to put there gear in and make it a class for practice. 50 something minutes of pure concentration. Make them train like no tomorrow. They should do the provide but if they choose to, Then they can.

    3. I believe that they shouldn’t have to go through drug tests. They do need to have try-out’s and put it like a regular season of sports. Yes… THEY BETTER BE GOOD!

    4. HECK YEA! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! It better be added…… I’ll be depressed if they don’t.

  4. 1) I think that schools should definitely start participating in E-Sports as not everybody has the athletic capabilities and allows a whole new group of kids to get involved and participate in some friendly competition.

    2) For most athletic sports that I participated in as a kid, the parents had to cough up some money to play on a team. I think that this same concept could be applied here where the students pay a small fee to help pay for equipment while the district pays for the rest. I do think that students should only be able to bring their own systems if they want but everything else such as keyboards or mice should be standardized for every school.

    3) I do think that it should be treated like any other school sport where there should be drug tests and good grades should be required to play. These are things that could hold back a team. I also think that it should be sorted into the Freshman, JV, and Varsity levels. People should have to try out for a team. I do not believe that trainers/coaches are required but instead a supervisor that recommend that players practice, practice, practice.

    4) YES. I thought that E-sports should have been added years ago when gamer culture just became a part of regular society.

  5. 1. I think having esports in school would be amazing! Kids who enjoy playing games competitively could be in an environment with others just like them and do what they love to do. However I think it would be very hard to convince the schools to accept the program.

    2. I think the school having to provide equipment would be very hard, they could supply very mediocre gear. So I think that if this was an activity at schools, students should be encouraged to bring their own gear.

    3. If it does become an activity at schools, I see no reason NOT to treat as the other programs. If this team is serious and playing against other schools their should certainly be things like drug tests. Drugs like Adderall are banned in all esport events, because this drug is known to increase focus to an unfair level.

    4. Honestly I think it will. I remember when esports were just getting some attention, and I believed that it wouldn't last long. But look at it now, it's almost as big as the super bowl! I don't see any reason to doubt it now.

  6. 1.) Students doing e-sports in high school sounds really cool, but im not sure how practical it really is. However, e-sports need to be treated as if they are actual sports, as they require just as much dedication.

    2.) They should get SOME funding from the school district, but I think most of it should be fund-raised. Maybe even getting a fraction of the money that physical sports get.

    3.) E-sports really ARE sports. They require dedication to get good at, even though it is not necessarily physical. If chess can be treated as a sport, then I think that e-sports should also be considered. Just because they do not require any physical training, they require mental training and dedication to do well and get better.

    4.) Even though it would really awesome to have e-sports in schools, I don't think it is all that realistic. It's gonna require a lot of trying and a whole lot of people to make it a thing. E-sports is definitely something schools SHOULD do, but im not sure if all schools are going to agree in making a sports team that play video games the entire time.

  7. 1) e-sports should not be added to schools extra curricular activities because it is not a "sport" nor will it keep you in shape or healthy.

    2) If this was added to schools it should only be by student votes and it should not be funded by the district or school until it is proven successful.

    3) This is NOT a sport in any way shape or form and I think it is not a very smart idea to even call it e-sports. There should not be coaches or tryouts or anything.

    4) it will not be added to schools in the next 5 years and I strongly think that it should not be added to a schools extra curricular activities at all. It is unhealthy and It could cause problems for kids who participate.

  8. 1) e-sports should not be added to schools extra curricular activities because it is not a "sport" nor will it keep you in shape or healthy.

    2) If this was added to schools it should only be by student votes and it should not be funded by the district or school until it is proven successful.

    3) This is NOT a sport in any way shape or form and I think it is not a very smart idea to even call it e-sports. There should not be coaches or tryouts or anything.

    4) it will not be added to schools in the next 5 years and I strongly think that it should not be added to a schools extra curricular activities at all. It is unhealthy and It could cause problems for kids who participate.

  9. 1. Yes, this is no question to me that schools should have e-sports teams. I believe it would be an amazing addition to school's extracurricular activities as it is proven that Video games increase reflexes and it also builds team work.

    2. In my opinion the school should pay for some decent equipment just like any other sport and students who play should have to pay a fee that helps with buying equipment. I also believe if a student has better headphones or a better controller then he should be able to bring that and use it.

    3. E-sports should be treated just like every other sport. The definition of a sport is a activity that evolves skill where a team goes against another team for enjoyment which e-sports falls under this perfectly. I also believe it should have the same regulations as every other sport like you can only play if you have good grades. Also in my opinion we should have a jv/Varsity team and we should have people try out. I think it would also be good to have a coach, but a coach that knows about the game.

    4. I believe that e-sports will be in schools within the next 5 years as it is hugely popular and has more people watching it than normal sports. I also believe this because other countries are starting to do it like in Sweden. I hope e-sports are in schools soon if not i'll be pretty disappointed.

  10. 1. I believe that all or most schools should provide e-sports teams. I feel as if this would benefit people that aren't particularly good or want to participate in sports an opportunity to do something with there school. In my opinion e-sports teams would be a great addition to extracurricular activities.

    2. If E-Sports teams would be put into schools I believe that the school would need to provide certain gear. E-Sports teams involve electronics and competing in video games, and every person that plays video games, especially PC games which e-sports revolves around, knows that you need a decent computer to run certain games, as well as other equipment such as mouse and keyboard. I believe if schools only provided computers the students would bring in there personal mouse, keyboard, and other equipment that they might need. Considering those things are portable, and easy to move around. Not every kid can afford a second computer just to have at there school, or even a laptop. Many people may use laptops, but the people that don't and only have a computer like a PC would need the school to provide one for them.

    3. Although I believe E-Sports should be treated as other sports, its completely different so it should be treated in a different attitude. I agree that E-Sports players participating should take drug tests, only because certain drugs can make you focus better and overall improve your gameplay. There have been signs of e-sports teams using these drugs and have been disqualified or automatically forfeit certain matches. For example, a popular team known for being well known in many different games involving e-sports were caught doing Adderall to improve there focus in a match of a game known as CS:GO. In some aspects E-Sports should be treated as other supports, I believe that e-sports teams need to have coaches or trainers, that's just common sense for any sports team to have. Starting out people shouldn't have to try out for the team, but I believe that having teams such as JV/Varsity would determine how many people end up trying out and staying.

    4. I think that e-sports teams will be in all colleges in the next 2 years, more then likely less. I don't think high school's will ever have e-sports teams, but it is possible, even if its hard to handle.

  11. 1. Yes they should. It could get kids more involved in extracurricular activities. It would be a great addition to the school because it would make some kids more excited about school.

    2. It should be the schools responsibility to pay for the equipment if they are to host it. Like every other class.

    3. There should be because there are people with different skill levels and people with different tastes.

    4. I feel that it really depends on who is running the school programs If someone thinks that video games cause violent intentions, then that person would not like to have an e-sports program in a school.

  12. 1.) It would actually be very interesting if schools did start having esports teams, as it would add a bit of variety to them. It would most definitely be a good addition to the activities for after school and such, as it would also add another level of interaction among students that don’t have an interest in sports.
    2.) I would probably say that the school should provide somewhat decent equipment for the students to use, though if the students have better or just prefer their own gear, including actual computers or just mice and keyboard. they should have the option to use their own.
    3.) A few of those I’d say yes for, like for the drug tests, as there are some drugs that would aid a person in doing things involving a game. Different levels would be advisable for such a thing, as the different skill levels would vary greatly. People should have to try out for it, as the same applies above, except that it wouldn’t be advisable to bring people on the team that can only do very basic things.
    4.) It would be amazing if it was put in within 5 years, though it is quite doubtful, as the whole thing with convincing school boards and stuff to let it in probably wouldn’t be very easy, so unfortunately it would probably have to wait a little more than 5 years.

  13. 1.Yes the school should start an esports team. Yes I do think that it would be a good addition to school’s extracurricular activities because the game makes us think and make a strategy

    2.I think the school should pay for the equipment but if the student bring their own then they should pay a fee and if they need money they can have a fundraiser to help bring in money

    3.Yes and No because students should have good grade if the want to play and make sure the their not taking any drug of any sort I don’t think that their should a Jv/Varsity. Their should be try out to make the team and a coach to help improve their game

    4.I think that they will bring esport into the school in the next 5 years

  14. 1. Personally, I do not support the implementation of esports to the degree of sport because I do not agree with the implementation of actual sports to their degree. Sports have become so important to teenagers desperate for an athletic scholarship and schools desperate for student body pride and reputation that sports becomes something threaten as way more important to schooling than it actually is. Students have gotten concussions and injuries, taken steroids, and ruined their mental wellbeing for sports, and schools have put money into unnecessary equipment, facilitated the tense environment, and pushed back school hours to earlier times so that schools could end earlier and sport practice could begin sooner. If esports were as mistreated as sports, I feel that would tarnish it's reputation. Instead, I feel esports and sports should be treated like how schools treat chess teams: funded, with tournaments, but without major pressure or school influence.
    2. There should be a nationwide standard for the equipment that everyone has, which should be paid for in fundraiser money and donations. This equipment will become the national standard for competitions for the next five or so years, fundraising all the years in-between. When the years have passed and the technology standards update, the old equipment should be sold and the money combined with the previous five years of fundraiser money to buy the new equipment. The quality of this equipment should be new enough to play well, yet old and/or cheap enough to make sure every competing student can afford it. If there were no regulations, then the poorer schools and poorer students would inevitably lose against the rich students and their more expensive rigs, as esports depends heavily on the equipment as well as the actual skill of the player.
    3. There should definitely be different levels, one for anyone who wants to sign up and learn and one for professionals that requires trying out for. Coaches and grade requirements are also a very good idea, especially for the lower levels. Drug testing may be a touch unnecessary, as steroids and the like will not affect gameplay, but if enough incidents of students using drugs to succeed occur, tests might be necessary.
    4. This is already a thing in certain countries and schools, so I believe even more schools will pick up esports.

  15. 1. I feel that E-sports would be a great addition to a school's extracurricular activity list. I feel they should be treated In a similar way to a chess club and a sports team together. Not all people are into sports or other after-school activities, giving more options for students.

    2. Schools should at least supply the basics on what an Esports team would need, with a sports fee for being on the team. Teams should be able to bring their own equipment, as well as to do fundraisers for the team.

    3. I would say that there should be a tryout if it's more like an official school team, but if it’s more like a club, then maybe it should be switched out or placed into groups.

    4. I feel it mite take a little bit more time, but I think with the rise in technology and its popularity, schools will have E-sports as a normal thing.

  16. 1. Providing the school has substantial funding and there are student who would like to join I don't see why not maybe kids could even get scholarships for being good at video games and esports are becoming popular so this would help kids who want to play competitively.

    2. If esports were implemented it should be the same as the other sports kids pay a fee to join and the school provides the equipment. No the equipment should be regulated so everybody could be equal and no one can have the upper hand the best will be the best because of skill not because of there money.

    3. Ya it should be the same as other sport it should be treated equally but I don't agree with the standards but it should be equal and there should be trainers so they can train us to 360 no scope and wreck noobs mate.

    4.Maybe it will be added in the next five years since esports are becoming more popular if it doesn't happen in the next 5 years it will happen sooner or later.

  17. 1. Yes I feel that there should definitely be esports teams in schools and there are a few reasons. One obvious reason that I think it would be amazing is that students that can’t play regular sports could get a similar or better competitive sports experience from esports. This could be disabled people or even just people who aren’t good at sports and they would be able to have a good time and have lots of fun. Plus other students that decide they would want to do this could learn good sportsmanship and manners that would be applicable to real life as well as in video games.

    2. I believe it is partially the school’s responsibility to provide the technology required to play the games since otherwise they may not be able to participate in it. Though the students should have their own way to play the game as well since like regular sports you have to practice often to get better. So there has to be an equal amount of participation in this aspect from both the school and the players.

    3. I believe they should be mostly treated like other school sports in the fact that you need good grades and there are different groups that participate in it. Though there should only be tryouts for when the team is going to be participating in a tournament/competition to give all the players an equal amount of training time to see if they get to participate. Trainers and coaches are required I think since they would watch over what is happening to check for cheating and such, but also to tell the players what they need to look out for and work on. Even players in video games make mistakes that they can’t realize and fix on their own sometimes.

    4. I can only hope that esports would be implemented into schools in the next 5 years, but I feel it would be hard to convince school districts that this is a good idea since it may take people away from playing other sports.

  18. 1) noooooo!!! esports would not be a good idea whatsoever teenagers are lazy enough i like playing actual sports and getting actual exercise not sitting on a computer all day and playing a game that has no benefit in your health. if they start doing this a lot of coaches would lose their jobs… they wont get rid of actual team sports cuz students need exercise. esports is just not a good idea for teenagers, i think it should just be separated from school

    2) i think it should be the student's responsibility to buy there own equipment schools don't have enough money to buy all that stuff the money should go towards actual team sports

    3) i don't think there should be drug tests it's on line it doesn't matter. there should be different levels like freshmen, JV and Varsity. yes you should try out for the team cuz what if your not good and you let the whole team down cuz you suck. there should be trainers and coaches.

    4) i don't think they will add it… there might be a possibility.

  19. 1. Having esports in schools sound really awesome, but I don't know if people will actually keep their promises with what it entails. It was stated multiple times in the research that I did that schools with esports require their students to keep their grades up, and with limited behavioral issues. And yeah, while that is definitely doable, the question is, is it practical? Can students discipline themselves enough to balance school, grades, and this?

    2&3. It really depends how the esport is implemented into the school before we can talk about funding. If it is to be considered an actual sport, like like swimming or basketball, then yes, the school should pay for the equipment. That equipment should be the same for everyone. If it is to be considered an extra curricular sport, schools can provide the bare minimum, while students can bring in their own equipment. Drug testing is also an issue with this. As a sport, students should be drug tested during state or national tournament, since those are the most important.

    4. You know what, I'm going to say that esports will become a part of schools more frequently in the coming years, but not without a price. Wealthier schools will have the largest number of esports added for sure, as they can pay for the equipment.

  20. 1. In my opinion, schools shouldn’t have ESports teams. If they wanted, students or faculty could start ESports clubs though, where they play video games. Also, if students want to play video games with each other, they would probably just friend each other on Steam, Xbox, Playstation, or whatever they play on. ESports should not be put on by the school, but should be put on by the students if they want it.

    2. It should not be the school’s responsibility to pay for the technology. Students should either bring their own, or have to pay a fee for the club or whatever they’re joining to play games. Students could use whatever is already on campus, such as the desktops or iMacs that we have, and can bring their own things if they want, instead of the school buying new equipment.

    3. ESports should not be like other school sports, it should stay as sort of a club where anyone can join if they want. Different people in the club could make higher level teams or they could split up the club into different groups by skill level if they wanted to. There might be better gamers that could coach people that are not as good, but once people get much better there probably isn’t going to be much help available from other people for them.

    4. ESports is already a club in some schools, so I don’t see why more schools wouldn’t have it. I just really can’t see it being deemed as an actual school sport any time soon.

  21. 1. I do not think schools should have e-sports teams nor do I think it would be a good addition to extracurricular activities. Don't get me wrong I love video games but it just doesn't seem to fit in with high school, because isn't it a good place to try and learn new things, rather than give you the option to do your otherwise outside of school hobbies? Also, e-sports would be difficult to work out as a school team, because usually e-sports deals with many small teams, not one big one.

    2. I do not think schools should invest a dime in e-sports. If it were an option it should be the student's responsibility to pay for their own equipment, as usual with e-sports, and the schools should instead spend their money to improve the well being of the entire school, and more traditional sports.

    3. I think it should be treated like other sports in the way that you need good grades, because students should focus on school work over video games, but no there should not be JV or try outs because the way e-sports works is that the best team of players would be the ones that are in charge of winning, it would not be necessary. And there should not be trainers or coaches because it would not make sense to coach pure skill, and player intelligence, or increase their aim.

    4. I do not think e-sports will be spread to schools anytime soon in he US due to how much people fight about education, and school districts like PV would not let it happen, but maybe private schools etc. I do however think it will become a thing in US schools someday due to how it is spreading.

  22. 1. I think it would be a fantastic idea o have e-sport teams in schools. This would help many kids who spend most of their time doing video games be a bigger part of the school community. As it is now, many kids just wake up, go to class, come home, and play games. They are not involved very much at all. I think having e-sport competitions would help get more kids involved, and more excited. They would be able to make more friends with people they know in real life, rather than just having a bunch of friends online who live in Kansas or Washington.
    2. As for who would pay for the equipment, it should be exactly how he schools do sports now. The school should provide the basics, and if the student has better equipment at home he can bring it. The cost of this equipment can be covered by the cost of joining the e-sport, which would be about $200, the same cost as joining a regular sport. Most schools already have lots of computers, all that needs to be done is download some of the games. The school computers may not be the best quality, but for the most part they are good enough to run some of the simpler games, like League of Legends.
    3. If e-sports were added to schools, I think they should act like regular sports for the most part. There should be drug tests, there should be specific rules and regulations, there should be grade requirements, and everything that sports have now. As for varsity and JV, I believe there should be one team of the best players, and everyone else is together and can make their own teams. There should be try outs, but only for the one top team. Anyone who wants to should still be able to participate, just not in the top level.
    4. There is a good chance that within 5 years some schools will have esports. I do not think a lot of schools will have it, and it will not be popular, but some schools will have it. Already there are a lot of colleges who have official sponsored League of Legend teams, so I do not think it will be much longer before high schools will also have e-sport teams.


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