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9. Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?
  1. In your own words, without looking anything up, explain what you know about cloud computing.
  2. Do you use it?  If so, how?  
  3. Pick a concept below.  Research and elaborate on how it specifically relates to cloud computing:
•  Safety             • Data Storage           •  Infrastructure            •  Adobe Cloud       • Cisco 
            •  Netflix               • Internet            •  Multiple/Concurrent Users      •  Microsoft 365

• Wi Fi         • Jump Drives            • 2040           • ios icloud          •  Chrome        •  Network


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    1. 1.To save all of your pictures and history as your password,mail,website,download and WiFi

      3.Safety relates with cloud computing because the cloud computing will put all of you data in a safe place with all of your data and other items

    2. 1.To save all of your pictures and history as your password,mail,website,download and WiFi

      3.Safety relates with cloud computing because the cloud computing will put all of you data in a safe place with all of your data and other items

  2. 1)Cloud computing is where files and processes are carried out and stored in the “cloud”, or external dataspace. For example, the PV schools system relies heavily on Google’s cloud service found in Google Drive, sites, etc. all of the processes are completed in the cloud and all files such as word documents are stored at Google’s data storage facilities. The same thing applies to services such as iCloud or Dropbox.
    2)I use cloud computing, as mentioned before, with Google’s Cloud services and occasionally Dropbox and iCloud.
    3)Netflix, the media streaming giant, uses cloud computing all the time. All of the movies, shows, documentaries, etc are stored in giant data storage facilities where they stay until someone, somewhere requests to play that media and then the data is sent to that I.P. address through cloud computing.

  3. 1. What I know is cloud computing is when things are stored elsewhere instead of on your computer or device.
    2. Yes I use icloud for on my apple account to store my stuff and back up my phone.
    3. The concept I chose was wifi and this has to do with cloud computing because all virtual applications, such as social media, are being stored on the cloud and are accessed VIA wifi. And since everything is being delivered over wireless networks and those things are being stored on cloud, a lot of cloud space is being eaten up because all virtual applications are stored on cloud computers elsewhere, since we access everything wirelessly. So wifi is what we use to access everything stored on cloud services which are running out of space.

  4. 1) Cloud Computing is when you store things somewhere else other than your devices in other words you back them up.

    2)I own an Iphone 6 and I use Icloud to backup everything on my phone.

    3)IOS cloud relates to Cloud Computing,because it can store your data on your phone in the "Cloud" So they are very similar.

  5. 1. Cloud computing is when information is stored elsewhere for anyone else who is allowed to also access that information.
    2. I use the cloud for my iPad, as well as with Google and Dropbox.
    3 The internet is where the cloud is able to rest and pass information to other users. Where the internet is an interconnected system of various peoples own systems, the cloud is a hub that stores information and passes through the internet.

  6. 1. I know that cloud computing is the storage for data.
    2. I do not use cloud computing. I don’t want to risk any of my files.
    3. I have chosen Netflix to talk about, And after researching about it. I never knew it used cloud computing. Essentially, Netflix is known to be the biggest companies for video streaming and Netflix is all based off it’s own cloud storage. A lot of people have complained about this, but Netflix is the best around cause they have a wonderful cloud provider due to all the titles and movies you can pick from.

  7. 1. I know that storing things on the "cloud" means uploading files to an internet storage unit, that you can share with people.

    2. I have used cloud storage but now I have no real use for it, if I want to show my friend a picture Skype works just fine.

    3. Cloud storage is a model of Data Storage, data is stored in logical pools, and the physical storage spans multiple servers.

  8. 1. Cloud computing is when data is stored in files that can be accessed from anywhere as long as the internet is accessible. This means that there is no need to transfer the data using storage devices such as an external hard drive. It is all stored on some servers elsewhere that can be accessed from the Internet.
    2. I have used cloud storage when using Google's services, such as Google Drive. I also use it for Steam, storing the data from the games I play. This helped when I bought a new computer and did not have to move all of my data over.
    3. Of the terms, I have chosen to research the safety of cloud computing. Cloud computing is generally safe, but there is the fact that a large amount of information is accessible with your password. Therefore, if somebody hacks the cloud storage company, then they can find out your password and get into all of your files that are stored. Also, there is the danger of a cloud service crashing. This could make all of the files inaccessible, for any amount of time.

  9. 1) I think cloud computing is being able to wirelessly transfer data and files (pictures, videos, documents, etc).
    2) I do not think that I use cloud computing.
    3) Netflix allows you to gain access to a bunch of movies and shows. You can access them anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. Cloud computing is similar. It's easily accessible anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection.

  10. 1. Cloud computing is a place to store files without risk of loosing them. Sort of like real clouds. You always know where they are.
    2. I use it to store data for my games. I also use it to store the data for the book that I am typing and hoping to get published.
    3. Netflix allows an unlimited access to movies as long as you have internet access for just $8 a month

  11. 1. I have no idea what cloud computing is and never want to use it. It is no importance to me and does nothing to help me.
    2. I didn't use it for anything and wont be using it any time soon. if i were to use it (which i won't) then i'd store things else where.
    3. it is like data storage because they are about storage.

  12. 1.) From what I think I know, cloud computing is data storage on the cloud, and working on a data bank over the internet instead of on a computer.

    2.) I use it all the time with things such as Dropbox and Google. A lot of my stuff I work on is over the internet and not files on my own computer.

    3.) Netflix is a great example of cloud computing. Instead of having a hard drive or disk with a movie on it, you stream it over the internet as if you were watching T.V. Everything is stored online and accessible everywhere, and nothing is put onto your computer.

  13. 1) Cloud computing is where the is a site/program where you can upload files and other people or only you can downloads them from anywhere with internet access.
    2) NO!!!
    3) Netflix relates to cloud computing by letting you watch movies anywhere that has internet access

  14. 1). I have no clue what is cloud computing, never used it before. But heard all over internet.
    2). I just follow the steps the computer gives me for using cloud.
    3). Cloud Storage is similar to Data Storage as they both stores data/stuff

  15. 1. I have no idea what cloud computing is, the only thing that comes to mind is iCloud, if its similar I assume cloud computing is where you can back up and store files.
    2. I have never used cloud computing or iCloud. If I had it I might consider using it if its the thing I think it is. I have plenty of other ways to store files though.
    3. I researched Netflix with Cloud Computing and I found that Netflix is one of the top cloud computing companies. Netflix is also the most important cloud computing company, and Netflix is also sharing this with other developers and explaining how its being done.

  16. 1. I Think cloud computing is a place to store files without using a sd card.
    2.No i don't use cloud storage.
    3.Netflix allows you to accesses files otherwise know as videos so you can easily watch movies for 7 dollars a month.

  17. 1) Cloud is a non palpable that saves data over the internet, ( data ex. Files, pictures, Documents Etc.)
    2)Not That i notice
    3)Data Storage is where our photos and documents are saved to the internet.

  18. 1. Cloud storage is a place where you can store files,images ,and all types of stuff on a server here you can access from anywhere.
    2. I use it for some of my pictures and I use it for my school projects the service I use google drive.
    3. A good example is Netflix they have tons of shows,movies, and documentaries in the cloud which they can stream whatever you want watch to your device.

  19. is a extra space to store photo, videos and etc.
    3.ios cloud is for the iPhone to have more store room and hold more data

  20. 1) I would think that cloud computing is something that you can save all your storage and files to and wherever you go or whatever device you have you can pull it up on any device without having to do any special transfers
    2)I use cloud quite frequently to hold files music images and etc
    3)WiFi can be said to be cloud because when you are using the WiFi it holds the storage and the devices memory rather than having to connect to anything else you can connect to WiFi quick and easy

  21. 1) cloud computing is like on line storage where everything is saved and you can access it at any time apple has it and windows and google has there own form of it
    2) yes i do use it i use a form of it called one drive it part of windows and i have it on my windows computer
    3) adobe cloud is software from Adobe Systems that gives users access to a collection of software developed by Adobe for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and cloud services

  22. 1. Cloud computing is the process of storing any and all information onto a server that is secure, offsite, and can be located anywhere in the world. It stores countless numbers of data and can be sent anywhere instantaneously thru a serious of execution and permission actions. It is free to use and anyone can have one if they have open sources, like a server.
    2. i use it all the time, steam is cloud based with the information that is saved on my library. Netflix lets me steam countless movies and will allow me to do it anywhere if there is a WiFi connection. we also use Drop Box which saves data from your computer onto a cloud.
    3. Netflix as i said was an instant on demand service that will stream movies from the cloud straight to your device. it works with the cloud by saving a movie digitally on a cloud and on request it will stream the video at a moments notice through the server.

  23. 1: From my own words, cloud computing is a bunch of data stored on the web instead of on a hard drive.

    2:well yeah, it's kinda hard not to. Netflix, Google Drive, and iTunes all use it. You either let it track your progress, like watching a show on Netflix, or by buying something and it keeps track of the purchase, like iTunes.

    3: Chrome I think is the best example of cloud, because that is completely how it operates at all. With next to no space on any form of hard drive, it saves literally everything on google. This is good because it makes all of your info available on any chrome you can sign into.

  24. 1.) Cloud computing is basically a way of storage for devices that allows things to be saved and then accessed later from a variety of devices.
    2.) I currently do not use the Cloud, mainly because between the devices I have, there is no real need to have any more storage from it
    3.) The two that I mainly know of that use the Cloud would be Netflix and ios devices, since Netflix uses it to show the various movies, shows, and other such things that are on it, and ios devices can use the cloud to store things like pictures, music, videos, etc.

  25. 1.) Cloud computing is pretty much a free storage but portable on the inter webs. You can use it to put in photos. just think of it as a portable storage.
    2.) I currently don't use it
    3.) Netflix uses a lot of cloud computing because it needs to stream the movies and make them available to see. They use cloud to save the movies they get onto Netflix. So Netflix is one of the most cloud usage programs out there. :^)

  26. 1) Cloud computing is where the is a site/program where you can upload files and other people or only you can downloads them from anywhere with internet access.
    2) NO!!!
    3) Netflix relates to cloud computing by letting you watch movies anywhere that has internet access

  27. 1. I personally do not know what Cloud computing is I never heard it before But i am glad to know it.
    2. Never use it before.
    3. Netflix relates to cloud computing by letting you watch videos and movies that has access to internet

  28. 1. Cloud Computing is using a wireless storage space to store, collaborate and view different materials without actually storing them on your computer. It is pulling it from an offsite location in order for someone to view it.
    2. Yes, I do use cloud computing quite a bit. The group projects I do are generally on cloud computing software such as Google Docs and Office 365. I also consistently use Netflix and Hulu to stream shows as well as Dropbox and Onedrive to store files.
    3. The internet is quite important in cloud computing as it is used to pull files from the cloud to stream on your computer. Without it, the cloud would have no value and cease to exist.

  29. 1. Cloud computing is an internal internet based saving system where data is saved and accessed over the internet, with none being stored on the native device.
    2. Everyone uses it on chrome books here at school, all of which operate solely off of cloud computing.
    3. Google makes chrome books which saves all of their data using cloud computing and gmail accounts.

  30. 1. I believe that cloud computing is when you can upload files from a program which makes them accessible anywhere on the internet so you can get it. This even works with your phone too.
    2. I do use it slightly but only for uploading photos so I can see my photos from wherever I am. I also use it a bit for things like documents on Google drive and things like that.
    3. Safety relates to Cloud computing because you will want your stuff to be safe so nobody else on the internet can have access to it besides you unless you let them of course. Safety is one of the most important things about cloud and anything for that matter.

  31. 1. Cloud computing is to have files on a server that you can access wirelessly over the internet, instead of having your files or anything you do on a hard drive or stored inside your computer.

    2. I do use the cloud, such as to store my photos on the iCloud, and using Google Docs to store all my documents, powerpoints, and other things in the cloud.

    3. Data storage relates to the cloud because the whole point of the cloud is to store data wirelessly, so you can access it over the internet instead of having it using space on your computer’s hard drive or SSD. This way, you can still access those things by having them stored in someone else’s server, but you have more space on your computer for things you need to store in it to use your computer, such as applications.

  32. 1) I think cloud computing is a program that allows you to save anything anywhere, and then access it anytime anywhere. I don't know what the difference between cloud computing and the internet is, or if here is a difference.I only know the very basics idea of what it is.
    2) I do not use cloud computing.
    3) The word I chose to look up is Chrome. Basically Google Chrome has one of the simplest setups for cloud computing, allowing you to access documents or whatever you want from anywhere. Chrome uses Google Drive to save most of these things, and is very easily accessible.

  33. 1.)Cloud computing gives you the ability to upload files to an external storage area so yhat they can be downloaded or retrieved from anywhere with wifi.
    2.)Netflix is a great example of cloud computing because the company can upload movies from wherever their headquarters are and anyone can watch them from anywhere in the world whenever they want

  34. 1. Could computing is storing things in the clouds using wifi. Magic.
    2. Yes, I use drop box and apple's ICloud
    3. Wifi, the life flow of every teenager and many adults.

  35. 1. The Cloud is a great program that allows files to be shared across any device with the same program. DropBox is one example of this.
    2. I use DropBox sometimes if there is a file that I need for school. Other than that, I use my own 8GB thumb drive for transferring files and documents.
    3. I think that the Google Drive Storage is really cool. It allows you to store anything Google supported or anything you import into the Google Drive center. You can even connect your accounts through the Google Drive app. The main perk of Google Cloud is that it has a large amount of available storage and it guaranteed to not lose your data.

  36. 1. Cloud computing is an online service that allows you to upload most files. After uploading it you no longer would need it on your device and you would be able to download it or modify as long as you have an internet connection. An Example would be Onedrive by Microsoft

    2. Yes, I do use the cloud as I have a OneDrive account. I use it to send files from one computer from another. I also use it save some of my documents. Another way I use it is in my school email as we all have a google drive which is where we create our documents, presentations, and more.

    3. Data storage is important to the cloud because your data that you put in the cloud doesn’t really go to a magical cloud in the sky. All data you upload into the cloud are stored in “server farms”. These server farms are stored are servers that run 24/7. The only downside to the server are that they are not full proof and can be hacked or destroyed.

  37. 1)I do not know what cloud computing is but I am open to learn more about it.
    2)I do use icloud but I really don't have much experience with it but i only used it for storing music.
    3)The internet is like it for the reason that it is online storage so you can acess it when ever you want as long as you are connected to the internet.

  38. 1. Cloud computing is, from what I know, is doing things from something called a internet cloud. A internet cloud is like a way to save data to a main system so it doesn't get lost for whatever reason.

    2. I use the cloud for saving and transferring data and the sort mostly. If i do use it it for other things I couldn't name them, but then gen in not too informed or educated on the subject. When I save something to a cloud I know that, even if my computer or the program I am using messes up or something similar, my data and hard work is safe.

    3. Data Storage, is the process of storing and recording what else but data onto a device of some kind. Cloud storage is a form of data storage throw cloud computing. It is where data is maintained, managed and backed up remotely and made available to users over the internet.

  39. 1. Cloud is a storage program that allows files to be kept, saved, and shared.
    2. No
    3. Safety, it keeps everything private unless it is shared.

  40. 1. Cloud Computing is storing files on a big server owned by someone far away. Cloud Computing is a neat idea being able to reach any of your files wherever you have internet, the problem is it can cost money to store stuff in the cloud. Some services don't let you save some types of files in there "cloud" as well some services let store those types of files but it cost extra to do so. Cloud Computing works better on paper then in real life.

    2. No, I don't trust my files on someone else's server far away in the desert.

    3. This may seem like a "Duh" moment but the internet is basically cloud computing. Youtube is very popular and is a form of cloud computing like Netflix. How about Imgur, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, or Blogger. Any website you can upload stuff to is a public cloud service in one way or another. Any website at all is part of the cloud, if it has files on it, it is a cloud non the less. Now the cloud is not the web, but the cloud is a entangled part of the web that has been there since the begining (even if we didn't have a name for it yet).

  41. 1. In all honesty, I am not sure what “cloud computing” is. Based on what I know about the idea of “the cloud,” I would assume that cloud computing allows a device to pull data from an outside pool rather than storing the data directly on the device.
    2. In order to answer this question, I looked it up on PCMag. They said, “For it to be considered ‘cloud computing,’ you need to access your data or your programs over the Internet, or at the very least, have that data synchronized with other information over the Web.” It turns out that I use cloud computing quite often. For example, all of my assignments are stored on Google Drive, which I can access from anywhere rather than having the documents and presentations saved on my computer. My family also occasionally uses Netflix streaming which pulls the videos from a database to our TV or laptop. Some other examples that I use are email and Dropbox.
    3. I chose to research how Wi Fi relates to cloud computing. They seem to be directly related. As more businesses are moving to wireless connections they are simultaneously exploring the realm of cloud computing. They are using the Wi Fi to access the data stored online.

  42. 1.) from my knowledge cloud computing is basically using a hard drive that is not on your device, like putting something in the bank, you can put it in and access it at any time.
    2.) A few prime examples of cloud computing that i use is:Google drive, to store school or personal assignments to work on over multiple devices, I use soundcloud,which is a online music database that you can access anywhere that you have internet access, Another cloud computing device i am using, or at least i set up is Dropbox, basically a hyped up version of google drive, that can hold larger files.
    3.) Cloud computing is as safe as the server it is stored in, as long as the file storage is online, the files are reasonably safe.

  43. 1. Cloud computing is being able to share information through different devices.

    2. Cloud computing can be used in almost anything. You can save a credit card to a profile and that profile and the credit card can be used on any device because it is saved to the cloud.

    3. Cloud computing has privacy that can prevent certain things from being shared with anyone.

  44. 1. Cloud computing is being able to save and share information in the "cloud", which is a digital database, instead of using something like a USB drive to save something, which will make it easier to access the material you have in the cloud using the internet.

    2. I do use it since many devices today use some form of cloud computing. I play games that save my character to an online database instead of the game console and I use google drive to do many documents and presentations and those are all saved on the internet as well. I use both of these forms of cloud computing almost everyday for fun or for school work. Cloud computing seems to be a big thing in our age.

    3. Netflix is a website that allows you to stream TV shows and movies pretty much instantly by having the videos already uploaded using cloud technology. So with that anyone can view the videos they want to watch because the cloud brings it to their device to let it happen.

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