Sunday, May 10, 2015

(S16) School Technology: Debate

Technology at school has grown exponentially in the past five years.  
Good or bad?

Look at some perspectives:

      Look at these too:

1.  So what are the best features about technology in school?  

2.  What's bad about school technology?  How would you fix it?

3.  More tech or less tech?  If you were the IT director what would you do?  


  1. 1. The best features of technology is the relatively easy process of doing things, without having to waste paper on textbooks and assignment worksheets. As mentioned on Edudemic technology allows for easier accessibility of information, so there would be no loss of papers, or silly mistakes like forgetting to put your name on something.

    2. The only reason I could think that technology in schools would be an issue, is the funds to buy it. Though technology is getting cheaper and faster all together, most schools don’t have enough money to fit their classes with brand new technology. The article that mentioned distractions when it comes to technology in the classrooms seems unlikely, as kids already get distracted without it. If the kids don’t feel the need to learn, than that’s their own decision, I don’t believe that it shouldn't be acquired just because of this reason.

    3. I believe that schools should continue to find the budget to implement more technology into their schools. Seems odd that the world is advancing technology and find new ways to implement it ask we speak, why shouldn’t schools get tech-ed out as well?

  2. 1. There are numerous advantages to instituting technology in the school system. However, one of the biggest pluses is easily its relative plasticity. Using a smartphone, you can have your students pull up the textbook on their tablets, take snapshots of notes on their phones, all with selected music playing in the background from Pandora or Spotify.

    2. One of the biggest issues with technology in schools is the distraction it provides for the student. They can plug in their headphones, pull up Spotify, YouTube, Clash of Clans (ew), and while away the time until the bell, and the vicious cycle repeats. However, there is a way to block a student's access to certain apps (at least ones that require WiFi to activate), so that can block popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    3. Absolutely. With the direction that our modern society is travelling in, it would be absolutely ridiculous NOT to try and technologically update the classroom.

  3. 1. The best uses of technology are where the teacher can be able to use social media to connect students in class and out of class. From the last link she says "Engage students through a class Facebook group or page, where you share posts and activities that invite discussion and sharing of information." This is truly going into a new decade of technology and using it to the best of its abilities.

    2. The bad part about technology is that it is complete freedom to anything almost anywhere. A kid in school could be watching a gaming video in class or could be looking up the answers to the test in front of them, just by tapping a screen. This may sound bad (which it is), but that is what cellphones are for. Cellphones are for freedom to do practically anything at the tap of a screen and that I would not change at all.

    3. If I was the person in charge of the technology at the school I would definitely feel obligated to increase the amount of technology at the school to get the students more interested in the class. I know how people especially kids react when fun things are taken away from them and if the schools took away phones there would be quite a fit from parents and children.

  4. 1.The use of technology in schools has also made the process of learning and teaching enjoyable.Just a decade ago, teachers used chalk boards, then progressed to white boards and now they are using smart boards. Smart boards are advanced boards which allow teachers to teach and share information with students in a multiplicity of ways. in school technology is more applying to me then writing with a pencil. I would rather type something out or be more hands on with technology then right with a pencil.
    most of the time unless it is math. math is best on paper or calculator.

    2. Various kinds if entertainment from mobile devices such as playing games, texting, or surfing the net distracts students in the classroom. Moreover, with the ability to communicate easily, students tend to text or communicate with each other when they should not be doing so. This is a major distraction which heavily impacts on their concentration levels.

    3. I think that we should have more technology. I would be a good thing and help everyone understand it better. if I was a IT director I would use more tech.

  5. 1.) The best features about technology would be how it makes learning more enjoyable for the students and the teachers. The online tests make it easier for teachers because the computer grades it automatically or highlights wrong answers. The students enjoy it, too, because they don't have to use pencil and paper.

    2.) A negative thing about school technology would be that the students are constantly being tempted and getting side tracked. If they are working on a website, then they can easily open another tab and play games or hop on a social media site. I would fix it by making a closed browser test that is installed on the computer or something of the sort.

    3.) I would have more tech because textbooks cost more and are harder to maintain. They are also easier and more cost effective to update. If I were the IT director I would let more tech be available. I would let students use their more phones more because they wouldn't be feeling like they were breaking the rules. Also, the more tech used, the more people are being educated with tech.


  6. 1. The best uses of technology are where the teacher can be able to use Texting or even facetime to connect students in class and out of class.

    2. The bad part about technology i that people are becoming more and more connected to it little by little. a kid could be in class looking up the answers to the test in front of them, just by tapping a screen. This may sound bad (which it is), but that is what cellphones are for. Cell Phones are for freedom to do practically anything at the tap of a screen and that I would not change at all.

    3. If I was the person in charge of the technology at the school I would definitely feel obligated to increase the amount of technology at the school to get the students more interested in the class. I know how people especially kids react when fun things are taken away from them and if the schools took away phones there would be quite a fit from parents and children.

  7. 1. You have all the info you can find right in your hands with the internet, sure you could look through books for the answer, but that takes lots of time flipping though each page to find what you're looking for when you can search it on the internet and it gives results to what you're looking for.

    2. A bad thing would be people can also mess around. Social media, games, etc. A solution would be to dock people points who misuse the internet.

    3. Honestly, more tech. Let's face it, many people find school boring (Including myself.) Technology can liven learning up. I'm sure more people would rather do online learning.

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  9. 1) Technology in school can be used to give a good interactive and visual learning experience.

    2) One of the biggest problems about technology at school is how easy it is to become distracted. This can be fixed with devices that only have certain apps disabled.

    3) I think more technology can be utilized in school for the ease of learning better. I would provide students with adequate devices to help with school work.

  10. 1. Some of the best features of technology based learning in school is that there is a wide range of information you could research with. Almost everything is online at this time, such as online archives of newspapers, magazines, and even books. This makes researching much easier because you have such a large range to look from, and it allows students to broaden their ideas about the same subject. There’s no limited resource of the information a student can get, as having physical books can run out in the library making it hard to look up something.

    2. One of the biggest problems in schools that use technology based learning are Wi-Fi issues, students goof off, and the devices can be stolen. There are easy ideas to a solution, but executing them is the hard part. Wi-Fi is such a big problem today at schools, because every kid connects their phone to it the second they get the password. This is such a large problem because it slows down internet speed for the classes that truly need it, such as Online Classes and especially Genyes! A way around this is to create some asininely long password full of completely random numbers and letters, and only have EXTREMELY trusted people to know the password. The problem Shadow Mountain continues to have (probably other schools as well) is that once a new password is created, the teachers give it out right away by writing on the board, and it spreads like wildfire. It’s such a problem because it screws up the entire year with internet connectivity issues. Someone should put the password already hooked up for the teachers laptops, and that’s it. I feel teachers don’t need to know the password, and neither do the students. Another issue like kids goofing off on the devices is, rather than just buying some sort of tablet or laptop, the school should invest in some sort of device is specifically designed just for doing school tasks. I’m sure somewhere out there there’s a way someone could create a device like that. And devices that are stolen should just be VERY CLOSELY monitored by teachers and cameras.

    3. I think more tech needs to be brought into the classrooms and we as tech students need to teach our teachers how to use the technology efficiently and understand it. Some teachers are already learning, but at a slow pace, and this needs to change. I think tech in the classroom will be something great and the way of the future. I mean, isn’t it what everyone dreamed as a little kid? That the future would be full of awesome technology and you would see it everywhere?

  11. 1) The best features of technology in school are the abilities to help education in multiple ways. One way is that the device could be used to look up information or to type essays or documents. Another would be to take test or exams online so student don't need good handwriting and it is easier to type and delete words.

    2) The bad part of technology in school is the fact that it can be very distracting. If student get bored or don't want to do their work then they will just go on their phones or tablets and do something else that isn't school related. The other major problem with using technology is that student can get the urge to cheat. This is way to easy to happen if a student is using technology.

    3) I would not allow kids to use a lot of technology or at least more than we use until they know why it is bad to use technology for non educational purposes. I would need to make sure they don't do things that I wouldn't want them to. To do this I guess I would need to teach them why education is important and why they shouldn't miss use technology and why it is important to pay attention in class.

  12. 1.) There are lots of ways technology in schools can help. One way is that it will be easier to teach kids. Technology makes kids pay more attention, and can be a great way to keep them focused on their work.
    Another way is that it makes it alot easier to find things. Usually kids have to search throw paragraphs and paragraphs just to find a certain keyword, just to answer a question. With computers they can easily find them, and if the answer isn't where they're looking, they can find it somewhere else, like Google.

    2.) Technology can be bad because it is a big distraction. There are lots of kids that aren't easily distracted, but giving kids these machines will encourage them to use them in a bad way. Alot of kids will probably abuse the technology. Also, not to speak of the cost it will have on the school.

    3.) I think more technology is better. There will always be people that will abuse the things they are given, people draw in textbooks all the time. The thing is, the more technology we have in the classroom, the better we can do things, faster, and more efficiently. Having these sorts of things in schools is most definitely what needs to happen, but there are tons of precautions that are going to have to be put in place.

  13. 1) The great thing about having technology in school is that it will save some money. Doing things electronically will save money on the resources that it would take to do otherwise. And if assignments are posted online, people who are sick or going out of town will at the very least know what they have to do. In some cases they can even do the assignments so that when they come back, they can be all caught up.

    2) The negative side of this is distractions. There are so many websites and apps that are just plain distractions to kids. They don't add much to education. The only thing I can really think of is block the websites that will be a distraction, and provide students with fun educational games or apps to use instead.

    3) Personally I would go with more tech. Students would be able to catch up with lessons from anywhere, and turn assignments in from anywhere. It's more convenient and more effected in my opinion.

  14. 1.) One of the great things about technology in school is that you can study and do online classes like the summer school. Nobody has to go to classes ever again! They can just do it online!

    2.) Well I think just having distractions like cell phones, iPads, iPhones, iLaptop, iWatch, iGoogleGlass, iEye, and the iCheeseGrater are all pretty horrible distractions. This can be fixed by detonating an EMP.

    3.) I choose more tech just because it keeps us all sane. If we didn't people would smuggle and we would have to have more security.

  15. 1. The best feature about technology in school is that if you have an emergency at school then you can easily contact anyone. Another great feature is that we stay in touch with the stuff of our time. It also makes doing research and doing homework much easier.

    2. The constant texting is wrong and the fact that everyone just plays games all the time, aka "LEAGUE", and just waists time playing a stupid game. I have no clue how to fix the problem because if you restrict the kids to much then they will hate school even more and resent the teachers.

    3. I don't have a preference about the tech and if I were an IT director then I would give evrything possible to kids cause why not.

  16. 1. Some of the best things about technology in school are, for one, gives easy accessibility to all information a school student of any grade could ever need. It allows formality of current technology. It can also be used as a teaching aid by using programs and websites to help teach students units and lessons.

    2. Some of the negatives of having lots of technology in school is the abuse of the technology, like not using it for its designed purpose or doing something you're not supposed to do like playing games or surfing the web.

    3. I would definitely say more, in the ever expanding horizon for technology to be so much more present, even more so then now, everyday life, I feel it would be good to get students use to the idea of technology being a very big part of everyday business.

    1. 2. I would be impossible to fully fix a problem like that but software looks and program can restrict what students can do on the device

  17. 1. Technology in school allows us to explore new roads for education. Not to mention technology helps us with day to day activities like writing and math, which significantly speed up those processes. Laptops help with essays, calculators help exponentially with math, and iPads/Kindles make reading incredibly accessible to everyone.

    2. The bad part about technology is that due to connection limitations, if everyone is on at once, it can cause severe lag and ping issues and then no one will be able to use the internet (looking at you District).

    3. I want more tech in our schools. If I were the IT director, I would push more technology into the school system, but I wouldn't do it all at once. I would have kids get used to the idea of having tech in their schools and slowly ease them into it by using iPads and other small tablets, then move on to laptops, and then I would create a program solely for the purpose of learning new technology.

  18. 1.) Tech in school has a lot of benefits like saving money on textbooks by having them digitally on a tablet or computer. And kids tend to focused on technology more then a teacher. And online assignments would allow kids who are going on early vacation or laving town to be caught up on the class. And in this day and age there is a computer that you can access easily so online class is also easy for kids.

    2.) There are websites that kids would go onto but all you need to do is just block the website and poof all most no distractions.

    3.) More tech because if we have a small amount of tech then kids are not gonna learn enough about today's technology

  19. 1. one way it could be good is that it allows us to have access to information all over the world, and how fast we can do tings now is really amazing compared to just five years ago.
    2. A way it could be bad is if people abuse or exploit the technology, or that they aren't used properly, or when people are constantly using them in class or just chatting all together using tech.
    3. I say more right now would be good, but had i not have the tech right now i wouldn't care whether or not we had more or less, but i'd be interested.

  20. 1: What are the best parts about tech in schools? Well, considering I'm in Genyes, this. The Genyes program is extremely useful, it teaches you how to use technology to your advantage. One of the other really good features is that we can use our phones to find any information at any time, which is super useful. We can learn things like algebra that we don't understand through the use of sites like Khan Academy.

    2: The bad thing about technology is that people use their phones a lot in class and that keeps them distracted a lot of the time from their school work. But face it, they would find a distraction one way or another. When people are bored they will find a way to occupy themselves. I would fix the cell phone problem by making the students put their phones in their backpacks, then moving them to the front of the room. If they are caught with a phone anyways, they will take it up to the front and put it in their bag.

    3: More tech. I don't think I've ever seen an article that showed the benefits of tech. Or if I have, it is extremely rarely. You don't see any articles ranting about backpacks and how they can hide illegal things, and that any teenager with a backpack is automatically pure evil. Right? Yet they do things just like this with cell phones, even though they are just as much a part of our lives as backpacks, if not more so. People focus too much on the negative. I would add more technology because everyone is going to be using it anyways, so why not teach them how to use it educationally? Adding more technology will help students to know how to correctly use technology in their futures.

  21. 1. Technology can positively effect the classroom because it opens a whole new level of learning. it also helps students with easy accessible research. Online learning opportunities and other technologies can increase educational productivity by accelerating the rate of learning; reducing costs associated with instructional materials and better utilizing teacher time.

    2. 54% of 21st century kids start using mobile devices when they are 5 to 8 years old. This is an insane amount of kids considering there age. If this starts so young they can easily get addicted. but this is the price of anything. Everything can be over used and mistreated and it comes with a responsibility ti know what is reasonable time.

    3.I think Tech is Fine where it is at right now. but when kids are always on there phones in class it becomes a distraction from learning and it will show up on your grades. So its more of a personal interest of your goals in life and what you hold higher than others such as your future job or college.

  22. 1) Technology in schools is a very big advantage to teaching because teachers are able to watch the progress of their students and help guide them on what they're struggling on. They're also able to set up lessons and activities online which is a very easy method of teaching.

    2) The only real issue I've noticed with school tech is the certain students use it for more amusement than actual learning and education. The only practical problem is also malfunctions.

    3) I'd opt to really keep it the same as it is currently. If a certain class called for some more tech to teach the subject, then I'd definitely jump towards an increase and such.

  23. 1.For colleges this could be a huge step in the right direction. Considering how expensive college books are, this could really help those struggling to pay for college.
    2.Misuse by the students and sometimes, like math for instance, it just isn't necessary. There is a such thing as overuse of technology. Using iPads to learn a simple lesson is just overkill.
    3.I would implement more but i would keep some classes tech free such as culinary or other arts classes where tech just isn't necessary

  24. []1[] Well the best features are we uses computers or laptops we can do most of our work on there. Searching, Reasearching, typing up an essay and many more things.

    []2[] Well to consider, some of the sites you use on the school wifi is blocked, but what if its a personal site, you have to show, but cant because of the wifi. Just to improve that unblock some of the blocked websites.

    []3[] I say more because it might help students advance in the world, and we can learn more and even more current events.

  25. 1) It can greatly aid teachers in the process of teaching with smart boards, power point, and other interactive programs and technologies. Computers interactive interfaces have proven to help children in elemtary school understand more about what they are learning.

    2) Their are many negative sides of having technologies in school one is that many children can be very easily distracted. Many schools only have one wifi network students can use and sometimes so many devices are connected to it it crashes, and the studens have to wait for it to be fixed wich sometimes takes a long time.

    #) I think their should be more technology and additional wifi networks in the schools. Many companies and the military are very advanced in technologies, therefor schools should try to advance in their technologies.

    1. 2) solution: Monitor children until their work is finished and make multiple wifi networks

  26. 1. The best features of technology in school are the fact that all of the incredible and vast learning resources that exist all throughout the internet can all of a sudden be linked directly to the lesson and available for all of the students to read and analyze.
    2. What is wrong with technology in schools is that there are constant ads and social media distraction that are barraging the mind when online. The way to avoid this is to have an educational app that blocks social media and ads during studying and school hours.
    3. I would continue to add more technology to the classroom environment. Technology is efficient and more enjoyable to use than the conventional pen and paper. The possibilities with coding and computer interactivity are endless.

  27. 1. The use of technology in school has become a major topic of debate as the efficiency and conceal-ability of the various devices rise. While it might deter some teachers with the possibility to cheat on classwork, technology can become a powerful learning tool when used properly. Popular teaching methods involve ways that bring the class together, such as a classroom social page, or a place for students to work collaboratively. Many schools have adapted to the teaching style offered by various Google apps, with the ability to turn in and share work with teachers, and work with colleagues anywhere.

    2. While the use of technology in schools can be useful for some teachers, if not governed properly it can lead to adverse effects on a students education. Many students are equipped with the latest phones or devices that are capable of playing games or browsing the web unbeknownst to the teacher of the class. A few of the students realize the distraction brought with the devices might ruin their education, but will continue to use them because they have become addicted to the connections brought with it. Social media may be an issue, but the biggest issue is found in the potential to cheat. A database of near infinite information can be accessed with seconds, easily finding the answer to difficult homework or exams. Some ways to counteract the potential hazards brought with the technology would be governing the sites available to the students, limiting the access to social media or other distracting sites. Cheating will always be an issue, whether its by from peers or through digital means, and the only real solution is to remain attentive to the students in the class, making sure none are using their devices to bypass the work presented to them.

    3. Technology could be an amazing factor of schools in the future. After the minor technicalities are ironed out of the system, learning could become much simpler to the next generation of students. Being able to traverse the world and speak to individuals across the globe in real time would enable hands on learning experiences without the need to traverse far from the classroom. Students can collaborate in real time with their peers and contact their professors within seconds. Technology could be refined and made more efficient than the current teaching process if given a chance.

  28. 1. Like most species of the world, humans are prone to evolving, we will adapt to the tech around us and that is one of the only thing that we care about anymore. So tech would be good in school this involves that we will be more involved with school and it would give us a better knowledge.

    2. But with good comes with bad and whats bad about its that.

    1. 2. Kid will go to other sites and miss the assignment given by the teacher, This will cause worse grades and failure to pass classes which is not the best thing. But to fix that teachers can block certain sites or create a closed browser.

      3.I think that just a little more tech would be useful for the learning experience, If it were me as the IT director i would add more to the parts of the school where it is needed such as the drama and art departments.

  29. 1. Having up-to-date tech in our school is very useful in learning how to use that tech and how we can use it learn with it, and how to teach others with it. For instance making presentations shows what we learned and teaches others. Having available computers makes it easy for classes to do online assignments like making an essay in Google docs.

    2. All the technology we are exposed to in school can be overwhelming, and we are trusted with the responsibility to keep it safe. There are some students who think that its clever to take advantage of this tech and steal it, we have had our own experiences with it. The only problem I have with, expensive, technology in school is that students may take it for themselves and cost the school so much.

    3. Honestly I think that the amount of tech this school has is plenty, but I do think that the x-boxes in the media center is bit overkill. There has not been any theft of tech lately and the number of moments where things were stolen are not so high to cause alarm.

  30. 1.) The main good things that I can think of involving more tech at schools would be the fact that it would reduce the need for paper, in addition to the fact that it would have students carry less stuff around for school, and with that any health risks would be avoided. Also tech is quite useful to have because it would be more organized, unlike having tons of papers that can easily get mixed up and stuff, which would cause finding things to be harder.
    2.) The bad things about having tech in school would probably be something along the lines of students using them for things other than learning purposes, however that might be able to be prevented if the school somehow prevents that from happening by inhibiting the use of certain programs, if the tech used by students is the school’s property.
    3.) I would probably go for some sort of balance to where there is enough tech to use for the classes that would be better with tech, but not too much to where students would get distracted easily by it.

  31. 1. Easy use (both for teachers and students) and student engagement with technology are the best features of the use of digital devices in class. Many documents, such as Google Docs, Presentations, and Forms can be used to make the lives of students and teachers alike easier.

    2. As a student, I must admit that it is VERY easy to get distracted when on a computer, but since some sites that would be distracting to most are blocked, it is much easier to pay attention at school then it is on a home computer. Another problem that a large amount of tech use has is the element of cheating with easy to access information. This is best remedied through the use of things such as Turnitin, which checks for plagiarism and is the best remedy for that form of cheating.

    3. More tech is definitely better. The best use of technology in a class that I've seen is in Mr. Storey's class; by keeping questions open ended and hard to find an answer to without knowing anything keeps most from cheating. Google Forms is an easy way to send multiple choice and short answer questions. Not only does Turnitin check for plagiarism in essays, but also for grammatical errors that the writer may have missed. This makes a Google Docs/Turnitin combo for writing essays ideal.

  32. 1.Technology in school, to me, means that I can use whatever resources that I can to complete a project or assignment. I can complete an assignment the way I wish, instead of providing the one correct answer. I am in favor of using technology because I believe that it can provide explanations in different ways for different people- which means that if a lesson does not make sense at first, one may use these resources to improve their understanding.

    2. The biggest problem that I see in school is people becoming distracted by their devices. When my teachers give people work time, students simply blow it off and play games or check social media instead. I am a large believer in giving students freedom on the web, so instead of simply giving out more punishments, I believe that teachers should give more work to the students off-task in class so that the responsibility falls on them.
    3. I would add more technology to the district because the majority of students use technology at least somewhat responsibly. Although a large amount of students still mistreat and abuse the technology, the “bad apples” should not ruin it for the rest of the people.

  33. 1) The biggest tech advantages in schools is the amount of work that can get done. Not using as much paper and supplies. I think the amount of paper/trees that we save using tech is amazing. I think our environment could really use a cut down on the amount of trees we cut down each year. The use of Google Drive really helps teacher not that to use as much papers as writing everything down.
    2) I think a big con in using tech in school is losing the physical part of learning. Looking at a screen is not the same as actually doing a lab. I think Tech could possibly suck the fun out of learning. The the hand on experience.
    3) I think we should have more tech in it needed area. I as a IT would look at all the situation in every department. Giving Tech to the subjects/teachers that definitely deserve it. A equal fair amount, for each department. I would try and have a vast opening for new improved tech.

  34. 1.) Technology in school means people have resources to look upon for a project or essay if they are ever running out of time or they have regrets for slacking off. People can get quick reviews for books so they can make their project. Also if you're looking for details for a project, and you can't find it, you can just use the internet as a resource to research it.

    2.) Usually what's bad about school is not the computers or the internet or the wifi, it's the cell phones. The wifi should restrict these websites. Some wifi networks do restrict access privileges but it's not enough restrictions. Usually to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They should block off other ones as well because of the fact that more and more social networks are here and they need to update or else there will be more distractions.

    3.) If I were the IT director I would try my best to restrict access to social networks and update it as quick as possible because there are more and more social networks coming every year. People are also distracted from their phones, and it should not be allowed. Computers like laptops and desktop computers should be able to be access for school purposes only, and after they're done with their work and checked, they will be able to goof off and stuff.

  35. 1) Ability to search new information quickly, ability to have guest speakers through skype, expanding the lesson on youtube with example videos. Faster collaboration on a document or presentation and peer editing. Better resources for essays and projects and such.
    2) Students would cheat if they have unlimited tech use in class, and by putting restrictions of the tech prevents unwanted usage. And by having time limits on tech usage will also prevent so called "addiction" to technology.
    3) I would implement more tech but with restrictions for each student to keep the usage appropriate.

  36. 1. Integrating technology in school is exceptionally helpful for teachers and students. For students, having all you need on one device is very simple and helpful so that they wouldn't have to lug around heavy backpacks with books and folders with tons of papers. For teachers, it adds a huge new variety of what they can do for homework and watch how each individual student is performing better.
    2. I feel the way that we use technology here isn't living up to how it could or should be. We still have heavy books that could be online instead and most, if not all, of our homework and work in general is on paper and not online. there is so much more potential for the technology than what we are using it for.
    3. I think we have enough at this moment, but we aren't using it's full potential as to what we could accomplish with all of it.

  37. 1. Technology has brought a new efficient and reliable service to the education system. This goes for both students and staff. The introduction to computer to a school setting opening up tons of new possibilities. Information could be exchanged more efficiently and student-teacher communication became a realistic and practical activity.

    2. The negative impact of technology in schools is all directly related to internet access. Plagiarism became much more common, and other resources gave students the opportunity to find way around completing assignments. There is also a tie-in with social networking and cyber bullying, but that topic is for another blog response.

    3. Albeit expensive, I would love to see more technology in a school. It gives students the opportunity to learn SO much more. Students could learn to use advanced tools for their future potential careers, It seems like there is a large lack of people working in the tech field, compared to other fields, and implementing more technology could bring more students in.

  38. 1. Technology can be very useful in school due to that you can have access to piles of information, videos, and that you can make some interesting ways of learning with this technology. This can in some ways keep attention to the lesson if you do the lesson correctly.
    2.The bad thing about tech is that all the other things that could distract the students. This would be a harder thing to fix with out banning a pile of applications and watch for phones the whole class.
    3.This is a hard question to answer because truthfully I could go both ways but this matters on the lesson that you are trying to teach your students. Their are some lesson where you can't you tech effectively.

  39. 1. I feel that technology in school is fantastic because of all of its capabilities. It gives students easier access to all of their supplies, and a simple and easy way for teachers to give information to the students. It gives more opportunities to teachers for new ways to teach, and gives students a chance to learn and explore a little bit more on their own.

    2. The downside to technology is the fact that it can be hard to control and maintain. It is easy to get distracted or off task online, but its very hard to stop students, especially if they are determined to get past the schools limits. Its almost impossible for a teacher to control 20 or more students and make sure they are all on task.

    3. I feel that before investing into more hardware, I would choose to find and implement ways to monitor and control whats being done on the devices already in schools. Technology does no harm to the schools, but making sure the students don't abuse it is whats very hard.

  40. 1. It allows us to get things done quicker in a much more organized way. It allows students to explore information online for school projects it allows easier communication between students and teachers.
    2. Students take advantage of it they easily get distracted with looking up personal things online. A lot of students watch videos and do absolutely nothing when teachers give us time to work on our essays. I believe we could fix it by simply making a program that doesn't allow them students to look up anything online other then the topic they have been given or chosen to work on.
    3. Probably individual tablets given to each individual student. Because they are much more easier to Carrie then a laptop and more user friendly

  41. 1.) Technology would be great for classroom and school use. It's organized, easy to use, and easy to grade. Since it's easy and fast to grade it's useful for teachers. Things can be done faster, since all the information they need is at their fingertips.
    2.) A downside could be distractions or data loss. The main one is distractions since data loss is not likely thanks to the cloud storage. Distractions could include students steaming media, looking on social networking sites, etc.
    3.) I'd say more tech, especially for classes like math and english. Although we already have chromebooks for the classrooms, a tablet at home might help with homework. Technology and school combined is a pretty cool thing.

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