Sunday, May 3, 2015

(S15) Food Tech

What do you think?

1. Are new food technologies like 3D printing food, food sciences, processing and food biotechnologies relevant to the well being of the world?

2. What do you predict? Could 3D food printing change the way household kitchens work? The way we cook? Will fast food involve pushing buttons?  Or is this a passing fad?  Only plain fun? Serious to develop? Is it safe?

3. Find your own information about the technologies involving food, eating, restaurants. What's going on out there that's new, interesting and significant?


  1. 1. Technology such as 3D printed food is not truly relevant or needed at this point in time, but is a step toward the future. Other technology such as food science, and food biotechnologies, are and will be the future, as it will help let us create sustainable that is able to be wide spread, to feed those in need of it. Engineering varieties of plants that are able to be easily made will help feed those who are starving, and will help put crops in struggling societies.

    2. I believe that 3D printed food is a step towards advancing 3D printers in general, to help print things, previously unimaginable. With the help of 3D printing, manufacturing can not only be done faster, but also doing it more efficiently. 3D printed food is just a gimmick, rather than something that is truly needed, but it still amazes me that you could create any object, with only a printer head and some food filament from a printer.

    3. By researching technology in the food world, I had found that agriculture and mass food production will soon be assisted by technology, to start new innovative ideas. A company by the name of Silicon Valley AgTech, is hoping to bring out technologies solely focusing on game changing technology in the agriculture and the food atmosphere.

  2. 1. Currently, I'm not too sure exactly how relevant 3D-printed food is to our modern society; currently, it isn't much more than the latest tech fad, like motion controls were 10, 5, even 3 years ago. However, it does give some sense of exactly what 3D printing is capable of... as are the experiments with making 3D-printed guns, or (mostly) 3D-printed cars. At the moment, it's nothing more than a tech demo.

    2. The idea of 3D-printed food, in its current state, isn't so much an indicator of the direction of the food industry, but of the direction that 3D printing could take. It will probably be used mainly for manufacturing services for complex parts that can't be created by casting, but the idea that you could just as easily make the material used bread dough and make a bolt or a figurine out of wheat toast shows how versatile the platform is.

    3. Just looking a bit into this, there's a company called AstroGro who are using 3D printing technologies to grow food and other plants in space. Not only that, another company called Print2Taste are developing food-specific 3D printers and ways to redesign existing 3D printers to work with food, to help people who can only have specific diets.

  3. 1.) I don't think that 3D printing food will really "better" the world. I think it is a really interesting, but not really necessary in any way. Other food sciences on the other hand have alot more relevance in that they can make food easier to ship, maintain, and create. This will make it easier to make sustainable food, and that can help countries that aren't able to manufacture or grow food.

    2.) 3D printing food will definitely make cooking food easier. It may destroy the industry for Chefs, if food can be easily created and sculpted at the touch of a button. I don't feel it's a "passing fad," this is what the future of food is likely to be. I just hope people will have a bigger part in the making of food, other than programming.

    3.) I love the idea of using these printers to make sutainable food without too many resources. This is is an easy solution to alot of the cost of making and transporting food. Imagine having a whole buffet inside a little machine, waiting to be unleashed (after a long time, you might get a moderately sized meal!). 3D printed food restaurants are going to becoming more and more popular, it's a very interesting "art form," I can't wait to see where it goes.

  4. 1: I don't think that it's going to have much relevant impact on the world. Face it, we could have solved world hunger by now if people wanted to. The world produces more than enough food every year to feed the entire human population. food corp. leaders destroy mass amounts of it to keep the supply/demand in their favor. Having a new way to produce food is not going to change that.

    2: Doubtful. I think that this might just be a passing fad. And if it isn't, it will be a means for fancy restaurants to make cooler looking food. I think that kitchens will remain the same. I'm not totally sure how safe it is, but I do see the entertainment in it. 3D printed pizza is something everybody can enjoy.

    3: In space, they are starting to grow plants to eat and such. This 3D printing business I suspect to explode in popularity among hipster restaurants. Starbucks is also starting to make tiny restaurants that they call "expresso-shot sized." That is probably going to be a good business move.

  5. 1. In this 21st century, we live in a world of creativity and art. Anything is imaginable with the kind of technology we have today. There wasn’t even cellphones that fit in our pockets just about 20 years ago. There has been so much advancement in recent history that having 3D printed food may lead to something greater that no one could ever think up. 3D food is almost the way of the future. Maybe one day families would have some sort of device that prints our favorite food out right in front of us whenever we want! There’s no telling what could happen with 3D printing food, but I really hope that could happen. Cause sometimes instead of having spaghetti for dinner, I want a taco and grab a drink of Dr. Pepper but I’m too lazy to get up and make it, so I’ll just have a thing make it for me.

    2. Like I stated above, 3D printing food machines could be something big. Maybe fast food could really get faster! We wouldn’t need a bunch of teenagers messing up our orders and sometimes you gotta’ wait in line forever and when it’s finally your turn you still have to stand around and everyone behind you gets upset. We could just have some sort of little menu that we choose from (or even speak into!) and the robots 3D print our food for us and we leave. That would be awesome. (dang, I’m gettin’ hungry…)

    3. One thing I found out was that by using a 3D printer to create foods, we can balance out the nutritional value! This is great for people who have some deficiencies to certain nutrients, like people with diabetes who can’t have a lot of carbohydrates inside their food. It’s a great idea for such things like that, or maybe if you need more of a nutrient that a doctor may prescribe, you could have food specially made just how you like it for what you need!

  6. 1. I think that 3D printing food will be totally unnecessary, I think that things like food sciences will be more relevant and useful for finding how to make food more healthy.

    2. 3D printing food doesn't sound like a good investment to me. I think that printing food will take longer and cost more than preparing the food yourselves. I could easily prepare two corn dogs in 2 minutes, a 3D printer requires the materials to print the corn dogs, print them, and finally heat them.

    3. IGN tried printed food and they thought it was great, however as I said before it probably took longer and costed more to give them those samples rather than prepare it the 'old fashioned way.'

  7. 1.) I don't think 3D printing food is really necessary. The other technologies seem much more relevant though. food sciences and biotechnologies could be used to make healthier food that can last longer.

    2.) 3D printing food can easily change the way we view food. Instead of making food and it possibly taking hours to make, you can just press some buttons, and the food will appear in front of you. I can see fast food companies taking advantage of 3D printing food. Instead of hiring people, you can hire one person.

    to be continued...

    1. 3.) The conversation about 3D printing food has it's supporters and fighters. Some people think that 3D printing food is a very god thing and support it 100% while other people say that technology will ruin food and that we should stick to making food normally.

  8. 1. 3D printing food is simply just a gimmick and no more.It probably wont change much in the culinary industry as far as breakthroughs go.It might change a few recipes or tactics here and there but no major changes will be made
    2.In the future i don't see this gaining a whole lot of traction.It is a fun toy to play with but no more than that, a toy
    3.Quite a few people predict that 3d printing will overtake all forms of production.They also think that they will be overtake repair operations and many other important tasks.

  9. 1)3D-printed food isn't really something we need it's a great idea but it's nothing like real cooking and how it tastes. However the advancements in the agricultural field is very important to help farmers keep up with product demand.

    2)3D printing food is something a lot of people aren't ready for and just don't want to do. 3D printing something takes longer than just preparing a dish yourself. Fast food companies may not want to invest into 3D food printers because of how expensive they are and they my not get their money's worth out of it.

    3)There are a lot of technological companies looking in improving the agricultural field. Many restraunts are modernizing their restraunts with the newest technology.

  10. 1. 3D printing foods is very unnecessary, but maybe not in hundreds of years with overpopulation. If the world really needed specialty pizzas or fancy designs on their food then it might be a use, but as to now it is not useful.

    2.3D food printing could change the way household kitchens work, but only in hundreds of years when there is technology with the 3D printers that makes them create food faster and not need such fresh ingredients. 3D printing will not change the future of cooking in general, because it is not even cooking it is printing. 3D printing food is also not going to change cooking, because 3D printed food takes a long time and does not taste as good. Fast food will not have buttons, because this will pass and come back later when 3D printers are faster and able to make good tasting food. 3D printed food is just a fun thing to do and I personally do not believe that it is right, it just isn't. I do not feel that is safe, because what if they start selling cartridges that have the food that can be printed on them and there is one little error in the liquid that it has a certain deadly bacteria in it and in all of the others, people would die.

    3.When I looked for some technologies, I found out that mass agriculture farming is being helped by the sciences and technology. Also large companies chemically modify the carb count and the calorie amounts so that their product looks "Healthy".

  11. 1. By being able to 3D print food, it creates whole new ways to manufacture and produce food in an efficient way.

    2. I predict that 3D printing food will turn fast food into Ultra-fast food. There are so many possibilities in store for this technology. We could be able to manufacture food so much faster than normal, with little to no effort required.

    3. NASA and a Texas company are exploring the possibility of using a 3D printer on deep space missions in a way where the "D" would stand for dining. NASA has awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Phase I contract to Systems and Materials Research Consultancy of Austin, Texas to study the feasibility of using 3D printing, for making food in space. Studies are being conducted by the Systems and Materials Research Consultancy to see if they can develop a 3D printed food system for long duration space missions.

  12. 1.) They aren't. Why spend $2000 for a cookie that you can print, when you can have your mom make you a smiley face pancake for $0.

    2.) I think food should be hand-made, because even though production takes less work, it would eventually put cooking businesses out of business because of no workers wanting to do it because they have one of these machines at home. McDonalds will be the first out because they make everything from this machine anyway.

    3.) The new technologies are basically the same thing, except they call their food "Good Food".

  13. 1.I feel that the ability to 3d print food is cool, but hugely unneeded in everyday life. I feel like for applications like in space or in underwater environments, it could be useful, but its simply more energy wasted on making the food to 3d then it is to just grow it.

    2. I feel that it could really change how kitchens and restaurants work. In the future it may be possible to say "I want a piece of Pizza" and 20 seconds later it pops out of a tray. It would make fast food maybe be a little healthier, and all the ingredients would be equally fresh and healthy as in a real restaurant.

    3. Its now becoming more common to use foods that are GE, or genetically engineered. This has its benefits, as well as the risks, especially the ones involving allergies.

  14. 1. 3D-Printed food is an unnecessary thing to have, it's a cool idea and concept but it's not really needed at this time even if we are in an age of technological advancements.

    2. This method of food production seems more like just something that is there. It's not going to really change much unless the people who buy it are tech enthusiasts or people just want the next new thing that is available to them so they look cool. Most people of the population will stick to manual cooking and the like because that's how it's been for a while. However, at the same time the world may need time to get used to the whole spectrum of the situation.

    3. Within the field of agriculture is people using printers to help grow crops. In other places they are looking to have plants within space. Still it will take some time to get used to.

  15. 1.Undoubtedly, Technology like 3D printing food instant relay to relevant for survival or need by the world, but It could change the way we have food made for us or were we eat. other Technologies and advancements in food science is, however, very important to the continuation of humankind

    2. I feel that 3D printing food will shape the way we eat in the future. The average american might stay home and print a healthier alternative to a fast food meal instead of going to Mcdonald's. One of the biggest reasons that people go to fast food places is because it's cheaper and easier than cooking at home. Now with a even easier dining solution we could see the popularity of fast food joints go down sufficiently in the future.

    3. Doing some research on my own, I have discovered that NASA is working on a project to 3D print food in space. They are interested in this for life support on far away, long jonys and stays in space.

  16. 1. Eating is a core instinct of living creatures, without food the organism would die. This strive for nutrients brings the human race to collectively work toward advancing the accessibility of meals. The first technologies converted energy from fire to cook meals, but with the minds of the modern generation behind the problem, three dimensional food printers have been produced. The latest advancements in food science have brought forth a machine capable of making almost any meal, all based upon the user's taste. Going back to the strive for survival, the new apparatus will eliminate the impracticality of previous devices.

    2. Three dimensional food printers will revolutionize the modern household cooking experience. Consumers in a hurry would be able to quickly develop entire meals built to their taste, all from the comfort of their home. No actual cooking would be needed by the users. Most chefs would be opposed to the device, however. Cooking is just as much fun as it is needed for survival, and parting with the talent would be unthinkable. For smaller fast food businesses, the device could become the main utility in the building, all meals could be adapted to the consumer, while still remaining the same item. It would save both storage and money, requiring less imported ingredients. All of the possibilities could become the future, but its only the surface of what the printers have to offer.

    3. Travelling through space has been an issue ever since the first astronomers. Food is a major part of survival, but isn't easily accessible of of Earth, leading to the need to take large quantities of air dried meals. While it works, it isn't fresh. Three dimensional food printers could solve the issue and resupply funds towards rocket building. Smaller storage space would be used, ingredients would be more readily available, and any meal could be made using the apparatus. NASA has already started to refine the device to fit their needs, and could directly contribute to the future of manned interplanetary missions.

  17. 1. 3D printed food is not relevant to the well being of food, but still, it is pretty awesome. Now, if you have a 3D printer, you can have anything for a meal or snack without buying tons of groceries.

    2. 3D printers in the kitchen would be rather pricey, and if we allow it to become a trend, we may forget how to cook well, and it will come back to haunt us. In the meantime, nearly anybody will be able to cook. Another concern of 3D printed food is the nutrition value. We are basically eating plastic, and last time I checked, plastic is not safe to eat!

    3. Restaurants are now using 3D printing in the kitchens, and, according to 3D systems, 3D printers will cost less than 5,000 dollars by next year.

  18. 1. As of right now I feel like 3D printed food is not relevant to the well being of the world. However, I do believe that with time and research the world can make 3D printing food much more practical and thus solve issues like world hunger as well as make life much more convenient for many people. If we could make it possible to ship basic non-spoiling materials overseas to places that need food, and then create food using 3D printers, humanitarian aid would be able to food so many more people and give them more nutritious food because of the ability to make food from almost nothing.

    2. I think that, as with my previous point, 3D printed food is simply not at the level it needs to be at in its technological growth to be useful in everyday live. Therefore I believe only time will tell if 3D printing becomes useful and practical to the common man or if it stays as an eccentric, nerdy way to make snacks. It would be cool to be able to print up my favorite snack with the push of a button though.

    3. From what I gathered it seems as though 3D printed food will remain as an interesting way to add detailed, yet basic, items of a single food to an already prepared meal. It acts as an icing on the cake, so to speak, and can make food more interesting and more fun. In the future I think it could evolve to much more than that and it could become much more intense and in depth. It will however certainly be seen much more often in restaurants and such places as time goes by and the tech is refined and polished. I think 3D printed food had a bright and delicious future.

  19. 1. I don't think that it is that relevant to the world today because there are more important problems like cancer then how good something taste.

    2. I do think that 3d printing could change the way that kitchens work. It would change the way we do a lot of things in the kitchen including the way we cook. I think fast food won't get to that point. I think it is a passing fad for High quality food places like in n out or something but for places like Mcdonalds they might resort to that because the don't seem to care.

    3. Food Technology and Biotechnology (FTB) is an open access, peer-reviewed international quarterly scientific journal that publishes papers covering a wide range of topics, including molecular biology, genetic engineering, biochemistry, microbiology, biochemical engineering and biotechnological processing, food science, analysis of food ingredients and final products, food processing and technology, oenology and waste treatment.

  20. 1) At this point in time, 3D printed food is really not necessary today because it isn't to helpful right now and we have a lot of bigger issues that we should worry about right now like sickness and war.

    2) 3D printed food is something that we are just not ready for. It's the thing that we make fun of in movies or tv shows. I think that this is a deciding factor in how we live and can change our lives. We would either use this all of the time and we would have no need for kitchens or it will just be a passing thing.

    3) 3D printed food seems like it would costs a lot more an we think and it doesn't taste as good as real food but they could always fix that later. A lot of people seem to hate the idea of it but a lot of people support it. Also a lot of restaurants are now or are going to be soon getting new technology for the restaurant which is very cool. I also found out that NASA is working on trying to either grow food on other planets or to make actual food sustainable in packets that astronaut can eat.

  21. 1. Its not really relevant to the world right now. There are lot of important stuff out in the world right now like cures for cancer and anything dangerous. 3D printing should not being doing well in the world.
    2.. It could change the way the kitchen works because you'll just be pushing buttons to make food which seems lazy to me. The 3D printing will definitely change the way we cook, all we have to do is just press one button to make our food. If fast food places have these machines, people will lose their jobs over a 3D printing machine that makes food, I don't think fast food places will ever have the 3D food printing. This is not serious to develop because its one machine making food and just pressing one button seems pretty lazy to me. It can and can't be safe, what if you or someone order to much the machine could explode.
    3. There is a 3d printing industry that is making space farming with the AstroGro's 3D printed smart pod. The AstroGro is a 3D printed pod that's integrated with an AI to organically grow fresh food which will enable sustainable life. The 3D printing pods have a farming ecosphere that is modular and food growth can be scaled.

  22. 1. Right now it really does not seem necessary, but in the future this could be a really useful invention. There are many other important things going on in the world that require more attention than 3D printing food.
    2. 3D printing food has the possibility to change the food industry and make it easier to make food, but it could destroy the culinary business for chefs. With 3D printing, manufacturing food can be done faster and more efficient. However, it seems more of something that would be nice to have, rather than something we need. In the future, this could be useful because by then they will probably make food faster and fast food restaurants could use these instead of hiring so many people, but then that also creates unemployment.
    3. There are a lot of people who think that 3D printing food will overtake other forms of food production, but there are many against 3D printing food. Also, NASA is talking about printing food in space to help feed astronauts.

  23. 1. 3D printed food is a great idea, but as the world is occupied by 7.125 billion there are 2.1 billion poeple that are considered obese. In my opinion 3D printed food would become over used and taken advantage of. You could just sit at home continuously making food that you want to it, you would have no limits.

    2. Id say that this is definitely a possibility in the near future. I see a day when every kitchen has a 3D printer, and the earth’s 12 billion people feed themselves customized, nutritionally-appropriate meals synthesized one layer at a time, from cartridges of powder and oils they buy at the corner grocery store. This could strictly end world hunger.

    3.3-D printing technology is advancing at a staggering rate. American designers are now working on 3-D printed cars, while in China and Holland, 3-D printers are building entire houses. The first 3-D printed hamburger was recently created in England, heralding the possibility of a man-made food supply.

  24. 1. I think 3D printing is not really relevant because of the fact that you need a at least $600 printer in order to use it which in places it would make a difference it is really not worth it so I think that this tech is cool and useful but not practical.

    2. I believe that 3D printed food is a step towards advancing 3D printers in general previously unimaginable. 3D printing you food could really ruin the food industry because you can get really good food at home without having to pay like 3 grand for great food and you choose how good and whatever you crave you get so it is good.

    3. I found that through 3D printing we can control how healthy a food is.

  25. 1. I don't really think that 3D printing food isn't exactly a viable or reasonable idea cause you can just make the food yourself easily and make it better than the machine most likely. However, food sciences and processing and stuff like that is definitely relevant. Better processing would make better and healthier food and food sciences and food biotechnologies will greatly benefit the human race.
    2. I don't think there is a future in 3D printed food. There's no real reason for it when you can just make it yourself without buying a super expensive device to make it for you. I think it's just a fad.
    3. I found out that with 3D printed foods, you can more easily control nutritional values. However I think it would still be easier and more cost-effective to just learn how to manipulate a food's nutritional values.

  26. 1. The creation of 3D-printed food will certainly make the world cooler and more convenient, but to attribute it to being relevant to the well being of the world is a bit of a stretch, at least at this moment. Much like any other kitchen appliance, such as the toaster or microwave, this will certainly benefit the world we know, but likely will not have much effect in less fortunate regions of the world.

    2. I can definitely see 3D-printing revolutionizing household cooking and the food industry. It makes creating food simpler for the common man and allows for control and precision that perhaps human hands aren't quite capable of on their own.

    3. I've seen a lot of standalone 3D-printers designed to make one specific type of food, so it's clear that the technology for this is here. At this point, it seems that the main roadblock between major commercialization at this point is figuring out how to create a printer that can print a wide variety of food less expensively.

  27. 1.) I don’t really know how the 3D Printed food idea will turn out, since it appears to be rather safe as the people ate a 3D Printed pizza, so it so far doesn’t seem to show much bad things about it, however we will simply need to wait and see the rest of the results.
    2.) It is possible that 3D printed foods become an actual thing for people to use, in some ways it seems like it might making making certain types of foods go by a bit quicker and without a lot of effort to it.
    3.) One of the other things that people are planning on doing for the 3D printed foods is having it so that it is customized to the individual’s needs, rather than something that can be consumed by everyone for no real changes

  28. 1.) While these 3d printing technologies are amazing to have, I don't think they are very important as of now. From what I've seen it isn't very cost effective. There may be a day where food is plentiful and easy for everyone to obtain, but this feels like a hassle to manage compared to our traditional methods of gathering food supply.

    2.) 3D food printing could definitely change a standard kitchen composition. The microwave for example became a staple in every modern kitchen due to its many uses. I suppose it could go either way at this point; it could become the next big thing or fall flat like many ideas before it.

    3.) A team of students at London’s Royal College of Art and Imperial College have created a design to 3D print chewing gum. It uses a basic resin that's been used in gum for a very long time. You can create gum in the form of any existing 3D (as long as its not too big),

  29. 1. I don't believe it will make it better it will simply take up more time and cost a lot more.
    2. I can honestly see us going into this direction where we all print our food. Because for some people its less work and now a days everything is meant to make your life easier.
    3.3d printing seems like it would cost more and not be as good. Also it could have terrible side effects

  30. 1) 3D printed foods will not change anything. It would cost more money than to cook and grow your food.

    2) 3D printed food is just for fun use only. It can be used for conventions and weddings.

    3) The food can be used in restraunts that charge a lot of money for the experience of eating 3D printed food.

  31. 1) 3D printed foods will not change anything. It would cost more money than to cook and grow your food.

    2) 3D printed food is just for fun use only. It can be used for conventions and weddings.

    3) The food can be used in restraunts that charge a lot of money for the experience of eating 3D printed food.

  32. 1. Are new food technologies like 3D printing food, food sciences, processing and food biotechnologies relevant to the well being of the world?
    The scientist look into it are wasting their time they should look into something better like maybe getting people clean water and clothing and maybe a home

    2. What do you predict? Could 3D food printing change the way household kitchens work? The way we cook? Will fast food involve pushing buttons? Or is this a passing fad? Only plain fun? Serious to develop? Is it safe?
    3D food is a joke it would only be one flavor just like a normal 3D printer you normally paint the item after your done not change the filament in the middle of the print

    3. Find your own information about the technologies involving food, eating, restaurants. What's going on out there that's new, interesting and significant?
    It wouldn't really do anything for the food industry because it would take hours to print something it wouldn't take two minutes

  33. 1-I am on both sides of the barrel of believeing it will change daily lifes and it will also not. It will save time cooking, yeah that's great but what about if we eat we get food poison think of that.

    2- I can not predict the future but maybe it will go to a great success if we were robots or something, but if you think about what are we making the 3D food is made out of? All we could know we are slowly being poison.

    3- a new tech I found is the Breadcrumb, which it is a point-of-sale solution that runs on iPads for restaurants, bars and cafes. Created by a team of hospitality industry veterans, Breadcrumb plans start at $99 per month, and what it really does is Employees use the iPad app to search for items or rearrange tables with a finger swipe, and operators may also use the solution to merge or split checks, add or adjust menu items, specify guest notes and modifiers, set employee access levels, manage time-clocks and view real-time sales and labor reports.

  34. 1. At the moment, the technology of 3d-printed food has become a possibility. It is at a point where people can visit a convention and actually eat printed pizza. However, I believe it will take a while to actually become a viable business option, with fast food taking less time to produce more food.

    2. As with the last question, I believe that with more development, 3d printed food could become a quick and simple option to create a dinner, for example. Instead of mixing all of the ingredients and cooking it by hand, the printer would make it possible to simply press a button and wait for your dinner to be completed.

    3. Although it might not sound like technology, new processes actually reduce fat and add vitamins to foods, allowing for people to eat healthy foods and for obesity percentages to be decreased. While some people oppose these processes, others say that there is no harm and only benefits to them.

  35. 1. 3d printing food is not relevant to the well-being of the world. Creating food will still use the same amount of resources and perhaps more energy. It might be easier to mass-produce food, but the cost will stay the same.
    2. I can only hope that 3d printing food does not pick up as much as is predicted by many. Fast and processed foods are fake-tasting and unhealthy enough. Humans have evolved to eat real plants and animals. 3d printing food that we could just grow and raise is a waste of time.
    3. I like the idea of 3d printing fancy, edible wedding cake toppers. Something like that might become a part of tradition with weddings. Along with the dress and the ring, there might be more food art involved in weddings.

  36. 1. 3d printing food is not relevant to the well-being of the world. Creating food will still use the same amount of resources and perhaps more energy. It might be easier to mass-produce food, but the cost will stay the same.
    2. I can only hope that 3d printing food does not pick up as much as is predicted by many. Fast and processed foods are fake-tasting and unhealthy enough. Humans have evolved to eat real plants and animals. 3d printing food that we could just grow and raise is a waste of time.
    3. I like the idea of 3d printing fancy, edible wedding cake toppers. Something like that might become a part of tradition with weddings. Along with the dress and the ring, there might be more food art involved in weddings.

  37. 1) It can speed up the process of cleaning food or processing food. I can show food handlers new skills to maximize the out put of food through the use of technology.
    2) It may change the way conventional kitchens work depending on the household. Traditional families may use tech to help, while newer more faced paced generations may just want to press a button for a tasteful quick meal. It could be safe depending on the regulations that follow its trend.
    3) 3d printing food in space could be the answer astronauts need for better tasting (and better nutrient filled) food.

  38. 1) 3D printed food could help out planet expand on it knowledge about food and also feed a lot of people in 3rd world counties. It could help places when they are in drought and in a time of needing crops. I think it could solve a lot of problems in our world, with the right power. I mean people could use in on the battle filled. It is a new way to evolve our eating habits as humans.
    2) I think it would change our economy and the way we as people eat. How things our made and how we make a essential part of living. I think it could even possibly be a hazzard. In the wrong hands it could be used in a way us human would not expect. You would never think of food being weapon. Their our endless possibilities but I think it would honestly change our way of living.
    3) I will say this I see many for and agents this idea. So I honestly just be interested to see how it a;l plays out. I think we have to have a new whole category for these foods.

  39. 1.) 3D printed food could solve a lot of issues with space travel, food storage, Food transportation and daily life. but it is also not practical right now so it goes need work but it could benefit us in the future.

    2.) Its going to change a lot of things like fast food and kitchens. The fast food business will most likely adapt this technology when it becomes more adorable and the 3D food printers will allow them to make more appealing food and increase productivity. At the home it would be used for not all meals but like lunch or snacks or simple foods. And the 3D food printer could balance food nutrition and calories to be healthier then right now.

    3.)The food printer could also be used in space and space travel due to its small size a 3D food printer would benefit long distance space travel being able to have food easily and in a small space would benefit the long trips that neat future astronauts will have to go through.

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