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(S4) Advancements in Biomedical Technologies

Technology. Robotics. Medicine. 

In the past the loss of an arm or leg would be the end of a person’s life or cripple them for life. Well over 1500 men and women in the military have lost limbs due to IEDs in wars and combat.

Do you know what biomedical engineering is? It is actually a very great thing that is being researched to help those who lost limbs or are incredibly sick. The research has already found a way to recreate cells.

Five movies. About 30 minutes for all. Watch them. Get all the perspectives.

1.  Comment on the possibilities of bioengineering technologies, what's going on now and what's in store for the future?

2.  Has your emotional response to seeing amputees changed in the past weeks?  Comment on seeing the WW football game, if you went, and what you emotionally felt through the movies above.  

3.  Technology.  Robotics.  Medicine.  Changing lives.   What did you learn about the technology of all this?  Would you consider a career in this medical tech field?  


  1. 1. Currently, the fact that we have taken such large strides in the replication of the functions of the human body is simply astounding. The concept of using the brain's natural signals to control an artificial arm shows just how far technologies in this field have come. And, as time wears on (as it inevitably will), these limbs will only become more responsive, to the point where it will be able to carry out multiple tasks at once with the speed of a normal human reaction with little to no latency.

    2. As I never watched the Wounded Warriors game, I am unable to comment on that. However, I feel like the movies made me think less about the actual amputees and more about the people that actually installed and designed the prosthetic limbs. They have given many people who have been crippled by some old accident a second chance to do something that they haven't been able to for a long time. That Amy girl was a bit whiney, though.

    3. I certainly wouldn't be AGAINST going into a medical tech field, but it's not exactly within my current interest range. Personally, I'm only really interested in designing video games at the moment; I suppose my tastes in technology would need to alter pretty drastically for me to legitimately want to start doing something like this.

  2. 1. As time goes on, technology advances, as does human prosthetics. Lately, the possibly to assign a person a personalized prosthetic are endless, just at CES an man born without an arm showed off his 3D Printed arm! Soon we will be able to give a person a hundred percent fully functionally arm that reacts to the owner respectively. It amazes me that it will be possible to have a fully functional limb that is even stronger and advanced than a normal human arm or leg.

    2. Personally, I did not attend the WW football game at our school, but the concept of it was quite amazing. The movies showed off the amazing possibilities of technology, and how it can actually help people in the real world. For instance if a person was born without a limb, or had lost it in in accident, they could be given a new limb that could help them continue throughout their normal lives.

    3. When it comes to medical induced technology, it fascinates me, all the possibilities to make human life better, to help us be more productive. At this moment in time, I don’t plan to go the route of medical tech in the work force, as I am more interested in graphical design.

  3. 1. If you look at how much better things like touchscreens, computers, and the internet have become in just the past decade, it seems that fully functional prosthetics aren't that far around the corner. I can imagine telling my future kids about how when I was a kid, moving artificial body parts with your mind was an incredible and new phenomenon, and they'll look at me like I'm crazy.
    2. My response to seeing amputees hasn't really changed. I don't feel really feel sorry for disabled people because feeling sorry never helped anyone. The Wounded Warrior Football game was fun because it gave the amputees the chance to say "yeah, this stinks but I'm still gonna milk the fun out of this for all its worth."
    3. I'm not interested in a bio-medical career. Working in pasty white labs that wreak of sanitation does not sound like a good time. If I contribute to bettering mankind in the medical area, I'd prefer to take a different angle.

  4. 1. Comment on the possibilities of bioengineering technologies, what's going on now and what's in store for the future? Now the prosthetics can work with the brain, that the brain can send signals to the prosthetics for picking things up and other things.
    2.My emotions are happy and sad. The happy part is that they never gave up and they still do things like going to the gym, play sports. Sad parts are that they lost their limbs during was and to be truth full is that when i see those wounded soldiers at the football i almost cried.I went to the WW football game it was amazing to watch the game. I saw a soldier with who lost his legs and he was playing in the game.
    3. I maybe consider a career in that medical tech field because it helps people with finding prosthetics arms and legs to those who have lost a leg or an arm. I learn that your brain can send signals to the prosthetics to move and pick things up.

  5. 1) We could create limbs to full replace what has been lost. It would be possible to work on the nerve to react as well on a real arm. But there ae still dangers of fully mechanical prosthetics. Im sure we could see a huge jump in the next 5 years with this tech.
    2) It is sad to see and hear about what these good people went through but I am happy to see them on the road to recovery and helping with research on prosthetics. I didn't go to the game but Im sure they had a wonderful time.
    3) I am amazed that the prosthetics can connect to the human body and the person be able to move them. I personally wouldnt want to because through experiences with a game called Deus EX: Human Revolution, I know that there will be huge controversy over the limits of prosthetics and augmentations, I would however be interested in designing tech like this into a sort of exoskeleton to be use by special forces and regular military.

  6. 1) Currently they are working on robotic limbs can be controlled by a thought from the brain. I believe in the next 5 years we can really change peoples lives and allow people to do the things they were unable before.
    2) It makes me sad honestly seeing a human being without legs or arms. The WW game was different I was honestly amazed at what some of those people could do.
    3)Yes Ive already considered going to the medical field and these videos of people sharing their sad stories really motivates me to help others even more.

  7. 1) Right now our studies in Biomedical Engineering is very primitive, and we have very little knowledge about it all. Hopefully in the future our world will find a way to give parts back to these people that sacrificed themselves for our country. I'm hoping somehow that in the future we will have a way for the limbs to fully function at a normal speed.
    2) Seeing the movies made my heart drop. Seeing the one about Les Baugh almost made me cry. Seeing his reaction to being able to look down and see a pair of hands is a great step in man-kind to give people like him. If we could give something back that these people lost for saving our country, that would be so beautiful. I choked up when he smiled as he was able to pick up cups and drink and wiggle his fingers around.
    3) I think the technology and medical field is the greatest combination of both areas. Putting both together just seems to make everything fall into place and make everything so incredible. Finding ways to use technology in situations like a surgery is something nobody would have thought when the United States of America came into existence. It's incredible to think that using technology to find new ways to beat cancer can save thousands of lives, maybe even millions all over the world.

  8. 1. Currently, biomedical engineering is focused on creating bionic parts that respond to thoughts transmitted by the brain. Right now, parts are being collected by people such as Amy Purdy, and are used to make homemade artificial and bionic parts. Perhaps, in the future, bionic parts will be double-jointed, and will allow you to win any arm-wrestling match.

    2. I've always been surprised at the looks of artificial body parts. These videos show me that there is more to artificial parts than just to have the appendage. I felt pity for those who had lost body parts. The brain surgery was disgusting!

    3. I would enjoy creating these bionic body parts, but I would not consider a job in this field because I have a weak stomach when it comes to surgery.

  9. 1. In todays world, we have made many advancements in biomedical researching, but are still far from understanding most of whats out to find. There are many research projects going on about electronicly/brain controlled prothstetic arms, and these small research groups are doing so much in the world of advancing biomedical prothstesis'.

    2. I was very moved by the videos, and the horrible things some of these people have had to go through. To me, having an amputation of any kind would be so limiting and hard enough to deal with, but having to go through surgeries over and over, just for a chance is hard to even imagine.

    3.I think that without people doing research and taking medical action in these area's, many more people would suffer. Personally, I wouldn't want any part of the medical side, but would love to help work, develop and train people who are willing to risk their lives over and over, for the name of saftey and science.

  10. 1. In todays soceity technology is big, but with the possibilities of bioengineering technologies it can happen. Many doctors helping out trying to firgure out certain parts to help make the parts of you body to succed. And for the future well many thing can here and there. You don't know but I believe that possibilities of bioengineering technologies will happen more in the future.

    2. First I have never seen the wounded warriors football came, but to see this videos are amazing to be a fact. Since even though they have all these changes to them they deicded to not give up their life. And if they cant do something like anyone else they try to figure how do it in another way. But having to go to soo many inguries its a place that has to happen or if even doesnt happen it will never stop them from giving up.

    3. In my opinion I would want to study a bit of robotics because theres many interesting jobs out there you could do with robotics. Yes because if robotics help out to the people with no arms, or legs or even other parts off the body. Maybe if they were part robotic then they live longer and have many other things to do.

  11. 1. Bio engineering is something from what I saw has great possibilities that can make many people feel like they have their life back. At the rate I saw this will be a most shocking thing in 10 years. Now all we need is a warp drive.

    2. Yes, after seeing the videos and the wounded warrior game. because it lets you see people getting their lives back. The wounded warrior game and see people even with no legs play and have fun that makes me feel good that their disabilities did not get in their way.

    3.This tech is very concentrated on the nervous system and brain which is quite amazing we know how to use them to our advantage. I would not go into this field because medical stuff like that gets to me like dissections.

  12. 1.the possibilities of biotech such as this is almost limitless. Being able to lose critical body parts and have them replaced with high amounts of functionality is astounding and we have only scratched the surface.With ten or twenty years development who knows what we could have
    2.Did not watch the wounded warrior game but i have always cared for amputees as they have to struggle with everyday tasks as a result of their sacrifices.
    3.No i would not consider a job in this field as it would bore me but this tech is all about the human body and enhancing it for the future.

  13. 1. Bioengineering has bridged the gap between science fiction and reality. Scientists around the world are working towards the goal of repairing and enhancing amputee victims and sick patients, bringing back the functionality that their bodies have lost. Through the use of bioengineering, prosthetic limbs and organs are being developed based on the original nerves that allow a connection between the brain and the attached device. The field has accelerated production into the unknown, constantly bringing forth tremendous breakthroughs that are leading to a future where amputee victims are able to live without being held back.

    2. My emotional response to seeing amputee victims has not changed within the last few weeks, as I was unable to make it to the WW game. I have a tremendous amount of respect for those that use innovation and courage to persevere through any obstacles laid before them, never giving up on a successful life. Those who live each day with such a great set back to their normal lives truly show that anything is possible as long as you don't give up.

    3. Bioengineering is an astounding field of work. Teams of scientists from around the world were able to reproduce organs and limbs to help millions of people, and they continue to progress further into a world where injuries can't set back the progression of a daily life. Prosthetic limbs have been developed that have brought back the functions of both arms, including touch, to those in need. The science behind it is astounding, and progresses at such a rapid pace that the upcoming years will see amputee victims with the same functionalities they had before their losses, if not not an even greater ability brought with the mechanized devices.

  14. 1. After watching the video on a thought powered prosthetic arm, I am amazed. Its just fantastic how people will be able to use functioning limbs again, even after losing them. It was interesting to see how patients reacted to this new device. Every person shown stated it was identical to using a natural limb. The amputee veteran didn't even require brain surgery to establish a connection.

    2. I did not go to the game. I think this is an amazing step forward for amputees. It makes me feel very inspired to just see how much of a difference these advancements are making. It is taking people who have lost something irreplaceable, and giving them hope.

    3. I've learned that technology has come much farther than I previously thought. I don't see myself entering a medical field, but I guess I won't know until later.

  15. 1. I was astounded by the advancements that prosthetic limbs have taken, and it amazed me that we have already gotten so far as to wire the brain to these limbs and not only being able to move the limbs, but also making them capable of the sense of touch. Having known little on the subject beforehand it was amazing to see what we're already capable of.

    2. These movies and the WW football game has recently made me think of amputees less as basket cases deserving of pity and more upon awe and admiration about what they're capable of doing, and I hope one day they'll be able to be so integrated into society that they can be fully assimilated as a normal human in the common man's eye.

    3. I learned that neuroscience is really cool, and that fiddling with the brain and integrating it with various things can lead to really cool things, particularly in medicine and, what I'm particularly excited about, entertainment.

  16. 1. I think their are a lot of possibilities in bioengineering. right now we have biomedical legs and arms soon we will have heats and cartilage.

    2. I think that it is sad that they lost their legs or arms and cant get them back. however they did prove to me that they can be just as capable as a normal human being.

    3. I learned that this technology is a good thing and it will only improve over the years. I would defiantly consider going int those fields they seem like they would be the best fields for improving human life.

  17. 1. I believe that bioengineering technologies can only get better as years go by. The future holds so many possibilities, it's unreal

    2. I've always seen amputees as strong and passionate people. This feeling is strengthened by these videos. Just because you lost an arm, a leg, or multiple limbs, doesn't mean you can't still be the best possible person you can be and go beyond your limits.

    3. Technology can change lives. Not only change lives, but make lives possible to live. Technology can take what we thought were our limits and push past them, opening a door to new possibilities that we had never thought were possible. I personally would not consider a job in the medical tech field because that is not where my dreams lie at the moment. I would like to explore more with music and its creation.

  18. 1) Ones possibilities are limitless with the new bioengineering technologies. Now become a matter of thought. With scientists and tech people alike can make life's better for amputees. To come is endless possibilities.
    2) I've always felt hope and wonder. Striving to have as much determination and emotional grasp as these people. They fascinate me. I could never imagine losing my leg or are and then be perfectly okay with a new wooden companion. The hope they bring to people is outstanding.
    3) I learned there is a real calling for people with the capabilities to help amputees. If I had the calling to help these people with my skills then yes I defiantly would.

  19. 1. Some of the current biotechnological advances are prosthetics, such at arms, and microscopic labs for liquids such as blood. Prosthetic arms have gone a long way, from a stump with a hook to a robotic arm that connects to nerves, reading the feedback from them. There truly are no limits to our human innovation in biotechnology.

    2. I gained a new respect for amputees by watching these videos. It would be extremely difficult to lose something that I had for my entire life, something as important as my right arm- my writing arm- or one of my legs. Especially if I didn’t have much to go home to, like some veterans.

    3. The field of biotechnology has some really interesting fields. My favorite part of these fields would definitely be prosthetics, because I am very interested in robotics. Not only am I interested in robotics aspect, but I also feel like I would help many people, hopefully allowing for them to get back on their feet and continue on with their lives after amputations.

  20. 1. there are limitless possibilities on bioengineering you just have to put your mind to it
    2. my emotions were very sad seeing the amputies because i know that i have the privaliage to have every part of my body and i felt very sad that all they have closest to a real limb is a robtic limb
    3. i learned that these robotic limbs are connected to your brain but it is nothing compared to having a real limb

  21. 1. there are limitless possibilities on bioengineering you just have to put your mind to it
    2. my emotions were very sad seeing the amputies because i know that i have the privaliage to have every part of my body and i felt very sad that all they have closest to a real limb is a robtic limb
    3. i learned that these robotic limbs are connected to your brain but it is nothing compared to having a real limb

  22. 1. bio-engineering is clearly a magnificent addition to science and technology. To be able to give some one who lost and arm a leg, a brand new one is life changing. They have gone from wooden legs and arms to completely mind controlled appendages which are incredible considering the about of neuroscience and connects that must be made for something like that to work. In the future i can imagine we are heading into full body suites which have been given hints at in movies and futuristic games.

    2. I did attend the wounded warrior football game. it was a very cool experience for me because of the attitudes and the gratefulness that they show. each one of them were not ashamed of it but proud that they lost a limb for this country. One of the warriors who was running down the isle of people by the gate was trying to give people high fives but yelled "i cant reach" in a humorous tone.

    3.Bioengineering Technology graduates focus on biomedical equipment. They may work on designs or applications, or may be responsible for installation planning, operation, or maintenance for biomedical equipment. Bioengineering technology graduates may also work on the development or implementation of biomedical systems.

  23. 1.The possibilities of bio engineering is limitless, we are only getting started with prosthetics and fake limbs. currently we have working fake arms and legs, as well as other life helping machines. In not too long, prosthetics will become more public and affordable and we will make new technologies to help people with other disabilities like blindness

    2. I was at the ww game as I am in the marching band. Seeing them has inspired me to do more athletically and push myself harder.

    3. I have not considered a career in medical tech. What i have learned is that losing body parts does not break spirit waiting there videos and the ww game has showed me the determination of people that can not be broken

  24. 1.) its already been said plenty of times in TV and movies Bio engineering is a wonderful and limitless science. Prognostics are becoming more advanced and soon we can just grow a new arm right out of a tube even a whole new body even. And its a ever evolving science that continues to advance even this very moment and I can only see it getting more advanced as we progress as a species.

    2.) I didn't go and they really didn't impact me emotionally as any other amputee would. Sorry.

    3.) I don't see myself in the medical tech because its not something that interests me at all so I don't consider it a career choice.

  25. 1)The future of bio-engineering is muscles that grow by themselves that can be added to the human. Also another option is to have limbs made from metal or other items.

    2) I went to the wounded warriors game and it was cool to see wounded people beating up on NFL players. It was a great experience to see what it is like to be an amputee.

    3)I would not want to be in any of these careers, because I want to be an architect, entertainer or model. If I was to get the chance of a lifetime though I would be glad to help people be able to walk or become whole again.

  26. 1)The future of bio-engineering is muscles that grow by themselves that can be added to the human. Also another option is to have limbs made from metal or other items.

    2) I went to the wounded warriors game and it was cool to see wounded people beating up on NFL players. It was a great experience to see what it is like to be an amputee.

    3)I would not want to be in any of these careers, because I want to be an architect, entertainer or model. If I was to get the chance of a lifetime though I would be glad to help people be able to walk or become whole again.

  27. 1. There are a lot of possibilities with bio-engineering. We could regrow muscles, limbs, or maybe even organs. We kind of have limbs right now but there can definitely be improvements.

    2. I felt amazed on how they had adapted to life after losing a limb then having to adapt to a knew one. It was truly amazing that they could do that.

    3. That it is always trying to advance and be better to help people. That they are helping and saving lives of a lot of people. As amazing as it is I would not do this.

  28. 1. Right now People are lucky to get a bulky yet better then standard robotic limb, I think in the future These will become lighter and cheaper as well as easier to use. Further in the future I see nano tech playing a big role as well as eye replacements for blind people.

    2. I have always felt bad for people who lost there limbs and watching the movies made me happy(?) because I know there are getting help. I am just wish people could get better alternative today instead of tomorrow.

    3. We are a lot further behind then I thought. I thought we would have been a little bit further than this. No, I would not work and develop this stuff just not my thing. Although I would fund it to no end.


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