Sunday, November 16, 2014

14. Internet Privacy

1. After reading the top article about "Most Americans ...,"  where do you fit in?  How exposed are you on the internet?  Do you care about your personal privacy a little?  A lot?  Is this statement common knowledge: "If it's on the Internet, it isn't private." ?

2.  Image this scenario:  A terrible criminal kidnapped a member of your family.  Would you want the police to have every possible tool like; phone tracking, camera surveillance, GPS, or other sophisticated spying technologies to catch the bad guys?  How much technology and privacy access should the police have?

3.  What about protecting our country?  Terrorists?  ISIS?  Bank Hackers?  Russian spies?  Who are the NSA  and how much power should they have?  Is this good?  Bad?  Why?

4.  What does all this mean to your personal privacy online?  Ideas?


  1. 1. The accounts I have are for Steam, GMail, Guild Wars 2, Battle.Net, SOE, Facebook (which I NEVER use), Grooveshark, PCPartpicker, and YouTube (I never use Google+, even though Google integrated it into YouTube). If people wanna see what I play (or, in some cases, used to play), they can go right on ahead. I post nothing about my private life on the internet. I feel like "If it's on the Internet, it isn't private" is common knowledge; the problem is with people who don't use common SENSE on the Internet

    2. If a criminal kidnapped either of my parents (we would also need to assume they even HAVE phones with GPS capability), I would give the police every single little bit of detail on either one of them. If people are nervous about the police intruding on their private lives, they would only use that information to try and catch someone that they are hunting, or find someone they need to find.

    3. Again, the same applies for Interpol, the NSA, the FBI, the Pentagon, it does not matter who it is, as long as they keep similar codes with using the Internet and digital media for using, say, their guns. If the person they're hunting is Public Enemy #1, they can use the satellites up in space to track the signal from their phone; if they are completely off the grid, they can use surveillance cameras to hunt them.

    4. If I was a criminal, it would mean I would need to never use the Internet or use my smartphone ever again. Since I'm not a person of poor quality, I have nothing to worry about. The government can use my information all they want.

  2. 1. I am aware that there are dangers on the Internet, and I tend to limit the amount of information that I give out online. I don’t usually tend to share much on Social medias so I don’t mind privacy that much online. I do believe that the internet is not a private place, but I have made some great friendships through online websites.

    2. Nowadays most people have GPS on their phones, so this would allow police to find a missing person. If the technology is used for good, police should be allowed to use as much tech as they need in order to find a missing person.

    3. The NSA (National Security Agency) is a US Government team responsible for collecting data to better protect US citizens, or so they say. The NSA is continuing to get more power and people are uncomfortable with the issue of privacy. I don’t believe that the NSA should take over everything, but it is necessary to be aware of the dangers going on in other countries.

    4. Technology has advanced human lives more than I can say, but there also comes the issue of privacy. With all good things comes a bad side, I believe it is necessary to only partially protect us from dangers online, and make it necessary to inform us.

  3. 1. I am quiet informed about the dangers on the Internet, me aunt almost had her identity stolen, and I tend to limit the amount of information that I give out online because of that very reason. I don’t usually tend to share much on social media sites so I don’t mind privacy settings much online. I do believe that the internet is a very public device, but I have made some great friendships, with people all around the world, through online websites and games.

    2. If someone kidnapped one of my family members I would feel bad for them because they are a pain in the neck when happy so they would be in for the fight of their lives, just kidding I love them, but I would not give the police every little thing about them because family secrets but I would want them to use everything that they could.

    3. The NSA (National Security Agency) is a US Government team responsible for collecting data to better protect US citizens, or that's what we the people are being told. The NSA is continuing to get more power and people are uncomfortable with the issue of privacy. I don’t believe that the NSA should take over everything, but it is necessary to be aware of the dangers going on in other countries so the NSA does have there uses. As for protection I think we are alright currently but we do need to take additional steps just as a precautionary measure.

    4. Technology has increased mankind's knowledge more than I can fathom, but with that there also comes the controversial issue of privacy. With all good things comes a bad side, that is what my brother taught me in his stay with us, I believe it is necessary to only partially protect us from dangers online, and make it necessary to inform us and teach us how to protect ourselves from these threats. In addition we should take these threats more seriously because they are becoming more and more prevalent as time progresses.

  4. 1.) I take extreme precaution with the amount of information I put on the internet. Social Media doesn't interest me, and when I am on a website that requires personal info, I use fake information.
    Anything put on the internet is NOT private. It can be easily accessed and abused by the wrong people.

    2.) If a loved one was endangered, I would want any possible information to be given to them to ensure their safety. It would be crucial for them to be able to track GPS phones, but I don't really know any other kinds of things they would need to do to catch this guy.

    3.) The NSA shouldn't be too powerful on the internet. Yes, they need to be precocious when it comes to terrorists and such, but it's very easy to make a mistake over the internet. I know there are people posing as these terrorist groups and saying things that seem bad, but are instead false and made up by the user. Yes, they should be able to get into phone calls and text messages, but with extreme pre-measures to make sure nobody's private calls are breached.

    4.) Honestly I feel pretty private on the internet. I never use information that could be used against me or used to find out who I am, and I don't publicly message on things such as Facebook or Twitter. The only reason I use Twitter is to promote content I make on other websites, but I still go under an alias.

  5. 2. If one of my family members have been kidnapped, I would like the police to use any information or any equipment to find my family member. It would be hard to track the GPS on the phone. Sometimes police uses twitter or Facebook to find the kidnapper.

    3. What about protecting our country? Terrorists? ISIS? Bank Hackers? Russian spies? Who are the NSA and how much power should they have? Is this good? Bad? Why? If the NSA is tracking bad guys that is fine and good to catch the bad guys, but NSA is tracking our phones and I think that is silly because we need our privacy.

    4. What does all this mean to your personal privacy online? Ideas? Well there is really not a privacy you can get hack any day any time and steal your pictures. Online for me is really not a safe place that is why I dont have facebook.

  6. 1.) I spend a lot of time on the internet no matter what it is. I am very careful about giving out personal information and as long as i'm careful I wont give out any sensitive information. But thing like social media have no interest for me sure I have a Facebook account but I don't use it like normal people do I manly use it because i'm bored and want to see if theres anything new happening in the world.

    2.) In all honesty I don't care what the police have to monitor people or find criminals all I would care about in that situation is them finding the kidnaped family member. I don't think its a bad thing that we have some surveillance over the majority of the population just as long as it doesn't turn in to totalitarian sort of situation.

    3.) Sure i'm all for them stoping terrorists and bank hackers and if their doing that you cant expect to have complete privacy. In someway you are being observed be something or someone its just a way of protecting the general populous. We are entitled to some privacy but we cant expect to be completely ignored by are government with the way the world is now.

    4.) I don't give out information I will regret giving out and I don't use social media to give people my location or phone number I try to be as incognito as possible and enjoy myself on the internet.

  7. 1. I'm cautious on the internet when talking to others and will only skype with people I've known for a while, or one of my friend's trusts them. I don't use social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, reddit (if that can be called social media), etc. I just use skype, video games, youtube, and typical website browsing.

    2. I don't care what they use, as long as they use it only for good and not for personal gain or anything illegal. I think family members should have access to all that, so that cops need to get the permission from family members and close friends that have access in order to track your stuff or you. I just don't want to be able to be tracked by the government in case of a hostile takeover and are hunting down certain types of people.

    3. Protecting our country is a very good thing. Always protect our country. But as soon as that "protection" starts harassing, terrorizing, and making people paranoid, they need to step back a bit. As soon as they're snooping around and controlling where they shouldn't, they need to leave that place.

    4. I really don't care about my own privacy. It's not like I have anything to hide or get in trouble for. But if they start doing things I don't agree with (like being able to post and message with my accounts, delete things, save things for themselves, and/or share information that I don't want shared), then I'll care. But only if they cross that line.

  8. 1. I am not particularly concerned with all the info about me on the internet. Simply because I can't think of anyone who would care what I like, what I do, and who I talk to. Even if that info can be used against me somehow, I think it is just too much trouble to go through. I use the internet everyday all the time, Youtube and Skype mostly. But all in all I do not care.

    2. If a member from my family or anyone I care about was abducted I want to know everything that the police can dig up. But there is a big discussion about how much privacy the police should have access to. I think its okay to have any info about any public place, like surveillance

    3. The National Security Agency is used the gather information that can help our country. I think its like the police scenario, as long as it is in a public place the government has immediate access of it.

    4. As I said in my first answer I do not care much about who knows what about me. Mainly because I don't know who would care to know so much about my life, to steal info about me.

  9. 1.Although i guess all of my info is out there but there is just about nothing to see.None of my deep and personal info is out there,i suppose you could tell what games i play but other than that,the NSA
    2.This has been a huge controversy for quite some time now and the answer is complicated.On one hand i would want every resource used to get my family back but on the other i wouldn't want police snooping around my files for someone else's family.
    3.Against organizations such as ISIS and other groups yes, surveillance should be used but against any foreign nation,no that hurts diplomacy
    4.My privacy is of no concern,i have no worries at all.However many other people they have all of their personal info online so it is a very serious concern for most people

  10. 1.I am very obscure on the internet. I only have a twitter which doesn't even relate to me.

    2. The police should only have what's necessary to do an investigation and such. Too much equipment is a terrible idea to have because it allows the police to constantly keep too close an eye on you for no reason at all.

    3.As for terrorist groups, we should have a large array of technology at our disposal but not to the point where everyone is being spied on by the NSA. The NSA is a company that collects all of our data and files through it to find discrepancies.

    4.My personal privacy is something I would like to keep to myself no matter what. I want to stay off the radar

  11. 1. I’m a little exposed. But I don’t mind. I have only put the state I live in, not my exact location. Also the statement is most likely true. Lots of people post personal information then complain about it. If you give it to a site like Facebook or Twitter or what not than it's not exactly private.

    2. Yes I would. Police should only be allowed for cases such as this. Not to much though. We already have the NSA tracking down everything else and that enough.

    3. Protecting our country should be big priority. NSA is a government organization where people browse peoples social media and online activity. Sure it’s going against our privacy but isn't it worth the protection of possibly many lives?

    4. Not just mine, everyone’s is being looked at in some way for form. But it is worth it for the protection that it can offer.

  12. 1. Quite Secured but little but i dont really care. I do believe i should have some private on my personal stuff but on facebook i guess thats fine a little bit since you are sharing information that you want to share.

    2. I believe the police would only have limited technology because of what they have won't always have the right pieces to find my family. I wound ask a higher ops to find them with a dectaive at hand like sherlock becaucse they have higher technology then them. But I would only do that if my parents dont have their phones on them, then if they do police can just use their gps tools to find them.

    3. Protecting our home land is a huge Prioty because with all the issues going on in the world, it could leak into the internet and hack our information about really important stuff.

    4. Everyone, even mine what to have privacy of certain things they have that noone else should look out but the worth of Protection can back fire in ne way or another but it is worth having it.

  13. 1.) I do not give out much information about myself on the internet. I care about my personal privacy A LOT. the phrase "If it's on the internet... it isn't private should be common knowledge to anyone that has been using the internet.

    2.) If someone were to kidnap a member of my family, I would be completely fine and I would push the police to use as many tools as they can to find the kidnapper. The police should have a lot of technology... THEY'RE THE POLICE, however, they shouldn't be able to access everyone's privacy.

    3.) The NSA is the National Security Agency. They defend our country from other hostile forces that intend to harm us, they should be able to access everything in order to do their job.

    4.) Our personal privacy online is very little. Anything that is on our phone, tablet, or computer can be accessed if anyone hacks into it. Posting it online is putting it out even more. People should just be very careful with what they do on the internet.

  14. 1. I thought that the article was actually pretty funny. It's hilarious how most people complain about how much they want their privacy, and then go straight onto Facebook and Twitter to show the world what kind of soup they're having. To me, I do care about my privacy, but stay away from sites like that. And that;'s the reason why, I am literally giving myself up to the internet to stalk my personal life in some sort of sense. Internet privacy is important to me, and I try everything I can to stay away from social media sites such as those.

    2. If someone kidnapped one of my family members, OF COURSE I would want the police to track them! I don't think it's wrong for the government or police to have such a power to track people like that, as long as they don't abuse it. Phone Tracking and ID Tracking is perfectly fine by me if it's used for good.

    3. The NSA is the National Security Agency and is responsible for the global monitoring and making sure the American people are safe. I believe that they have the right to use their power as long as it doesn't intrude on any of the natural rights of a human being. This can be a great thing to give us the safety we need as a country and it’s people.

    4. All of this just helps me be more careful watching my own privacy on the internet and making sure that others are just as safe.

  15. 1) Online security should be valued very highly but if its something you really think needs to be online just think it over before you post it.
    2)If my family were kidnapped I would expect the police to have a lot of power to find them. Although power should be capped at a certain point.
    3) Homeland security should be valued very highly and the nsa should have a lot of power. They need a lot of power but shouldnt have too much.
    4) Any thing you post online isnt really private so dont post things that you might regret later.

  16. 1.) The accounts that I have for EVERYTHING!!!! If I am alone I am on the internet either on YouTube or social media, which isn't often. It is common knowledge if it's on the internet, then it's not private.

    2.) As much technology as they can to catch the person they're after. Your info should be safe unless the authorities are after you.

    3.) Everything plus the Illuminati. More security = More civilian riots because civilians think their privacy is being invaded a lot more than before.

    4.) It means passwords mean everything if you want your account secure, as long as you don't give any hints regarding your password, you should be safe.

  17. 1. I am pretty exposed to the internet. i have social media but i do not have a Facebook because i have heard of all the hacking and how it is unsafe. I care about my security because it is creepy if people you don't even know, know so much private information about you.

    2. i think it would definitely help in tracking the person. but that is the dilemma with having everyones information. id like to think that that is the reason that they have it but we can only hope.

    3. the National Security Agency has a long standing arrangement with at least one telecommunications provider, Verizon, to collect data on cell phone calls, including the numbers, location and duration of the call's participants. The Washington Post then broke the news that a National Security Agency program known as PRISM allows the agency to collect a drove of data on Internet users.

    4. I would say it is a rather true statement. i wouldn't post anything that could be suspicious or you would regret later.

  18. 1.) I don’t know exactly where I fit in with this stuff, I don’t really think I do much stuff on the internet to be “exposed”, all I ever really do is just go into Gmail and/or watch videos on youtube when on the internet, I never go to other random sites for entertainment, although I do care about my privacy a little on the internet, just because I’d rather have most people know little to nothing about me. I think that the statement is kind of common knowledge, maybe by half or something, because the very well known rule of once something is on the internet it is there pretty much until the end of time itself.
    2.) I think that those tracking technologies might be useful to catch the guy that did that act, because regardless of who it was they are family and I would prefer to just get them back to safety, although if that scenario did actually happen then the guy isn’t exactly going to last very long in that situation.
    In some of these cases it would be better to have more privacy because if any type of group like that was to get a hold of private information, it would make it far easier for them to do extremely bad things like attacks with that information.
    3.) I don’t exactly know too much about the NSA, but I think they should have enough power to prevent these situations, but not enough that the person would be violated of privacy.
    4.) I think I am more or less indifferent to my online privacy, I mean, I would prefer to just stay out of things like that, but if it’s needed then whatever, can’t do too much to change that if it happens, although I hardly do anything that would require personal information to be sent.

  19. 1. On the internet, I used to care about my privacy, but nowadays I don't really mind being tracked and looked at. Personally, it has not affected my life in anyway whatsoever, so I would obviously not have a problem with my internet privacy.

    2. I would want the police to use every means possible to find this guy. I don't care how much access they have to personal information. In my opinion, the police should have as much information as they need to do their job.

    3. Our government should use information on the internet to track criminals. Case closed.

    4. I should probably watch what I search.

  20. 1. When I was first introduced to the internet, everything was about privacy. Almost any accounts or information I had had several security points to protect them, and nothing personal was ever said. After more experience with it, the internet shows that nothing truly can be secure, just more annoying. People are always going to be watching your information, whether its the government, advertisers, or hackers, your never truly hidden. After you get used to that fact, it comes down to whether or not you want certain things protected more than others.

    2. If someone where to be kidnapped, the use of technology would be key to finding them. Police have databases and many trackers to see whats happening around the world, but usually the amount of information available is too much to be useful. The ability to have unlimited information on people is great, but only when you have an unlimited supply of people to scan through it. Many people have taken their cases to social sites to amass a large group searching over the information available to the public, and generally find them faster than the police. The information is good to have for catching criminals, but their is already enough public information out there.

    3 The amount of information collected from agencies may be invading the privacy of the producers' lives, but only when used improperly. When villainous organizations arise that same information could save many people's lives, it all comes down to how they use the information. Its not as though somebody could be reading through every single human beings thoughts and ideas and retain all of that information. With the amount that has to be searched through, no one could remember it unless they have to, like if it was needed to solve a crime, or save lives.

    4. Over the years of using technology, I've learned to live with the fact that others will be able to watch how I use it. If people may see something, then it may as well be worth seeing. There is no need to do what others have done thousands of times before, stand out and don't do anything that you would regret. If you want to do something unintelligent, just know others will see it.

  21. 1. I am protective of my personal information, only inputting small amounts to create accounts on websites such as Google. Even though they do submit this information to other companies, such as advertisers, I use fake birth dates, and fake last names.
    2. If a terrible criminal kidnapped a member of my family, I would definitely want them to have every resource possible to find my family member. I believe that if the police uses the technology for a good cause and with permission, then it is perfectly fine to spy on people- after all, companies such as Google do the same without permission or a good cause.
    3. Although there are many complaints about the NSA keeping personal data, it is necessary to have them listen in on our conversations and access our browsing history. It is a necessary evil to allow them to infringe on our privacy to save lives, even if the data collected to the acts of terrorism ratio is miniscule. When the NSA started spying on people’s data after 9/11, at the time, America was recovering from a terrible act of terrorism that no one wanted to see repeated.
    4. How I usually protect my data is by keeping it off the internet altogether. I do not find it necessary to have social media, and on every account I make, my birth date and last name are fictitious. These measures might seem extreme, but I believe they are necessary in this time.

  22. 1.I fit in with the mobile category. i think i am very exposed. i don't care to much about personal privacy. yes i would say this statement is common knowledge. yes if it is on the internet it inst private.

    2.yes i would want the police to have everything possible to find were and who kidnapped them. they should have as much as they need to find where they are

    3. yes if the government needs information from others i think they should be able to check because lives are more important then private stuff.

    4. it means that i would have a certain extant of privacy

  23. 1.I would have to say that I am very careful about my internet information. I don't have any social networking account or any thing of the sort. Not because of safety but for the fact that they seem useless. I do vary care for my internet privacy
    and I do agree with the saying if its on the internet its not private.

    2. Most have trackers on their phones incase of emergency and I think anyone would tell everything to the police to get a loved one back from a kidnapping or such.

    3.Similar rules apply for this in that, if it can stop a crime that could hurt many others its good to have people listening. But limits should apply.

    4.It means if you are safe and dont give to much info you should be fine.

  24. 1.I know that now people’s lives are not private on the internet. My personal life on the internet i care about my personal life and only post/share things i dont mind about.

    2. Image this scenario: A terrible criminal kidnapped a member of your family. If that happened to me i would let them open and see anything thay need to see. The police can access anything with permission
    3. the protection of county is very high but the government can find something that happened on the internet when it started if they wanted to.
    4. my personal privicy is very little and i think it could be better.

  25. 1.I know that now people’s lives are not private on the internet. My personal life on the internet i care about my personal life and only post/share things i dont mind about.

    2. Image this scenario: A terrible criminal kidnapped a member of your family. If that happened to me i would let them open and see anything thay need to see. The police can access anything with permission
    3. the protection of county is very high but the government can find something that happened on the internet when it started if they wanted to.
    4. my personal privicy is very little and i think it could be better.

  26. 1. I honestly don't care about my internet privacy, if someone wants to look at my personal life they can everyone has opinions and if they want to share them with me I'm fine with that.
    2. If someone kidnapped one of my family members even if its the one i absolutely hate i would let the police see everything that might help bring them home after they do they should just forget about the persons life and carry on with theirs.
    3.I agree that everyone's internet life should be monitored but only by trustworthy authorities that respond to threats only not updates on social media or plans to vacation somewhere, etc.
    4.My personal privacy doesn't matter to me.

  27. My privacy online is of little concern because personally I don't put too much out there in the fisrt place, I believe that people should know that putting info on the internet means that its basically public information. So that being said I don't put things on the internet if I wouldn't want someone coming up and discussing said thing with me in person
    Also if someone in my family was kidnapped I believe that the police should have access to every available resource in order to bring the perpetrator to justice.
    I do believe that the government should have access to our information because it could help them predict terrosrist threats and keep surveliance on persons of interest.
    I think that if you want something to be private, the interent is not the best place for it.

  28. 1. I am in the category of using cash. I just find it strange to use a phone to pay for things the security. I would like to have privacy, I know when it comes to the internet won't happen. I think don't agree with all the changes in privacy. Its the person choice to have to agree to these term and conditions.
    2.I would show everything to the police, better to be safe than sorry. I would hope there would be no consequence. To save my family would be number 1. So to save a life, absolutely.
    The topic of technology is a scaring thing, There no stopping it. If it gets involved in terrorist and such it could back fire. I really think it could help in some situations. NASA should have limited amount of money I believe. One day they will help the Earth and human race survive. Technology is evolving.
    4. I think there is little to none privacy on the internet. If you want privacy, don't have social media. That where it starts. Facebook enters all parts of your personal life, what you like, where you are, what you do. Not to mention tracking sites and what you visit. Privacy is something we have become desensitized to.

  29. 1. I am exposed but am probably under the average I only use my Google account and and Soundcloud. Also my phone always has data off and GPS off. I care about my Privacy A lot but that is the downside to the Internet is nothing is private... and I think more people need to know that.
    2. I think the police should be able to access what then need to but if they have to much info on us I would feel uncomfortable. But I don't trust what people can do with info... they could ruin a life I just hope they stick to saving them.
    3. The NSA is important but I think they are over stepping there boundaries stopping terrorists and looking at Thousands of American's info without them knowing is completely different things, and then when someone finds out and exposes them... That someone needs to flee the country BAD!!!!! with a bit of good...
    4. To be private on the internet is not real. Unless you go though a lot of trouble. Like using TOR and stuff like that.
    Just get used to being watched.


  30. 1. After reading the top article about "Most Americans ...," where do you fit in? How exposed are you on the internet? Do you care about your personal privacy a little? A lot? Is this statement common knowledge: "If it's on the Internet, it isn't private." ? I protect most of my information, the only info I have out on the internet is for Facebook such as my age and name for my close friends. I have my all my tech pretty private but whos to say those can't hacked? And yes that statement is common knowledge, anyone can hack are access your information.

    2. Image this scenario: A terrible criminal kidnapped a member of your family. Would you want the police to have every possible tool like; phone tracking, camera surveillance, GPS, or other sophisticated spying technologies to catch the bad guys? How much technology and privacy access should the police have? I believe they should use all they have access to, to catch the criminal, but if they use it in the slightest bit to impose my privacy, they should be gutted of there money and imprisoned themselves.

    3. What about protecting our country? Terrorists? ISIS? Bank Hackers? Russian spies? Who are the NSA and how much power should they have? Is this good? Bad? Why? I think they should only check someone out if they are a suspect, if it is an innocent, then like before they should be gutted of money and imprisoned.

    4. What does all this mean to your personal privacy online? Ideas?
    I dont want my info being used to steal my money or possibly get someone else in trouble and if anyone does such a thing they should be rightly punished.

  31. 1.It does not effect me much because I don't text much and actually don't use social media. All I use is steam. So I am not to worried other than a virus.

    2. Yes I want them to but can only go thru phones and emails with reasons to do so.

    3.Should have enough power to build a firewall and take out terrorist if they have reason to applying to the answer to question 2.

    4.That I need to watch what I download because I do not call or message much.

  32. 1. Half of me is concerned by the internet privacy, im not that kind of person that changes my password every week but I would be very pissed if someone hacked. Me personally im very hidden, I don't even give my parents my password. And my regards on the statement above are, I believe that is the definition of the internet. If you put it on any type of world wide anything someone will find it.

    2. Unlike most of the African Americans my age I actually respect the police and yes i would love for them to use everything in there power to track that person down. I don't think police have to much because all they are doing is trying to do is protect people although it dose give me some uneasy thoughts sometimes. Think about it this way what are you going to do.

    3. Like i stated in number two, I could right a giant 100 page article and it wouldn't change a think. In my opinion yes we should be able to find terrorist even people in hiding. NSA stand for National Security Agency and it kind of creeps me out that they watch my text and calls but they are trying to keep me safe. It really dosent matter what i look up or text as long as it dosent threaten the protection of america then go ahead read them, leave a comment while your at it.

  33. 1. for me i only use Instagram so i really am not that exposed so thats a good thing i guess i do on the other hand tell other people not to put all your personal information on a sight or on the internet period

    2.i really dont think they should have that much access no matter what because there will always be dirty people that try to take advantage of things and people

    3. i think that for military use i would not mind i would encourage it i mean peoples lives are at risk not just 1 person like the second statement i think it would help with any terrorist and help protect our country

  34. 1. Me and I'm sure everyone else is very aware that the internet is more dangerous then the real world. Thats crazy to thing's true. I think is nice to see that site owners or just search browsers themselves have added safety programs into their site or browser. It makes me and others feel a little more safe out on the wide web, but it doesn't mean you let your guard down about certain site out there. Even though safety is out there doesn't mean you don't need to be careful. In the end, most of the time I am always on alert when surfing that world wide web (WWW).

    2. If one of my family members got kidnapped, I would 100 percent give the police as much info or technology rights to find the bad guys and save whoever was kidnapped. I think the police should have lets say out of 100 like 60 or 70 percent of that technology rights/access. Just because I think I can trust the police/government to not use that info to steal, hack, or whatever the situation is, and steal others or my privacy.

    3. Protecting our country is important to me, so I think the government should have enough technology access to get the job done, but the only problem is if the enemy got use of it. Now if it did come down to that then the situation would be way worse. All in all, I say it's ok to use as much needed to protect our country.

    4. In my opinion it means I would like to give private info to government officials to do what they need to do, but not to much. I would always be on alert about the privacy that has been given to them, but anything to protect my family and/or country.

  35. 1.) Online I don't care about my privacy too much, mostly because I rarely use social media and my I only use my email for school work and subscribing to things. I believe nothing is private on the internet.

    2.) I think that police should have full access to people's technology. If my family were to be kidnapped I would want the police to use every way possible to find the bad guys. It's good for our safety and the safety of others.

    3.) Considering the NSA is probably doing what they can to protect people, I say they should have full rights to peoples privacy that is online. Monitoring phone calls, text messages, emails would probably help them a lot in solving a crime or preventing one.

    4.) Well it's not like I have anything to hide online (or do i?), so I don't really care about my privacy online since there is nothing to hide.

  36. 1.) I don't really use any of the social media apps that are out now. I don't have any personal information on the internet so there is not a lot for people to find out about me.

    2.) I would have trust in there ability to find my family member just by using what tools they have now. Having more accessibility would be helpful but it is not necessary.

    3.) I dont think it really matters who it is, as long as we keep using the same concept or tools we have now everything should be fine.

    4.)I dont really have anything to hide so this doesnt affect me as much as it would to some people who have personal information out there for people to see.

  37. 1) Im shocked but I dont really care honestly I have written nothing that is frown upon or anything like that.
    2)Honesty if I had a kid napped family memeber the number one priority is find them no matter what costs are.
    3) What ever we are doing now seems to e working so keep it the same and everything should be fine
    4)nothing to hide so doesnt affect me


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