Monday, November 10, 2014

13. Presentations

Presentation Week! 

Please look at the links below so this doesn't happen to us..


Take a look at them all.   

1. What is your PowerPoint topic?

2. Based on what you learned looking at the links above, how are you going to make your presentation exciting? 

3. What do you think are the top mistakes people make in giving presentations?

4. Suggestions to make "Presentation Day" more interesting. Give some ideas for audience engagement.

5. What bores you the most?  (In general...)


  1. 1. My PowerPoint topic...? When I've thought about it, my ideas have all been declined due to the need for some sort of info-graphic and trend data. One of my first thoughts was to make one about myself, but then my idea switched to something like the alphabets and languages of video games. Of those two ideas, I was a bit more excited about the latter, and I have thought of a way to collect data for an infographic; "x people of the 30 gamers in this study have heard of [insert world here] -> of those x people, y people knew and could read [insert language here]"

    2. Add plenty of images and make your slideshow flow in a way that resembles a story.

    3. Some of the biggest mistakes are walls of text, the same fonts that everyone has seen time and again, and very little in the way of pictures.

    4. Some of the big things to bring engagement to a slideshow are bright colors, big images, and enthusiasm in both the slides and the speaker.

    5. Hmm... unskippable cutscenes, grinding, classical music concerts, waiting in line, repetitive dinners, et cetera.

  2. 1. For my project I think I've decided to do a interactive comparison of the three main phone operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). As this being a technology class, I thought it was best to do one about tech, of course.

    2. To make my presentation more interesting to the class I thought it would be best to add plenty of pictures, and have smooth transition and things of that manner. This is to make sure the class doesn't go on their phones while I am showing of my PowerPoint.

    3. Most often people tend to read word for word of what they have written on each slide, making their presentation way to long. Font, and especially font color can also ruin a presentation, when a student can't properly read what you have written.

    4. The speaker should be just as engaged as the class is, to limit awkward silences and poor presentation skills. Their PowerPoint should include eye grabbing features to keep the listeners focused on the projector screen.

    5. Repetition definitely annoys and bores me the most, as well as baby voices and talking for an animal.

  3. 1. My project is a story powerpoint, that lets you guide the story. It has a 8 separate endings so you can play it 8 times.
    2. I want to let the class themselves come up and go through the powerpoint. Many kids will get a chance because the story is short. It will also have pictures.
    3. I think it can be easy to have a monotone voice and put your audience to sleep. Or power points that are not original there is no interesting pictures or fonts and styles.
    4. As a speaker you need to be enthusiastic, Awake, excited, maybe even funny to keep everyone interested. Also if you involve them in the presentation that would keep them interested.
    5. When watching a presentation people who seem to no like their presentation seem to bore me because they are not committed. What bores me about making a presentation is nothing, I truly and enjoying this project. :)

  4. 1.) For the Powerpoint, I am doing the assignment with a partner. For the topic we have decided to do some sort of trivia or Q and A.

    2.)In order ti make the presentation more exciting, we are going to add a wider variety of colors, reduce the amount of words, and have more pictures(in this case, we could possibly make the question a little bit shorter or something of the sort.)

    3.)The top mistake people make in making a presentation is having a boring powerpoint and/or having too many words which prevents the presentation from POPPING.

    4.)Obviously, since the presentation is a trivia, we would be asking the students questions, but we could possibly make the questions more interesting.

    5.)When I am watching a presentation, I often become bored due to the presenter having a boring voice and their powerpoint throws everything at the viewers at once.

  5. 1.) For the Powerpoint Project I will be doing a tarot game. For those who dont know what Tarot cards are they are is a pack of playing cards used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play a group of card games such as Italian tarocchini and French tarot. English defintion: They tell your past, present and future.

    -too be countie-

    1. 2.) In order to make my presentation Bomb, I need to make it entertaining and engaing with the audience. Have popping colors, not dull ones and also pictures but with some text would be needed, Just not a whole slide of text.

      3.) The top Mistake that people usually make in presentations are its all text, and in tiny font and The people who present it are even engaing with their audience.

      4.) Engage with them or audience engaing with the presentor ask questions, see what could be done to improve it and see who wants to play it.

      5.) Seeing a presetation Thats Just full on text, with dull colors and the text is soo small.

  6. 1.) I'm going to be doing video games that require focus and improve it aswell.

    2.) By making a video with amazing music

    3.) putting bullet points and a stick to point at those bullet points.

    4.) amazing music and a video that'll explain everything through voice

    5.) Reading

  7. 1.My topic will be on the amazing technological advancements made by the U.S Air Force
    2.Visual engagement and vivid colors will seal the deal
    3.lousy slide organization and a monotone presenter can destroy a presentation
    4.making your presentation quick, flashy and engaging will secure victory
    5.the ride to disneyland

  8. 1. The computer game Ib and the beautiful symbolism in the game.

    2. The slides are aid to you talking not to read off of. If your slides suck then so will your presentation will suck as well.

    3. Reading off of the slides and describing the pictures in the slide with the text on the slide.

    4. Download Ib on one of the computers and play the intro of the game. Add music from the game into the presentation.

    5. School (Except for Genyes and Culinary.)

  9. 1. Keith and I are creating a version of the classic NES game, "Duck Hunt" using power-point and a program that enables you to use a Wii remote as a mouse.

    2. We're going to be making our presentation exiting because it's an action-oriented game, and we'll be calling students (and even MsK!) up to play it while we talk about how we made it.

    3. The top five mistakes for giving presentations are:
    5: Not interacting with your audience
    4: Using transitions, animations ect. that distract from your presentation
    3: Sounding un-enthusiastic about your topic
    2: Using a bland, default template
    1: Reading off your slides and not adding anything.

    4. Give out blog passes to the winners of the games! Also maybe do them in the media center so we're all not cramped so close to each other and tempted to goof around on computers?

    5. Mathematics. I just find the subject uninteresting, and the way it's taught now is too old fashioned and needs to be updated to better fit the technology-based world we live in today.

    1. (Richard and I wrote this together)

      4. Blog passes would be a good idea for a few contests. Maybe those who have the most interactivity with their powerpoint, or maybe those who's powerpoint is well liked in the class! Categories could possibly be set up to determine how many blog passes could be handed out.

      5. What I find most boring is when people talk way to much during a powerpoint on one slide. Everything should be quick and to the point, but effective enough to get the attention of the viewers.

  10. 1. Unneeded words

    2.By leaving space and using little words. Also using animation and music to keep attention.

    3.Using to much words.

    4.Using color and animations to keep attention and use as little words as possible to keep the attention on you.

    5.Just reading a presentation and not listening to the speaker.

  11. 1. Cheyne and I are doing a Famous People topic stile of Jeopardy which will allow us to do a wide-variety of subtopics.

    2. In order to make our game more exciting, we are going to add a wider variety of colors, reduce the amount of words, have more creative picture, and ideas for our game will be current and interesting.

    3. Most often people read word for word of what they have written for their entire presentation, making their presentation way to long and boring. Font is another key factor, as well as font color which can also ruin a presentation, when a student can't properly read what you have written. There is also often a pause with a team presentation which makes the presentation seem unpolished or even practiced which is a huge mistake.

    4. Some of the things that bring engagement to a slideshow are vibrant colors, interesting/fun images or animations, enthusiasm in both the slides and the speaker, and showing that you put some effort and time into what you are doing.

    5. I am mostly bored by the content and the presenter him/herself.

  12. 1. My powerpoint presentation is a simulated courtroom scene that I will be doing with Rich.
    2. To make my presentation as interesting as possible, I will use meaningful transitions and animations, and avoid using too much text or boring normal bullet point slides.
    3. Having too much text on a single slide and having text color that does not contrast well with the background are flaws I often see in powerpoint presentations.
    4. Don't be bored when presenting; have fun with it or everyone else will be just as bored as you are.
    5. Reading a slide word for word in a monotone voice.

  13. 1. Our presentation will be a jeopardy game on the evolution of technology.
    2. To make our presentation interesting, we will change the colors on the slides, make our presentation unorthodox, and make it pertain to the viewers. We will also add in some humor.
    3. Some of the top mistakes are voice intonation, boring color schemes, and TOO MUCH INFORMATION. I personally hate it when I see walls of text on slides and people reading directly from it. Unfortunately, it is far too common.
    4. I think that adding prizes during the presentation will spruce it up, and talking about each presentation afterward could also be a good idea. I know that nearly everyone loves to share their opinions, and it could add to presentations if we discussed some of them.
    5. In general, I am bored most by monotony. I dislike repetition, although I can usually push through this dislike in some cases, like schoolwork. In some other cases, repetition can be okay, however, it just has to be of something that I enjoy.

  14. 1. I'm doing a tech based Jeopardy game for my presentation.

    2. In order to make it interesting, add music, pictures, great transitions, and speak in an non-monotone voice.

    3. A big one that I notice is a monotone voice. When someone seemingly makes no effort into adding enthusiasm into their voice. This makes thing VERY BORING, and makes it painful to sit through. Also, when there are little to no pictures in it. That turns the viewer off entirely. When people have walls of text as well. Again, just turns people off of the whole concept of a presentation.

    4. Try to be interesting. Add pictures, nice transitions, and maybe some music too. Having it somewhat interactive is also great!

    5. I get bored when someone is talking in a monotone voice, when I have nothing to do, when something gets repetitive, expecting something to happen and it never does...ummm...and grinding in any game!

  15. Jordan + Cody
    1. Jordan and I are working on a trivia-based power point. The questions will be from various categories such as: Hardware, Software, (the) Genyes program and etc.

    2. We plan on adding some sound files to make our game more engaging.

    3. One of the biggest mistakes is avoiding eye contact. Some people, when they present, will just stare at the presentation without addressing the audience.

    4. Engage with the crowd, make them laugh. Keep everyone involved if possible.

    5. It's very boring when nothing is going on. Its much better to keep things interesting.

  16. 1. My PowerPoint topic is who wants to be a millionaire

    2. I'm going to make my presentation exciting by using one good point per slide. also by making really cool visual effects that makes people want too keep playing.

    3. I think a top mistake is to much info. whats the point of you being there at the presentation if people are just reading what your saying.

    4. Some things you could do is make the presentation attractive not ugly and boring but simple.

    5. what bores me the most is reading actually. So if there's to much reading in someones presentation i would get bored and stop paying attention most likely

  17. 1.My powerpoint topic is family feud video game edition

    2. My partner and me will make presentaion exciting by keeping thing fast paced and exiting by asking intresting questions and using flashy effects.

    3. I think the most common mistake is general lack of interet in the topic its self by the creator.

    4. get into it, act exited to do the power point. It mite just rub off onto the audience.

    5. what bores me most is lack of interest.


  18. 1. What is your PowerPoint topic?
    I'm going to do mine on the interactive google doodles

    2. Based on what you learned looking at the links above, how are you going to make your presentation exciting?
    Show the people what they wanna see

    3. What do you think are the top mistakes people make in giving presentations?
    They actually read the sslides like they stare at the screen and read it slowly

    4. Suggestions to make "Presentation Day" more interesting. Give some ideas for audience engagement.
    I was going to find the doodles that only use touch so i can Use the permeathan board

    5. What bores you the most? (In general...)
    I actually think people who copy or use the already made slides and don't even try to alter them

  19. 1. My topic is about my favorite sport Basketball
    2. Make it fun and show people what they want to see
    3. Long boring slides
    4. Jeopardy I guess
    5. I suppose the long speeches

  20. 1. My power point is on History.
    2. Add color and make it look appealing.
    3.Writing everything on one slide which makes people lose interest.
    4.Some power points on games or some mini games
    5.Having to see the same thing over again.

  21. 1. I am unsure what I am going to do for my topic, but its an interactive game-adventure with the basic layouts in place.
    2. My presentation will be captivating for the viewers, using less text overall. A definitive color palette will keep attention in the appropriate places, while mixing in with a smooth art style. The layouts of each slide will keep everything formatted into the best possible viewing scheme.
    3. Many people make mistakes in presenting by having everything on their slides in the form of text, instead visuals should be used to remind the speaker of what to say, while providing something that fits in with what is said. Using default templates can lead to boring presentations, creating a need to start from scratch.
    4. Audiences can engage on "Presentation Day" by being involved in any presentations or stories shown, not just spoken too.
    5. Typically all presentations end up looking exactly the same, leading to boredom after the second one. With several minds each working on their own complex presentations, they should stay active in the viewers minds.

  22. 1.I'm doing a jeopardy based game on Anime in calabaration with Tim
    2.It wont be entirely text based we will put in pictures so the participants will understand what were talking about so they will be more intrested in it.
    3.Some people make there presentations far to long with them just rambling on and on about the same thing that the audience understands at a point.
    4.Prizes for winning the most points and making it to where multiple people in the entire class can understand and participate in it.
    5.When people talk to long on the same thing or when powerpoints are far to long.

  23. 1. Technology throughout the generations jeopardy game.
    2. We are making it more interesting by adding in a prize and by knowing our presentation, it can make others want to know it.
    3. People often make a basic boring presentation and just read it.
    4. By being excited yourself you can help your presentation, and by doing things that include the audience, making it worthwhile to participate.
    5. People that read word for word off the slide, it is the most boring form of powerpoint and there is no need for a presenter.

  24. 1. My PowerPoint project is a Jeopardy game with Chris Kelley about famous people.

    2. We are making it exciting by adding great fun questions, fun transitions, and different animations.

    3. most people make a boring plain power point and just read. there is no engagement with the audience.

    4. have as many people try our game as we can, give a great prize for the team that wins.

    5. boring material and repetition i think was the worst in my opinion.

  25. First off I like to say I am so sorry, for some reason I thought we had had a break for blogs. I promise you I'd never be that dead brain on purpose. So here come the 2 blogs I've missed, sorry.
    1. My topic is Social media. So interesting facts that you never really thought about with social media.
    2. The set ups are very interesting and shown well. They bring a eye catching look to them.
    3. When people receptively say umm, yeah, or just blank a lot. They don't have complete thoughts. Or when they just ramble not on topic or get on another topic. No eye contact or showing that your are enjoying yourself.
    4. Well the game idea is very bright. To keep the audience, engaged and there mind thinking. The prizes make them want to work and work for it. I think if we had a little more time to present there games, I think its off well.
    5. I think people that have a robot voice, and or like little interest in there topic.

  26. 1.) My partner is Daniel and we are doing a GenYes Jeopardy were we have topics on tech facts and tech leaders to test how much people know on the subjects.

    2.) Are plan is to add effects to the lettering to keep focus on the question so we can move it along at a reasonable pace but also make it a fun and cool looking presentation,

    3.) When people don't have eye contact or when they stutter and say random gibberish like yeah, um,uh and things like that and when people talk to slow or to fast or sound like they are not even interested in their presentation.

    4.) Keep the room a bit dark to draw focus on the presentation and also have them play the game presentation and to keep things at a reasonable pace.

    5.) Presentation that are just boring and have nothing engaging about them

  27. 1. My Powerpoint will be on Music Production.
    2. I am going to include a Game at the end to make it fun for the class.
    3. To many people make there Powerpoints with the basic layouts. Which look Okay... I guess? Plus you see that and you know it is a Powerpoint. A lot of people think words and graphs are what make a Powerpoint. MORE WORDS AND GRAPHS THE BETTER! RIGHT!? No. Don't use graphs, graphs are for paper, and putting a big block of text on a slide is just boring. Use shapes and pictures people.
    4. Use Picture and bright colors to get your audience engaged. Also use music and games maybe let them vote on something via smartphone the possibility are endless.
    5. When someone makes a 20 minute+ Powerpoint that is nothing but a textbook. Oh yeah and take notes or you get in trouble.... Horrible.

  28. 1. What is your PowerPoint topic?
    It was on video game jeopardy for game characters, steam games, and xbox games.

    2. Based on what you learned looking at the links above, how are you going to make your presentation exciting?
    To be simplistic, not overwhelm my audience but keep them interested with relevant pictures and references.
    3. What do you think are the top mistakes people make in giving presentations?
    Too much irrelevant info and too much animations and crazy pictures to distract.
    4. Suggestions to make "Presentation Day" more interesting. Give some ideas for audience engagement.
    Have the students vote! vote on other students power points for how well they did and for which one they want to play.
    5. What bores you the most? (In general...)
    Lame transitions, animations, pictures, too much text, irrelevant info, too much information.

  29. 1. I turned my presentation into an Interactive Courtroom.

    2. My presentation turns the classroom into a courtroom although for me and Devon its more like a stage. We had scripts and even played the parts with 100% effort even read them over a couple times. The only thing i took from the links above was to do something different.

    3. People didnt have cofidece in their presentations it was like, "ya well my presentation sucks". But the majority were good times just not enough bullshit.

    4. Literately talk to the crowd as if you are trying to sell them something, keep your posture and speak loud because even if your not talking to them they will notice your existence.

    5. Generally long drawn out speeches that have boring topics or ones that im not interested in.

  30. 1. me and cole are creating a yes or no type of gaming meaning their are two choices which was is yes and which is no.

    2. to make it interesting I am going to be adding in pictures and cole will be typing in interesting choices throughout each slide. The main goal is to create challenging and life relating choice that can effect the players choice.

    3. I think they don't give enough information on the topic at hand and it can get really confusing as you go into the presentation. They will sometimes put info in there that has nothing to do with the topic and give to much info on one slide making it boring to read or play.

    4. talk to the players, ask interesting question that interest others just you. We can also vote on some of the games depending on how good they all are.

    5. to much info on something that has nothing to do with the topic. Another thing is to much to read or do when something is a very small activity and shouldn't be long.

  31. 1.) My PowerPoint is on the popular game called Portal.

    2.) To keep it exciting i'm going to do minimal words and a lot of animations and sound.

    3.) I think the top mistakes people do with PowerPoint is that they have one slide that's filled with words, which removes interaction with the audience.

    4.) Say interesting things, ask questions that get the audience's attention, talk loudly.

    5.) Reading manuals and stuff like that.

  32. 1) My PowerPoint is on razor gear and other things such as the systems.
    2) I am trying to work on the animations and other things such as sounds but I'm not sure how that will turn out.
    3) The biggest mistake I think people are going to make is not saying much or not interacting with the audience very much.
    4) Have the audience interact with the presentation as well or ask questions of the audience on the topic of the presentation.
    5) Tutorials for something so simple but the tutorial itself is harder than the actual thing.

  33. My powerpoint was on the development of aviation technology in the military. I chose this topic because it was something that really interested me.

    What I chose to make it more interesting was minimal words on the screen and some animations to add some flare.

    I think a monotone voice and too many words are what make presentations boring.

    Engaging attitude, smiles, and an interesting topic

    Boring things bore me, specifically though when the speaker isn't engaged it bores me.


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