Sunday, May 11, 2014

(S14) Video Games

Many believe that video games do nothing but waste the time. That there should be no video games because they are such giant “time wasters”. 

Some say video games provide nothing but mindless violence and crude language and are unable to educate our youth. 

Others say that video games are amazing new ways to educate our children, and should be widely accepted as gateways to a whole new way to think. 

1. What is your take on this topic? If you play games what makes it appealing to you? If you don't play video games, discuss why. If you read books or watch movies vs. play video games discuss why one is better than the other.

2. Give specific examples of video games you might have played or seen where you learned something. What are the possibilities here? Do you think the learning aspects may have the potential to increase?

3. Do you think violence in video games inspires people to be more violent in real life? Do you think playing video games changes a persons personality in any way? What evidence supports your opinion here? 

4. Video gaming has long passed the movie industry in sales. What do you think is in store for video games in the future? 


  1. 1. The reason I play video games is because I needed a way to escape to just close myself off from the rest of the world. Like people do with book I would shut myself off from the outside world and be engaged in the story and characters that I am controlling. Some people play or start to play video games as a way to escape from troubles their having like bullying, being outcast, depression, and for me and other people this was the reason. But over after some time videos games became something much more enjoyable they weren't like movies or TV to me they were something amazing. To me the fact that you could become a hero, villain, outlaw, explorer, commander, was something I enjoyed. The different genres it provided kept me playing and playing. A few games standout in my mind like resident evil 4 this was my first horror game and at the time it scared me bad but while playing it I payed in awe as this world I was playing in just kept getting deeper and deeper. Games have taught me a lot unlike movies or TV they challenged my mind with complex puzzles or bosses that required skill and strategy. Other games like Star craft and Age of Empires helped me understand resource management and how to command a entire army. All in all video games have been a big factor in my life and are something I don't want to give up.

    2. Video games that teach well there are many but few stick. I remember as a kid I played a game called Metroid Prime this game was one of mine all time favorites. As a game it was outstanding and fun to play but at the same time as a kid in elementary school it was challenging to say the least because all of the backtracking, puzzles, locked off areas, were just confusing for me but over time I learned how to solve these puzzles and they ended up being something that would help me with other types of games. And with games today like halo, call of duty, and battlefield they can apply to real world things like if your reflexes in shooting zombie were the best in the world that's going to transfer over into the real world because the reflexes that you have that allow to shoot a zombie in the head that fast can help you in shooting a basket ball the better your reflexes in a video game the better they are in real life. The same with puzzles a complex puzzle in a game could end up with you having better memory or faster reaction time.

    3. This topic is one that I hate to talk about because the answer is so obvious but people just look past it because of the media no video games do not cause violence. Due to the media being idiots video games have gotten a bad rap and all those school shooting were the media has said oh well the shooter played a lot of Doom video games are to blame is absolute garbage. The only reason someone wakes up one morning grabs a guns and causes a school shooting is because they have a mental problem. Countless tests have shown no connection between video games and violence sure people get mad over video games not because of video games turning them into murders but because they have short temper. Regarding personality if it does change someones personality its not a big or noticeable way.

    4. I think the future of video games is a bright one because with all the technology coming out today I can only see video games getting better and better. Right now we have things like the Oculas Rift, Omni tredmill, and the Delta Six controller that are only making video games more entertaining and enjoyable and they will only get better with time.

  2. 1. Of course I'm a huge movie buff so I like to sit down and watch a new movie more than I like to sit down and play a good video game (however they're very close on the scale of enjoyable things to do). Like movies, video games take me to another world and I love that feeling. But instead of sitting back and observing another world, you are IN that world and everything is in your control. That's the reason I play video games. I'm in control to experience the story I want to experience. This cannot be achieved by movies. But believe it or not this is both a advantage and a disadvantage. But this isn't about the comparison of film and gaming.

    2. Portal 2 taught me how to think with portals. I know you might think that's a silly example but think about it. We are advancing in technology so fast nowadays that how's to say that we might soon find a way to pretty much teleport. This would be a barren concept to people when it would probably be as simple as stepping through. This is what Portal has taught me subconsciously. When I told my mom to play portal she could physically grasp the concept when to me is was just so simple. But it wasn't simple to me at first and that's one of the MANY things portal did for me. Show me that sometimes things that seem complicated really aren't. I'll be very confident in my ability to use a portal gun when its invented.

    3. "The good thing about Grand Theft Auto is that I'll be able to get out my curiosity or satisfaction of killing someone or drinking and driving or getting high or going to a strip club in it and not have to do it in real life." That was said by a good of mine and I think that about sums up how I and everybody should think about violence in video games. We all have an id ego. We all wonder what it'd be like if we were to [insert guilty pleasure here]. Video games are not encouraging us to do these things their a substitute for the real thing. I feel like any sane person would agree with me here.

    4. Video games are only growing. They are taking that same turning point that movies took in the 1930's- 1940's. Way back when movies were just supposed to be visual stimulants, meaning it was entertainment enough to see a moving picture. Then they started to tell stories and teach you things. No longer was this just entertainment, now it's an experience. This parallels video games. It was only a few years ago for video games where it was entertainment enough to just go up a staircase with a giant gorilla throwing barrels at you. But now video games are telling stories as good as a masterpiece movie. I still hold my opinion that Bioshock Infinite can rival Citizen Kane in terms of plot, or that Batman: Arkham City is the best Batman story ever told even over the comics. I think soon video games will become much more widely accepted because of the stories they tell and the lessons you learn. At least I hope it does.

  3. 1. The reason I play video games is because they are very entertaining and they have so many awesome features which are very interesting. All the new features are very amazing and as the years have gone on games have gotten so much more complex and entertaining to the point were i can't stop playing them. Games are very fun and I think of them as a hobby so in my opinion they are not a waste of my time to play them all day when i get the time to.

    2. On cool math games which is a website that has a bunch of fun games had a game that was made just to help me with my study skills. This game made me want to study more and which later on helped me with my big test and quiz's that would have been hard without studying. The learning aspects do have a potential to increase because creators are learning what students need to know and what schools want there students to know, so as the years go on these learning games are going to get way better and more helpful to students.

    3. Violence in video games do not make people more violent, in my opinion all of those people have mental heath problems or something in their life that is going on in which they don't tell anyone about. video games do change a persons personality because many of them can get annoying or something is always wrong with them for you to hate the game. This may make a slow change in your personality over time but so slow to the point of you not noticing but later on you might notice how much you have changed. I have changed a lot of the years with paying video games all the time because most of them do get annoying and they are never perfect, me getting older might have something to do with it but both of those things do effect my personality in a big way.

    4. In the future games are going to have new features that just blow kids minds and as the years go on creators are going to learn more and more on what us kids want in video games. Creators are always learning what kids want in games and this is going to be a big thing in how games turn out in the future. Games might have graphics better than HD, I am not sure if this is possible but it could be in my opinion.

  4. 1. I play video games mainly to just get away from everything. Video games are fun and addicting and most games you like take your mind off of everything that's going on in your life. I would, and still do, just shove the world away, and just keep to myself for hours, not having to think about anything but having fun with friends or by myself (mostly just with my true friend). My parents took away my video games on the weekdays and ever since, I've been "unstable". My true friends say that i can look to be very happy and hide everything away, so it's OK i guess. They threatened to keep it that way throughout the summer if I didn't get a B average, that only added more distress and depression without an escape. So video games to me mean much more than just violence and crude language, they are also an escape from everything. Movies and books don't have the immersion to take you away like video games can, so I believe video games are better and much more fun. They also teach you how to react to situations faster, multi-task (some games), team work, and awareness.
    2. There are many games that teach you things. Almost every game teaches you something, just different and some more important teachings than others. I play a game called smite which is a 3rd person moba. It teaches teamwork, awareness and quick reactions all while having to know what to do in the game itself. Most puzzle games teach you to think outside the box to reach your goal like Portal 1 and 2 while still being amazingly fun.
    3. I don't think video games make you violent. Everyone knows it's a game! Just because you kill someone or something in a game, doesn't make you want to kill someone in real life. They have no correlation. If you were gonna kill someone, it isn't because you played video games. My first video game EVER was Halo 3 (still the best Halo). I started when i was 6 and have played violent, crude, and "graphical" games since and I haven't tried to kill anyone ever. In fact, I've only been in 2 fights before, both of them being self-defense.
    4. Video games are becoming more immersive and, in some cases, more fun. There are very amazing games, but some huge game chains, (you know what game I'm thinking about) never change and still sell. Nintendo has been the leading game company in innovation. The wii practically printed money for them and everyone loved this new innovative technology. The Wii-U on the other hand, is hated by people. People don't find this innovation fun and sales were no where near the Wii or the 3DS. I'm not very sure how much games will change in the future, but immersion is definitely going to be huge like the Virtuix Omni. Watch this video for more info about innovation:

  5. 1. I play video games because I grew up watching movies but never feeling involved with them. When I was introduced to video games, I thought it was like a movie you could control! I think some games can be educational and some games can be negative. I love books, movies and video games. Some movies can be boring same goes for books can games, that is why I find them equally enjoyable.

    2. I played the Kerbal Space program Showed me all about Basic rocket science! I now know what Pro-grade and Retro-grade means, I know that you always need more rockets...
    I do think games can be educational, websites like Lumonsity have tons of games that look and feel like games but are really brain trainers.

    3. Yes, Violent games absolutely affect how someone behaves. I know a friend who plays Grand Theft Auto and when he was driving past a cop he tried raming the cop but realized what he was doing. Also there was a Youtuber Names Swoozie he also played a lot of GTA and while he was driving he slowly crept up onto the side walk where he noticed someone was walking. Again he snapped out of it, and as he passed the person, he noticed it was a mother with a baby in a stroller! After playing playing a lot o Assasin's Creed I would always want to wrestle my brother and I started getting easier to anger, I threw those Games away.

    4. I think the Virtual reality is going to become popular in the future, also along with the PC extinction, Consoles are gonna become most common. In my opinon...

  6. 1. There are countless things that make video games enjoyable for me. The first thing is my thought process in buying a video game when I go to buy a video game I think "How long will I play this game and How fun will it be?" I'm not one of those people that buys a video game to play it for 5 minutes and move on to the next one. I am one of those gamers that looks for an exciting, and difficult challenge that keeps me into the game.

    2. I believe there is a boatload of games that are educationally beneficial to kids. The one I remember the most as a kid was playing Mario, I know this probably sounds a little cheesy, but Mario taught a lot. It taught me how to think quickly under drastic circumstances, as well as being able to have the patients to think of a way to pass a level without dying. Even though Mario taught me a lot I believe that it was just a stepping stone on the path to educational gaming. I believe that in the future we will be able to teach an entire class solely on educational video games.

    3.After looking up some stats on video gaming and violence I found out that video games actually make kids less violent rather than more violent. Although I do believe certain video games do change a person's personality. I have experienced this first hand for example. I used to play a lot of Lord Of The Rings video games, and after playing those games I would always try to reenact it.

    4. Video games for me started with the Nintendo then they went to the PlayStation and then into the Xbox. You see the trend right? To me video games will never go away they will just keep improving and improving. Until there is no more to improve, which is nearly impossible.

  7. 1.) I see potential in a game when I see artwork, the landscape of the game, the background, I care about whats behind all of the killing and dumb stuff most games stories tell you. I would much rather play a video game rather than watch a movie or read. I love movies but video games are like a movie but interactive in most cases.

    2.) A game called FEZ taught me to better understand perspective. Not to mention Fez has an amazing soundtrack, is elegantly beauty. To be honest, that's not much that I learned from just one game, but nonetheless It taught me something non-violent rather than violent. Yes I do believe it could have improved on the learning aspect of the game but I don't think this game was created for that purpose, and I can guarantee you, most games today have no real moral behind them, at least no mainstream game like Titan-fall or Call of Duty.

    3.) Yes and no to this question. You see, I think that children under the age of 11 will be affected by this violent in real life theory. But I don't think the majority of people idolize characters in these kind of games. When it comes to changing someones personality, I must agree that it can make someone a little more aggressive or even more happy. Lets take League of Legends and a kid named Bill for example, Bill was a nice kid, rarely was mad and never raged while playing hello kitty, but then he was introduced to League of Legends by his angry friend Gorge. One week after playing League of Legends a lot he started to be more aggressive because he didn't get the wombo-combo penta-kill jungle teemo. League of Legends makes people mad, theirs no doubting that. What evidence? Just walk into the Genyes room during lunch, you'll understand.

    4.) We all know about the Oculus rift and I do believe that is the future of video games.

    1. Here's what I DO KNOW: I know that we can't seem to get through one single blog assignment without mentioning Oculus Rift. I'm pretty sure if I posted a blog on cantaloupes, you guys would figure out a mod or something about how cantaloupes relate to the Oculus Rift.

  8. 1) I think that the whole idea with video games and violent behavior in life is a perfect example of the “correlation does not mean causation” just because violent people play violent games, does NOT mean that that violent games cause violent people. Games like Call of Duty appeal to me not because of the violence but because of the strategy involved in playing them. The constant want to do better than before and to be better than your friends. The thinking quick and the intense stimuli that the games provide aren’t just wonderful for developing the synaptic pathways and strengthening the corpus callosum from the constant need to pass information between the hemispheres of the brain to hand-eye coordination from interacting with the controller predisposes the brain to more finite movements and precision while moving quickly. I read, watch movies, and play videogames, and I don’t think one is better than the other, they all stimulate the brain in different ways and each way is just as good as the other. If I had to choose which I would rather do it would to either watch movies or play video games, because there I don’t have to detach myself from the real world per say and put the energy into visualizations so I can “see” the words off the page.

    2) Games where I learned things.. Wow where do I start? I have learned a lot from video games, for example I learned things from the Assassins’ Creed series about events that happened in the past as well as new philosophical ways to think and see the reasons why events unfold the way they do. I learned about World War One and Two from Call of Duty: Finest hour, and Big Red One. I learned about Vietnam from Call of Duty Black Ops. I think that if you were to program a video game that was both fun and entertaining while factual and educational then that would put the potential to learn through the roof and kids would support it more than not because it would be something fun for them to do. Although I must stress I don’t feel that they should be integrated into the school systems because kids in general do not like to be told what to do in their free time, that’s why most students don’t do homework, they think “It’s my free time and I can use it how I want” So video games and school need to remain separate mostly.

    3) Again I must say the correlation does not mean causation, just because people who are violent play Call of Duty, does not mean that Call of Duty makes violent people. Playing violent games can expose some to a shock if they have never played it before but you have to understand that the human brain knows that what it sees on a screen isn’t real and it doesn’t have any qualms about killing because they characters don’t have any real personality or any real meaning. But when a game develops a character to the point where the player begins to care and then that person gets killed off you will feel something and I have been there. It almost made me put the game down but I didn’t because I knew it wasn’t real. But that’s different, that’s an emotional response, playing Call of Duty might make one feel more patriotic and wanting to join the military but it doesn’t make you want to pick up an AK and shoot up a movie theater.
    according to this site video games may actually be good for us, they slow the aging process, improve eyesight, hyperstimulate the brain, and can even be used as a form of one-on-one counseling

    4) I think both video games and movies will remain neck and neck for a while but video games, especially with virtual reality (VR) will eventually take the lead. Maybe video game-like ideas will be used in classrooms of the future along with VR simulations to help promote learning. If Call of Duty can improve eyesight then maybe people who need glasses will be prescribed certain glasses meant to be played with a game and another pair to see while going about your day. The possibilities are limitless in the future.

    1. I must also accuse CNN of being one of the worst news sources and I condemn the way they reported this. The CNN link should be taken down from this post because that article was one of the worst, most biased, bigoted and most melodramatic, article I have ever read in my life. I mean really; there are very few things in the world that make me facepalm as hard as I have with this article. It was designed for fear mongering and forcing people to think like they do. They are arguing from a point of authority which they do not have and telling people what to think, CNN is one of the most ridiculous news networks out there, in fact it’s not news anymore, it’s advertisment.

    2. That's the story that came with this students article. Yes. It invokes a response by gamers. BTW video game sales have been way ahead of movie sales for several years now.

  9. 1. Video games are a form of entertainment. For the most part, yes, the games that most teens play are not educational, but they do have value. Games are just like watching T.V or reading a book, the only difference is that you are taking part every step of the way. Other things like team-building, reflex, and hand eye coordination are being built. So in all honestly, anyone who slams video games should also slam all forms of entertainment for the same reasons. Yes they can be a waste of time, but its all in the eyes of the beholder. For some people, reading is a waste of time, because for them, they get no value from it, no entertainment. For millions of people, video games are what keep them sain or happy, and its not something that people should expect to be considered to be taken away unless every form of entertainment, reading, movies, TV, party's ect, are rid of as well.

    2. Every game I play has something that you need to learn, but nothing really that is true or of educational value. A game were I did learn a lot about history was the Civilization Revolution series.I learned a lot about different units used for war as well as world famous structures.

    3. No, any change from video games all depends on the person. If that person is more easily influenced, then yes they can have their personality changed or take the shape of their favorite character. But this, again, applies to everything. There have been real crimes that have been committed due to famous movies like saw, chucky, ect.

    4. Video gaming is just becoming more and more interactive and personal. Video games are getting mroe and more complicated which leaves users with millions and millions of ways to create their own custom profile and play the game really how they want. not to mention all the possibility using real world items in a virtual world, like using the Kinnect or Rift for games, like Garrys Mod, which is an open source game where users can hook up a kinnect and control a prop with their body's. So, really, the video game industry is only going to grow and become more and more popular.

  10. 1. I play video games because I've grown up watching my family play them, because they're fun to play, but mostly because they help me escape from my problems in the real world. Whenever my sibling are annoying me or I'm stressed because of homework, I take a break and play some video games. I try not to get carried away when playing my games, but I can sometimes become so engrossed in it that I lose focus of what's going on around. When that starts happening, I usually read a book or watch a movie. Video games are fun and can help me deal with some of my problems, but I try not to let them take over my life. I still like to read a good book every now and then, and in my opinion, they're just as good as any game.
    2. When I was little, I remember I played a game called Red Remover. The idea is to get rid of all the red squares without knocking any green squares off the screen. It really made me have to think out of the box to complete each challenge. I believe that the potential to increase the learning potential in games could definitely increase. There are many opportunities to implement learning aspects into video games, while still making them fun and challenging.
    3. I believe that violence in video games has the possibility to make people more violent in real life, but I don't think that they actually make kids less violent. When kids see violence in video games and see the destruction it can cause, it can make them want to be less violent. However, video games can change a person's personality. Whenever I play video games, I always try to reenact them.
    4. I see a bright future for video games. With the new technology that's coming out, video games are only going to get better and better. Eventually, movies might fade out of the picture because of how immersive video games are becoming.

  11. 1: I find video games to be an amazing opportunity to escape the walls of our own world and have the ability to do something amazing that we couldn't do otherwise. Whether a game provides us with a different scenario to live through or the ability to use our imagination for whatever we would like, we find it appealing because it allows us to escape the limits of the real world and make our own story. Because of this, video games often seem "better" than the real world to those who play them, therefore drawing us to them.

    2: Kerbal Space program is an amazing game that allows the user to create his/her own space program. It is a sandbox game that has limitless possibilities, and allows for the exploration of various different places. This imaginative ability within the game is what makes it so fantastic. It is almost impossible to get into a position in the real world to run your own space program, and therefore this game gives you a great opportunity that is next to impossible otherwise. Paired with having a very realistic physics engine, this makes the game very fun to play.

    3: People hundreds of years ago fought wars, and I don't think the Egyptians were playing "Grand Theft Sand Dunes" in their pyramids. Besides, playing surgeon simulator doesn't make me a certified surgeon, so why would any other game make me a murderer? While playing video games may cause you to become more imaginative, I can't see any other possible side effects.

    4: I believe that video games will continue to move in the direction of being sandbox-mode in order to give the player a greater amount of ability to put his/her imagination to the gaming, and that games will become more and more immersive as time goes on. Eventually they may play a vital role in nearly everybody's life.

  12. 1) I play video games, and, I'm not bragging or anything, but I'm probably the greatest videogame player ever.... just sayin'. But I don't think that videogames lead to violence in teens and younger kids. There are countless articles stating that they do make teens violent, but it's all based off nothing. The media tries to blame any sort of killing committed by a white male on videogames.

    2) Recently I replayed one of my favorite games, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, and it actually taught me something. I've always been really bad with directions, (like the North, South, East and West stuff) and in the game you have to traverse the seas. So playing the game I slowly had to learn the direction of the wind, how to use my map, and the direction I need to head in. It's a lot of fun for the adventure and it actually taught me about direction a little better.

    3) I've actually just written a persuasive essay about how videogames do NOT make children violent and turn them into killers. I had over 40 hours of research outside of school by reading books and searching the web about many tests done to see how kids react to violent games like Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat. Studies have shown that kids will actually have a calming effect from these games because they can put all their frustration and anger into the game, rather than at people around them. It also helps kids that have ADD and ADHD focus better, because in a videogame, you have one specific goal to focus on and achieve.

    4) I think videogames will become the way of the future actually. It has become such a huge market for money making and there are hundreds of jobs given out when there's a new game being created. There are jobs that require music, drawing backgrounds and modeling, and there's TONS of jobs in coding.

  13. 1. I play video games because its entertainment for me. I like it because it emerges me into a story, feel like like I'm actually experiencing it. I wouldn't say reading books or watching movies are better or worse than playing video games.

    2. There are many games that teach you about history puzzle games etc. Example Portal, Call of Duty Black Ops (in some parts of it). Lemonade Stand etc.

    3. I think everything shapes a person from environment experiences etc. I don't believe violent video games affect how violent a person is. I personally have been playing M rated games since I was about 8 and I'm not violent at all, but I suppose it effects everyone differently.

    4. Bigger better consoles, PC's and higher budgets for games higher sales etc.

  14. 1. Video games are have more pros than cons. I believe video game don't waste time. They can help people with problem-solving and, therefore, it involves a lot of mental stimulation. When I play games, I like ones that require you to think. My favorite games include strategies and the mentality of out-thinking your opponent. Playing video games is better than reading books or watching movies because it forces you to think, many games are largely interactive, and thus, it teaches you how to work with your team.
    2. While I played Assassin's Creed 3, I had to play in-game board games. As ridiculous as I thought that was, it forced me to think strategically. In Counter Strike: Global Offense, there is a lot about out-smarting your opponent with better strategies. When playing with others in CS:GO, it teaches you how to work with others on a team. The learning potentiality increases with more strategical problems, even if that involves violence.
    3. Violent juvenile crime in the United States has been declining as violent video game popularity has increased. The arrest rate for juvenile murders has fallen 71.9% between 1995 and 2008. The arrest rate for all juvenile violent crimes has declined 49.3%. I feel as if video games are a great way to exercise your brain as well as getting rid of your aggression and frustration from real-life problems. Video games are like a stress-reliever. A 2007 study reported that 45% of boys played video games because "it helps me get my anger out" and 62% played because it "helps me relax."
    4. First of all, I am very excited for the Steam boxes to be released to the general public in the future. As far as what is in store for future gaming, I feel as is you will play as a character in a movie. Also, just brainstorming here, it would be insane to play a video game on a movie theater screen. I suppose the Oculus Rift kinda already does that by putting the screen so close to your face. However, it would still be nice to try the movie theater screen idea.

  15. 1.) I pretty much do all of the things listed above, I read books, watch movies, and play video games, and I have varied reasons to do so. I read my books because ever since my dad and I took a long walk to do some things when I was in about 6th grade, he told me about most of the series that I read/will read in the future (like the Shannara series). I watch movies because some of them look like they would be interesting to watch and would provide a fun thing to do on things such as very long car rides. I also play games because they are entertaining and would constantly provide something for me to do, and I stick with it because I have been playing games since I was maybe 3 or 4 years old and am not planning to stop soon.
    2.) I don't really know of much games that really taught me anything of real educational value, but there are some games that I have played that has taught me stuff. One of them would probably be the first game I ever played, and sometimes still do play, is a game called Shining Force II for the Sega Genesis, and it is the next game in the Shining series, and it is kind of like chess because you have a party of up to 12 members and they have to move across the field of battle by taking turns and moving a certain amount of spaces, and I think it would teach strategy and/or tactics because you have to think before you move a unit to get them to the best spot so that they can work efficiently. You also have to plan a little to keep the party leader alive because if he dies your remaining people retreat and you lose half of your money. Another game that teaches me a lot about planning is Star Wars: The Old Republic, because when my dad and I play on our level 55 characters and we go into a huge boss fight we enter a very well coordinated and executed "dance", if you will, because we go through our skills and by the time we finish the first skill is ready to be used and the cycle continues again until the fight is won.
    3.) I do not think that violent video games promote violence because of what they show. I think that it is the same principle as pretty much everything else: the knowledge gained from violent video games is just that, knowledge, and like everything else, there is no "good" or "bad" knowledge, it is how the person puts that knowledge to use that determines it.
    4.) I can't really imagine what kind of things that the future will bring for video games, since the future is ever changing, though it may lead to the player pretty much living the game, rather than play it, which may be possible seeing as how much technology has improved. Other than that I can't really think of too much changes other than the ones that are common, like better graphics and such.

  16. 1. I just love video games. They provide so much for me. When I play, i can have fun, work with others and learn new things. The one thing games don't do for me, are make me violent. I've been playing games for close to 12 years now, and I myself am usually very um, whats the word...non-violent? I think games have actually helped with that, because I usually play/played games when I wasn't feeling well, and I got better afterwards. Its calming and rewarding, it leaves me with a sense of accomplishment. And on the scale of books, movies and games here is my order. Video Games> Books> Movies.

    2. When i was younger, my mom always set me up with these education kids games. Stuff like this . They were a lot of fun for me and they taught me some of the basic elements in school. Also I have to point this out, without the Pokemon games, I would not be the reader I am today. (The game made me WANT to read). Educational gaming, I think , will only get better and stronger of an industry over time.

    3. Like I stated earlier, gaming negates most of my violence. For some people though, they can't distinguish what is real and what is not real. For example, lets say a person like this plays some form of a shooting game. So they shoot and kill someone, then proceed to get rewarded in the game with bonuses etc. So they might think that this is acceptable and proceed to do the same thing in real life. And that's where the break off is, those who can, and those who cannot see/understand the difference between games and reality. Most gamers however do understand this.

    4. Video gaming is a fast growing industry. Every year more games are sold, and more people buy consoles/PC(s). Then when you add in the high probability of a game sequel or a new gaming machine, people will probably buy those too. And with the cool technology of things like the Oculus Rift coming out, gaming accessories will grow in demand as well.

  17. 1. Video games are in no way a waste of time, in fact, they are an art form. Video games are an active experience that make you feel emotions even when you're not physically in the game. You are still, however, interacting with the world around you and are in control of your story. This is what makes video games so much better than movies. You watch a movie, you watch the characters on screen go through trials and tribulations, but when playing a game, you are actively participating and involving yourself in the lives of the characters instead of simply watching them.

    2. I have seen and played Telltale's The Walking Dead. This game taught me that games aren't just something to do. This game showed me that it can pull at your heartstrings and connect with you on an emotional level with its characters and story. I learned that a game is not limited by it's graphics or physics, but instead has infinite possibilities in story telling.

    3. Video games do not make people violent, people make people violent. Video games have nothing to do with the mass murderers and psychos of the world. Video games can make you feel emotions yes, but they do not leave long time violent effects on the player. That's just absurd.

    4. Movies are going to gravitate more towards video game and comic book themes for movies, because they're popular. Movies and television are gradually going to lose more of their audiences as the generations go on. This is because as more technology is introduced to the world, people are going to be more on computers, tablets, and phones for entertainment. Popular channels like Cartoon Network have been moving their shows onto the internet because that's where everyone is going. In the future, it would be crazy to think that the midnight premier for a new movie will be streamed over the internet instead of showing in the theater.

  18. 1) I personally do not play video games because I have never been able to get any fulfillment out of it. I am often working on my own projects or things like that, things that upon completion I can feel good about myself for. I have just never been able to see the value in "leveling up" or other rewards video games have to offer.

    2) I have played games like SimCity which really shone light on just how gaming could be used in education. It exposed me to the fact we all live on the same land, so we should do all we can to protect it not only for ourselves, but as a courtesy to those around us. Similar games could be used to give life-lessons in ways that are engaging and fun, or even use games like "2048" to help visualize multiplication. Essentially, games have the potential of being an amazing method in educating the youth.

    3) The effects of gaming in regards to violence make sense, however, are very seldom seen in the real world. If someone is playing a strategy game where the object of the game is mass-murder, the player's mind begins rapidly processing different scenarios and reacting based on these life-threatening situations. What happens when the gamer turns off the console and returns to the real world? The fear is the mind will continue to operate in this mode, which I believe it often does, however it does not mean people will go out trying to emulate these situations in the real world. In most cases, it only causes a mental craving to get back in front of the TV so the mind can continue operating as it has in the past.

    4) Video games actually haven't surpassed movies from some quick research I've done. GTA 5, which broke 7 world records for sales, earned $1 billion in the first three days, or a total revenue of $2.414 billion for the year. Titles like Avatar or the Titanic both brought in around $3 million, and neither of those set any records in the motion picture area doing so. Games in the future will (hopefully) no longer require a specific console. They will be stationed on an iPad or maybe even your iPhone, then streamed to the TV from there with optional classic remotes. The idea of having a specific "console" to play CDs, a 1960s technology, while having specs seen in today's lower-end computers is an idea that has been outdated for some time.

  19. One of a dozen articles:

    11/18/2013 01:41 PM EST SCI/TECH
    This year, the video game industry expects nearly $100 billion in sales, which is nearly ten times what Hollywood hopes to bring in.

  20. ----------------------------------------- End of it all! ------------------------------------------

  21. 1.) I play video games when I have the chance. I love Video Games the story lines are usually good and what you can do in games is what makes them appealing to me. Personally I think reading might be better for you but I choose video games over a book any day.

    2.)The walking dead video game is a game I learned from. It teaches you not to give up on anybody no matter how hard the situation is.

    3.)Video games can only change people if that is the only thing that people do and not anything else.

    4.)I think better story lines and better graphics.

  22. 1.) The reason why I play video games is because I use this to calm my self and or just hang around with my friends in a simple game. Also I like video games because I just like it I almost never find video games boring unless they are math games. Its also a funner way to read and watch because you’re just sitting there and playing the story and not just listening to it or read it. Video games for me is just super fun. Like Cival War games they let you learn and play it so you get more attracted to them. Movies and games are kinda alike because you’re watching action but not playing it, I say that they are equally in action and being entertained by a disk.
    2.) Games that I actually play and learned is probably the Assassin's Creed series. Because they show you what happens in history but you’re playing as an assassin. Like in Assassin’s Creed 3 you PLAY in Boston's Tea Party which is a major act in history! You actually throw the tea of a boat and defend your men. Also in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag you get to meet a legendary pirate called Blackbeard. So I have learned quite a bit in Assassin’s Creed.
    3.) Well if if the person is neo sensitive to things like that and evolve to the things they do than maybe.. But like a normal person play violent games than no because they understand that its just a fictional game and that it wont happen to them in real life.
    4.) What I think is that they are going to have more story? or just have a movie like feeling because people are gonna miss movies and such. But there will be more and more commentaries about video games. But what I mostly say that it will maybe be a little different from today.

  23. 1.) Video Games are appealing to me because they present a challenging barrier that I must past. I love passing barrier after barrier because it makes me happy. Another thing that is appealing is the challenge against friends. Facing friends is fun because it proves that your better at something than them.

    2.) Games that I own are assassins creed games. They taught me about famous events that have happened over the years. You even get to meet Leonardo Davinci and see some of his pantings. You learn when he died and how his paintings came to be famous. I believe that the aspects have the ability to change. They could become even better.

    3.) Video Games do change your personalities because my little brother, after playing call of duty makes gun fingers and makes gun noises. Any smaller kid doesn't really know what he is doing. I wouldn't classify this as violent. In Real life I don't change at all when I play. Allow losing can make you angry.

    4.)Well, Video games could become the most used object. This object could be cool and be what celebrities do. Anyone cool would play video games and it would be just like the Jetsons. Or not? wishful thinking?

  24. 1.) I've always wanted to play video games and enjoyed playing since I was little. It was a means of not dealing with my family, even for a short while. There are a lot of games I really want to play, but I don't own an XBox or PS (yes, the horror). In result, I've only really played in single player mode for the games I own (yes, I am a loner). Games have just been a thing that I could relate and attach to.
    2.) Amnesia has taught me to never wander in an abandoned house alone, to never go into a room that noise was coming from, and to never leave the comfort of my own bed, no matter what happens. It makes you aware of the horrors that will happen if you ever leave your parents house.
    3.) Violent video games do null your opinion of a person's death, if anything. If played often enough, your personality can alter. They may get angry easier and such.
    4.) I hope they develop a better Oculus Rift so that you can immerse yourself fully, like you're actually there.

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