Sunday, May 4, 2014

(S13) A (Tech) Tale of Two Cars

Tale of Car #1 

Read and watch both movies

Read and watch the movie

Check out the sub links on safety 

1.  Comment on how this technology (Car #1) will change the attitudes, the ease or the concept of driving.  How does this technology this affect you personally? 

Tale of Car #2

Watch the video

Read and watch video

What VW did.

2.  Comment on how this technology (Car #2) will change the attitudes, the ease or the concept of driving.  How does this technology this affect you personally? 

3.  Who will win?  Car Makers  (Car #1)  or  Car Hackers (Car #2)?  Who has the most resources?  Do you think Autonomous Car Technology (Self Driving Cars) will be mainstream in all states in the next 2, 5, 10 years?  Or never?  

4.  Yikes!  What about flying cars?  Why / Why not?  


  1. 1. Car 1 will change attitudes about cars because it will make people more relaxed and the only reported accidents have happened when one of the cars was being driven by a person so it will also make it safer. This affects me hugely because if it is really implemented in our society before I get my license it will take the satisfaction away from me actually getting one.

    2.Car 2 will change attitudes about cars because it will do the exact opposite of car one and make people more stressed and careful at the same time. It will also make people care about their own cars a lot more.

    3 I think car makers will win because they have more resources ( A CAR) . It is way easier and effective to make a car rather than hack it. I believe the self driving cars will be implemented in the next 10 years personally. I hope they are it would make like a lot easier

    4. Flying cars OMG YES! I would love that being able to pull a back to the future and be like doc and Marty. That would be soo awesome being able to fly to Greece in not to long and be able to go anywhere in a good amount of time and cost.

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  3. 1) this car is going to bring a whole perspective to the simply task of driving your car,now we have so many more variables to be accountable for, yes we wont have to drive ourselves but it was like one of the sponsors said, what happens if you crash who is responsible? I don't think it will be safer to be honest.
    2) its kinda scary the amount of power one person can have over someones car, i know that would make me extremely scared to buy a self driving ca.
    3) definitely the car makers because they have more power and already have more of there foot in the door in tis situation. they will be more successful
    4) defiantly not until we have a method of traffic for flying cars, its a whole new ball park

  4. 1. Having a driverless car that is able to navigate city streets is something that is very remarkable and can revolutionize the way we get around the city and suburbs. Having a driverless car to take people to school can potentially lead the way to driverless public transit, making the system more efficient and safer for passengers.

    2. Having the potential to take control of a car’s functions is very dangerous and could really do damage if the code falls into the wrong hands and if someone uses it irresponsibly. Information like this does make someone wary of the data a driverless car produces but I do feel that with the right privacy measures it can be deterred.

    3. I think that Car Makers will win because they have the most resources but just like the eternal struggle between good and evil, car hackers will be right on their heels, I think that within the next 10 years all 50 states will have laws in place to allow driverless cars but they are far from mainstream.

    4. Flying cars are already in development and are expected to be available to the public around 2020 but a flying driverless car… That is another ball game. Honestly I would put more effort into finding effective means for propulsion in space like warp drive.

  5. 1.) I think that having a driver less car on the road could be a danger. A lot of things could go wrong with the car including accidental crashes. ON the other hand, if everyone had a car like this then nothing would go wrong because all of the cars would be the same program. Although there could be bugs found?
    2.) WOW.. I think this is very cool. This is also cool for brakes because they can stop even faster. All of the upgrades to the car are legit because they improve performance. On the other hand, if the code gets into a hackers hands bad things will happen. This would work if humans weren't full of bad hackers.
    3.) In 6 years the automobile makers will be the winners because self driving cars will be implemented into real life. Also the car makers have the most resources so they will win. Because they have the government on there side. But, hackers will be right with them.
    4.) FLYINGCARS@!! This is cool. I heard that flying cars are being devolved already and they will be made public 2022. Maybe we could even get rid of streets and cars and make teleportation! We would have teleportation ports. This is a little far fetched but, not flying cars. I will own one

  6. 1- Over all, this will change everything with driving. Essentially, all human error is taken out of the road. Making everything safer and easier. However, it will also take away jobs and really hit the economy hard. Bus drivers, taxi cab drivers, highway patrol, ect, will all be taken out of the road and there will be millions of less jobs. Personally, I will probably be upset that i miss out on driving, because there are a lot of fun activity that have to do with owning your own car and learned to drive ect.
    2- I think car number two would be better than car number one, but still there are problems with it. I think that people will become lazy when it comes to driving, and accidents may eventually become more frequent. This is because they are becoming reliant on their super breaks and other performance enhancements. As well as the human error, there would the problem with hackers getting hold of the code and ruining peoples lives.
    3- Defiantly the Google self driving car will be more funded and successful. But as for if it will become main stream? No; More than likely never due to the simple fact that people enjoy driving cars. Although it may be easier, I would like to believe that people enjoy driving their own cars and being in control.
    4- I remember reading about flying cars when i was in like 3rd grade and how this one guy was getting close. But apparently he died in one of his creations, or one of his testers did or something and he left the project. Really i do not like flying, and wouldn't like flying cars. Not to mention how far fetched it is.

  7. 1. This technology will allow from better time management, as you could be doing something while being transported, also will prevent accidents because the women would not be in control. Personally, this car takes the fun out of driving.

    2. Same as question one. This technology will prevent accidents and limit the traffic from stupid people. Personally, this takes the fun from driving, and takes away the fun of control. But will allow more time.

    3. Car #1 because it has the possibilities of mass production, as it is a Google supported project. Also is in a unit rather than separate additions.

    4. Heck yes! But that calls for more regulation and more possible disaster vulnerabilities. People are also starting to not go anywhere. Most things are now done at home on a computer.

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    2. 1. your apparently special friend

  8. 1. The idea of a self driving car is a great one because of all the benefits it brings. If self driving cars become mandatory it could improve safety on roads around the world. I think its a much better idea to have a car drive you around then have someone were anything could happen and could cause a crash. This would also help the police department too because they don't have to worry about drunk drivers. but I can see some people getting mad about and there would be a way to have manual control over a car.

    2. This is a pro and a con in it self. police could use it for different arrests to stop or accidents from happening. But at the same time someone could design a way to make it so someones car goes at ridiculous speeds and crashes because they couldnt stop it. Compared to the self driving car this concept seems like it would be implemented into the basic design of the self driving cars.

    3. Car makers because they have more resources and power. And self driving cars will become almost completely implemented in possibly the next 7 years. because they are much safer than a hacked car.

    4. I think that sometime in the future they will be a public thing but right now I can't think of a way they could be probable in the next 10 years because the technology seems to advanced for it to be in this current generation.

  9. 1. The car will help people drive better and be safer than normal cars, it will make a more positive attitude for the community. I think this technology is completely amazing and I hope to be able to drive one of these cars in my life. These cars are very unique and I think building them was a great help to the car world today.

    2. Car hackers could effect people in a bad way depending on how others look at it and it could be a good thing as well. I think it is really cool to see that people are hacking cars to control them, this could change the attitudes of the community in a good or bad way but i think is a good way. It effects my personality in positive way because new technology for cars is something that I have been wanting to see for awhile now and in my mind this is going to be great for people driving cars in the world.

    3. I think car makers will win because they are very known and many ideas go around threw their minds while they make these cars and they will just blow the community away. Car makers have more resources but not by much, in my opinion these car makers know more people and have connections with others to get resources easier than hackers which makes it easier for them to make these cars.

    4. I totally want flying cars in our world, I have always dreamed about having some flying vehicle. I think it would make transportation way easier for people around the world, but maybe it would make pollution worse I'm not sure if that's true but it's possible. I believe that if we did make flying cars people could make it better pollution wise for the community, all of these car makers are capable of improving these cars to make the world a better place.

  10. 1) Driver-less cars, while viewed now as pretty dangerous, could potentially open up a lot more opportunities for the disabled in the future as long as the tech is perfected. As long as all cars are safe and reliable, this is a great alternative to having specific transpiration for people who may have disabilities.

    2) Having the ability to take control of every function of a car is devastating, and knowledge of this problem and no easy fix is a main factor in why these cars aren't hitting the main market as quickly as they could be.

    3) I think it will be a never-ending battle, much like virus makers vs PC users.

    4) "chitty chitty bang bang" will become a terrorist threat if hackers prevail, and unless flying cars are 100% fail-safe there are going to be major problems with them.

  11. 1. This technology is crazy, at first I would of assumed that crazy drivers would be the downfall of this car however they explained that computers have a fast reaction time and are able to compute all that data in order to create a safer ride.

    2. People will now fear that their "future" cars are hackable, its a scary thought that terrorists might be able to take over your car and potentially use it for their means all while you're trapped helplessly inside. Even if you can't wirelessly hack this car people will still fear that it might be possible.

    3. It will at some point, however that will require car makers to be smarter than the hackers and as history has shown hackers continue to learn all the new gadgets and stuff. Maybe someday they will come out with and unhackable car. Until then however these cars will not be mainstream. The risk is too big.

    4. Flying cars would be similar to planes, yes they are practical and would be huge to have own, however it would require all drivers to get pilots licenses before they are able to drive which can be quite costly for lessons and such. I don't believe it will be practical anytime soon just because of how much safety would have to be put in place.

  12. 1. Google's self driving car will affect the lives of many drivers worldwide. It'll provide a safe ride home for those people who can't put down the bottle, a quick nap on the way to work, or some personal time (like putting on makeup, which is a big problem for women drivers). A self driving car is an amazing step in the right direction for safe driving. Although, it will take away the fun some people get (student drivers) when driving, like the freedom. I'm gonna be getting my licence next year, and I'm sure this will have a big impact on my driving experience. I want to feel the freedom one gets from driving for the first time, I don't want to be driven everywhere. My parents have already been doing that for 15 years.

    2. This car is death. If someone gets into it's hackable system, then that's just like an accident waiting to happen. It's basically just as bad as driving under the influence. I would never drive a car that could be hacked, that's just unsafe.

    3. I think Google's car will be more efficient. They have more resources to perfect it's technology. I'm sure it will win. In my opinion, I think self driving cars should hit the mainstream in 2015 or (at the latest) 2016. Technology is advancing too fast for these not to be a thing in the next couple of years

    4. Flying cars should take 15 years. Unless they use jet engines, then their just car shaped planes.

  13. 1. Car 1 is much different than it used to be. It is a self driving car and everyone had very bad feelings about it when the idea first appeared because our technology wasn't exactly the most amazing. Though now there have been many new modifications to this idea and the self driving vehicle can do much more than before. It recognizes more situations, sees more, doesn't tire, reacts quickly, and is able to predict more than a human mind does causing less problems. So people now look at it as a potential future for driving since it would be much safer to have a perfect driving system able to drive or help you drive. Personally I think it is a good idea to start experimenting with these, but I think they won't be used in my own life.

    2. Car 2 is definitely going to make people more stressed instead of Car 1 where they would feel safer with a fake driver driving them. It will make driving a car scarier since the car is being controlled by an actual person, and if someone hacks into it then they won't have a good time. Personally this car doesn't affect me, but scares me since it could cause problems for everyone else since it could crash at any moment.

    3. I believe the makers of Car 1 will win. It seems to have the most resources and is the most efficient. Though I think these cars won't really be used until 10-20 years after today. They aren't ready to be used yet.

    4. I think flying cars could work, but they shouldn't really be created. It would take much more time to create certain places where these flying cars could fly and there is a much larger risk since one of these cars could hit a building higher than normal and hurt many people. Also what if you were running out of gas and you don't notice? What happens then when you run out and you didn't see it until you were falling? You'll most likely die.

  14. 1. People that text will use this advantage to be able to text and bring down the chances of crashing. This technology will probably bring down the amount of crashes. Cars will have more access to the internet thru cars with this capability. People would not have to worry about driving.

    2. Cars that are easily able to be hacked into and controlled could cause a lot more crashes, especially in taxis and buses. It seems like a bad idea to have cars that can be hacked into and controlled. This could cause a lot of deaths.

    3. Car makers because of if they leave their cars easily able to be hacked into then they know that they will be sued. This causes them to have very good security in there cars that are massed produced.

    4.Flying cars seem like a bad idea because of the training and how expensive they will probably be. If we have the tech to make cars like that they will probably be rare.

  15. 1.) I think that having people no longer drive cars will ease the concept of driving. Why? People will not have the responsibility of driving themselves. The only problem I see with this is is being one-hundred percent reliable. I fit was me in the drivers seat watching my drive me around, I would still have an eagles eye out for where I'm moving. I also would like to put a car crash in play, what would we do, who would be blamed for the crash if we were not driving the car.
    2.) I honestly cant say how I might change how the car would work, but it defiantly needs a change. I know that people are able to disable the breaks but me personally, I wouldn't know how to fix a problem like this.
    3.) Car one will probably win because I think that they will counter whatever car two throws at them. Even if it takes them a long time, they will eventually get it taken care of.

    4.) Flying cars are a concept that I'm not so sure about myself. I don't see why not, they could be pretty cool I guess. With flying cars sweeping the world, we wont need these regular floor cars. I will change my last name legally to jetson.

  16. 1. This car will change peoples attitudes about cars because it will be safer to drive through city streets. The only reported crashes with this car was when an actual person was driving, instead of the car. The only problem with this would be if there was a bug in the system, because then anything could go wrong. This affects me personally because some of my family members have been in car accidents, so this would make me and my family feel safer about going places.
    2. This car could easily make people feel unsafe while driving, especially if the code falls into the wrong hands. A hacker could take control of a car and put several human lives in danger. If there weren't any hackers, then this would be a really good technology. This will affect me because my sister is saving up for a car, so she has to be careful what kind of car she chooses.
    3. I believe that the car makers will win because they have more resources than the car hackers. The car makers are working on implementing self-driving cars into everyday life. However, the car hackers will still be right on their tail.
    4. I would love to have a flying car! I believe we should have flying cars, the only problem would be creating a method of traffic navigation. Flying cars are still along way away, about 10 years away, but I can't wait for them to get here.

  17. 1. Driverless cars can change many aspects of how we get around the city and how driving can be made very easy. Cars would have better reaction times than humans, especially humans that are disoriented. If every car was on the same program, there would be no error. It would make driving very safe and prevent many accidents.

    2.This car could change the perspective of driverless cars. With hackers able to do this to cars, they could possibly danger everyone who is driving and cause a huge accident. These cars could be used for terrorist attacks, like car bombs. Hacking a car can put everyone on the road in danger.

    3. I think Car makers will come out on top. They would have to be smarter than the hackers, and think of everything the hackers would try and target. They could hire white hat hackers to hack their own car and then fix it. It's very similar to a computer. I think they will become more mainstream in 20 years. The world is not ready for driverless cars.

    4. Flying cars would be very similar to airplanes. I don't think flying cars will ever be mainstream. They will be treated as airplanes than cars, and they may be banned in certain areas.

  18. 1. This is pretty sweet in my opinion. You can still drive yourself in case of an emergency (childbirth, accident, malfunction of the program/car, etc.) and it's still legal. This makes those tedious drives to work through rush hour much less "tedious" you would still have to wait a while, but you wouldn't have to be actively driving in that parking lot of cars.
    2. It's scary to think someone can literally hack your car and gain full control of it, even while you are still in it. The car itself seems pretty cool to be able to have something similar to a remote control to drive it (but really, how is a remote control to drive a car helpful?). It makes me unsafe and unsure about automated cars and to just stay with people directly driving. The only thing that redeems automated cars from this, is to just look at all the drivers around you. I notice that most of the drivers near me are pretty bad and i can drive better, even with only a permit (soon).
    3. Car makers would win. They have more resources, and more publicity than hackers do. I think autonomous cars will be legal in all states in 2-6 years. Kinda general/vague, but I ain't no psychic.
    4. Flying cars kinda seem stupid to me. They would just be miniature planes/jets at that point and would cost just as much as one. The gas would be absolutely devastating, rendering them useless to the vast majority of the public, and it would be better to just buy a plane instead. If flying cars will be made, they're just another variant of a plane and most likely wont get very far.

  19. 1. Self-driving cars will change the concept of driving altogether. It is a whole new idea. When automobiles first came out, everyone associated driving with drivers. No one could believe that cars that could drive themselves could one day exist. This affects me personally because I am about to start driving soon. I am sixteen years old, and I believe the required age is fifteen and a half. The idea of a car driving me around is both extremely convenient, but scary as well. The idea of a car that can drive itself and calculate all of the precautions and accidents is beyond impressive.
    2. This makes me reconsider my opinion on cars that can control themselves. The cool part of this is that you can drive your own car with your phone. However, the threat of someone else taking over far outweighs this small mobile controlling convenience. If hackers have the ability to hack into my car and manipulate my car's movements, chances are that I'm going to want a new car. Hackers who can change your car's movements have the ability to take your life, and that is a risk that I'm not willing to take by using this car.
    3. Car 1 will win. There has always been a danger of driving on the road. Whether if that's with another person who can be a reckless driver and crash into you or a hacker who can make you crash. The fact that Google has close to unlimited resources gives them the benefit of the doubt. They are extremely experienced and they are slowly mastering this process. I have confidence that they will find all of the glitches that could allow a hacker to take control of your car and prevent them. As time goes on, Google will only prevent the possible-problems. Hackers will try, but Google will overall win. In my opinion, they should install a master-override inside of the car that will allow to to take manual control at the push of a button. I'm guessing that they will be accessible to the public in about 10 years, that is, if enough people trust the self-driving cars and Google invests enough time and resources into the idea.
    4. Flying cars is a whole different story. I can see them happening as long as the idea of self-driving cars succeed and there is enough need and resources devoted to research of flying cars. People will have to feel completely safe in them. Flying cars can happen with enough research, which will take a lot of time and devotion.

  20. 1: A car of this type could very easily revolutionize the modern action of everyday driving. With such advanced cars as these, many new possibilities are opened up for the general public to have access to. The question still remains, though, of whether or not the integration of these cars would be accepted by today's society.

    2: Because I do not drive myself yet, this wouldn't affect much about my life. However, because my parents are driving and I am often driven around by them and my friends. If this change were successful, it would definitely save time and effort throughout my everyday life.

    3: While the car makers do have more resources (including money) at their disposal, they are equivalent in terms of ingenuity to the car hackers. Both groups of people are using their ideas to benefit the general public, causing them to both be viewed in a good light. Overall, I believe that it is the car hackers that will have the biggest affect on the lives of the general public.

    4: Flying cars are a very interesting idea, but until they are put into normal use I am unable to tell whether they would have more positive or more negative effects. Until then, I must simply speculate.

  21. 1.It allows everyone to drive a car even 10 year olds. This will reduce accidents and the death toll on cars. In the future I will be driven around by a robot.

    2. It will change the overall feel of driving and how people do it. I don't think it will effect me personally.

    3. I think the car makers will win just due to money but it will be a very fierce battle. I think self driving cars will take a little longer to come out, maybe 5-10 years down the road.

    4. They already made a flying car you just have to put on the wings. But flying cars havent be mainstreamed and i think wont be in 10-20 years.

  22. 1. Personally I think it's good, there are to many bad drivers out there, so a car that helps drives!? It's perfect! It somewhat and at the same time it will, I'd rather walk to places mainly because I'm scard of driving, but if I had a fancy car, I would be even more fancy than I already am. Only the future can tell whether I would need this technology or not.

    2. Maybe for some people it makes it easier for people to drive on a device rather than an actual car, this hack could be put to good use rather than having it be looked at negatively.

    3. Hackers for sure, no matter what there is always that one hacker who knows what to do and everything gets hacked into. I'm pretty sure there will be self driving cars, I see to many bad drivers, it will all eventually lead to almost everyone using self driving ones.

    4. I really could care less about flying cars, everyone wants flying cars, but whats so great about them? Oh ya they float above the ground, so what so does an airplane or a AC helicopter, big deal. No one knows whats to come of the future, how do we know it's really flying cars? No one knows.

  23. 1. I think this technology will obviously help stop crashes especially with teen drivers because most teen drivers get to distracted to easily
    2. If all Americans saw these articles they would all panic and not drive cars anymore while that’s good for the planet it would take you 1 and a half days to get from here to gilbert instead of 30min so I don't think this would ease driving for anyone knowing someone could hack their car
    3. Car #1 will win while car #2 has more recourses. In the next 2-5 years I think self driving cars will be a thing I think that eventually the government or someone else will convince/make everyone use self driving cars because it will stop more car crashes
    4. Flying cars? I don't think that flying cars will happen in this century because there would be to many crashes and I think physics would be a problem too even if we do/did have flying cars they would be much to expensive.

  24. 1. I think this technology will obviously help stop crashes especially with teen drivers because most teen drivers get to distracted to easily
    2. If all Americans saw these articles they would all panic and not drive cars anymore while that’s good for the planet it would take you 1 and a half days to get from here to gilbert instead of 30min so I don't think this would ease driving for anyone knowing someone could hack their car
    3. Car #1 will win while car #2 has more recourses. In the next 2-5 years I think self driving cars will be a thing I think that eventually the government or someone else will convince/make everyone use self driving cars because it will stop more car crashes
    4. Flying cars? I don't think that flying cars will happen in this century because there would be to many crashes and I think physics would be a problem too even if we do/did have flying cars they would be much to expensive.

  25. 1. Autonomous cars will be changing to evolution of cars so that there is no longer a need to learn how to drive. In result, significantly less car crashes will happen. This technology is a little frightening, having a robotic car drive you to work. But nonetheless, it can become very successful and popular.

    2. This kind of driving is much more dangerous than the car I looked at before. It is a lot like playing a videogame on your phone; you can drive the car using a small screen. It is a possibility that it could get into the hands of young children, mistaking that they are actually controlling a car.

    3. The Google self-driving car will be the most successful on the road with its safe technology. Compared to car hacking, it is safer. I can guess that it will become mainstream within the next 15 years, if not sooner.

    4. Flying cars, now that I think about it, will probably never happen. Physically, cars today have no possible chance of lifting off of the ground. They are just too heavy. But if this did happen, it would be right to guess that one will cost millions of dollars.

  26. 1.) I think that there are some people who would willingly embrace the autonomous cars so that while it's driving they can do something else, though there are some people who may take some time to come to terms with the auto drive cars.
    2.) Car #2 seems to be nothing but bad news, with each article listed it explains how simple it is to hack into and cause problems, which can lead to serious casualties if the person hacking it is using it for that very reason. I think it would be best to not put so much computing into cars so that hacking won't be as easy as it would be if it had more computing systems in it.
    3.) I am not too sure which side would win, because even though the car makers seem to have more resources, all that can easily be undone by a hacker with destructive purposes. I think that the Autonomous Cars will eventually appear on the roads, though I have mixed thoughts about it, seeing as how easy it is to hack into them yet they can also be used when a person doesn't have all their senses with them, such as if they are tired and such other things.
    4.) I think that flying cars is an intriguing idea, and that it would be interesting to see something like the cars from the Back to the Future movies in this time frame, with cars that can either enter flight or drive like regular cars at the operator's choosing.

  27. 1. First of all, there wont be many people "driving" them. For a car so amazing, the price would have to be huge (Same with Glass). It will also cause controversy regarding safety, and who's at fault in the case of an accident. And as usually there will be people complaining how we rely on technology too much. It affects my future, when people may not need "manual" cars anymore.

    2. There is nothing good to say about this car after watching the videos and reading the articles. Basically, the cars internal computers are extremely vulnerable to damage/hacking. Hackers could have people's cars kidnap them without (the hackers) having to even get in the car. Or worse, people could die. This affects me because I might have a car as vulnerable as this, and I might not even know it.

    3. I'd say Car Makers would win in the long run because they have the funding and genius of Google to back them up. I'm sure there will be major attacks, but I have faith that the problems will be dealt. If anything autonomous cars would come into big play in 10+ years. These are beyond luxury.

    4. Flying cars? Sure. Just duct tape a propeller or two to the top of your favorite Smart Car and watch it take off. But honestly, I don't see it happening for a while. (That means a long time)

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  29. 1. I had an idea of self driving cars. All the cars would be connected, like the internet of things, and tell where each other were so they could easily avoid collision. However Google captured the idea better. For instance, these cars have built in sensors in case they run into a none vehicular object, like a pedestrian or wild life. I believe these cars will be very popular, now people can check their Facebook SAFELY.

    2. I thought it was something Genyes worthy that these guys used an iPhone to drive an actual car! It would be a super fun app to have. But like our discussion about why Hackers are immediately looked down on by society because of hacking attacks. So the general audience wouldn't be very interested in this car. Also the damage terrorists could do with this technology, would be devastating.

    3. Car 1, in my opinion, has most funding and positive backing from society. It doesn't involve hacking, and the general public enjoys being able to be hands free while driving. I cannot wait for this technology to escape prototypes and be for sale on the streets.

    4. Since Star Wars episode 2 I was so excited for flying cars to be a real life thing. However I do not see Flying cars showing up anytime soon. I'm not referring to floating hovercrafts. I think the closest we'll get to flying cars is a vehicle that can take off and fly long distances to other states, then land and be on the road, this would reduce time on highways. I don't think this idea would work because gas prices would only get more worse.1. I had an idea of self driving cars. All the cars would be connected, like the internet of things, and tell where each other were so they could easily avoid collision. However Google captured the idea better. For instance, these cars have built in sensors in case they run into a none vehicular object, like a pedestrian or wild life. I believe these cars will be very popular, now people can check their Facebook SAFELY.

  30. 1) The fact that a car can drive itself is very comforting. It will help people who are blind or cant drive get to locations faster and safely. This will be an amazing product and it will make the world a better place.
    2) This car feels more like a luxury car and not more for protection. But it is a great car it will do well in the market
    3) I believe Car #1 will be better and sell more cars. It was made by google and and for that it will get more hype and more people will check it out and trust it. I think these cars are going to be all over the world.
    4) Flying cars are unsafe and i believe if we continue are knowledge we will find something safe and usable but for now i dont believe we will have any soon.

  31. 1.) Having auto driving technology like car one will be pretty cool actually because we can just get in and place an address and boom you’re on the road to high tech. But it can also change how people act and have different attitudes because you wont have the joy to drive a car, Plus driving can be fun.. Sometime.... Also having robots to drive and such there will be a lot of people having job issues because they won't be any cops, buses and or cabs.. So we humans need to be careful on what we make automated because of job issues and jobless people. Plus I don't think it will be healthy that robots will be doing EVERYTHING for us and it might cause a major health issue.. But back to the point. In my own personal opinion I think this robot car thing for Google will be cool. Also having passengers in a robot car will be kinda tricky because all the mechanics to have room and those are actually pretty BIG!
    2.) The technology in car 2 will kinda change me in trusting the robots because like the video these robots can be easily hacked and use to harm people. I would not get near a robot car if they can be easily controlled by the enemy. The main thing im trying to say is that I wont trust cars that get controlled by a robot/computer because of danger of getting hacked.
    3.) In my opinion car makers 1 will win in this because they are trusted and they have been proved and actually been in action before. The car hackers are actually a little bit scary because they HACK cars to work, You know hacks can sometimes fail and end up of a result of disaster or destruction. So if I were to choose wich I would trust I would go with google car 1, because like I said they have actually been in action before and been tested a lot more than being HACKED!
    4.) Flying cars! WOW! I would really like to see cars FLY! But there will be a downside of that because what if they get hacked and be used as suicide bombers to destroy things. I would like to have one and be a total boss and stuff but I would not like them to be easily vulnerable to hackers. I would use on if they made sure that its hack proof.


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