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(S7) Wearable Technologies


1.  Visit all the links above.  Describe a wearable technology device in use today.  How has this device changed the standard of living?  As always, please do not post any repeats.

2.  Research, find and describe a wearable technology that is in development that we know very little or nothing about.  It would be cool if you could find something that would be unbelievable if it is launched!  Surprise us with your unusual wearable tech discovery!  

3.  What is your general feeling about all of this?  What devices would you buy if you had the money?  How will it affect your life?  Will technology separate classes of people?  Improve it? What are the social implications.  There are many philosophical questions here. Think about the possibilities, that wearable technology may not only be about trendy fashion or being connected.   Business advantages.   Sports.   Global awareness.   Health.   Super Humans vs. Common Man.   Answer thoughtfully.


  1. 1- The two current types of wearable devices out today are the Google Glass, which are quite large in the eyes of the public, and the samsung galaxy gear watch. Given that the only of these two devices that I personally have had access to is the watch, and from what I have heard from glass, their impact is small. The watch is cool to have but it pretty much just extends your phone to something you wear on your wrist. And google glass really is still buggy and in development. Both have great ideas going for them though.
    2- For other people going though on the blog, i found this website to be helpful in finding things for this question.
    As for the device that stood out to me with very little social media attention or knowledge is the Bluetooth wireless headphones. This is something that I ALWAYS wanted when I was little and first was exposed the the Bluetooth head sets that my parents used for work. This device is called the DASH, the worlds first smart headphone. With up to 4gbs of free space for music as well as interaction with the cloud, this device is a really cool, water resistant, wearable tech piece. But Thats not even the coolest part. There are different settings that allow you to be almost super human. The headsets monitor your actions, allow you to cancel out sound, or amplify it, so you can be more attune to your surroundings.
    3- I think that wearable tech has always been the future of technology. In games and movies and even TV shows based on the future, it is what people saw, and hoped for. If I really had money to spend, i would get the three devices i mentioned. It would make a perfect combo, sight (glass), hearing (dash), and communication (watch). I do not think that with these devices, devices made to better human interaction and allow for easier access to who you see and meet, would harm and philosophical part of human life or interaction. The possibility's for these devices are endless and only really just beginning. I cant wait for what the world has in store for us in the upcoming decade.

  2. I was still editing this when you did it! Very funny! Yes I included that link and then thought I should only ask for 1 current wearable tech. So pick one instead of two.

  3. 1. The myo armband is innovative and new and amazing. It detects electrical pulses given off by your muscles when they flex and can tell when and what finger or arm is moving and the direction in which it is facing.

    2. Triton Rebreather. It allows you to breathe underwater. The website isnt very clear how it works but it looks really interesting.

    3. I'll finish later im flippin tired

    1. I feel that wearable tech is a very cool concept and will lead to new technologies making being James Bond more and more realistic. The best part about this is that we don't have to wait. It's not a concept anymore, it is a reality. I would buy most of the wearable tech out today if I had the money but the Triton Rebreather just looks so insanely cool. I mean scuba diving without the bothersome 20 pound tank on your back is a HUGE improvement. Socially if you see a man dressed in a suit, wearing Google Glass, an Android watch, and a Myo armband with a bluetooth earpiece sticking out of his ear you are going to assume that he has money. Wearable tech is most likely going to become some huge industry because everyone is going to want the latest and greatest.

  4. 1. The shoes look very interesting they seem as they will change the world drastically by them being shoes and being a new technology.

    2.The blue tooth which a lot of people know about are very awesome as you can use them in many different devices such as the Playstation and many phones. These seem very cool as I used a blue tooth device before.

    3. This doesnt really affect my grade as I dont use a lot of wearable technologies I only use headphones and headsets. So yea......................................

  5. 1. Possible the biggest and easiest wearable technology to get your hands on in the smart watch. Even though there are various types circling around, the main one that people notice is the Samsung Smart watch which allows you to answer your phone, take pictures, and even check the time!

    2. Going back to something that is talked about quite often in GenYES, I think the Sixth-Sense device would be awesome if it was released to the general public in a device that the consumer could use on a daily basis. Not the Google Glass that everyone talks about, but a device that you could manipulate with your hands.

    3. I love the idea of wearable technology, already people pretty much "wear" their cellphones as they take them everywhere they go. However wearable technology such as the Google Glass invites users to go out into the world to capture something cool that they can share with others. Wearable technology will allow employees to work more efficiently as devices that they need will be readily available.

  6. 1. The only technology I know of that we have that are like that are the Google Glass and the Galaxy Gear. The way that these devices will change how we live today are completely up to the users. Google Glass could lean to being manly use for say you tube videos or live feeds on certain jobs that require both hands to complete and it could assist the workers by having someone give them instructions through the Glass. The Galaxy Gear I can see being used more for recreational use and for some business jobs. Both of these devices are definitely going to be in are future as devices we will use regularly.

    2. The future dog technology being developed I think this is going to be something interesting to see come out in later years. Its not as though I think this technology is going to be incredibly popular but I can see it being popular with people who take their dogs mountain climbing who could lose them easily.

    3. I mostly use headphones but the oculus rift is definitely something I would spend money on because its a product ive been wanting for quite some time the idea of being able to see through a video game characters eyes has always been something I really wanted to do so you can bet im buying one when its fully released.

  7. 1. Google Glass is an amazing device. It is similar to a HUD (Heads Up Display) in video games, but in real life. It can do lots of tasks for you and makes otherwise tedious tasks, easier.

    2. The virtuix omni ( puts you even further into the virtual reality world. This, combined with an oculus rift and say a remote gun controller, and you are practically completely INSIDE the video game! It lets you move in any direction, without actually moving and not tripping, and it makes you move in the game as well. The Oculus Rift lets you turn your head with very good calibration and even better realism (depending on the game).

    3. If I had the money, I would buy every wearable technology there was. If not, I would get the 3 things i listed, Google Glass, the Omni, and the Oculus Rift. I love the thought of virtual reality and hope i may be able to contribute to the VR world later on in life. Augmented reality is pretty cool too like Google Glass and it seems it can prove to be VERY helpful, but I still think Virtual Reality is better and more fun. For instance in construction, you can have a 3D blueprint in some AR glasses that actually shows what the building should look like and the infrastructure of the building.

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  8. 1.) The Oculus Rift is a device that allows you to play games as if you are the character. In deeper meaning it follows your head movements and turn the view when you turn your head. It has changed the gaming world for gamers.

    2.) I found this idea on ( ) and the idea is clothing that is solar powered and you can plug in your device and it will charged it up to %50 if you are in the sun for an hour. This would be a great product for people that live in desserts or over places that get large amounts of time in the sun.

    1.) I feel like the more we move towards technology the less we will do and we will become lazier with the more products that come out until we fully rely on technology
    2.) I would buy the Triton ReBreather
    3.) Yes, it will separate the people who like technology from the people who prefer books and hands on people.
    4.) I would make it more active and stuff like the clothing i talked about where you have to be outside.
    5.) They are making products like Google Glass that allow you to talk and not have to use your hands and makes daily life safer so both hands can be on the wheel.

  9. 1.) The Pebble Watch began the wear technology age. The Pebble Watch offers a simple and sleek design that allows the user comfort and easy notification accessibility. In fact, it is the Pebble's success that initiated the Galaxy Gear development.
    The Pebble is a wearable watch that wirelessly connects to a compatible phone (all android and apple products that support bluetooth). The Pebble has a small screen almost identical in size of the galazy gear, that displays the connected phones notifications. Although the Pebble has been out for a few years now, it has much of the modern features the Google Galaxy Gear does.

    2.) Cynaps V2 is a wearable hat which incorperates bone conductor technology that allows for crystal clean audio transmitted through bones. The Google Glass Explorer edition has the same feature, but Google claims it will be replaced in later models. Cynaps V2 link:

    3.) I love wearable technology, and I hope to see future development on it. If I had the money, I would buy Google Glass and Galaxy Gear. It will make my life much easier by saving time from not having to pull my phone out of my pocket everytime I feel it vibrate. Wearable technology will affect the society by possibly tracing your location at all times, faster media streaming, etc.

  10. 1.) The Oculus Rift Gaming Headset is a headset that goes over your face , mainly your eyes and its basically like a mini monitor on your face. Overpriced but really cool. How has this changed the standard of living? Not much at all , but we've never seen anything like it before hand.

    2.) Kinetik-San Francisco. The kinetik-San Francisco is basically a backup battery charge for your phone. I can plug into a USB port and will sync into your phone and give it 100 percent charge after about 30 seconds. Pretty cool.

    3.) general feeling? decent, i don't know how to answer that really. I would totally buy the Kinetik-San Francisco for sure mang. I would use it when I am low of battery charge and have full battery. I t might change people, I don't know. it has no social implications. Possibilities? It would be god for fashion, Business, and maybe global awareness.

  11. 1. There are gloves made for gaming. They have sensors along the fingers and the fingertips. You can tap the thumb sensor to one of the other sensors to press a button or hotkey. It would really help gamers with fast reflex instead of reaching across the keyboard.

    2. There are Radio Frequency identification tags that are implanted into peoples hands or arms and can be used for many things. People could use them for keyless entry to his car, house, and computer.

    3. I think it is crazy how fast technology is created and the next idea is brought up. I would buy a wearable watch and use it for music and other quick and easy stuff. It would help me very much with smaller tasks I can do even faster. I believe it would separate the rich from the poor, as do smart phones already do.

  12. 1. A type of glove that has been created to call people with has been created called the glove one. Though this glove is not like a regular glove it doesn't keep your hand warm though since it looks to be made of plastic and there are many openings in the glove part. This glove is used as a mobile phone with the speaker on the thumb and the microphone on the pinky to allow the person using it to use it as a regular phone would as they receive and make calls. This device allows people to have a phone on their hand at all time so they don't even need to pull a phone out they already have a phone ready to use.

    2. The Fin device is very under heard of since it would be of use to many people because it has to do with using devices like smartphones faster. This device syncs up to a device you have via bluetooth and you can use it to control the devices by only using swipes and taps. Also they included an app to allow the user to create a custom gesture that they can use if they are easier. Fin already has five pre programmed gestures for the user to go off of. It can sync up to three different devices at a time such as a smartphone, car radio, smart tv etc.

    3. I think more wearable technology should be made since it does drastically help people with their daily lives or have an important role in someones life. I would most likely buy some kind of technology that goes on my hand that helps keep my hand from hurting as much when I'm writing or a kind of pad for my heels since I have inflamed heels and certain kinds of foot pads help it from not burning 24/7. Though this technology might separate classes of people since the richer people may be able to buy the more expensive quality items and then outcast the lower class because they don't have the same benefits as them. Though in some cases the class separation may improve since right now there are not many choices for wearable technologies so they will be using the same thing as everyone else.

  13. 1. I am extremely interested by the Ultimate Smart watches. The Neptune Pine for example can completely replace the smartphone. It has an integrated mobile network connection. It can run all kinds of Android apps on Google play and it has a built-in on-screen keyboard. It even has a camera, GPS, and pedometer. Kreyos is a watch that has a mid-sized LCD screen and advanced interaction capabilities.
    2. While researching, I found a robotic hand that has feeling. Artificial hands allow the wearer to feel the objects they are touching/holding. The person who is using the robotic hand can now feel varying degrees of pressure thanks to an implant that connects with the nerves in their arm. It is called the Lifehand 2.
    3. I think both of these discoveries are great. The smart watches are great for how portable and small they are. The robotic hand is great for people who lose a hand and require something to help them out. If I had the money, I would buy the Neptune Pine. It would make my life so much easier! I would take it everywhere. It would help me in school, help me answer questions to land a job, help me with my fitness, and give me on-the-go research for eating healthy.

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    2. 11/10 A+ Super Duper Perfect Gamepoint Extra Credit

  14. 1. For the eyes, the technology I chose was the Oculus Rift. which is a head-mounted pair of "goggles" that have two displays on the inside that allow the user to experience virtual reality. The user's head movements influence the screen movements as well, to further make the user feel as though they are in the program. For the health tech, I chose the Basis smartwatch, which has advanced sensors that allow the user to keep track of heart rate, motion, calories burned, levels of sweat, and even skin temperature, which is really good for athletes.

    2. There is a glove that has been created that has number keys on the underside of the fingers, a speaker and a microphone in the thumb and pinky, and a slot for a sim card to make calls. It will not be for sale but instructions to make your own can be found here:

    3. I feel wonderful about wearable technology, and if I had the money, I'd buy an Oculus Rift, because I've used one before and it is simply amazing. It wouldn't quite affect my life in the sense that it will affect my life outside of playing video games or some other form of interactive entertainment. It will separate classes of people, I think, because someone who is richer than another will most likely be strapped to the teeth (quite literally) with technology, whereas someone who isn't as rich won't be quite as decked out and someone could possibly see someone not wearing as much and look down on them, creating a more distinct distinction between classes of people.


  15. 1: One of the major advancements that has been occurring in recent times is the implementation of technological devices into bits of jewelry. Many rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other everyday wearable items are having Bluetooth devices placed into them, which adds to the uses for these items in everyday life.

    2: I found the technology called "future dog," a wearable technology worn by your pet that is able to give you various pieces of information. The site says "Considering the numerous new wearable that have been released lately it was only a matter of time before our best friends got their own," which I find very truthful when you look at the boom in wearable technology advancements in recent years. It was only a matter of time before they were available for dogs too.

    3: Wearable technologies are just simply another way of integrating technology into our lives each day to make us more efficient and allow for tasks to be completed with greater ease. They are very interesting, and if I had the money for them at my disposal, I would definitely be willing to try them out. I feel that I would find them to be very useful in my life each day.

  16. 1. Google Gass is a recent technology that is basically a less impedetive take on a cell phone. By that I mean that you can wear them on your face and use them like a phone, but your hands are free to use otherwise.

    2. The Glove One is a cell phone that that you wear on your hand. It lets its user make calls without the inconvenience of having to carry their phones everywhere. It has number keys underneath it that let its user type in the numbers, and it has a slot for a SIM card on top of it.

    3. I know that If I had the money to afford these new and upcoming technologies I wouldn't hesitate to purchase them. I love how people innovate and change what we have into things I never thought possible. I don't know how these technologies would affect my life but I would like to think that they would only make it better to some degree.

  17. 1. Some quirky little invention is a wearable shoe with a built in phone on the bottom. This way, if you ever get lost or need an emergency call, you can whip off your shoe and call the nearest pizza place because you got hungry on your walk!

    2. There is a Narrative Clip, which is an experiment in the making, that is a small clip worn on a shirt or blouse, and takes a picture every 30 seconds. The tiny camera is used to record every day events or even special moments, allowing everyone to have a photographic memory.

    3. I think if the Narrative Clip was actually released, I would buy it. It would be nice to capture those moments you're just not ready for because they happen so suddenly. It would be a VERY handy object for remembering anything during the day and trying to study for tests in school.

  18. 1. The emotiv technology allows for people in wheel chairs too automatically move the wheel chair with there mind!( This is very good for people that are paralized. THIS IS NOT FOR LAZY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I was really interested in this (Coming soon to a Nordstrom, Kohl’s, or REI near you will be synthetic pants that capture body heat and recharge your cell phones. Ski goggles that monitor how much air time you get when launching a 360 tail-grab while boarding the slopes. And pressure-sensing gloves that monitor your golf swings.) because it has all sorts of new things coming. I believe that this will be good for the future. Just imagine a world where your close tell you the time and are voice activated. They could connect to an eye piece that is projected into only there eyes.

    3.What is your general feeling about all of this? What devices would you buy if you had the money? How will it affect your life? Will technology separate classes of people? Improve it? What are the social implications. There are many philosophical questions here. Think about the possibilities, that wearable technology may not only be about trendy fashion or being connected. Business advantages. Sports. Global awareness. Health. Super Humans vs. Common Man. Answer thoughtfully.
    ANSWER: I feel that wearable technology is great for the future. even better than Google glass because it applies to your life more. If it could tell you your heart rate, calories, posture, and heat. If I had the money I would get a full set of each type of these clothes for every need. This should be integrated into everyone lives. This could have problems with poor people and it would separate the rich from the poor even more. There wouldn;t be a super human factor here though. I couldn't imagine those type of clothes.

  19. 1. Sixth Sense. The Sixth Sense is a device anyone can make. It's a wearable projector and a laptop to project and use the projected image to do anything you would do on the laptop.

    2. I wanted to think outside the box and use technology from a video game that seems like it would be created sometime in the future. Muramasa's sheath The Demon Blade, it's a sword sheath with a rifle mechanism, a trigger is under the hilt and when pressed it launches in the air allowing lightning fast quick draw attacks. A technology developed and used by Jet Stream Sam. Who also wields the HF Muramasa Blade, which is already terrifyingly lethal and with the lightning fast quick draws reducing anyone's chances of survival 0.

    3. Only wearable technology that would ever impact me would be a replica Muramasa's sheath or Nerve Gear. Which is a gaming helmet that brings your senses to the video game world.

  20. 1.)A new invention that I think is cool is the bio stamp and what it does is it takes your heart beat and other stuff like that then can send it to your doctor instantaneously so your doctor knows how you are doing the bio stamp is similar to a temporary tattoo you can stretch your body out or squish your body together and it's still there
    2.)Trackable Couture this cool tracking chip was made by Asher Lavine alnog with Bluetooth solutions co. to make a chip that tracks your clothes
    finish later

    1. 2.)the chip makes it easier for Asher Lavine to find certain pieces of clothing in his massive closet he just uses his app and boom he knows where it is. I wouldn't want to steal his clothes, just kidding. (
      3.)I think this is cool they way technology has advanced to a point were I can answer a call from my watch or use that emergency phone on the bottom of my foot cause my phone is dead. The only real thing like that I would want would have to be the shoe phone just cause my phone does die an awful lot

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  22. 1. Hearing aids is a good example of wearable technology. They allow people to hear better than they normally would. Many people wear this technology on a regular basis.

    2. The 'Smart' Helmet is a motercycle helmet that lets you see in all directions without looking behind you. This will be a lot safer than regular helmets because you will be more aware of your surroundings.

    4. If I were to buy a motorcycle I would definitely need this. Overall I would be more safe and not prone to crash. This would be a huge help to the already growing motorcycle community.

  23. 1) well one piece of warble tech that i personally wear everyday that i think is beneficial is my fitness, It is made by Fitbit and it has about a 3-4th inch display that gives information about my everyday activity and has personally helped me.
    2) there has been talk about this idea of a biological stamp that sits on the surface of the skin that acts like fitness band and much much more, it is a big step because it would flex with the shape of ones body
    3) i think it is too son to decide what tech i will choose to have as a part of my life and body, but no i dont think i will cause any class separation of any kind, i think in time it will become more than just a social statement but it as of right now that is really all it is.

  24. 1) Wearable tracking (GPS) tech. This is used to find children or people that have gone astray in a large crowd or something else like that. This has helped save a lot of headache and heartache of losing someone and not being able to find it.

    2) The bio stamp is very cool, being able to monitor someone vitals and such and sending them instantly to someone who can do something about it (doctors or EMTs) and could possibly save someone live in the near future.

    3) if i could buy the biostamp i would because of my breathing problems. This tech could be improved to be in sports by monitoring how some one is taking hits and improve pads and such based on how someones body is being effected by the hits sustained in football and other sports

  25. 1.) Smart dashboards: a dashboard on your car that is completely hooked up with your smartphones and other kinds of technology. this would change the standard of living by upping the number of car accidents by at least 50% because people are idiots.

    2.) Ovi by nokia, is a fully touch phone, when i mean full touch i mean that the whole phone is touch screen which is really cool.

    3.) if i could buy google glass i would because i could see it helping me in everyday things.

  26. 1. Reality Mediators prevent laziness, the wearer receives electric shocks when their brainwave activity becomes too low. This has only been used by a few people (for obvious reasons) but it's been proven to increase brain activity and critical thinking.

    2. The Cefaly Headband is a battery powered device that may prevent migraine headaches. My this is revolutionary to people who suffer from migraines (my mother included) and would be amazing to own if it got released.

    3. I would definitely buy the Oculus Rift if I had the cash. I feel it's a big step in the right direction for gaming and I would love to be apart of that step. Gaming is my life after all, so anything revolutionary that's revolutionary to me most of the time has to do with gaming.

  27. 1) UP24 Wrist Bands by a company called Jawbone seem to be pretty interesting. It's a band you're meant to put on and forget. It continuously tracks your movement- day and night. Upon opening your connected smartphone app, you're presented with "Insights," little tips as to what the wrist band has noticed you've been doing well, or maybe not so well.
    2) Recently, the safety of bicyclists have come up often in other countries. A company called Murat Oscan has plans to create a biker's glove that can sense when the rider is making a turn, and emits a warning light to act almost like the blinker on a car.
    3) I believe these technologies are really fascinating and they seem to have the potential to help many people greatly. From reducing deaths to even making us healthier as a nation, wearable technologies are something I would be glad to see in the future.

  28. 1. A headset called The Avegant Glyph is a wearable technology that u can use as a headset or a indoor movie theater, it projects movies on a screen which lets you watch what you please. It changed how we live because people started to see how wearable technologies effect the community around them and what benefits comes from these technologies which help make life easy.

    2. The curved touch interfaces for cars is a technology that is being developed to change the way drivers interact with their cars. It is being designed to control all the buttons that a normal car interior
    would have today on a interface panel that can have a touchscreen which controls all those buttons on one device.

    3. I feel that these technologies are going to be a big great impact on our society and i feel that they need to come out with more high tech wearable devices to make the world an easier place to live in. Many of these technologies are very interesting, I would like to see more of them online and find out what each one does. Some of these technologies could help pro sport players with their heath and how much they are working out each day so they can keep up with their fitness throughout their carrier.

  29. 1.)A wearable technology is the Samsung galaxy S 4 watch. It is a watch that you can use to talk to people like in those spy movies. It changes how we live by making us really lazy to the point we don't even need to pull our phone out of our pocket.
    2.) There are people coming out with a ring that you can open your phone with. You need the ring to be able to open the phone and to use the phone do anything to the phone.
    3.)If these wearable technology's came out in this next year i would buy them if I had the money because I think that they will be really useful. I would love to own the ring phone opener that is the first thing i would buy then I would start inventing.

  30. 1. A finger glove called “The Thimble” it has an optical scanner in the tip and connects to smartphones via bluetooth. When something needs to be read, the wearer moves his index finger over the matter to be scanned and the data is sent to the smartphone it is linked with.

    2. One I heard was in development was for military usage, I haven’t heard much about it recently because it is most likely classified but the idea was to have body armor that has microscreens on one side and cameras on the other, making soldiers invisible in combat. A type of stealth technology. It’s really mind boggling to even think about much less to make it.

    3. In my opinion I like the wearable tech. The idea of technology being used to improve our daily lives is a nice notion, as long as our individuality isn’t compromised I like it. I would probably buy a watch that can do almost everything an iPhone can except call and text. It would be convenient to be able to check stocks and see the weather from my watch, along with my reminders and daily schedule. Although every rose has it’s thorn so it would behoove us to not just look at the advantages the tech but also the disadvantages it could have in regards to privacy.

  31. 1. Google Glass is like a little computer and recorder within glasses. although it is already out, it is pretty expensive. Costing $1500 to $2000, it is still popular. people post youtube videos of their experiences out in the world.
    2. Eidos is a wearable sensory augmentation equipment that enhances our five senses. There is a mask version for taste, smell, and hearing. The mask that fits over the mouth and ears features a directional microphone to capture audio. The sound is transmitted directly to the inner ear to make it seem as if someone else’s speech is coming from inside your own head. The second mask, which fits over the eyes, adds visual effects to the wearer’s range of vision, and can analyze visual data. That data is sent to a computer, where it is processed to show movements invisible to the naked eye.
    3. This kind of technology, as in wearable tech, will be popular is the near future for sure. If Google Glass prices are even lowered a few hundred dollars, many more people will be purchasing it. a computer and camera worn on your head? What is in store for the future?

  32. 1.) While I do not have a name for this piece of technology, my parents showed me a video of a person who had a paralyzed arm, she was able to move it with the use of a robotic arm type thing that goes on her hand and she was able to use her paralyzed arm.
    2.) There doesn't appear to be any wearable techs that seem at all interesting to me at the current moment in time that are under development.
    3.) Ever since I was maybe 4 or 5 years old and seen a Transformers movie that had a kid in a type of Exo-Suit I have always been interested in wearable technology (and most of technology for that matter), although the wearable techs listed in the links don't appear anything as great as I would have hoped for/imagined, although that is primarily because of the current time frame. Adding wearable techs might separate people even more because there will be that added to the long list of the types of society.

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