Monday, March 3, 2014

(S6) Keyboarding

Schools used to teach typing.
Now it is being phased out.  What happened?

1.  Why do you think this school subject has generally been discontinued across the nation?  Do you agree or disagree? What does the research say about this?

2.  Texting vs Typing.  What's the difference?  What do you do most often? What type of keyboarding do you use when you are on a computer?

3.  How many words per minute (WPM) do you type?  Go here:  Fast fingers

4.  Check out this new technology: the Fleksy Keyboard.   You try out Fleksy!  What do you think?  WATCH the movie → What is the Fleksy Keyboard?  Movie → Install it and describe your experience!


  1. 1. The typing classes may have discontinued because of the loss of interest in students. Yeah, that kind of class could be useful if you're going into a field that requires some typing skills, but most jobs don't need you to have to be able to type fast.
    2. While typing is you know, on the computer, texting is on a much smaller device. Because I am a loser and no one ever texts me on my dumb phone, I'm always on the computer. At home, we have a Logitech keyboard.
    3. I can get 58 so...
    4. It's better than the usual, as in the layout is better because it has the regular keyboard layout.

  2. 1) Most schools have probably stopped teaching to type because there is really no class designed for typing. If it's not a requirement of the school, they will usually not teach it.

    2) Texting mostly involves your thumbs and really depends on how wide the keyboard is. You usually just get used to your particular keyboard, but when typing on a computer, keyboards are more or less the same size. I most often type because i have more interaction with computers.

    3) I can type about 41 words per minute due to the fact that I have to look down at the keyboard while typing.

    4) It seems like a really simple keyboard that can easily teach people how to type. It's so simple that there is no way to mess up while typing because it auto-corrects every word.

  3. 1. I think the reason schools are not offering this subject is because typing is something everyone does. It is in almost every class and people learn it early. I agree, typing isn't something that should be perfected, but rather learned. You don't have to be perfect with your typing as long as you get the job done by the due date.

    2. Texting is primarily using thumbs on cell phones, while typing is using the keyboard hooked onto a computer. I use both evenly, as I use my computer at home and I use my phone at school.

    3. 75 WPM


    1. 4. Fleksy is a really neat keyboard. It is simple, yet so powerful and useful. Other than tons of emotes that are normally for IPhone only, you can not even look at the screen and type full sentences perfectly. Ever since I installed it and did the tutorial, I've loved the look and feel of the keyboard. The only problem is the way it detects incorrect words. Some words like "of" will turn into "if" and if you add an extra letter to a word, it completely changes it. It takes the exact letters of the word, so if you add another letter to the word "shifting", it could become shutters instead.

  4. 1. schools have not been teaching typing because now that essentially all young people have a device they use on a regular basis, there is no need because they teach themselves.
    2. I generally Type using my Phone more than on a computer because I don't have a very good computer.
    3. four (that took me fifteen seconds)
    4.I like hat if you remember how to do spaces and the like then you can ultimately type faster. I like it a lot.

  5. 1. It's because most kids, teens, and adults have a device that has a digital keyboard or a physical one so that they already learn how to type do to them using these devices all the time.

    2. Theirs not a difference as both are a means to send a message of type something in the language of your choosing. I generally use the computer a lot so that's were the majority of my typing comes from.

    3.32 words per minute just uggg is really bad.

    4. Its a more stylized layout and i prefer it more to the default key board

    1. You need to describe your experience USING it.

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  7. 1. Teaching that skill doesnt really help anybody. Sure it might make it convenient to type fast but it's useless. Additionally, the way I was taught to type was more regressive if anything. I dont put my fingers where they told me to. Mostly because of gaming that I put my left ring, middle, and index finger on the A, W, and D. If someone really wants to know how to type faster it is way more progressive to learn it yourself.

    2. I think that texting and typing are the same thing just one is used for the computer and one is for a phone or tablet. So technically the question should be do you use a computer or phone more often. I use the computer more often then I use the phone.

    3. 81

    4. I think its nothing revolutionary or anything. Just another step in the right direction.

  8. 1.

    2. Texting is something all teenagers and now many adults know how to do, while typing is much different typing although it may seem easy to some people is very hard for many other people. I (being a teenager) text more often than I type. Although at home I do use a default keyboard that came with my laptop.

    3.35 WPM

    Will finish 1 and 4

    1. 1.I think that this subject has been discontinued due to the single fact that it is not a class that helps you later in your life unless you want to do something that involves typing. That is why I believe typing has been discontinued.

      4. To me Fleksy seems the same as a regular keyboard it has a lot of the same features and looks a lot like any other keyboard.

  9. 1- Honestly I agree with typing classes being considered obsolete. Even for me, growing up and moving though to high school, i was never taught how to type. Apart from the few classes i had in grade school where we did activities on typing, I have never in my life had a unit or a set class teaching me how to type; And I do not think that it is needed.

    2. Texting and typing are very close. However, with typing, in order to get your message out or type a paragraph, your entire hand is needed to move and hit certain buttons in a certain order. While with texting, you just need to move your fingers across a 4 inch mini keyboard.

    3- 73 wpm

    4- I am currently using flesky on my phone and I have to admit it is pretty cool. Aside from the very modern and sleek design of the keyboard, it feels extremely comfortable and easy to use. The swipe down feature where you can limit or expand your keyboard is a really cool addon. My only complaint with the actual product is that sometimes you would accidentally scroll up and it would save a really dumb word like "wtag" instead of what, which was hard to undo once i had realized what i had done. With the actual app that you install however, its really cool that they really try to teach you to use their app. Before this i was using swiftkey, a pay to use app. And it did not have the depth that this free app did. There were speed games and everything to teach the user what to do, which really helped a lot. But over all, once you get the hang of the keyboard, everything is really easy, not to mention the hundreds on iphone emoticons you can use!

  10. 1 I have noticed that typing has been phased out as a school subject and I think that it may be because they want to focus on more 'essential' curriculum but MIT suggests that they are phasing out typing because they feel students are already proficient in typing because of the popularity of texting. I disagree with the idea of phasing out typing in school because there is a difference between texting and typing, with the kids I have and the younger people who don't know how to type I do plan on teaching typing to people and I think it is a very good thing to know especially with the prevalence of technology now and where it will be in 10 years
    2 Texting and typing are essentially the same but do have differences, with typing you can feel where the keys are and use all of your fingers which enables you to type a lot faster. With texting you can't use all your fingers either because of the idea it's a touch screen of that the device is too small to occupy all your fingers comfortably. Texting is mostly using thumbs and leads to the idea of 'chicken pecking' they keyboard. While that can be efficient, it can't match the efficiency of full fingered typing.
    3 I type at around 60-70 words per minute and yes i did take 2 years of typing in middle school, the thing said I did better than 86% of users
    4 I know what people have said about Fleksy but honestly I don't like it, the UI is nice and it has a very neat and modern design, but I can't use the keyboard outside the app, I'm sure because of Apple's restrictive iOS but there are too many features, yes it's cool to have an invisible keyboard and to flick left and right to do different things but is that really necessary? I find the original Apple iOS keyboard is just fine the way it is, If i had to guess i would probably type about 40wpm on my iPod. I had troubles with the autocorrect and the delete feature, when I wanted to delete one letter it took the whole word, kinda the idea of all or nothing which I don't like at all. I think in time typing will be gone completely eventually and replaced with just simple thought inputs.

  11. 1.) I believe that typing classes have been discontinued around the country because of the simple fact that no one likes them and they haven't really been useful. I agree with the fact that they are gone, I have only had to take one typing class in my whole life and the only reason i had to take it is because it is mandatory in Hawaii.

    2.) Texting and typing are similar but also have huge differences. When you type both of your hands are occupied and when you text you pretty much only need to move your thumb. I text more than i type. When i type I use my index fingers instead of how i'm supposed to.

    3.) 34 wpm with no mistakes.

    4.) flesky is really cool however i find it annoying that it doesn't transfer over as your actual keyboard for texting. The features it adds are really cool like the swiping tool which makes doing things easier.

  12. 1. I never really even knew there WERE typing classes. It's pretty much natural to be able to type and it's very easy. I never was taught how to type, but I type very fluently without looking at the keyboard, but who knows, maybe it's cause im a gamer.

    2. Texting and typing are similar in the fact that you press a button, get letter. But, texting is usually done with a single finger while typing is done with both HANDS. I type more than text, since im usually on my computer and my friends are usually playing games whenever im out of the house. I type using all of my fingers.

    3. 62 wpm :)

    4. Flesky is cool, but I like Swype much more. I think Swype is much easier and more accurate.

  13. 1.) I believe our generation grow up already knowing how to type, much like knowing English, but not as extensive. Typing is not hard, it is simply memorizing key positions, and when starting at an early age, future courses are not required. I agree the school does not need to focus on typing, if someone (hopfully not anyone) does not know how to type, the student enviorment should teach that student how to type within weeks. Research agrees with my opinion.
    2.) Texting is typing, but usually on a smaller keyboard. Typically, now-a-days, texting keyboards are virtually displayed on a touch-screen. I probably type more often because I am constantly doing homework, pvONLINE, blogs, email, etc... When comparing to texting, my word and character count out-weighs my typing by thousands. "What type of keyboarding"?* umm the kind that are long with pressable keys with letters on them-- that kind.
    3.) I average 75 WPM, as low as 58 and as high as 95
    4.) Its cool, but is not as good Swiftkey, which offers a lot more than Flesky.

  14. 1: I find it very strange that the practice of keyboarding is being disbanded in schools around the nation nowadays, for it is becoming more relevant than ever now with the expanding use of computers in everyday life. With research stating that typing lessons in school are dropping, it is strange that this is occurring during an age of high computer use.

    2: Texting and typing are much the same, although texting is done with a much smaller keyboard and often only uses thumbs. I use both texting and typing rather equally, although I'm not very speedy at using either of them. I often type with only my index fingers when using a keyboard.

    3: 35

    4: While Flesky is an interesting idea, and it is a very smart and simple keyboard, I am too used to my current Android keyboard to be able to use it well. Had I not already used the keyboard I have now for so long, I may like Flesky more.

  15. 1. I think it's because more people are using devices and tapping instead of typing on a keyboard so no longer is being taught.

    2. I use typing more. More because I use desktops more often and I like the feel of the keys more. I have some sort of samsung.

    3. 31

    4. It really confused me at the beginning, I didn't know you used the middle of the keyboard to space and delete. It looks cool but confused me.

  16. 1. Why do you think this school subject has generally been discontinued across the nation? Do you agree or disagree? What does the research say about this? I think school has discontinued this subject because of all the new technology that is surfacing up. Plus all kids do not enjoy typing at all. Another thing is that kids can easily text now and they don't need to type. Research says that I am correct in that kids are becoming bored with typing.
    2. I prefer typing because I can type words faster on here. I am not the greatest texter but Im an amazing typer. I do not know what keyboard I use on my computer since its a laptop.
    3. 48
    4. This keyboard is very cool even though I am used to texting. One problem that I have with this because of the auto correct it might auto correct to the wrong word. This would become a problem. Over all, the cool look and awesome features have won me over.

  17. 1.)i think that typing class is being taken out of school because of the economy and a school doesn't want/need a teacher it doesn't have to have
    2.)texting, texting is on a mobile device so the keyboard is smaller an easier to use when i'm on a computer i use a regular keyboard
    3.)23 words per minute
    4.)Jake Liddle actually showed me flesky a month or two ago and i thought it was pretty cool autocorrect doesn't always say what you want it to say but all auto-correct does that so i personally like the app but i don't use it that much

  18. 1. I believe that schools wanted only to teach the basic subjects such as Math English History etc. I also believe that the schools don't have enough money to have that class due to immigrants etc.

    2. Texting is typing on a small surface as keyboard typing is regular size. I use the regular keyboard more than texting.

    3. I type 40 words per min, 43 right 7 wrong. I'm better than 59 percent of the world.

    4. The Fleksy keyboard is a interesting app its very good at typing but the flicks are a little crappy. Overall I like the keyboard its better than the apple keyboard for texting and what have you.

  19. 1. I believe that typing classes are being phased out to focus on the more standard subjects like Social Studies and English. I complete disagree with this- I feel as though typing is a very important skill to have in Today's world.

    2. Texting generally does not use all of your fingers, and usually just involves the thumbs in order to type out a message on a small keyboard. Typing uses a regular keyboard, and requires you to use all of your fingers. I can't stand not using all of my fingers when typing, so I do not usually text.

    3. I type at 100 WPM, with 98 correct words and 3 wrong words. I scored better than 97% of everyone who took the test!

    4. The Fleksy keyboard is a replacement for standard phone keyboards that runs off an auto-correct engine. The auto-correct will sometimes mess up, but that is a fault shared with all auto-correct functions. Overall, it is a good program, but I do not think I will use it in the future.

  20. 1.) Either because the school cant afford keeping another teacher for it, they cant really fit it in with other subjects like genyes, or because the school doesn't feel its important, which it is, a lot.

    2.) Typing for sure. I text on a daily basis, sure, but I type much more than I text. If your refering to brand, Ibuypower, but in other words, gaming.

    3.) 46 WPM

    4.) Flesky is ok I guess, interesting. I'm not so sure about it. To me its a bit confusing but cool concept for sure.

  21. 1. Typing has probably been removed because teachers and schools don't believe that typing quickly is very important in today's world. I strongly disagree with the fact that they removed the typing classes. The truth is, typing is vital for future jobs. Currently, the majority of jobs occur at a desk, with a computer. This is where fast typing comes in handy. The more you can type in a shorter period of time improves the amount of work you can get done. It frustrates me that they have gotten rid of typing classes. Back in elementary school I remember doing a few typing programs to improve my typing speed and they were fun. Sure, typing classes will get boring after some time, but so does almost every other subject.
    2. In my opinion, typing is more efficient and easier than texting. Meanwhile, texting is more fun and more convenient than typing. At home, I type more often. At school, I text more often. Overall, I type more often because it's easier on my fingers. I use a IBUYPOWER keyboard which is a gaming computer. It makes typing really easy and comfortable.
    3. 72 words per minute
    4. I think it is decent. Honestly, I probably would not install it again. It was fair, but it needs improvement. Interesting concept, but I like my set-up and my keyboard just the way it is.

  22. 1.) I think that it may be because in this time frame more technology keeps showing up everywhere, so teachers might think that students can learn it better themselves. I never did like having to go to the typing classes in school because i can not and probably never will possess the ability to type without looking at the keyboard, unless I'm doing something like playing a game.
    2.) Texting is on, as far as I know, a mobile device whereas typing is done on a computer. I hardly ever text because I don't have a phone and I only have 1 person on my Ipod's contact list.
    3.) According to that test, I can type 34 words per minute, although it doesn't seem very accurate, as it was just a lot of words that were anywhere from three to around five so it wouldn't be an accurate test.
    4.) I really didn't see any difference between this keyboard and the regular keyboard, that, and it is a little more confusing than the basic keyboard, at least to me it was.

  23. 1. Typing has been discontinued across most of the nation because it is seen as an unneeded skill for students. I do not agree with this. Typing is a valuable skill that is needed ESPECIALLY for our generation.

    2. Texting is text based chat over a phone or mobile device, and typing is virtual communication using a keyboard. I type most often because I'm a PC gamer and that's just common. I use a gaming keyboard for my typing.

    3. I can type 44 words per minute.

    4. Fleksy was a mediocre experience at best. It's basically exactly like a regular keyboard but with some annoying features, like the auto correct that kept correcting actual words like anime to animal and 'attack on titan' to attack on tristan.

  24. 1.) It has probably been discontinued because computers are generally used in an everyday basis. Back in the day, not everyone knew about computers, and it wasn't really used by most people. I agree with getting rid of it, because most people already know how to type at a pretty good speed.

    2.) Texting is usually used in a much smaller scale. Dealing with smaller keyboard or a virtual keyboard. It is also acceptable to spell things wrong with texing, where as typing it is only acceptable on some websites.

    3.) I got 36, but this is with random words they give you. If I know what I'm typing, I can probably get a 40-45.

    4.) Flesky is pretty cool! It makes the buttons easier to press by making them bigger.

  25. 1. Typing classes have faded out because they are no longer nessisary. Our generation of students are very familiar with the concept becuase we use computers everyday, We have computer based assignments at school, and we use them in the library.

    2. Texting uses a smaller keyboard than typing does. I type WAY more than I text, because I use my computer a lot. I email and IM people often.

    3. 45 wpm. The frequent computer use really helps.

    4. I like the flesky keyboard. Its a lot more familar for me to use, in comparison to the standard. It feels more like an actual keyboard. I looked up some cool videos for it too. And if you're good enough, you can type without there actually being a visable keyboard!

  26. 1. I think this subject has been removed because of all the kids these days texting people 24/7. I agree with getting rid of this class because people wont need to take it if they already know how to type.

    2.) There is close to no difference. I use texting more than typing. I have no idea what kind of keyboard it is.

    3.) I type 83 WPM and 87% accuracy.

    4.) I hate it and it is useless.. Enough said

  27. Thought I had submitted it, guess I never finished my blog. annnyywaaaay

    1. I do not agree at all that schools are stopping the learning of keyboard use, as we are a technology age. However there could be another reason for them to do this such as it is used so widely now that they feel that kids no longer need to be told how to use a keyboard.

    2. Well the biggest difference between the two would that a keyboard is always a physical keyboard while texting is mostly done by use of a smartphone which uses a virtual one. Most people generally text using abbreviations such as "brb" "lol" "OMG" while typing most often uses correct grammar.

    3. I took the text and scored around 55 wpm.

    4. Even though the FLESKY keyboard is a great idea I don't like the use of it. It is basically a normal keyboard with some new features, not a big fan of them however. Still it is cool to see people working on ways to improve the keyboard.

  28. 1. I agree that as of now typing is out of schools sadly... (I can't type fast and i wish i could) Research says that most schools see typing classes as a wasted opportunity. I find this really sad but school gonna what school gonna do.
    2. Texting uses only your thumbs and is very difficult to do at insanely fast speeds. Typing uses your wrists and fingers in my opinion is harder to learn but by nature is easy do fast.
    3. I type a very sad and small 22 WPM.
    4. Flesky if I could describe it in one word it would be weird. When I used it, it was very unresponsive it was probably my phone. It has a very simple and pretty design. Sadly I don't think it is for me.

  29. 1) i disagree with schools taking out typing, however, because of texting it is easier for kids to type because they already know where to find the letters and such.

    2) i text more, but when i need to type then it is not a problem, texting has really helped with that because without knowing where the keys are it would be very difficult to type

    3) i type 58 wpm

    4)i dont think the Flesky keyboard isn't anything that is revolutionary, rather just a little step. it is nicer and easier but its nothing extremely special

  30. 1. Typing is no longer being taught as it is no longer really necessary. We're now in a generation of technology and most of what we learn, we learn by teaching ourselves. Schools don't need to focus much on typing anymore because it is learned through experience. I am so-so on the idea of it being discontinued. I believe it should be taught at a low level to give people not familiar with it more of a head start but there is really no need for there to be advanced courses on typing.

    2. Texting is generally done while on a mobile or touchscreen device while its counterpart, typing, is done, on computers. I don't really use one more than the other; it all depends on what I'm doing and what I'm using. When I use a computer I type with a keyboard.

    3. I type at 41 words per minute.

    4. I can see and understand why some user may like the Flesky keyboard but personally it's just not for me. It seems to actually take me longer to use than other keyboards. It's an interesting idea but not completely revolutionary.


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