Sunday, January 20, 2013

(S3) ipad Controlled Home

1.  Check out this video.  Would you like to live in a home like this? Why/not?  What are your favorite and least favorite features?

2.  Are there better ideas using this technology or is the Savant home the best?

3.  What add-ons or modifications would you make?

4.  How hard is this to design and build?  Do you think you could do this... someday?


  1. 1. I would love to live in a home like this because the ipads or ipods you use can controll everything in the house! If you ask me thats pretty cool. My favorite feature is that you can controll the lights, the security system, pretty much anything you want. I really have no least favorite feature is that there are so many T.V's.
    2. I would prefer a regular home because it is more affordable and saves more money than these kind of houses would.
    3. I would remove the mirror with T.V's on it and get rid of the LED lights.
    4.I think building this would be pretty complicated but if you have the right training it probably wouldn't be as hard. And i don't think I would ever be able to do this.

    1. I beat you google king!

  2. 1) My dad would drool over this, and I think it would be amazing to be in a home like this. It looks great and it would be easy. However, this requires less movement throughout the house and it might promote laziness. I do think it's cool, though.

    2) I like the Savant home the best, but I do think Lutron is working on something like this specifically for lighting design and that could be cool.

    3) I'm not exactly sure if I can think of any off the top of my head, but I do think that this app system should be accepted into other tablets.

    4) Well, this wouldn't be a job that I would go into, but I would certainly try and get it accomplished! It would definitely be a great thing to put on my resume.

  3. 1.) I would like to live in that house because its easy to control the whole house from one device but it can be done on any apple device that you have. My favorite thing about the house was that i can do all of the lighting from my iphone or ipad and I can change the lighting in the room. My least favorite part is how many TV's are there. I wouldn't be able to watch them all at the same time. It would make me go crazy.

    2.) The savant house does utilize a lot of tech but they dont use it all they how ever they do use a big sum of it.

    3.) I would remove some of the TV's add more lights to change the mood of the house, I would also use more touch glass to make everything more interactive.

    4.) I believe that this was a very long detailed project that took many years to create. I dont think I could do this unless I had a ton of help form people who know what they are doing.

  4. 1.) I would like a home like this because simple problems like turning off the fan in the other room or lights will disappear. Little problems like that make things a lot easier now it may seem like it gets you lazy which it probably doe's but in a world headed in the future we're bound to facce things as such.

    2.) The savant system looks like it's the best one for the reason that it looks like more has been done to it to make it a great system. It looks like it has more features and a bigger option variety. It probably is more expensive though.

    3.) I would remove a lot of the t.v's and put options to where if im doing something on one t.v I can swipe it and put it on another in another room.

    4.) this project looked like a good amount of time was put in it but i think it was harder making it affordable for the average joe than designing it. There are a lot of intelligent engineers and computer designers that look like they could've pulled it off on a deadline. With technology rapidly advancing it's more of the idea than the design which is intriguing.

  5. 1) I would live in it till someone figures out how to hack into the system and mess with me. I know I would mess with someone if I could. My favorite feature is the lights.

    2) If you are asking if we could put this technology to better use such as for education, then yes there are better ways to use it. If you are talking about using this technology for only home automation I think they hit it right on the nail.

    3) Remove some TVs and add a gaming hub with gaming computers, simulation machines, interactive walls, and nice surround sound speakers or expensive headphones.

    4) I could do this today honestly. I would need the materials but I could make it. The only problem is I would probably make a very inefficient version using wifi and raspberry pi computers.

  6. 1. Honestly yes and no, yes i would like it for a little while but not all the time. I would want to live in a simple home because it would be better suited to me. I Think its just to much for me to live in.

    2. You Can get a simple Home and turn the lights on and off by using the clapper

    3. A ridiculous thought but a all touch screen Shower with water proof speakers, watching the news and showering sounds pretty cool to me

    4. Good Question the hardest thing would be getting all the wires to the correct places and designing the house to function with all the technology. That would be alot of work

  7. 1. i like it but i feel it would gain weight at a incredible pace because of a newfound laziness of never having to move. its convient though and it would modernize and simplify work and now that everything is controlled by a device, your whole life's in your picket for real now.

    2. no it seems like a connivence kind of thing.

    3. Honestly i wouldn't need that many TVs so i would probably take some of them out.


  8. I would like to live in this home, because this home idea has been done before, but this can totally be controlled with an ipad, or an ipod. It is easier to have it on an apple device, because it is a device I already use
    2 i think the savant home is the best, because from my point of view it is the first time where the remote controlling everything in the house would seem practical.
    3I would make it so it is very easy to use everything without using a remote. The only problem would be being limited if you lost the remote. They have it work well from what I have seen, but I have not seen an example of everything working without a remote.
    4 The technology is there, so designing it would be simple. In the future I think it would be realistic to build, as technology may become cheaper, and more common. The most important thing would be to be practical.

  9. 1. I would love to live in this house, because it is abnormal to how everyone else lives. I feel like all homes should be like this, considering technology keeps growing and growing. My favorite feature is the lights. i was really interested in those.
    2. This is a great home, but it is not the best. Each day, technology grows and grows, so they will come up with something that will beat this. This house is amazing but not the best and it has been done before.
    3. I would make everything touchscreen. I would probably take some tv's out and make a little more room for tablets or touch screen tables. But i would not make much modifications though, because i am fond of the house as it is.
    4. If you do not know a lot about technology and how it works then yes it would be hard to build, but it could be done if you absolutely know what you are doing. I believe i could someday do this and most people could. It could also be installed by someone who knew a little more about how it worked.

  10. 1. I think it would be cool to live in a house like this. But that guy had a lot of tvs. I liked how you could turn on a light on your ipad by clicking on the picture of the lamp. I also likes those colored lights that shined on the wall.

    2. The sarvant home looks like the best thing that's there. But I think someone will make a more advanced home using newer technology in the future.

    3. I think that house had too many tvs. I'd only want two so I can play video games while everyone else watches tv. I saw this cool shower on tv once that had a touch screen so you could adjust the temperature of the water and it had speakers so you can listen to music in the shower. It would be nice to put that shower in the house.

    4. It would be hard to design a house so that everything hooks up together.It would take a lot of time and money to make this. I would never be able make something this cool unless I had years of training in computers and engineering.

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  12. 1. I wouldn't like to live in a house like this. All of the screens would hurt my eyes and give me headaches. It would be very hard to relax with so much going on. It would be hard to concentrate with so many distractions. My favorite features are the fact that you can change the climate and manage your TV shows. I don't like that fact that it's completely Apple products and filled with LED lights.
    2. As far as technology goes, this Savant home is probably the best. However, it all goes down to how much you like working with these advanced gadgets. They certainly thought of a lot, and I can't think of much more.
    3. I would modify the house by having every electronic have the ability to descend into the furniture/wall below/behind it (like what they did with the bureau).
    4. This seems very difficult to design and build. As of now, I doubt I could set this up (even with some friends). In the future, my friends and I probably could do this as long as we had enough money and we focused. However, if you are determined to have a house like this and you have a ton of time, experience, and money, then why not?

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  14. 1. i would liken to live in this home it seems to be a interesting way to help make your house automized. it also seems like an interersting security option.

    2.The savant home seems like the best choice right now it seems to be the most advanced and most securen way to do this with your home

    3. I would set it not on an app and I would have it run from its own computer or tablet device and not just be a programn on an other device

    4. It seems like if given enough time witha team and unlimted resorces I could probobly figure something out but as of right noew I could not.

  15. 1.) I would like to live in a house like this but I think most people would become very lazy when living in a house like this. I think that a cool feature is the idea that it is controlled on a tablet.
    2.) I think the Savant home is the best choice with today's technology. I think that it has the best design out of the other houses.
    3.) A modification I would make is that this home is based only on Apple products. I think if it was based on a wide range of products it would be more efficient and accesable for all people.
    4.) This house seems to be very challenging to build. With my technology skills right now I don't think I could build this house but with more advanced teachnology skills I think it is possible.

  16. 1. It'd be really cool to live in an iPad controlled home. Everything seems a bit over-complicated, though. Having four TV screens is nice, but it's not really needed. My favorite feature has to be the TV that comes out of the furniture, simply because of how ridiculous it looks. Likewise, it is also my least favorite feature, just because of how unnecessary it is.

    2. All of the systems to be roughly the same at this point, there's no clear winner.

    3. I would tone everything down a bit and make it more subtle. Again, the TV coming up from the furniture is really stupid looking.

    4. It seems extremely hard to set up and run at my skill level, and I would only do this if it was harder NOT to have an automated home.

  17. 1) yeah id like to have a house like this,...but i wouldnt like to pay for all the stuff. All of tit probably costs a lot of money and I have things i would rather spend money on. I really like the sports bar part of the house it looks cool so its my favorite... especially because i love sports, but i dont really have a least favorite part it all looks cool.
    2) They are all about the same but the Savant is tied for best because all the other best ones have just about the same stuff.
    3) I would definately add a game room as a modification because why not when you have all that other stuff
    4)i think its pretty hard to do so i dont think i could do it i would probably mess something up on accident, if i ever want an i pad controlled house in the future ill call these guys because they seem to be experts.

  18. 1. The best part was how the iPad basically controlled every function of the house also it was nice that he could control the ambience also. However, the cost and that just ridiculousness about the whole situation is a thing I dislike.
    2. The savant Seems like most productive and easy way to control any home with Apple products yet they all seem roughly close.
    3. I don't want to seem like I'm copying but I agree with most people in saying that the ridiculous Massive amount of TVs is impractical.
    4. No lie this would probably be one of the hardest challenges of my life. It seems super difficult and complicated I'd probably pay professional to do it

  19. No there are no better ideas but what i would add would have it beable to unlock doors atomatically when sensing the right ipad that controlls it.Designing and building is very difficult i would not be able to due this when i am older due to the cause of having not the most technicality with wires.

  20. 1. I think it would be pretty cool for a little wile but after a few weeks I think it might have an effect on your opinion of the rest of society. Even the most trivial tasks fo the normal person you would be come to lazy to do. Also the cost of integrating this into society would be incredible.
    2. I think the savant system is better as it seems to have more features, however it is probably more expensive.
    3. There seems to be more TVs than necessary in the house.
    4. It appears to be extremely difficult to do, but we clearly have all of the technology its just a matter of doing it and making cost effective enough to make viable in normal society.

  21. 1:Heck yeah i'd like to live in this house. The Ipad controls all his stuff, like his tv's and other screens! I really like the four tv screens but I heavily dilike how the ipad can control the lights. If you are that lazy to not be able to get up to flip the lights on, then thats sad!

    2: I would have to say savants home is probably the best for ipads use. Although, the price of all that technology not even mentioning the house, is outrageous.

    3:Add like a home theatre and have the ipad control everything in that room. That would be really hate!

    4: This is beyond hard to make. I guarantee you I will never attempt nor make any of this technology in my life. hate hate hate.

  22. 1. I like it, I would live there If I had the chance. I like the control on all the different systems.

    2. The second option, only because it was greater features and systems.

    3. Probably more games or music related things

    4. Im more of a music producer than house design. This would be seriously hard to put all together.

  23. 1. I would not like to live in a home like this because it appears to detract from the relaxing nature of a home. My favorite feature was the closed door tv. My least favorite was the tv which rose from the dresser, it seems unnecessary.

    2. The Savant home system seemed to be much more filled with features.

    3. I would center a piece of this system on gaming as I feel like this system is capable of great things in that regard.

    4. This setup is likely one of these most difficult systems I have seen in a while. Though I would be able to put this together, it would likely be nothing like what I have seen.

  24. 1) I wouldn't like to live in a house like this because it would make me extremely lazy. The remote and iPad controlled stuff was a little too much. Technology should be limited when its involved in our lives. This house seems like a nice temporary stay, but I would not advise living there. If something went wrong and there were some malfunctions, I don't think it would be wise to live in this home. Repairing the damage may not be worth it.

    2) A better idea like I stated before would be to make these homes temporary living places. Putting these devices in luxury hotels seems like a better route than applying it to long term homes.

    3) I would modify my bed to slide into the walls and come out when its sleepy time. That's the only modifications I'd make to a house like this.

    4) This house looks way to complex for one man to build. Even if I knew how to make this type of home, I don't think I would have the strength or will power to build this home.


  25. 1. I could care less to live in that kind of house. All it is is tvs all over the house, and the lights being controlled by an ipad. I find it much more practical just to walk up to the light you want to turn on and hit a physical switch, rather than turn an ipad on and then poke a picture of the light in your house. Also I don't watch tv, so I don't care about that either.

    2. Other houses that use this technology are basically doing the same thing. I have certain ideas that would make a house better, but none of these are it.

    3. Personally, I would make my house more automated, so I don't have to do as much work. I would make a basket sorting system in the laundry room, where there's a stack of baskets that I put clothes in of certain colors, and a system would wash, dry, and fold it all for me. Also the dishwasher would unload itself and put the dishes in the correct shelves. Maybe an automatic vacuum would clean the floor in a grid, and just things that get rid of chores for me.

    4. I might be able to do this all someday. I just have to learn circuitry and engineering first.

  26. 1. I think it would be pretty neat to live in that house, but the electricity must be off the charts. I would live in it if it wasn't to costly. Also, why have an ipod built into a remote when u can just use an ipod.
    2. There are similar ideas like this, but this one is the most advanced i think. There was a movie about a house that was kind of like this, in the way that it was a super high tech house.
    3. I would make more things be able to pop up like the TV did. Maybe have the bed turn into a couch at a click of a button or have plates or cups pop out of the table counter.
    4. This would be very hard to design, you would have to fit everything together, make sure everything syncs with the ipads and ipods. I could maybe do this someday but i really don't plan to

  27. End of Comments for full credit... and I gave you and extra 5 days. YIKES

  28. 1. I feel this type is over rated like would you really want all those TV all over the place? I dont really find it an issue to walk a couple of feet to turn off or on my lights or fan. I think the thing I would enjoy is being able to control stuff with my iPhone, it is cool but not really need. There are just too many TV's.
    2. I have hurd that when you buy a piece of technology it is already out of date, so while I do like the savant system, it can only get better.
    3. A big thing for me is air conditioning. I love going to bed with the room super cold and waking up warm. So I would have the air conditioning be the best it could be.
    4. Well I know you can have your house set up like this if your building it from the ground up. It wouldn't really be that hard to set up because I know people who have done things with their garage doors and stuff.

  29. 1. I think living in a house like this would be really cool. I loved the hidden television and the t.v. door to the closet. I did not understand Ipod remote. Could you use and ipad mini with this new system is the question.

    2. I saw that there were many different Ipad controlled homes but they were mostly the same idea. The only different system was an apple and android controlled house.

    3. The design seems really difficult to design. I dont think right now I could build this but later in my life I might be able to build it.

  30. 1. Yes I would like to live in a home LIKE this but definitely not this exact one because the overall style of the home sucked. I liked how you could control everything from the lighting to the tv show you are currently watching.
    2. I believe that the home needs some improvement to a few things like how the house runs on ONLY apple products because I believe that there is probably a better form of tablet that would do the same job better.
    3. I would make the house compatible to any tablet or smart phone via bluetooth or wifi.
    4. I do not think I am creative enough to design a build but I do believe that houses like this are the future.

  31. 1. I did hear of another household using similar technology except it was voice activated. I would provide a link but I don't remember where I read it. But voice activation had its limits. They talked about getting a Artificial Intelligence of some sorts to control the house so that they could pass the limits that voice activation has. An AI could understand what you say and do it, voice activation would require specific commands. Thats basically what they were saying.

    2. Jarvis

    3. Its not entirely in my field of expertise so I couldn't say. Maybe with some help.

    1. K I didn't see the number "1." over the video so this is my number 1 (my 1 on my post is 2 and so on). It depends what you mean by "like". I would like the qualities of that home but customized my way. Everything seemed boring except that TV coming out of the furniture, that was freaking cool.

  32. 1. Yes I would love to live in that house, having controls right at the touch of a button seems like a pretty cool thing. One of my favorites was having the picture on the Ipad and being able to tap in to control real life stuff.

    2. This house is definitely one of the top houses, I'm not sure if it is the top (probably not) but it is most likely close to that. Other houses do have features that this house does not, its like everything now, some have this some have that.

    3. If you have seen the movie "Smart House" then you will remember the T.V. I think that that is by far the coolest thing you could have in a house. Just think about it, a entire was to play games on.

    4. This house is probably extremely hard to build. I would imagine you have to have a ton of different trades in your house for all the electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling. You would need a well ventilated area for all your computer hardware that powers the house.

  33. 1. This is a cool house. I wouldn't want to live in it though because I like technology but there is such a thing as overdoing it. I like that is apple based but don't like that it has so many gadgets everywhere.
    2. There are a lot of other interesting home control apps but the apple home is the best.
    3. I would make no add ons because it would be way too much technology for me to handle.
    4. It seems that a lot of work went into not only setting up the hardware but also the idea its self must have took some effort to bring to life.

  34. 1. I think that this is a pretty sweet house and I would love to live in it as it seems to be very technologically oriented with multiple connected TV screens and other tech devices. I really enjoyed the TV coming out of the cabinet and the 4 TV's connected as well as the fact that you could separate them into 4 separate TV's. The projected screen on the closet wall wasn't quite that cool as I don't like projectors that much.
    2. The Savant house is ok but I think that there could be much better improvements made upon the system.
    3. I would add more TV screens and more interactive screens, something besides and ipad, like a point and touch at a lamp to turn it off.
    4. This looks insanely hard to build and to use but I think that with some more training in hardware and programming, I could eventually buil one of these systems.

  35. 1- I would like that home, but at the same time, would hate living there. yes its cool to have all this tech at your fingertips, but all the TV's, I really only need like 1 a room, and thats to much! It was a little blown up with the Televisions, but other then that it was a cool house.
    2- First, its not like this is an original idea, its been done before. And second, there are much better modifications that can be put in place. What would be really cool is if some voice activated items were placed, those never stop amazing me.
    3- I would replace A lot of TV's with computers, I believe that more computers will be more beneficial than 20 TV's. And the TV's that I do have, will be nothing but interactive. Something that I think would be really cool is this. It was on one of my favorite shows a few years ago..
    4- This is a very simple house, its the money things that's an issue.

  36. 1. I would most definitely live in a home this spectacular. The large occupation of innovated technology
    is attracted. One of my favorite feature is the T.V. that is hidden in the furniture until the user
    wants to watch T.V. My least favorite is the closet with the rear facing projector. There are better ways to make a
    mirror like it, such as replacing the mirror with superior T.V..

    2. My family actually installs home automation. Seeing what they have done is far great then seen in this Savant home. Such as making TVs flip from a wall, that's not noticeable.

    3. I would make a room with atmospheric walls, changing colors, displaying stars, etc. Thus,
    making an artificial voyage into space

    4. Well, the brainstorming is the easiest, just think of what you would want. The designing
    is similar to that of brainstorming, just applying. And Building is he hardest because experience
    in multiple fields are required, such as technician, contractor, and architect.

  37. 1. I would love to have a home like this! It's perfect for my laziness! I can just stay in bed all day, have my room play my music, play my shows, control my lights, change positions of tv's, all with an iPad or even iPod. One of my favorite features was the tv glass that led into the bathroom and closet.

    2. I've seen other videos of houses like these and this is one of the best houses that I have seen, that thought and technology are really great and easy to use.


    1. 3. I would do stuff with the kitchen, make it more touch activation and other tech things like that, I want to look cool when I have Friends over to eat.

      4. building all of this is actually fairly complicated, but I think with some more knowledge of what we are doing, then genyes may be able to get one of these set up and going.

  38. 1. Living in a home like this would be quite fun however, i feel like to much automation can be a bad thing, with the lack of human interaction with most things in the household it gets rid of the necessity to get up and move around the house, therefore making us lazier as a people.

    2. This is a really unique way to use this technology but I we take even more advantage of this in schools, it would make the teachers job of trying to organize everything together much easier, this would also give the teachers better control of the air conditioning and the devices used around the room.

    3. I would add optimization for things like speaker control and easy accessibility to music libraries. I would add on the ability to enable and disable the music in different places in the household.

    4. This setup would most likely be fairly complicated to design, build, write software for, and more than anything to get the proper finances and people to do it. I think with more tech experience and a well trained team i could put this together make it functional to the extent they did if not better.

  39. 1. absolutely, this home looks like a dream come true. the use of the user friendly iPad as the control hub for this home of the future seems like an amazing idea. the awesome cosmetic features the home gives like the TV's that hide away, it's awesome.
    2. I absolutely have fallen in love with the Savant home. I feel that they are using this tech to a great extent. The entertainment and digital organization options are endless. I love this home.
    3. would ensure that music would only be enabled in rooms i want it in and I also think it would be a good idea to be able to have TV's in other locations in the bar room.
    4. This was definitely not an easy job. with the wiring alone, that is beyond my comprehension. I think that I would only be able to design something like this if i went to school on the topic, and had time to get field experience.

  40. 1. I'd love to live here. How could you not like the technology in this home. I have no problems with this house. No dislikes what so ever. It makes difficult technology easy to use and easy to turn off and on.
    2. No there is something that I thought was better than the Savant home. An app that controls your home, it's kinda similar to the Savant home but I think the video had more of a hook to me.
    3.I can't think of anything to modify. As long as I can play music anywhere in the house even in the shower then i'm alright.
    4.Right now, no I could not do this. But one day if I have a house like this then I think I might be able to manage it.

  41. 1) I would love to live in this house. Its everything I could do in the control of an iPad. My favorite feature of this would be how he can change the color of the lighting or how he can turn tvs on and stuff. I don't have a least favorite feature because its just awesome.

    2)His house is the best. Its just a dream house it has every feature you would need on an iPad. I love this house.

    3)I would make it so that I could add surround sound to every room and have a pool light up.

    4)It was probably extremely hard. I don't think I would ever be able to do this. I don't have any architectural thing in me.

  42. 1. Honestly I would kill to live in a house with all this technology integrated the way it is. I did not see one feature that bored me. The entire time I watched this video, I was in awe!

    2. Savant home is the top notch for me. I couldn't find another system that made me change my mind. What Savant offers is way beyond what I know how to do.

    3. Honestly, I would add controls to everything. Like, stove, shower, sink, ect. It would just bring a futuristic feel to your everyday life.

    4. It is extremely hard to set up. I would not be able to do it myself, but that is why there are professionals. Hiring a professional to set it uop would be anyone's best bet.

  43. 1. i would love to live at a house like that in my mind i think every one needs to move into the future living in the past is just lame people need to forget the past and live in the present and my favorite part was the tv that came out of the dresser thing. far i think there one of the best i mean i have seen so many ideas but theirs is great there thing about the future and that's what i like and want people to do.

    3. one add-on i would make is in the bathroom on your mirror there should be a tv in it so if your brushing your teeth or doing your hair you can watch the weather or news.

    4.the design does not really seem that hard and can be done but i don't know if i would ever be able to do that.

  44. 1. Of course I would. I like being able to change the color of the lights in some areas. I also like the ability to display many things on a plethora of surfaces around the home. I don't really care for the fact that it's run on iOS, I think it could work a little bit better on an Android device.

    2. There is a multitude of better uses, including this one. It has the ability to be accessed on a PC as well.

    3. I would include the ability to control appliances such as the oven, shower, and even the toilet with the possibility of warming the seat.

    4. This seems pretty difficult to design, as you have to connect all the devices. You would then have to find compatible hardware and program it.


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