Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Tech

1.  From the poll to the top right, choose an issue or consider an alternative, that you feel would be one of your top priorities in selecting a President.  

Discuss below why you feel it's most important.

2.  Where do you get information about the election?  TV?  Internet?  Twitter?  Facebook?  Radio?  Parents?  Friends?  Which sources do you feel are the most reliable, unbiased or true?

3.   How have advancements in technology changed elections?   Infographic

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  1. 1) The top priority I believe our elected president should focus on would be education.

    2) Throughout the course of this year's election, I have picked up most of the election gossip from my parents. Both have contrasting views, so I get to hear both parties benefits and wrong doings. Out of the option given, the most reliable source for accurate news on the election would sadly be from my friends and parents. TV shows and the internet consists of opinions and lies.

    3) Advancements in technology have changed elections by allowing lazy Americans to vote electronically. It has also altered how we view our candidates. In this particular election, advertisements on TV have belittled and accused the people being elected for things they don't necessarily do. This comes to show the kind of negative effect technology can have on society.


  2. 1. The top priority I think our president should have is that you should be able to get a job when you graduate from school.

    2. On this years election, I have gotten most of my information off of the news(T.V) or the internet. I believe that the most reliable resources would have to be from the news, maybe your family, or someone that is accurate very about this.

    3. Upgrades in technology have created a new way to work through the election. You can watch campaign advertisements on the internet, there are even apps that allow you to vote on this years election!

  3. 1. I think the top priority is making jobs and getting our country out of debt.

    2. TV debates between the two candidates are my main source.

    3. It allows you to see more opinions with more technology because it can be broadcasting from very far away cheaply.

  4. 1. I think that it is most important for the economy to be rebuilt before setting our sights on other things.
    2.I get most of my information on polotics from the internet and from my grandparents. Almost all of the info that I have seen on the internet have had reliable sources and are unbiased.
    3.Advancements in technology have made the distribution of reliable information and enabled more discussion about political issues between all people.

  5. 1. I think it's most important that people can get jobs after school. What good is education if I can't even get work from over twelve years of labor? That's supposed to be the whole point of school: to get a job afterwards, but if that can't be even be accomplished after so long of sitting in a classroom doing work, then that would be 12 years of life wasted.

    2. I don't listen to politics . . . at all. I don't know anything about politics except that Obama and Romney are the last two fighting for election. The only input I get about the subject is from my extremely conservative parents who think Romney is the best choice.

    3. Technology has made counting votes easier since we can feed the electronic votes into a computer to be counted instead of a single person doing a bunch a day.

  6. 1.I would say that fixing the economy and get out of debt would be a priority

    2. i get most of my information from the television. mostly the daily show and colbert report. they are slightly majorly biased but you really can't find a source that isn't biased

    3.well it made advertising so much easier for politicians I mean I can't even watch youtube without being stopped every five seconds to be reminded that there are elections going on and on and on and on until i actually want to avoid watching youtube

  7. 1. The most important topic to consider when electing a new president is foreign affairs and our economy, not many people pay attention to it but it is one of the most important controversial discussions. It is where our two candidates differ the most and independents can really make their choice based on the FACTS. Which is why Romney is the smart choice. :)

    2. I get most of my information from polling websites that have been proved to be not biased such as rasmussen that states the facts as well as fox news that is one of the only fair stations. Besides that, I refuse to get information from the internet or anyone else because most people are not educated. Moreover, the debates are really important too. I watch them and then turn the tv off for all the news peoples stupid opinions that come after telling the people what they want to hear.

    3. Technology has ruined our elections and I believe this mainly because people talk too much and aren't using the right sources to get their information. However, their are some reliable websites, etc. out there and I do thank technology for that. But like facebook and twitter, they ruin teenagers minds because you have all these ridiculous statuses from kids who think they are right and they can't even vote.

  8. 1. I would vote for a candidate that spent more time talking about what he is going to do compared to talking crap bout the other candidate. I do not care what the other candidate has done, I just care what you are going to do to change it.

    2. I get a lot of my information from my dad and I also watch the debates. I formulate most of my opinions from just listening to the two talk to each other (Obama and Romney). I try to be unbiased but i personally believe that the system is broke and the election is a front that gives us the allusion that our vote actually counts.

    3. Technology has made it easier to record and process votes.

  9. 1. My biggest concern is getting a job when I get out of school because, if I don't have a job then what good is school?
    2. The only thing I saw with regards to the elections are the debates and they showed me that both of the candidates are idiots and I do'n't want either of them to be my president.
    3. Advances in technology have made is easier for candidates to spread their B.S. to the masses, nothing else.

  10. 1) I was tied between the Economy and Defense. If we have no protection, any country could come bomb us and destroy our economy. But with a poor economy, the only thing being defended is life, but there would be no point in bombing us. So both are extremely important. We need something to defend.
    2)To get information on Romney and Obama, I have watched the Presidential Debates and I go to Fox for my news. Also, I click on things that will pop up in Yahoo news stories.
    3)Technology has made it much easier to follow candidates. Information is at our fingertips. This makes it easier for people to be involved with minimal effort. Technology has also gone to the polls. It keeps track of the votes, lessoning any errors in counting ballots. Elections have become more accurate.

  11. 1. I think That it is important to fix the economy so we can get job and have money circulating.

    2. I get most of my information from my parents and t.v and all my info is usually correct.

    3. Yes i believe that it has because we can now get information from multiple sources that relevant to elections and other things.

  12. 1. I put something else because I believe that turning the economy around is more important than anything else right now. We need to cut the deficit and reduce spending so that it evens out with the revenue. Until the economy turns around there won't be any jobs to get when you finish school.

    2. Most of my information on the election comes from the TV and the newspaper. Although many news stations are biased, the TV usually has the most reliable information. I've also watched all of the presidential debates so I can stay informed on what the main issues are and each candidates sides on it.

    3. It allows people to stay informed on the upcoming election without having to watch things like newscasts that may not appeal to them. They can also vote online with their smartphones to keep from having to go to an actual place to vote. It's rather ridiculous they can't stay informed the old fashion way, but as long as people are interested and are getting the information then it is better than them not voting.

  13. 1. The poll said several things about economy and education, but I was wanting more about Music and how that can be a role in this.

    2. Tv and Friends, I watched different discussions on TV about presidential debates and Ive did some studying online as well. Radio is an easy way for everyone because TV isnt in every house.

    3. We know more about our candidates from online news and the technology of changing the world.

  14. 1.) I think the top priority is making jobs and getting our
    country out of debt.

    2.)To get information on Romney and Obama, I have watched the Presidential Debates and I go to Fox for my news. Also, I click on things that will pop up in Yahoo news stories.

    3.) I think we can learn more through candidates from online news and the technology of changing the world.

  15. My biggest issue is the economy, I believe it can be fixed if the government gets out of everybody's business. It is important because we are in debt, with a lack of jobs and we need to let the economy fix itself.
    I see campaigns on the television and talk about it with friends. I take time out of my day to research online to find more information about the upcoming elections.
    Technology ha made it easier to hear from candidates and research important information. We can check facts at any time, and in the end we can make more informed decisions.

  16. 1.The top priority for me that i want the president to fix is getting students jobs once they graduate school. It is important that students have money to get their lives up and running. Students deserve to have a job right after school.

    2. This year for the election, I got my information mostly on the T.V. I have kept up with all the debates and recorded all of them just incase i was not home. Our American History teacher shows us the debate on youtube and we learn about what is going on for the most part, so the internet is another great source for getting your information about the election.

    3. Technology advanced the way Americans vote by doing it all on the computer. It used to be going in a building and voting in a booth. In my opinion this just makes Americans more lazy so they don't have to drive anywhere to vote.

  17. 1.) I think its because I believe that turning the economy around is much more important than anything else right now. We need to cut the deficit and reduce spending so that it evens out with the revenue. Until the economy turns around there won't be any jobs to get when you finish school.
    2.) To get information on Romney and Obama, I have watched the Presidential Debates and I go to Fox for my news. Also, I click on things that will pop up in Yahoo news stories.
    3.) I think we can learn more through candidates from online news and the technology of changing the world.

  18. 1.) I feel that fixing the economy would be the top priority I would look for in a president because people need jobs to support themselves through out their life time.
    2.) I get my information form the election from the Internet, TV, my parents, and my brother usually. I think that all sources can be biased so you have to hear both sides of the issues for an unbiased opinion.
    3.) Advancements in technology have changed voting because now it is quicker and easier to vote. They now send out calls and emails to people to campaign for candidates and propositions. There are also commercials on T.V. to sway you one way or the other when it comes to picking a candidate or side.

  19. 1) I chose the first option. Even though you essentially need a good education to get a GOOD job, just getting a job is great.

    2) I did watch part of the Democratic Convention. However, I mostly got the information from my parents. I don't think any of the information that I got was unbiased. Everyone has opinions and they were probably filtering in from every direction.

    3) It has definitely gotten easier to vote now than in the past. But that doesn't mean that its more effective. If people vote online, then that means someone could probably hack into the system and alter the votes. The probability of this happening is highly doubtful but... It still is a possibility.

  20. 1. I believe that the top priority to fit my needs and demands, is education. But I know that the president is not meant to cater to my every whim, so there could be a good middle ground in between.
    2. I get most of my information form either the internet or from television. The most reliable to me is the internet, minus Facebook of course.
    3. Technology has definitely changed elections drastically, with more and more information on the web, it makes it easier for people to advertise for their party leader, and it makes it easier to check the information that the candidates are saying.

  21. 1. I chose the option: "I'll be able to get a job when I finish school (Economy)" because I don't want to live with my parents when I finish school. I want to have a way to make money to afford living on my own and to be able to feed my hobbies.

    2. I use the television (Namely MSNBC) as well as Twitter to get information about the election. The accounts I see on twitter don't appear biased, but there are surely some out there that are biased. I also get some information from my father, who is a biased source admittedly.

    3. The advancements in technology that have changed the election mainly are the Internet because it gives another source to undecided voters and young people where they can find information about the current candidates that could decide which way they vote. Another is the advancement in television's ability to broadcast debates live and the ability to broadcast more ads about candidates.

  22. 1. I think that our education is the most important because this is were you learn about what your future will be

    2. I got my info from the TV then my Parents

    3. ???????????????????

  23. 1. I have a "what I'm choosing because I'm in school and its logical" answer and a "This what i really want to say and this is how presidential debates should go" answer. For my serious answer i choose economy, because I do want a job when i get out of school. For my real answer, my vote depends on the Epic Rap Battles Of History debates. Because both had really good points on each other.

    2. Like my previous "real" answer i get a lot of information on youtube. I will occasionally look at videos of president stuff but the most ive gotten info from is the Epic Rap Battles of History.

    3. Now more people can probably vote from their IPhones (dont quote me on that).

  24. 1. I believe that being able to get a job after leaving school would be one of the most important aspects of the presidency because as more people work, more accomplishments can be made in each of the other areas necessary.

    2. I get most of my information from television, internet, and radio. I believe that the T.V. or radio is usually the most correct as it includes presidential debates, interviews or other factual information. The internet might inject there personal opinions and biases to the articles.

    3. I believe that since more technology has been brought into the field of election day, people have been able to get more information about each of the candidates while before, they might have had to go to a speech or public event to get to know them.

  25. 1.) I believe that our next president should focus all of his attention on education and creating jobs, so that way when I graduate I can be sure that I will have a job awaiting me.

    2.) I read information on and which are both very legitimate political websites where the fact are actually facts no matter what party you may belong to.

    3.) I believe that Technology has influenced politics in that the ballots are counted electronically as to ensure a fair count.

  26. 1. I think that top priority should be the economy, because every day the country goes farther into debt. We need to fix the economy because once we are self dependent we can foces on new technologys.
    2. I dont really care about the election because I'm not able to vote yet so I have no reason to look up all this information if I'm not going to use it.
    3. Technology has changed elections in many ways like people calling your house, electric balets.

  27. 1) our country is no longer the leading country in means of technology and or education. We need to raise up more world leaders, when you see successful technology giants such as Samsung or Sony they are run by Asians right? Don't believe me? they're names are Kwon Oh Hyun and Kazuo Hirai. Where are more American leaders such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? That is what the U.S. needs.
    2) I get my information from a mixture of the Internet (Huffington Post, C.N.N.) and also news shows on the T.V. (A.B.C. C.N.N) One thing i hate is the political adds, the information is misleading and most of the times just plain incorrect. Anyone who believes these adds are just stupid.
    3) Advancements in Technology have helped the spread the news about the politicians that are running. By means of T.V. interviews and twitter feeds.

  28. 1. I voted for Defence, because defence is importan. Imagine a president with no defenceive actions. We would all be dead. And if we are all dead there will be no Economy, Education, or prgress in the world. I was watching an amine on DVD and saw preview to another anime, "sometimes your sword can be your sheild."

    2. I learn about the elction and other political things from my dad. Because he watches politics every night and talks about it all the time. He even yells at the TV. I think this is a reliable
    source because my dad is really smart but he dosn't act like it so he dosn't have to help me with homework.

    3. technology has helped elctions by counting votes. Back then they had to count the votes by hand. Imagine that you had to count millions to billions by hand. Thats how technology has changed.

    (notice I wrote a lot more than ussualy, probobly I jsut took my bath so I can play some good Team Fortress 2!)

  29. 1. I voted for economy, not only because I want to be able to get a job once I graduate but also because a strong economy would, in turn, lead to all of the other options. With a stronger economy everything else that matters would fall into place.

    2. I don't normally follow any part of the elections, but this year I have tried watching some of the debates and I find myself incapable of watching the whole thing. The debates are, however, reliable in telling us what the candidates say they are going to do. As to whether or not they will be able to do the things they say or will actually try to do them is a question that can't be answered until after the fact.

    3. Technology has allowed for the widespread sharing of political ideas and for the ordinary person to watch a debate going on in New York from Phoenix. It has also allowed for better predictions before the elections themselves.

  30. 1. i think one of our main priority is to have more jobs available because allot of people in america are unemployed and dont have any money if we can get more jobs out there out unemployment rate will drop a hole lot.

    2.i get my information from my aunt and uncle they always read articles online and tell me allot of information that they have learned because they say it is important that i know things like that. has changed the election by allot over the past years it has made it a hole lot easyer for people to vote for our next president and there is no problems at all and it may get more votes from people because it is just so easy to vote now.

  31. 1. I think that technology advancements are the most import. The more tech. we get the better the world will be.
    2. I get my information from TV and my parents. The most reliable is the internet.
    3. Tech. today let us vote on our phones, pads, and the internet.

  32. 1. I believe that have a secure job after college is important. Since a vast majority of people obtain serious debt from college, they need a good job to pay it off. Seeming how they spent the time to go through and pass college, they should be rewarded instead of being diminished.

    2. I get all my information from school, in my economics class. To be honest, I don't give a darn about this election. I will not take time out of my life to sit and watch two scandalist liars give b.s. presentations of how they will fix the U.S. The truth is they both suck and will just dig us into a deeper hole.

    3. They have allowed us to look up how dumb these guys are.

  33. 1. I believe the economy is the most important issue in the presidential race. With the country in 16 trillion dollars in debt the US should focus on debt sealing.
    2. I get all of my information from tv... There are many bias stations such as FOX (Republicans) and CNN (Democrats)
    3. The use of touch screen tech during the polls made the convenience of picking people easier

  34. 1. I think the economy should focus on bringing us out of our 16 trillion dollar debt. It would give us many more jobs and make life easier for everyone.

    2. I get my information from both TV and internet. I watched the election day channel the entire day and am getting quite interested in economy. I get my internet information from yahoo news and other news browsers like that.

    3. Advancing technology made it easier for americans to vote and changed how fast we pick our president without people getting too stressed and leaving.

  35. 1.) Honesty i think the President should focus on the economy so that we can lower prices of various items and so we can spend those savings on school education.

    2.) I get my info from the tv, computer, or the hunders of signs along the streets. I really think that high officials should not except themselves from the law by putting signs on the sides of the road and distract drivera.

    3.) Advadsments in technology have improved voting enormously. Now all the people who didn't vote before can vote on there computers tablets or any other electronic devices. Also the news in which i don't believe at all used it throughout the election to show which state was going to towards ether candidate

  36. 1. I chose the economy. I think that is the most important issue right now because of how much the United States is in debt.

    2.I get pretty much all of my information from the tv when my parents are watching it. Or i just ask my parents about it. I dont really care about the elections, honestly.

    3. Advancements in technology have counting votes a lot easier. We also can vote on our smartphones.

  37. 1. IThink that all of the options should be what the president should do any ways.
    2.I too get my infromation from television due to my father always has the news on so i can so the votes i mostly watch on CNN.
    3. i agree with the touchscreen vote is very easy to pick your vote and it is easy to enter.

  38. 1) i chose economy because that is what we need fixed the most now we are in mass debt so that matters more than everything

    2) i get my info from tv and the internet i only watched one debate though, i dont really care that much about politics because i cant vote so i dont really know about biased channels and things like that

    3) Now you can vote electronically and news about politics can move way faster with the internet and tv

  39. 1. I think the most important thing the president should focus is the economy. There are so many people unemployed and others can live on the money they make because they make too little.

    2. I get my information from the tv and from my dad. My dad watches Fox news, which is a political network, all night every night and makes me watch it sometimes. Usually he tries to explain things about the government, but I don't understand.

    3. People can vote online and votes can be counted by a machine. Also, adds about the election can be put on the internet so more people can see them.

  40. 1. Making sure jobs are available, is the most important, as it would benefit the economy as well.

    2. I get my information from TV, the Internet, and occasionally just out of the grapevine. Pretty much anything that isn't FOX News.

    3. The internet can be used by both parties to their advantage, such as using cookies to show relevant ads.

  41. 1) I think the best president should focus on keeping jobs for everyone that neeeds them. There are tons of people that dont have jobs and can go homeless.

    2) I get my information from the tv, FOX news and CNN are the places I get it from, And my parents tell me stuff.

    3) The advancements in technology Changed elections because people can vote online and puts the election on the internet for people who missed it on the tv.

  42. 1.) The President should focus on the economy the most. Everyone needs jobs to pay for their own needs. People without jobs cant pay for what they need, thus making it almost impossible to make a successful life.

    2.) I receive my information from my family, the internet, and the T.V. I feel that the internet is most reliable because I can check the polls/info on multiple sites. If they match, Its most likely correct.

    3.) Well, technological advancements have made voting faster but less reliable. With the new technology today it is easy to "rig" or cheat with. The information that was received may have been influenced in a incorrect and biased way.
    People can get information fast through modern technology and it may affect their vote.

  43. I don't care about politics sorry

  44. 1:The top Priority without a doubt our president should focus on is education

    2:Throughout this election I picked up information from social networks, Tv and people I know.
    The most reliable source to me is CNN because it provides thorough explanations about what the candidates are doing and keeps the people up to date on what is happening at the moment.

    3:Advances is technology have changed voting tremendously is the last decade. Americans can now vote electronically for who they believe should be president. Rather than voting on paper which most people regardless of the technology.

  45. 1. I chose the economy. I feel that this is the area that the president has the most control over. Most other issues like gay rights and the legalization of marijuana will end up in the supreme court for them to decide what to do.

    2. I get most of the information from trusted internet sources that I have been shown in econ class. I feel like I am always looking at people political stances on Facebook but it just gets really annoying on there because I could care less what they think.

    3. It is easier for the candidates to try and get the younger population to try and vote for them when they are on Facebook and with ads on YouTube.

  46. 1. In my opinion, foreign policy and the delicate situation in Iran are the most important issues when considering your preferred Presidential candidate.

    2. I followed the election via NBC coverage on tv, online, and on twitter. Also, my American history teacher believed it to be important for us all to be informed and we talked about each debate and key speech.

    3. These advancements have made voting more accessible to a wider array of individuals. as well as getting newer voters to register and vote.

  47. 1. The number one priority in our country right now should be getting our debt lowered as too raise part of the weight of the shoulders of our children.

    2. I get the basis of my information from viewing the debates, polls, and interviews myself before watching the media about it, i also tend to favor very neutral based political rants.

    3.Technology has made voting so easy that you would have to go out of your way as an adult not to vote, this has definitely helped candidates.

  48. 1.) economy is the most important to me because i feel thats what we need to focus on. This includes national debt and market prices. A lot of things are made in different countries too.

    2.) I view the debates and I also listen to the radio and watch TV about current poll ratings and opinions.

    3.) Getting instant information about the candidates and their speeches.


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